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Character New Introduction


Hello everyone, especially in the clan of Naga Sadow.

I don’t think I have officially introduced since I joined.

I’m still University Student at 6th Semester doing Tourism studies. There will be another two semester to finish for the Bachelor degree.

Even though my interest has been in aviation / airlines industry, I have been interested in Star Wars since the age of twelve years old, especially liking the Original Sequel of Episode IV until VI; even bought for the encyclopaedia, comic book, etc. They are just unusual sci-fi and the most intriguing plot / storyline.

Besides, I love to Role-Play especially one could imagine something and write into the fiction story. Yes, I know, English is not my mother tongue, but learning and developing skills for English is one the crucial I am at here now. Other than that, of course getting to know and gain some friendships from all around the world. On top of that, having observed the Brotherhood for a while, I would be more happy to committed and dedicate some of my spare time for the clan or even for the house in any fashion I could contribute, mostly will be in competition, writing fiction or chit-chat with fellow and Master.

Anyway, if you would like to know me further, please don’t hesitate to reply the topic or shoot the Private Message wherever you’d feel comfortable. If it’s not, it’s alright, really pleased to meet you all!

Have a wonderful day!