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[CB - 2015] Contract 070: Emily Hune - Assassination, B-Class


Tyrant Sword


Emily Hune leaned against the wall of her cabin, the small orange ball launched across the room, bouncing from the floor, to the wall, and back to her hand. No ships had made contact for days, nothing out of the ordinary happening. Suddenly this “Pirate” ship felt a lot like the most boring cruise liner she’d ever encountered.

“It’ll be fun he said, Dajorra is known for criminals and shadows, we will fit right in he said.”

thump thump

thump thump

thump beep thump

Catching the ball, Emily looked over to see the datapad beside her bed light up with a message awaiting. Reaching out to lift the datapad the scanner beeped as it read her thumbprint and activated the message.


Contract Datapad

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: [Emily Hune]

Missions Detail:

Privateer Hune,

You have been chosen to eliminate a known threat found to be operating within Dajorran space. The target is a Clawdite operative known as Nuit El’el that we believe has infiltrated the Eye Of the Abyss II. Transport has been arranged for you from the Tyrant to the Eye. Bearing in mind the difficulty of tracking a Clawdite you will find a scanner waiting for you within your gear. The last agent sent to apprehend the target was able to tag the suspect with a tracking device, the scanner itself is an outdated model but should be capable of picking up the target within a 15 meter vicinity.

Special clearance has been granted to you to conduct your investigation and bring the target down. Security personnel have been instructed to cooperate with you- but try not to ruffle too many feathers, they get touchy with people outside the military hierarchy.

Good hunting.



Contract Status: Reactivated
Current Grade: Pending Completion of Contract