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[Character Development Co-Op Fiction] K’tana and Yuh’orah


Dajorra System
Port Ol’val
Besadii Entertainment District


A smirking, violet Twi’lek sat alone at a table, the stiletto heels of her boots resting comfortably on the transparisteel surface as she studied the finger bone entombed within the in the bottom of her glass. Her other hand ran idly up and down one of her long lekku as she pondered where the osseous matter had come from and who it once belonged to.

K’tana’s pondering was short lived when Sere strode by the Arconan’s table. The Human smiled graciously at the Twi’lek as she walked past to entrance, readying herself to greet a new customer. The Priestess gave a nod before turning her attention to the entrance.

The Tyrian Twi’lek’s emerald eyes grew wide when she saw a beautiful Zeltron woman walk through the door. K’tana immediately noticed the way the woman carried herself. Her head was held high, shoulders pulled back and she walked gracefully into the morbid bar.

The newcomer had long silver hair that swished across her lower back and was accentuated by the confident way she carried herself. Carmine eyes revealed an intelligence that drew K’tana’s interest and curiosity. The Twi’lek watched as the intent gaze surveyed the bar and the patrons within. When the Zeltron noticed the Priestess staring, she smiled, raising a graceful brow as she walked towards her table.

“Oh hi there!” K’tana’s melodic voice went up in pitch as she giggled, “You come here often?”


Yuh’orah stared at the Twi’lek, brow still arched with curiosity. Or was it mischief? There was a strange familiarity to the Twi’lek’s voice, and a compelling secret behind her smile.

Flipping the length of her hair behind one shoulder in a single, swift motion, the Zeltron leaned in toward the Twi’lek. Yuh’orah rested her palms on the chair-back opposite to the sultry stranger, dropping one hip slightly to lean in toward the Twi’lek as she spoke.

“No”, she said. “Do you?”

The Twi’lek remained silent for a moment. She had apparently abandoned her fixation with her lekku and was now cradling her drink with both hands, staring back at the Zeltron intently. She seemed caught between two very different responses as she gingerly chewed the straw from her drink with open lips.

“Don’t worry”, the Zeltron spoke before the Twi’lek had a chance to respond, “It was a trick question.”

The Zeltron smirked and stood upright, motioning to the chair she had just been resting on.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked. The Twi’lek shook her head.

“Good. Then I’m hoping it will be waiting for me after I get a drink. Would you like another?”

Yuh’orah gestured toward the empty cup the Twi’lek was holding. Without pause, the Zeltron reached out and plucked the cup from the Twi’lek’s hands. Again, before the Priestess could answer, Yuh’orah turned, flipping her hair back over her shoulder again, and smirking at the Twi’lek.

“Don’t worry. I think I know what you like.”


The Twi’lek regained control of her composure and gracefully leapt off the table after the Zeltron. As she approached, the Priestess felt an uncomfortable tingle in her lekku. Wrapping herself in a bubble of Force, she pushed her senses out to tune into and touch those around her.

The collective emotions of the patrons were nearly overwhelmed the Twi’lek as she made note of them: she sensed everything from lust and inebriation to rage and jealousy flit about the minds of the beings surrounding her. She picked up on one patron in particular who was swathed in a cloud of disgust and contempt. As K’tana turned to look at him the large Anzati clouted her with the back of his hand, sending her sprawling to the floor.

The world spun and went black as the Priestess hit the ground. She heard the sound of glass smashing nearby her as the cacophony of voices reached a fevered pitch. When her vision returned she pulled her scrunched body up into a kneeling position, her head still reeling from the blow.

The Zeltron held a broken bottle in one hand and the fingers of her other hand were splayed and outstretched in a way K’tana was all too familiar with. Blue sparks flickered across pale pink fingertips. Suddenly, the Snot-Vampire took a small step back and K’tana reacted immediately, grabbing his leg and releasing a burst of violent electricity through his system.


He shrieked in a combination of pain and unbridled rage as he dropped to his knees, arms flailing. The eagerly waiting Zeltron went at him from behind. In a swift motion, she slid her arms beneath his and pulled back, sharply forcing his shoulder blades together and disabling his reach. The infuriated snot-goblin reeled in Yuh’orah’s grasp, trying to swing his head back toward her face, but she got hold of a generous fistful of his hair. Securing her long fingers into a vice grip, she forcibly yanked his head back to expose his neck; meanwhile, her other hand—still holding the broken bottle—began grazing it sadistically along his greasy skin.

Leaning in closely and sticking out her to graze along the flesh of his neck, she whispered into his ear, “Is this how you like to play with strangers?” The Anzat said nothing, but continued gasping in short, shallow breaths as the powerful female dug her nails more deeply into the skin at the base of his skull. “How impolite” she sneered. The creature arched his back suddenly and sharply as his face became a grimace, contorted by the electricity feeding through the Zeltron’s fingertips and into his spinal column. Eyes glowing, she laughed and continued sending bursts of shocks into his system. The Anzat’s body stiffened as his muscles contorted; she played with him like a puppet.

“Relax,” she laughed “just a little tickle.” The Zeltron glanced at the Twi’lek, smirking mischievously, and then back to her toy.


K’tana slowly stood up, her eyes on the kneeling male. Walking around to the front of the man, the violet woman grabbed him by the proboscis and pulled at it violently. A grin spread over her lips when he winced in pain.

“I think we should go find somewhere more…” her green eyes flashed as she gave a quick wink over the Anzat’s shoulder to the beautiful Zeltron ”…intimate. We have some things to discuss. I’m K’tana by the way.”

The Zeltron raised her eyebrow in intrigue, and smiled at the violet Priestess.

“Let’s go.”

The pale rose woman dropped her prisoner to the floor, his head making a loud crunch as it bounced off the hard ground.

“Sere.” K’tana said softly, catching the attention of the proprietor.

“Yes, Miss?”

“Prepare a back room for my guest and I. If His Majesty should show up, for whatever reason…”K’tana paused with a cool smirk, “tell him his Apprentice needs a word.”

“Should he arrive, I will send him to you after I alert you to his presence” Sere waved her hand at a few of the staff who raced to go prepare a room.

“Don’t worry about warning us,” K’tana said with a smirk as she took the wily Zeltron by the hand and led her away. “Mastimeros could use a good system shock.”

The violet woman flipped her lekku over her shoulder and sashayed her way to the back, pulling the mysterious newcomer closely behind.


Before they had taken even two full steps, however, the Zeltron woman halted, stopping the Twi’lek in her tracks with their hands still clasped together. Confused, K’tana turned toward the other female.

The enticing Zeltron winked back at the Priestess and, realizing she was still holding the broken bottle, chucked it to the ground.

“We almost forgot something.”

Letting go of the Twi’lek’s hand, Yuh’orah turned toward a slurring, glassy-eyed patron hunched over at the bar. She swiftly plucked up the two drinks that were sitting untouched before him and barked, “Clean up this chud!” A solemn hush fell over the bar as the terrified man scrambled from his barstool to gather the shards of glass around the Zeltron’s feet using his bare hands.

“As promised,” chimed the rose-tinged woman, passing one of the drinks to the Twi’lek. “Now let’s go.”

The confident Zeltron slyly offered her hand to the striking Priestess and let herself be lead, as though on display, toward the back room area of the tavern.

As they walked, Yuh’orah quietly admired the Twi’lek’s physical aspects from behind. The Priestess was shrouded in an aura of power that the Zeltron found deliciously intriguing—among other parts of her. K’tana stopped at a large steel door decorated by a handful or so of metacarpals that formed the numeral ‘IV’.

“Here we are,” the Priestesses eyes shimmered as she spoke. Yuh’orah held her gaze and kept her grip on the Twi’lek’s hand.

“After you.”


K’tana waved at the door to get it open and she walked backwards into the room, a smirk playing across her lavender lips. She flicked her lekku over her back with two slight shakes of her head and spun around to face the room.

Dark burgundy sofas surrounded a massive table. Inside the transparesteel case were two female bodies intertwined in a post mortem fight. The Twi’lek smirked when she recognized one of the corpses. The Hapan woman was once the leader of one of K’tana’s rival gangs. K’tana wondered momentarily if Sere had set this up to boost her ego.

The Priestess snapped back to the moment and pulled the Zeltron into the room and spun around her with dancers grace. She licked her lips slowly as she locked eyes with the other woman and backed her towards the couch.

“So, you have a name lovely?” she cocked her head to the side, raised an eyebrow and gave the rose colored woman into the couch. “And how long have you been able to use that power?

The violet woman sat next to the Zeltron and rested her knees across the other woman’s lap, leaning on her shoulder and waiting quietly for her response.