Character Sheet 2.0 - Q&A

(Marick Tyris) #1

Hey guys, Wally here. I’d like to use this thread to create an open discussion on the new CS 2.0 Launch. Feel free to ask your questions here, and the Team will do their best to answer them accordingly.

Make sure to read and comment on the report here.

In the forum below, answers will be provided not just by the Combat Master, but the Character Sheet Developemt team. We are all in a chat together on Telegram, so if they are answering, it means they have already discussed something with me prior and are speaking with my voice as well.

The team consists of:

@VivackusKavon, @TerranKoul, Denath/Nathan, @AloraKituri @AtraVentus @TurelSorenn and @Kzset



(Selika Roh di Plagia) #2

A question about Telepathy: It talks about reading thoughts/intentions in the power description, but doesn’t address it in the point number descriptions. I’ve always used it more for the mind reading part than the cell-phone-telephone part, so how’s it break down for that function now?

(Mirus Hi'ija) #3
  • Is there an appreciable difference in the overall skill between the non-saber +3 Weapons Skills’ chosen ‘expert’ weapon and the +4’s ‘expert’ across the board?
  • Telepathy and Force Bond - would Telepathy’s power/ability increase for that single person in question?
  • Force Lightning - Is it just a single level of power across the board with what is effectively increase focus/cast time/cooldown time for lower levels? The wording seems to indicate so, but I’m curious mostly for academic purposes.
  • A question about Barrier/Deflection that I’ve always wondered. I know it’s not strictly movie canon, but we do see Satele Shan absorb Malgus’ lightsaber in the TOR Hope trailer. Is that possible - the blocking of a saber with the Force - and what power covers that?
  • And finally (I swear I’m done) - given that we now have huge amounts of piloting-related feats and such, will there be dedicated space venues available such as the asteroids over Geonosis for duel-style things, and how would starship choice be potentially determined eg drawing from your unit’s available pool for the match?

(Marick Tyris) #4

Everything is explained in the Force Power table. That is the information for the powers use. There is no dice roll mechanic, and the time scaling is pretty simple.

I don’t understand what you are actually asking. Please elaborate or provide an example.

It would be a form of point-blank Deflection. The power is supposed to be what Darth Vader users against Han Solo in Empire Strikes back, though.

I’ve said multiple times: I will entertain Space-Based ACC. There are plenty of people interested in it, but not a single person has submitted a proposal with how it would work.

Details to include are:

a.) How is it judged/critera?
b.) What ships are used? What are the “Speces” of ships and as a judge, how am I supposed to grade a match on realism? I would need a “character” sheet for the ships.
c.) Rules? Etequite? Logistics?

The character sheets are for all DB writing, not just the ACC. The additional piloting Feats are there to give people who want to play a strict “super pilot” more options.

No. Force Bonds do exactly what the description says. Keep in mind, those are just Templates, and you’d probably want to explain WHY the bond with your Force Bond/Master-Student is important.

Important note: You can still have connections with your friends/master-students without an Aspect. This is SPECIFICALLY for people who want to be able to have a spider-sense for their bonded person through the Force.

It should be justified, hence why it files under Aspects and not just a Feat. If it’s a major part of your character, it deserves a Aspect.

For example: Marick and Legorii have worked/fought/trained together for years. They know each other intricately. When writing them, I can use that relationship organically to have them work well together. I don’t ever write them “Sensing” when the other is in trouble, though, so I don’t use an Aspect describing it.

Just a quick example.

(Mirus Hi'ija) #5

Not so much that. I’m more asking if someone at +1 using Lightning would do the same amount of damage as someone at, say, +4 doing it - the primary difference in the power being how long it takes to conjure the Lightning and then the refractory period afterwards.

From Bladed Weapons:
+3 You know enough about bladed weapons to pick up and fight competently with any type of bladed weapon and are able to fight expertly with one of your choice.
+4 You are highly skilled with bladed weapons, able to pick up and expertly wield any bladed weapon type.

I’m guessing that ‘expertly’ on both tiers of skill entails a single weapon at the same rough level of skill - a movement away from the pure ‘I have +3 but you have +4 so you’re automatically better’ sort of mechanic?

The rest is great. Thanks, Wally, you’re a star. <3

(Sildrin Lyonsbane) #6

Well, the Sorcery side of any jedi is nerfed into oblivion. Pick Resolve as high as possible, pick Suppression as high as possible, focus on combat stuff and you are settled.

Because: “Resolve” counters: Illusions, Mind Tricks, Terror. Making them absolutely pointless now. And there is NOTHING to counter resolve - as it is a skill.

But for all other powers there is nothing that counters them as hard as this combination. Other powers still have their uses and cant be completely negated (besides with Suppression for a certain amount of time).

All the other powers do have their uses still, but Illusion, Force Cloak, Mind Trick, Terror fall completely apart against ONE single SKILL. And this skill needs NO activation, no concentration, has an uptime of 100% and does have 0 drawback.

E.g.: If your Barrier is negated a bit,… you only absorb a bit less. If your Amp is diminished, you are not as strong as under the full effect.
On the opposite: If Illusion, Force Cloak, Mind Trick, Terror is negated only a bit,… the effect is like zero, because people realise it is not real / see you. And thus counter it completely.

E.g. What use is picking the discipline Shadow if you just need this one skill Resolve high enough to counter all of the vital stuff a Shadow is suppossed to be?

Can you fix this please?

(Xanos Zorrixor) #7

Sil’s point about Resolve is good, as yeah, its description is quite direct about being able to directly counter mind powers, whereas its physical equivalent, which I guess is Endurance, doesn’t come across in the same way, as it doesn’t sound like Endurance +5 makes you into the Incredible Hulk and resistant to everything someone could possibly throw at you.

Not really sure the solution admittedly, since I like Resolve +5 protecting me, but vice versa, as an illusionist, having my stuff able to be countered entirely is more problematic than if I was roleplaying a Juggernaut and might not do as much damage to Endurance +5, but could still club you to death eventually.

Though I accept it’s hard to describe the idea of it “kinda half-mind tricking you” in a brief summary, so it may be less an issue in actual practice?

(Sildrin Lyonsbane) #8

Can concealment at higher levels also be used to hide also the signature of a different person?

(Marick Tyris) #9

Damage does not change. You are still being hit with electricity.

1-5 is about control, effort, and fatigue from using it too much.

That’s a good catch, Mirus. +3 is "you’re proficient/good at something. +4 is you’re elite. Only a few people are better at it than you (+5ers, which is only Elders). I will update the wording on this.

(Marick Tyris) #10

The power by itself, no.

There are two Feats, however, that are perfect for what you’re talking about. Check out ‘Smoker’ and ‘Hazer’ in the Feats database.

(Sildrin Lyonsbane) #11

My character is half Sephi half Human, how do I reflect this in the character sheet?

(Marick Tyris) #13

It is not direct 1 verses 1. You are getting caught up on Dice-roll mechanics, which is the hardest thing to adapt when using a writing based system that doesn’t involve the numbers. (The numbers are just there as guidelines).

It simply means that if you try and Mind Trick someone with +5 Resolve, you’re going to have a hard time.It does not mean you can’t do it.

In that same light, you are not going to out-pace someone with +5 in Endurance in a Marathon or on the Battlefield. They will be able to fight at peak efficiency for longer.

It doesn’t counter. It is simply the most relevant skill that addresses each of these. There is no 1-to-1 check off. Perception and Intellect factor into defending against mental attacks just as much. If you’re truly perceptive, you can probably figure out when someone is trying to dupe you. It combines with your Resolve score.

In any given mind vs mind powers situation, the scenario is more important than the numbers. If I’m fighting for 2 days straight, planning and coordinating and doing all the strategy-brain things…I’m going to get tired. If I’m distracted by something, I’m not going to always be at a resting “+5” Resolve.

High Resolve is important as its our Willpower stat. The Force in general is about using your MIND to manipulate the Force to do your will.

I will look into how Resolve plays. It really hasn’t changed from how it always has been the last 2 years. If anything, all I did was clarify what it can’t do. Up until now, Resolve was a “direct” check 1-to-1. Now it’s not, and it leaves the writers more freedom to play with “strong willed” characters.

Define Sorcery. And how Nerfed? Do you mean that we made the Force Powers realistic to the Star Wars Universe? You don’t get to run around like Starkiller, no. We are not Space Wizards.

Every time you watch a Jedi Master or Sith Lord use the Force, there is concentration and willpower and time. This is all reflected in the new Force Power tables.

Hope that answers some questions! :smiley:

(Xanos Zorrixor) #14

Mother Talzin is more Wizard than Gandalf :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the Resolve stuff, thanks for the clarification Wally.

(Sildrin Lyonsbane) #15

We are not?
So Mother Talzin is a Space Warrior? (And Aleema Keto too?).

So you give us sorcery like powers and still want to tell us that we can’t define our characters the more sorcery type?

(Marick Tyris) #16

I feel like I’m missing something here. Scorers have their own Discipline. You get the ability to use the Force at longer ranges, and can effectively never get interrupted in your “casting”.

Mother Talzin is more in lines with a character like Darth Vader. A unique character with unique power in the SW universe. She does some pretty powerful things that I just don’t see even our Elders being able to really compete with, realistically. You don’t see any of the other Sisters having her power.

That’s just my take from seeing the animated Clone Wars, at least.

We created Arcanist to give you a better line on playing someone similar to the powers that the Dothamari witches have. Not all of them, no, but it was a good compromise, we felt.

Aleema Keto is a Legends character, which means we’ve never seen her in Canon-action like a movie or show. So, not exactly the best example of someone using the Force realistically.

(Marick Tyris) #17

Yes, and Palpatetine makes Little Fingers manipulations in GoT look like childs play. Mother Talzin is awesome, has stupid powers that let her do ALL the things, but even our GMs would have problems pacing her, realistically.

Even our GMs are going to be on a close-to-but-not-exact scale to the greatest Sith Lord to ever live.

Likewise, Darth Vader is a prodigy and prophecy child–he’s unique and while he sits as a “DP/GM” in our System, it’s kind of hard to justify him in it because Vader is just so unique/special.

(Xanos Zorrixor) #18

Talzin’s not that unique really, you had Dooku and Palps doing that weird Sith blood ritual in that last Clone Wars episode near the end too… it practically made it look like Sith sorcery is voodoo magick :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marick Tyris) #19

Yea. That shit creeped me out. Damn Sith.

(Sildrin Lyonsbane) #20

So it exists, but we are not allowed to go that direction because you don’t want us to.

(Marick Tyris) #21

You can go in whatever direction you want to.

This is the guidelines that have been put into place by the Grand Master of the Brotherhood. I just work here and pretend to be a Dark Jedi from time to time ;).