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Character and IRL inro


Hi all. Hope this is in the right place as I’m new around these parts.

In real life; I’m from England. Live about a 2 miles away from Sang. Who introduced me to you fine lot. 22 just finished Uni. Not sure what Im going to do next. Really like the fiction you guys have written, and have spent hours so far trawling through the wiki. Love to game, like maybe a bit to much.

In DJB Im Tormax Teraah. A small Miraluka. Just starting out in the galaxy.
Any question feel free to ask here if that’s ok. Will answer them eventually.



So what are you hoping to get involved with first in the DJB? Fiction, competitions, gaming or a little of everything?

What kind of books do you read?

PC or console gamer?

What other hobbies do you have?

What is your favorite tea or coffee beverage?

I can keep asking questions if you like. I hope you have been enjoying your time in the Mad house thus far though. And of course if you need any help getting set up or hooked up with anything you just need ask. :slight_smile:


Tommay! Come to us in the Telegram chat. If you need a link, it’s in the welcome mail you got from me :smile: