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Character fiction


Theron was born on the planet Stewjon. He was an orphan from birth, because his mother died at birth, and his father was never known. His title was Theron Son of None. At age 4 he obtain a special gift, this gift gave him the fastest reflexes ever seen, he could see a ball coming from behead and dodge it easily. Then at the age 7 Theron ran away from the orphanage, and was caught stealing food from a local cantina, and the owner and his workers opened fire on the boy, but the could not land a single shot on the kid. as this happened a Jedi Master by the name Me-lorn Luc grab the boy with the force and knock the weapons from the attackers hands. this was the start of Theron’s new life he moved to the Jedi temple to train to become a Jedi knight, A Warrior of Peace.

Theron is now 13 years of age.
This was the age of despair for the young Jedi, his heart aching to meet his father, to Know him. This created a conflict in Theron’s heart conflict with the darkness within, inside his soul he knew who his father really was not the name just just who he was. This darkness Theron felt was the truth his father was the Sith who had killed his master Former apprentice Ker Akined. Theron did not care he just need to solve this conflict within

Theron is now 14 years of age.
The past internal conflicts Theron was worried about grew in strength, until his master Mel-lorn felt the darkness coming Theron, he set out on a crusade to form a ritual to purge this the dark spirits from the soul of his young apprentice.