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[Caina] Team 2 Run-On


Caina. An arctic wasteland of a world, slowly picked apart across its long history by those wishing to exploit its riches. Home to a population of just over two million, almost all of them living on the small life supporting equator that wraps the planet.

Recently, growing complacent by the passing of time, the miners who have made up the backbone of the bustling economy are seeking more. Organized, efficient, intelligent, traits that were rewarded by the Imperials for their impact on the bottom line, are now working against them. Labor unions have begun to form and strikes spread across the entire planet. The economy has ground to a halt, and the coffers of Scholae Palatinae have begun to drain.

Isolation. Nothing ever happens on Caina except the mining, not since Dorimad Sol left. A perfect opportunity to utilize the facilities to raise an army. Fias Zhan, the opportunist seeking to overthrow Emperor Vismorsus, is using the Kas’im Citadel to train his soldiers. As the Imperial Scholae Guard moves in to force an end to the labor disputes, the Dark Jedi of House Scholae Palatinae must deal with Fias Zhan’s forces in the area.

Your team has arrived just outside the city of Daemon. What was once a clean and orderly spaceport was now a collection of makeshift shelters combined with a trash dump. All manner of people had flocked to the city for the protests, but they were now more scattered. Beyond the city in the distance stands the Acclamator-I Class Assault Ship Vanquisher which landed on the planet to force an end to the riots. The 25th Expeditionary Division and 90th Airmobile Legion were both deployed and actively rounding up the protestors with the help of the Imperial Cainian Guard.

Despite all this activity on the surface, your objective lies deep in the mines below the city, where all the workshops and mines are. There have been reports by the Expeditionary Force that hostile Dark Jedi are present. Additional reports of hostile Dark Jedi at former Scholae Palatinae installations on the planet also came out as your team was deployed. Your objective is simple, engage the enemy Dark Jedi threat and neutralize it.

Team 2 members: Lucyeth, Kazuki, Eetherbiail, Arthadonis Kalderis, Xantros
Link to competition: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/7924


Near the former Scholae Palatinae installations

The trip to Caina has proven time consuming, and an utter waste of time to ACO Kazuki. Along with leaving the safety of the Acclamator-I Class Vanquisher after helping the Expeditionary Force round up the protesters within the Daemon city limits. Which wasn’t a tiring task to complete for the Acolyte before one of soldiers from the Expeditionary force came over to him.

“Sir,we are getting reports that hostile Dark Jedi are present near and around they also came out from the former Scholae Palatinae installations.” the soldier said after doing a small bow to Kazuki even though he hates folks doing that him when he wasn’t a Lord just a simple Acolyte working on his Dark Jedi Knight status.

“Thank your Sergeant carry on and contact me if you get more reports I have to contact my team and master about this.” Kazuki said with a claim voice and waving the sergeant off as he pulls out his comlink to contact his team.

“This is Acolyte Kazuki to any member of Battle Team Acclivis Draco, I just received a report from the Expeditionary Force informing me about hostile Dark Jedi near around and coming out near our former Scholae Palatinae installations on the planet,what should we do even though we also task in handling checking out the workshops and mines below Daemon.”

Kazuki was very great full for the report that he received from the soldier from the Expeditionary force. Without that report the Battle Team Acclivis Draco would have either ran into a ambush without the right intel they need to take on the rebels.The other Kazukie really doesn’t want to think about because that’s the worst case one that they meet their doom and fought bravely to the last man or women.


Lucyeth brought the com link up to his face and hit the broadcast button. The Palatineaen realized that if there is heavy resistance of dark Jedi this task will take more than a simple squad and his apprentice to round up some isolated rebels.

Moments later Lucyeth picked up his apprentice Kazuki in a dropship.

"We going to take care of the rebels?” Asked Kazuki who was clearly eager to get some action.

“We are going to the command post to get the other members of the assault team.” replied Lucyeth.

The two dark Jedi entered the command post to see Shadow and Arthadonis in front of a holo image of an enormous structure.

“This is the academy that the rebel Jedi are using as a command post and the summit has set up a team including us to take care of it.” stated Shadow.

“We have to meet up with Xantros and Eetherbiail as well down in the hangar,” added Arthadonis. The group of dark Jedi met up with Xantros and Eetherbail already getting ready to move out.

“Will you guys need trooper support?” Yelled the Expeditionary Force officer towards the team. The team looked at the officer with an obvious disregard as it was a dark Jedi conflict and a team of trained dark Jedi should make quick work of it.

“It may not be a bad idea so this way we have support behind if it goes south.” stated Kazuki to the rest of the team as Lucyeth glared at him intently without a word.

“I agree it is not a bad idea, make it happen Lieutenant.” said Evant to the officer. The team boarded the dropship and took off with thunderous sound. Everyone checked their weapons and prepared themselves for the task that is expected to be an easy and quick sweep. The pilot of the dropship motioned back to the team, informing the dark Jedi that they were one kilometer away from their intended target.


Even though no one is thinking that a team of dark Jedi don’t need soldiers to back them up, Kazuki thought otherwise because the rebels could also have enemy soldiers in their ranks from the Imperial Cainian Guard that has joined their cause, which is very odd he could sense anger from all them plus the rebel dark Jedi.

“Yes, Lieutenant gather your men and come up at the main entrance assault through from there. Secure every room you come through, if rebel soldiers surrender detain them with a guard and keep them separated at all times. Good hunting Lieutenant.” Kazuki yelled after the Expeditionary Force Officer.So he could put his few commands to the infantry commander.

Feeling eyes on him when he told the officer this, he looked back at his battle team.” What, they will be out of the way and will be dealing with any rebel Imperial Cainian Guard from the main entrance, so we can deal with the rebel Dark Jedi.” Kazuki said with a quick answer before the group proceed on into the hangar bay as the drop ship left them.

Even after the pilot gave them the information about the dark jedi being a kilometer away from their intended target.Which means two things as the battle walk through the dark cold hanger bay. Yet Kazuki felt that there was more enemy waiting for them after they make their way to the pilot quarters. Which those quarters are normal about a few feet from the hangar bay.

“Hey Lucyeth I really dont like the feeling we are walking into an ambush of some kind.” Kazuki said.

“ So be it let it happen we will be ready for them” Lucyeth replied quickly.

Some odd reason Kazuki was using those words as couragement and keeping his hand near his lightsaber. So he can quickly draw it and straight down any enemy that dear to jump on him or his team.


Eether turned to his companions in the strike team, “Some of us have fought together and can read each other’s movements.” He nodded towards Shadow.

“Thanks by the way, for the save on our last mission. I owe you one.” Eether looked around at the others, “Some of us however, have never fought together in any sort of combat, just try not to get in each other’s way.”

Eether looked to his old friend Xantros, “Do we know where they are? I cannot imagine that they are near the populated equator. I imagine they are in an outpost somewhere on the planet. If we hope to succeed, we’ll need a plan. There is no way that we will be able to land in any sort of cover. The terrain makes it impossible to land with any subterfuge.”

Xantros looked up from his notes, his red eyes the colour of Eether’s skin, and said calmly, “From what I can tell from our initial report, they are in the Northern Hemisphere in a small outpost.

They are set up in a fairly secure position, and if we want to have any hope for a surprise, we would need to land incredibly far, meaning exhaustion from a trek. We need to outweigh surprise versus fighting ability.”
Eether scratched his chin and looked at Shadow, “What about you?”

“I think that if we go in, knowing that they know we know they know we are there, we can strike even though they see us land” Shadow stated.

“That’s what I was thinking as well. We will need to be ready to move out as soon as we land, if our ship isn’t shot out of the sky first. Hopefully our pilot knows what he is doing.”


Having been dispatched deep behind enemy lines for the previous four months Delak was only just now finding out about the situation on Caina. He had just dropped out of hyperspace in Sith territory when the message came across his holo.

“Novice Krennel, your immediate attention is required. The Quaestor and Aedile have ordered your house into the Battle for Caina. Here there is a group of rival Dark Jedi. They are assisting a rebel force run by Fias Zhan, he has been trying to overthrow the Emperor. You must immediately depart for Caina, make all haste as time is of the essence.”

“The house’s will be done my master. I will depart immediately.”

“End Transmission,” the transmission was terminated and the dark master’s holo image faded into nothingness. Delak turned his head towards his ships droid navigator Basher. Basher was a 3p0 droid that he had salvaged from his time with Grand Admiral Thrawn. The droid had blaster barrels built into his fingers in case things went wrong on an undercover mission.

“Basher, Set course for Caina, Best possible speed.”

“It will be done master.” The droid punched up the hyperdrive computer in Delak’s Sith Infiltrator the Demolisher. When the coordinates were entered in the droid pushed the final keys to enter hyperspace and then the star lines turned and faded into the blue swirl of hyperspace.

An hour later….

The klaxon for real space reentry was beeping like an annoying R2 droid. He ordered Basher to exit hyperspace and the blue swirl of hyperspace turned into the starry backdrop of the planet Caina.

“ Ahh here we are at last. Let’s see what’s going on. This is Delak to Eether please respond.”

“Delak, better late than never. We are at the spaceport getting ready to begin our assault of the rebel Dark Jedi. You should land right away so that we can fill you in on the details.”

“I see, I will be on the ground shortly. Beginning landing procedures right now. In the meantime fill me in now with what’s going on.”

“Very well straight to it then. The rebel forces are holed up in a small outpost to the north of the spaceport. The outpost is tucked into a glacial wall and is guarded by rebel dark jedi and basic ground troopers. So far we have not found any alternative route in. There may be a way in from the rear but we didn’t want to commit a large force to taking this small crevice which leads into the glacier from behind. We arent sure that it goes all the way into the outpost either way.”

“Interesting, I will take that way in. Send me two troopers for the assault and I will make a way if need be. Send me the coordinates and I will meet them there.


The team grouped together a few kilometers from the outpost and looked at the rebel base.

“Doesn’t look like much of a fight,” stated Lucyeth sarcastically to the rest of the team members. The team continued to gaze upon the simple hole in the glacier in silence before the first person spoke.

“Looks like the front door is our only option,” said Shadow to rest of the team.

“We also have troopers at our disposal to work with,” added Kazuki. The team continue to think but the option of going through the front seemed the only way to go. in the meantime, the team got in contact with command and there seemed to be a possible back entrance into the facility which may make the situation much easier. In addition to the new intel, Delak has also began his descent to the ground which makes an additional dark jedi great reinforcements for the new plan. the team would split up and go through the front entrance while an additional force would check out the rear entrance.

“So Delak will take a small force to the rear while the rest of us will go into the front,” stated Eether to everyone as each member of the team nodded in agreement.

“Let us know if you need anyone else if things get heavy to aid the small force,” stated Lucyeth to Delak who nodded in agreement as he moved into position with troopers to head for the back.

The rest of the team moved into position of the front entrance when a blaster fired in their direction. Everyone took for cover and lightsabers ignited as the element of surprise disappeared.


Shadow tightened her grip on her sniper rifle as she carefully peered around the corner of the slab of ice she was behind. Having been at first reluctant to bring it, she found herself grateful for having changes her mind. Now she’d have a chance to use it.

A few more shots rang through the air, the Sith Knight quickly pulling back as a bolt blasted through the ice where her head had been. She sighed, and looked over at Eether as she smiled, and mouthed the question to be allowed to have some fun. The Zeltron nodded, and Shadow couldn’t help but grin in satisfaction as she brought up her sniper rifle.

Carefully she pointed her rifle around the corner and used the Force to aim at her target. The minute she had found him, she fired. Screams and yelling followed after and more blaster fire came their way. Shadow looked over at another spot and quickly dived for her new cover where Eether was.

“I’ll provide ya’ll some cover as always,” the Sith said. “Just inch your way towards the entrance and I’ll take out as many as I can.”

“Fair enough. Just make sure you don’t miss,” Eether said. “I don’t want to die today.”

Shadow chuckled as she prepared to move to another spot behind some rocks. “Don’t worry, I’m not out for your head just yet,” she said before she moved again to her new spot. Situating herself, she waited for Eether to give the word. The minute he gave her the thumbs up, she began taking out targets as the others began their approach.

Good times.


Delak had landed and was on his way to meet up with the two troopers when he saw everyone come under fire. He watched as Shadow was almost hit and then watched her start sniping enemy troopers with the help of the force. She was a brilliant marksman with the sniper rifle. Delak saw Eether give the thumbs up to attack. The troopers started to move in and Eether was moving in with Shadow giving cover and Lucyeth and Kazuki moving in Lightsabers drawn. Suddenly someone opened up with an E-Web blaster emplacement and started mowing down the troopers that were moving in. He watched as they took cover behind whatever snow bank they could find. Friendlies were dying left and right and then Eether was trying to motivate the men and started to move up with his lightsaber drawn and he saw Lucyeth do the same. Both were pushing back blaster bolts one after another deflecting them into walls and snow banks and whatever flesh it met from the enemy troops. It was at that moment the enemy saw its chance and fired a rocket in between Lucyeth and Eether exploding on the ground in between them spewing shrapnel all over the ground hitting both members of the house. Delak watched them go down and felt out with the force and didn’t detect any life in them. Everyone started to go down when Shadow called for the retreat.

Delak snapped to and noticed he was still at the landing pad near his ship. He had just touched down when he had gone into a haze. He realized immediately the sensation was the same as it always was. This was the future. He had a distinct power of foresight which he had learned to focus over the years. He could only see things that were going to happen shortly into the future not enough to see the big picture of the future but enough to have saved his life a dozen times over. He has learned that if he focuses enough he can see twenty to the thirty minutes in the future.

“Eether you cannot start your attack on the base yet. Pull back and wait for me to reach my position behind the base.” Delak called out on the communicator.

“Delak?” Eether questioned.

“I have just seen that you and Lucyeth will not make it and half of our forces get wiped out before getting into the base. You need to pull just out of blaster range and wait for me to explore this ice crevice that we are heading for. Then we can see where that leads.” Delak finished.

“Alright Delak, is this the whisper of the future? I know how you get when you have those visions.”

“Yes and you should trust me on this. They have E-Web emplacements and rocket troopers that our intel didn’t show. That’s how you go down.”

“Alright then we will not allow this to happen, Eether out.”

Eether began pulling the troops back just out of range to await the attack signal as Delak jumped on his speederbike and headed for the rear of the base.

It took him 15 minutes to reach his destination but when he did he could already see the two troopers waiting for him. Both looked to be Special Forces they were armed to the teeth. Delak signaled to the troopers and began his crawl through the ice crevice. It was a tight squeeze but it was manageable ever with his tall stature and the armor that the troopers were wearing. After a few minutes of ducking and crawling in some spots of the area the group found the end of the line. It appeared that the crevice ended with a sharp rise and a flat spot in the ice.

“It appears i’ve reached a dead end with an ice wall. I am going to try something,” he said to the troopers. They nodded in agreement and with a snap hiss his crimson blade sprung to life. The heat given off by the blade started to melt the ice in the wall. Delak thrust the blade into the ice melting a bit of it and discovered that the ice melted very well. Well enough it seemed to expose what he was looking for the back door of the base.

“Eether this is Delak. Get ready for a firefight. You will know when to attack.”

“Delak, received we will wait for your signal.”

Delak melted enough ice to make a man size hole in it. Then he started to melt the wall of the base that he had found. The durasteel melted like butter on hot toast and when he was done with the hole the metal wall he had cut out fell to the ground. Peering inside there was no one in the immediate vicinity. The three moved in with the troopers in a standard spread pattern. Delak walked to the only door in the room and reaching out with the force could sense two enemy troopers and a Dark Jedi coming his way. Waiting for the three to pass and lowering his force sense as to avoid detection was simple. Then it happened, Delak lept out with his lightsaber drawn severing the head from the Dark Jedi with his troopers in tow shooting at the enemy forces while he deflected a few blaster bolts.
“Eether in case you didn’t hear that, we are in.”


Each men and women in the squad from Expeditionary force that was following both Luyceth and Kazuki was doing a quick double checks on their equipment and weapons. While they were waiting for the signal to attack and proceed on into the rebel base.What’s taking Delak so long Kazuki thought to himself as thinking over and over of tactics he could have used to be in the base by now.Along with eliminating the rebels by now so they could head to their next set of objectives. Thats when he heard he blaster fire.

“Well,my friend its time to shine lets go!” yelled Lucyeth to kazuki who was already up and about charging in.

“Move out focus your fire on any rocket troopers and take out.’ Kazuike yelled at the troopers as he bat away a blaster bolt.It was a very tense fight enemy troopss falling left to right,as the troopers and Kazuki’s team contuine making their advancement inside the base.

“This battle will soon be over.” Kazuki heard someone yell as he ran for cover and dodge a incoming rocket and the shrapnel blasted over acolytes’ head,even though he was lucky that he didn’t get hit by any of the shrapnel.Wow that was very close Kazuki thought has came up from his cover and saw the hole about hundred yards out from his position.I was bright darn lucky for my quick reaction. Kazuki did a quick assessment of the battlefield as he ran to catch up with his team and soldiers.

What he can tell even as the battle raged on that they have made great process into the enemy base.Which makes sense because they are going to take this base from the rebels after they just put up with their good resistance so far,but it wont last very much longer now.


As they continued through the base cutting down any who stood in their way, the Palatinaeans soon reached a small room with corridors leading off in different directions.
“The schematics we reviewed back at the command post showed that both of these corridors lead to separate barracks and training areas on either side of the temple before re-joining in a large chamber in the centre. I’d suggest splitting up and taking both routes to limit the rebel’s escape.” Arthadonis stated.

“Alright. Shadow, Eether and Arth take the east passage. Lucyeth Kazuki and I will take the west. We’ll leave the troops here to make sure none of the rebels slip past.” Xantros responded making sure the troop commander heard his orders. “Delak this is Xantros, we’re nearing the centre of the temple what’s your status?”

Blaster fire was all that could be heard through the intercom followed by Delak’s response. “Just a moment.” A harsh sizzling sound echoed through the com, bringing an end to the blaster fire before Delak began talking. “I apologize for that, these rebels have no manners. I’ve worked my way through a few rooms I believe were storage bays and there’s only light resistance back here. I’ll begin toward the centre and meet you there.”

“Very well, good luck.” Xantros replied before closing the channel. “Let’s move out.”

Arthadonis followed Eetherbiail down the east corridor with Shadow following a few meters back, her sniper rifle primed to fire at a moment’s notice. The scent of fear was all around them and it grew stronger as the trio came closer to a large door along the dark hallway. A silent nod was exchanged between them. Arth concealed himself using the force becoming invisible while Shadow took up position at the entrance with her rifle trained at the door. Eether then gathered up his strength and blasted through the door with a force push and ignited his lightsaber ready to destroy whoever was unfortunate enough to be inside.


Delak headed for the center of the outpost to meet up with the others who were going to stage the final assault on the temple. To this point it had been a handful of weak dark jedi and troopers to deal with. The final test will be inside the temple, that’s where the true dark jedi will show their stuff. Delak saw everyone taking positions, Shadow was posted up sniping, Arth concealed himself in the force, Eether and Lucyeth and Kazuki grouped back up after defeating the remaining troopers in the barracks. This was it, this was the time for action.

“Alright everyone this is it. To arms! Watch for snipers take out the troopers and destroy the dark jedi presence inside the temple. This will be our finest hour. Expeditionary forces attack!” Screamed Delak at the top of his lungs.

Everyone lept out in unison to press the attack with Delak in the lead. As the ran in blaster bolts began raining down upon them everyone began deflecting bolts back at their targets scoring several hits. The troopers the sith didn’t get were taken out by Shadow’s sniping. As the troopers were taken out the dark jedi started their assault. The came down the grand hall swinging single blades, double blades, and staff blade lightsabers. Delak ran head into the lead attacked punching him in the face and spinning around swinging his crimson blade into his foe stabbing him in the heart. Doing a reverse spin he used the force to push another foe into the nearby column and then blocked an incoming attack by a third dark jedi. Eether and Kazuki followed suit and joined Delak. Kazuki lunged high at the target while Eether attacked low. The enemy tried to dodge but it was too late both attacks hit their mark and tore him into three pieces.

Delak nodded at the duo and then they began dodging attacks left and right swirling their sabers left and right dodging blows heading headlong into the fight. Delak was met by two dark jedi both wielding dual sabers who began to attack him. He did the best he could to stave off the attackers dodging and blocking with his saber. He saw a lightsaber laying on the ground and called for it with the force and it flung to his empty hand. Two sabers in hand he started his counterattack. He was attacking one blade high blocking one blade low. He scored a hit on one enemy chopping off his arm but in the time he did he was hit by a glancing blow. He could tell the circuitry in his mechanic arm had been hit and he felt his arm going sluggish. He did the best he could to keep up the attack and when it seemed like the fight was over the dark jedi fell over with a blackened hole developing in his forehead.

“Shadow, i owe you one.”

“That’s right, and the first drink is on you when this is all over.”

Delak nodded in agreement and pressed the attack.


Shadow continued taking out troopers with her sniper rifle until finally she was confronted by one dark jedi who had snuck his way over to her. The Knight had ignited her lightsaber just on time right before her opponent could land a blow to her shoulder, and had quickly gone on the offensive as she performed a series of shii-cho maneuvers, trying to unbalance her foe with each strike. The dark jedi hadn’t expected such aggressiveness, and was caught off guard as the man back away while trying to defend himself. He ended up stumbling over a body, allowing Shadow her chance as she severed his weapon arm from his body before lopping off his head.

That was fun.

The Sith went on to cutting down some of the remaining troopers. She eventually found herself next to Eether, the Zeltron taking one a dark jedi with ease. “Having fun, I hope,” she said sarcastically as she ducked form an oncoming saber that was thrown at her.

“Just like old times,” Eether said as he dismembered his opponent’s leg. “You?”

“Eh…could use some more stronger opponents,” she said as she stabbed her opponent in the shoulder. Quickly, she pulled her knife out of her boot and stabbed him in neck to finish him.

“Show off,” the Zeltron said before he engaged with another dark jedi.

Shadow smiled, proud of her kill. To her delight, the dark jedi and troopers were quickly diminishing in number. Looking around, she saw the others just about done with their share of kills.

Some movement caught her eye to her left as she saw one wounded trooper aiming his blaster pistol at Lucyeth’s head. She quickly used Terror, and the man began whimpering and begging as he dropped the weapon and grabbed his head desperately. Having rendered him useless, Shadow walked over and plunged her green blade into his back.

Putting the fool out of his misery, the Sith used the Force to pull her sniper to her from where she had left her. From the corner of her eyes, she saw a trooper making a run for it. Not wanting to let him get away, she took off after him, leaving the others behind.


The group had cleaned up the final dark jedi and troopers under them in the main hall and the adjoining smaller halls and living quarters. There was but one room left to clear, the Quaestor’s and Aedile’s main hall where all high ranking meetings took place. There was two dark masters occupying this final room. “This is where this battle ends. The battle to take back the temple in the name of House Scholae Palatinae ends now. Are you with me?” Delak shouted.

All members of the team cheered in unison “For our house!” Delak led the group down the main hall past the dead corpses laying on the ground. There were tons of bodies strewn about the ground some missing arms and legs and heads, oh how glorious to be a sith with a lightsaber. Still more bodies had burn holes both in the torso and the forehead. Shadow had been a good shot today. All team members were holding up to their own masters expectations and exceeding them quite nicely.

“All right everyone we are here,” explained Delak as they neared the entrance to the main meeting area. “Behind these doors are dark masters much like our own but obviously they are stronger than all of us singly. However we are not alone we are together. We must fight as a unit, when one of us parries and attack the other attacks and vice versa. Today we’ve seen the end of many peon dark jedi and troopers. We shall soon see the end of this occupation of our temple.”

The group cheered out all at once. They tried to enter the door but it was locked and sealed. Delak and Eether ignited their sabers once again with a snap hiss and light flooded the hallway. Both began cutting around the outsides of the door burning though one inch at a time. Shortly after the door fell from its holdings with a smash to the ground. The two dark masters were waiting for them lighstabers ignited. The group entered the room and began to encircle the masters lightsabers at the ready. “Take them!” yelled Lucyeth. Shadow and Lucyeth and Eether took the first master while Delak, Arth, Kazuki, and Xantros took the second. The masters both wielded staff sabers and were parrying the attacks left and right. One of the dark masters was almost hit by a saber hit from Eether and quickly pushed him into a wall with the force knocking him unconscious. The other master leapt backwards further into the room and unleashed a lightning attack on Shadow and Lucyeth. Delak seeing that Lucyeth and Shadow were being over come leapt towards the enemy master from behind with his lightsaber held upside down and in a lunging motion he drove the saber deep into the masters back. The brief distraction was all that was needed. The master fell to the ground as a dead husk and Delak and the rest turned their focus onto the remaining master. This master was good but no where near good enough to hurt the group that remained. Within moments the final master went down with a killing stroke coming at the same time from Xantros and Kazuki. It was done, the masters were defeated and their minions were gone. This was only one battle however since they knew the remaining forces of Zhan had yet to be defeated. This was the groups next mission. They revived Eether and contacted Xen. The temple had been reclaimed.