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Clan Arcona Team - Mafia


Clan Arcona Team - Mafia

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Nancora Prime, Orbit
LAAT/i Gunship

The dim, red lights of the Arconan gunship only barely illuminated the faces of the individuals within. Composed of a small, grab bag mix of Arconan personnel, the carriage of the transport was crowded and tense.

At the front, accompanied by a Phase-IV armor-clad Arconan lieutenant, the Seer Constantine conversed with Major Kharoc Garrlan in whispers. Both appeared relaxed but cautious, their hands gripping the handles protruding from the ceiling of the ship.

“I am sure you understand that breaking through the blockade will be the easy part, Major,” said Constantine. “The facility in the Badlands is what we’re gunning for.”

“My understanding is that the objective is going to be a tough nut to crack.” Kharoc shifted his eyes, jerking his head with subtlety, motioning the Gray Jedi to the three hooded figures behind them. “Do you really think that we are going to be able to infiltrate this compound with three Journeymen?”

“We’re stretched for numbers, Major.” Constantine shifted his eyes also, gazing at the three. “Indeed, they have relatively little wartime experience - but they are a promising bunch.” As he looked, a sound emitted from the intercom, alerting those within the ship as the voice of the pilot crackled and fizzed into life.

“This is your pilot speaking. We are approaching the Collective Blockade. If you have not already, please secure your persons, and hold tight. These people have set up a pretty tight line. There are three other squadrons escorting us, but don’t expect this to be an easy ride. The moment we descend into the atmosphere, we will be railed at by their anti-aircraft turrets - and that’s assuming we can actually manage to break through this blockade. Prepare for the flight of your lives, boys.”


Nancora Prime, Atmosphere
LAAT/i Gunship

Zul fastened his safety harness tighter as the Gunship transitioned from orbit to atmosphere. The dim red light of the interior began to flicker. “I hope this ship doesn’t fall apart”, Zul thought to himself. Zul looked around taking in the moment. It wasn’t real until the captain chimed in with his announcement. His nerves started to take over, and his adrenaline kicked in, and consequently, heightened his senses."

Nervously, Zul looked around, rubbing his family heirloom necklace for good luck. He saw his team members readying their gear and belongings as the ship lurched to and fro. The sound of the data pad he was just reading rattling next to him, bringing him back to the present. He leaned over to grab it as the first volley of cannon fire from the anti-aircraft weapons fired.

The cabin loud speaker crackled to life just as the anti-aircraft cannons boomed around the gunship. “Alright people,” announced the captain. “The time for pleasantries is over. They’re bringing the rain! Major Garrian, make your team ready. We are going in hot. E.T.A. to ground T-minus 5 minutes.”

After hearing the announcement, the busyness of the room was interrupted with a booming voice in the cabin. “Listen up!” shouted Major Garrian. Silence fell across the room. It seemed as if all were in the moment. His voice began again, “You all heard the announcement! Make ready, we are near the drop point,” Major Garrlan continued, pointing to the three new journeymen.

Listening intently to the commands of the major, Zul began to check his pockets to confirm mentally that all is accounted for, then did it once more. He closed his eyes to gather his thoughts and began to meditate. A sense of calm came over him. Zul was ready to take on the fight of his life.

Zul slowly opened his eyes, determination could be seen in his bright blue eyes. His white speckles in his cornea seemed alive. They seemed to glimmer beyond that of the flashing red light of the cabin. Zul unfastened his darksteel light saber Right hand of Zul and ignited his green blade and peered out the door and braced to jump into action


Nancora Prime, Atmosphere
LAAT/i Gunship

Constantine looked at the crew, and he seemed to understand that something was not quite right with the situation at hand

Seeing that Zul, Plaid, and The Major were ready for action, the Grey Jedi held back for a bit, attempting to sense the purpose of the mission, and then trying not to make his feelings known to the rest. He took a deep breath and looked ahead towards the cabin door, where Zul was located.

Constantine walked towards him and placed his right hand on the hunter’s left shoulder, in an attempt to cam him and give him some sort of reassurance.

The gray Jedi gave a glance to the major. “Don’t let us down, Major This is the real thing. We need a hope and a sense of purpose. Give us that”.

The Major looked at Constantine, and giving him a slight nod of the head, before shouting the order loud and clear.

“Gentlemen, we are here for a mission. We must destroy the enemy, and get as much information as we can to stand against this Collective. “Let’s do this - and let’s do it now”.

The major gave the seer a quick glance once more, and looked ahead, as the rest were also looking at that closed door. Feeling the tension becoming unbearable in that moment, the seer looked at the crew, and without warning, he disengaged the ship’s door. It began to slowly open, and a swinging began as the ship took the strain. The wind on the Planet was gentle, but on it, the Grey Jedi sensed a dark purpose; an evil purpose. In that moment, he could not make out what it was, but what he felt was not good.

As the battle team leader felt the rush of the wind on his face, he gingerly took hold of his lightsaber. The belt had a cold feel about it, as he ran his long fingers across its top.

Constantine felt the bump of the door, as it landed on the Planet’s surface. “This region is where we were told the Collective would be.”

He said quietly into his comms link, “Major, scan the area for life, either above or below the surface, and don’t skip anything. I want a total swamp.”

The Major used the scanner. Nothing that was out of the ordinary, from what he could tell of the results. The crew walked slowly across the harsh land. Dust particles were being swept from the ground, causing a slight dust cloud to form.


Nancora Prime, Surface
The Badlands

Kharoc Garrlan was a professional. He quietly adjusted the sling on his heavy repeater to get it to sit just a hair differently, an action that, to anyone else that had been put through Imperial Storm Commando training, would have betrayed his discomfort at the whole situation he found himself in.

Constantine’s assurances aside, Garrlan did not like the team he’d been placed on. He’d at least been acquainted with the Seer in passing, but the two Journeymen were complete unknowns. Given a mission like this, a small commando unit striking into enemy territory, complete with the possibility of running into forces loyal to the Iron Throne… Well, Garrlan would have been much more comfortable with any one of the Arconan Expeditionary Force combat units as opposed to what he actually got. At least then he’d be working with people that had done some training together, and who the major could be reasonably certain would do their jobs when they were supposed to…

The ex-Imperial commando slammed a mental door on his concerns. He wasn’t dismissing them - in fact if he made it to debriefing those concerns would be given in full and in detail - but right now the mission needed his focus. He glanced again at his helmet’s HUD and the small display for his armor’s built-in motion tracker. Still just the four of them. A quiet alert sounded in his helmet and a data feed opened on his helmet. Garrlan, on the point of the formation, held up a hand, signaling a halt. “Probe droid has something.” He wasn’t sure if the others had noticed his small DRK-1 droid heading out, away from the group, but it had been performing in the role of forward scout and now that had paid off.

Constantine came up beside the commando. “What do you have?”

Garrlan grabbed a flimsiplast printout of the region out from a pocket on his scout pack. While technology could do a lot of things, his trainers had drilled into him longer ago than he’d like to admit, but the one thing that everything technological can do is break. Thus, Garrlan liked to use the old-fashioned, two-dimensional, printed maps. Garrlan studied the data feed in his helmet a moment or two longer before pointing at a particular point on the map sheet. “Eyes picked up heat and EM signals coming from this area.” Garrlan indicated an area that appeared to have once been a landing facility or starship graveyard - the bones of several transports of differing designs turned the area into one of the Badlands’ characteristic labyrinths but were more intact than most. “Lots of Guild troops around too; might be a forward field base, given the - wait.” More information scrolled across the feed, and a small, still image. Centered on the screen was a female Chiss, judging by the blue skin and hair, with a vibrant red ponytail. “Droid has a possible ID on a high-value target.” More data streamed in. No new image, but the data that had triggered the HVT tag. “Eyes gives it an 83% probability.”

Constantine let out a breath. “Thoughts?”

Garrlan grunted, but his helmet muffled the noise. “If it had just been the FOB I’d say bypass it. With just the four of us, I don’t think we’d want to cause that much of a ruckus, especially since this isn’t our main objective. With the HVT?” Garrlan paused and chewed on the inside of his cheek for a second underneath his helmet. “Honestly I’m still gonna recommend we bypass. We could probably take her and the FOB out, but our biggest asset right now is that they don’t know where we are. We punch the FOB out and we lose that.”

The former storm commando shook his head. “I say we tag the location, squirt it up to the fleet, and the folks with more shiny stuff on their shirts can make the decision on either sending in another team just for her or to just send in a bomber strike or something.”


Nancora Prime, Surface
The Badlands

“Are you serious right now? That’s an awful idea. Have you been hitting the spices or something?”

Plaid Sadira turned to look at his fellow journeyman. The words slammed right out of Zul’s mouth.

The old guy has a pretty big mouth, huh? Plaid smirked as he thought to himself. This should be entertaining.

The young Zabrak turned to look at Major Garrlan. The loyalist’s face had twisted into an expression of almost shock, and then folded into a look of anger, frowning, his eyebrows tilting inward.

Battle of the old folks. This is really heating up!

“What did you just say to me, you insolent, wrinkly old fart?” The major’s face was red with anger.

“Well first I asked if you were serious,” responded Zul. “Oh, yeah, and then I said, ‘that’s an awful idea.’ We have a golden opportunity here. Why would we waste it?”

“Zul.” Constantine looked at the journeyman, stone-faced. “Have some respect for the chain of command. This man has seen more years of battle than anyone else here.”

“While I probably would not have used the same wording as Zul, I have to agree that we shouldn’t ignore this chance to land a major blow on our enemy,” Plaid interjected. “This is an easy way to strike at our foe.”

“I agree with you that it’s easy,” responded Major Garrlan. “It’s too easy.”

“Don’t start getting superstitious on us,” said Zul.

“Are you really going to test my patience right here on the battlefield? We have a mission,” the loyalist shot back.

“We have an opportunity to send a huge morale blow to our enemy, and you want to waste it,” Zul quipped. “Is this what your Imperial training taught you? I swear I’ve seen better -”

“Enough.” Zul was interrupted by Constantine . “This infighting does nothing but further jeopardize an already impossible mission.” The Jedi was stood strong and stern, his long, blond pony-tail being rattled by the Nancora wind.

“Perhaps there is a chance that we can take out the target without losing our advantage,” said Plaid. “This place is being guarded by units from the Liberation Front. Many of them are just a bunch of raggedy-looking militia fighters. If we can find a way to blend in, and get in close, we can take her out without losing our cover.”

“I agree,” replied Zul. “That’s why you should do it.”

Plaid looked up at his fellow journeyman, surprised. “Why me? Are you saying I look raggedy?”

Zul cracked a smile. “You’re younger than us, Plaid. You still have that idealistic freedom-fighter look in your eye. We can’t fake that.”

“I still don’t even think we should do this to begin with,” said Kharoc. “But Zul is right for once. If anyone here stands a chance of blending in and getting this done, it’s the Zabrak.”


Nancora Prime, Surface
The Badlands

Constantine gave Zul, Plaid, and Major Kharoc a long hard stare and thought to himself, What am l going to do with these guys?

He let in a deep breath, and let it out again, closing his eyes whilst doing so. The team looked at the Seer, wondering what he was going to do or say.

“Look, we are here together, as a team. We need to pull together. Zul, watch your mouth, and give the Major respect and results, as required. Major Kharoc, I know you are here and I know your experience. Even though we only met briefly, I consider you our expert, and friend, so please let’s pull together. I am not your teacher, mother, father, or whatever, so please, lets do this as adults. I don’t want to repeat that guys. There is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’ Speech over”.

The Jedi looked once more at the team and give a small nod, smiling, his brilliant bright blue eyes sparkling in the light.

Constantine looked at the team once more and continued. “l believe we should continue along the path we were supposed to, get in behind enemy lines, hit them at the weakest point, and blast them to pieces. Any objections guys?”

There was a noticeable silence as The Grey Jedi looked at the team once more. “Major I suggest we wait until darkness before we make our move behind these lines. In the meantime, we should mix among the locals and be hidden that way, if we can find any locals, that is. can you see such a place as a local market, or something to that effect, on that map of yours?”

Major Garrlan looked at the map and gave out a large sigh. “Only a local transport hub, but I don’t know if it’s going to be that busy”.

“Right”, said Constantine “We should head for that then, unless Zul and Plaid have any objections”.


“Good. I did not think there would be”.

As the team walked along the surface of the Planet, the dirt began to kick up again. The major lifted his left arm up. All stopped in their tracks. Kharoc, string downward with his hand as a signal to get down and out of sight, used his binoculars. He could see a small village, complete with only a few huts. He gave Constantine a look, before handing the seer the binoculars. Looking through, he could see the huts, and the villagers that occupied them. They appeared to be suffering, impoverished, and downtrodden. “This could be perfect for us, Major. Well done sir”.

Constantine slipped back to the others and began to address them.

“We have a perfect opportunity here, a very small village only a few huts. We can hide under the cover of these people, but we must approach with politeness and courtesy. There is no need for the heavy stuff. Violence is to be used as a last resort. Understood?”

The team nodded in agreement, and stood back up. They began to walk towards the small holding.

As the team began their short journey, Zul’svoice broke into a shout.


The team turned to see him standing nervously.

Kharoc moved toward Zul carefully.“Do as I say, or you will die,” he said, smirking all the while.

The Major dug around the object, gently lifting Zul’s foot up, and carefully replacing it with a stone.

Zul quickly ran to safety; as he did so, the major lifted the object up and threw it toward Zul. In a panic, Zul gasped, then hurriedly ran again to avoid what he thought was sudden death.

The Major began to laugh. “You old fool - it’s only an old cooking pot!”

Zul gave the Major a quick smile, and shrugged his shoulders and give a small but nervous laugh. Constantine, laughing, gave the major a tap on the shoulder. “That will teach him.”


Nancora Prime, Surface
The Badlands

“Of course I’m right!” jabbed Zu,l covering his eyes with his hand as the Nancora Sun beat down upon his brow. “That ‘s why I said it. Zul continued. Look, the sooner you all realize that I really do know what I’m talking about, the better.” “Zul continued speaking, hurriedly, as if not to give the others a chance too…” “I may not have the experience here, but I have wisdom and possess a superior intellect.”

Constantine, Major Kharoc and Plaid looked at each other and decided it was best not to comment on the remark, as tempting as it was. Satisfied with his statement and lack of response, Zul took out his datapad and presented it to the crew. His hands start making circular motions and pointing as he recapped the previous discussion having Plaid play the part of the raggedy-looking militia fighter.

“Let’s play to our strengths,” said Zul, still tapping his fingers on the data pad. Zul turned his pad right side up and projected a holographic image of the surrounding area. “We all agree that Plaid is dressing up, playing make believe. It doesn’t need to last long, just long enough for the Major and I to get in. I suggest the Major and I take a trip.” Zul pointed in the direction of spires on the datapad. “Over there, according to my flawless research, is a ventilation shaft. "I do have to caution you all - in order for us to make it, we have to traverse this wonderfully laid out maze of wreckage.”

“It is my suggestion that I send out my BT-16 Perimeter Droid to assist us in this mission.” Zul toggled his communicator on the droid control unit, alerting the BT-16 he needed its assistance. Zul began to inform the group that his BT-16 is equipped with a variety of sensor packages including a seismic reader and a motion detector, along with a light repeating blaster. “This will give us extra fire power, and the droid can alert us to any unwelcomed guests,” Zul continued. “I suggest that constantine traverse his way into the compound where he can set up shop while we make our way to the ventilation shaft.” Zul pointed to the two locations on the holographic image again.

“This is where it gets tricky,” Zul began. “Since the Major will be teamed up, we will need to set a diversion elsewhere in the compound. We can also do that with the assistance of my BT-16 droid. Between his fire power and my abilities and the droid, we should be able to come up with something useful.” Zul exclaimed. “I plan to have the shaft as an escape method. Constantine and Plaid will be the main diversion.”

After a pause Zul continued intently. “Bare in mind, the Inquisitorious have uncovered the Grand Master’s priority message to retrieve the lost scrolls of Darth Plagueis. I think it’s an objective that we need to accomplish along with acquiring the artifacts.” Zul waited to let the directive set in. “Also, be mindful that Odan-Urr Forces and other members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood may be lurking. Does anyone else have anything to add to this mission?” Zul asked ready to debate anyone else’s suggestions.


Nancora Prime, Surface
The Badlands

The Grey Jedi once again looked at his team with a smile on his face and wondering how far he would take his team. He had hoped that he would witness action like he always dreamed of. Constantine walked alongside the team he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. It was sticking out of the ground near the Major, but before he could say “Stop” to prevent Major Kharoc from moving anything further.

It was too late, the explosion hit home. A bright red and yellow light filled the air and a small but quite bang filled the atmosphere. The team was thrown quite a distance away from the blast site. “If the enemy didn’t know we were here before it did now.” Constantine thought to himself.

Constantine looked around and could see the affects of the land mine on the others, all stunned and and dealing with the effects of the concussion. Ears ringing, a dusty coat, and a sore right arm, reaching for his med kit Constantine bandaged his arm first. It was only a flesh wound with no barring. Satisfied he was able to continue, Constantine stood up slowly and made his way to the others as quickly as possible. Being the Team’s Medic the Grey Jedi knew what to do straight away.

Constantine shouted “Are you guys ok?”

Running to Zul and Plaid as they lay there stunned. Both looked up at the now concerned Constantine. Only several feet apart they both looked at each other and checked to see what wounds they had. Nothing serious at first glance. Just bruises and cuts were seen, minor wounds if anything. Plaid and Zul stood. Plaid’s Zabrak intense stare could be felt. Feigning any concern in his voice he said “Fine Sir.”

Zul, on the other hand blew everything out of proportion as he was known to do. Sticking one finger in his ear as he stood up shouted “WHAT, WHAT? Yeah, I’m fine. What hell was that? I thought it was another kettle pot!” blurted Zul.

“The Major,the Major where is he!” shouted Constantine interrupting Zul.

Searching frantically the team after a few moments were able to locate him. Major Garrlan was laying on the desert floor with his hands on his right leg writhing in pain. Constantine shouted “Kharoc, are you okay?” genuinely concerned over the condition of his long time friend.

Constantine shook his head coming out of a stupor in fear of loss of his friend. He looked around ignoring any moment of frailty. Constantine cleared his throat, and took a deep breath and give a small cough, then his voice changed to calm as if nothing had happened, “Major are you okay?” he said calmly.

Kharoc looked up and nodded, “My leg is somewhat damaged but I otherwise I am in good shape.”

The Grey looked at the Major, and could see that Kharoc, was somewhat lying to him, Constantine give his friend an odd look, Constantine took hold of the Majors hand which was on his leg, holding the blood in, and lifted ever so slightly, blood began to pour from the Majors leg.

“Mmm, I don’t think you are going anywhere, Sir your leg is damaged my friend.” Constantine said with some anxiety,

Constantine reached for his med kit and took out a large bandage. He quickly wrapped it around the leg but not before applying gause. Taking two more bandages out he wrapped them around the Majors’ leg. It took three bandages in all to stop the bleeding and stabilize the major.

Thinking ahead, Constantine searched his backpack. He found a radio, some food supplies, and a pair of binoculars.

Constantine said with a heavy heart “I’m sorry my friend. You’re too wounded to continue.” Constantine frowned at his own statement. “Stay here my friend, keep out of sight and keep us informed! every two hours or so, Dr’s orders! Can’t have you passing out on us.”

The Major nodded, Constantine stood and said “We’ll be back for you, I promise, stay here keep Guard”.

Focusing on the moment Constantine then moved toward Zul and Plaid. “We have to move out.” Constantine ordered. Zul and Plaid stood stunned at what just transpired. Not waiting for anyone to reply Constantine began to walk toward the travelport being careful not to step on any mines again. “Are you coming?” He shouted back.

Pushing any concern and thought of his friends well being out of his mind Constantine focused on the mission and kept walking.

At last the team arrived at their destination. Constantine looked across the desert and found what they were looking for, the Technocratic Guilds Compound. Commotion could be seen in the distance. They were definitely on the alert. The team watched the Guild send out a scouting parting. Looking back behind them, the plum of the explosion still loomed in the nearing dusk sky. The three made their way to cover as careful as one could be with out being seen. They were all slightly nervous but they knew they were near to their mission’s end. It was just a matter of time now.


Nancora Prime, Technocratic Guild Compound
The Badlands

With one man down, the team had to rethink their strategies. Zul contemplated on his next course of action. He pulled his data pad out and studied it again, before briskly swiping his hand across the screen, pulling up the map of the area on a holographic projection.

Darkness crept over the team while they deliberated, as dusk neared nightfall. Zul looked up, not squinting at the sun any more. “We have less than an hour ‘till total darkness,” he said, stating the obvious. “I don’t suppose anyone has night vision goggles do they?” Crackles of lightning through thunderous roars could be heard in distance. “Never mind then,” he said smirking.

The winds in the badlands began to pick up due to the incoming storm. Zul’s droid communicator chirped. To the average ear, most would only hear whirls, whips and whistles. Zul understood his BT - 16 quite well, and he knew that it was jabbering on about the incoming storm and the seismic activity with it.

Constantine looked to Zul in anticipation of what the droid was telling him. Zul explained to both Constantine and Plaid that not only was there a storm, but it was big enough to cause tremors. “This could work to our advantage.” informed Plaid. “This is just the break we needed for cover. Not to mention, three force users in this storm could cause some serious damage were they able to enhance its effects in anyway.” Plaid continued.

Zul and Constantine listened to what Plaid had to say. While deep in conversation Zul looked around at the landscape. Taking note of destroyed weathered buildings that were filled with sand and made of most of the badlands.

Zul interrupted the conversation, “I can add lighting to the storm. We can take cover over there.” Zul pointed beyond the current dune. Looking down at his data pad in confirmation of what he was saying. “There is an old structure that would give us good protection from the incoming sands and weather.”

Constantine interrupted saying “Talk and walk fellas’, talk and walk. Those sandstorms coming in will do us in before this mission starts.”

Zul’s communicator chirped again, reminding him to set it to vibrate as to not give away their position when they get closer. “Go ahead BT,” said Zul. A few chirps and whirls later, the BT -16 unit alerted the team to the on coming scouting party. “Keep outta sight BT, and keep me posted let me know when they are at least 15 meters from our position.” Zul ordered.

Dusk no longer, nightfall was here. The winds of the dunes turned from gentle breeze to hot, stinging sand. It could even be felt through the heavy cloaks of the Jedi . Plaid moved his robes around constantly complaining that the sand was everywhere and even in places that it didn’t belong.

“I don’t know how these people can live out here. It’ll take me a week to get all this out of my gear let alone make me feel clean again.” commented Plaid.

As if on queue, Zul and Constantine covered up more tightly. Walking through sand dunes was bad enough and on top of it the storm made it all the more uncomfortable for everyone.

“Has anyone heard from the Major?” Zul asked questioningly.

“Yes, he was able to find cover.” said Constantine. “I took out his communicator and handed it to him. He will be keeping us posted on anything he finds out.” Constantine said seeing his breath for the first time in the eve in the open desert.

“The wind is picking up and it’s getting much colder now!” said Constantine. “How much farther till that dune?”

Zul replied, “Just over there.” quickly pointing. Trying to be careful as to not fall and get consumed by the desert in the process.

It wasn’t before long that the three arrived at the dune in question. Zul looked down at his data pad. “The entrance is here.” Zul pointed over the crest of the spire.

“The storm is nearly here.” Plaid pointed out. The howling wind was getting louder by the second. Whirls of wind and silt sprayed over the dune. Whistles as loud as a locomotive could be heard for some distance.

Rounding the dune they located the entrance to the structure. It was skeletal, most of the walls were eroded with time. The elements were not kind in the badlands. Not much of anything as a permanent structure remained here for long.

“Zul, does that pad of yours tell you what this building is?” Questioned Constantine, shouting over the loud winds.

“In fact-” Zul began to shout and was cut off abruptly by Plaid.

“DUCK, Incoming!” he screamed. The team dived for cover.

The ground shook from what they could only discern as a grenade type object. The sandstorm was too violent at this point. Red bolts of blaster fire could be seen piercing the veil of the storm.

“BT - 16, I told you to alert me when they were within 15 meters.” Zul shouted into the comms.

BT-16 replied back with an I did. Zul realized that putting his communicator on vibrate didn’t help while in the storm.

Stuck in a rock and a hard place Zul rose from cover with fierce vigor. Howling winds and stinging sand seemed to not have an affect on him. Like a wild animal ready to attack, Zul raised his arms above his head. He began to weave them about in a mesmerizing way. His hands began to glow in a symphony of glorious translucent purple light. “It’s time to go, into the building now!” Ordered Zul, having creating a barrier between his team and their opponents with is weaving.

Without delay they entered the hole riddled building. With the barrier preventing the attackers from harming them any further for the time being it also protected them from the elements of the storm. Visibility was much clearer and with the luminescence of the purple hue they had a good bit of lighting to guide them.

Zul concentrated further, becoming immensely still. The glow of the barrier became brighter but was no longer translucent.

“What did you do?” inquired Plaid.

“I made it pitch black out there. They won’t be able to follow us for a good five minutes if at all. Best we make use of that time.”

“Some good that’ll do us,” quipped Constantine.

“On the contrary,” answered Zul, “they drove us into the best place possible. To answer your previous question, they pushed us into a subway of sorts. According to the data pad, it leads directly under the compound.”

“And, with the storm and darkness, they are as good as dead out there,” Constantine noted.

“Correct. Let’s hope there is one less group to deal with,” continued Zul. Now for the bad news. I lost my droid. He’s buried in sand. And now for even worse news. We’re going to have to do a frontal assault in the tunnel below. Ideas, anyone?” Zul said, joining the rest of the group, and walking to the center of the ruined structure.

“Over here!” Plaid shouted, pointing down to the stairs leading down into a deep dark access tunnel. Plaid let go of the material covering the entrance from view, resulting in a loud thud. “My guess? They used this frequently. If so, there has got to be lighting somewhere. He looked around and shuffled some things before continuing. “Got it!” He lit a torch he had found, and handed Zul and Constantine torches of their own.

With a well illuminated stairwell and tunnel, the three were able to see for some distance with the powerful luminescence of the torches. Plaid turned and covered the opening again, just in time for the hue of the barrier to fade from view, leaving only total darkness and high winds. With a slam and a thud, the sheet metal door sealed them in, allowing only small gusts of sandy breeze in the tunnel.

Making their way further into the tunnels, the three felt a coolness come over them and a slight humid breeze. “My guess,” started Constantine, “We’re deep enough to feel the cooling effects of the earth above, and the wind is from the storm.”

“Not to mention the air duct system,” Plaid said, speaking matter of factly.

“How did you come to that conclusion?” Zul asked. Plaid shined his light above his head while walking down the tunnel with the others.

“Because there’s an air duct system.” Zul looked up to see a fan moving gently, circulating the air quietly. He remained silent.

“Wait!” Plaid said.

“I feel it too!” Replied Zul. With lots of finger pointing gestures, Plaid, Zul and Constantine were able to communicate the fact there was a patrol coming near, and they needed to take cover against the walls.

“I have an idea,” said Plaid. “I need you two to shut off your lights; I need you both in total darkness for this to work. I plan on scaring the snot out of these guys, and then we can dispatch them when they are ready to turn and run.”

The Zabrak was pleased that he would finally get a chance to embrace his Sith Heritage. He beamed a smile at Constantine and Zul only to see them fade into a shadow, and then he could not see them at all. “I need to learn that trick,” He said to himself.

Plaid turned his torch onto the strobe setting and began to walk forward a few feet, before setting his torch down on the ground, facing the oncoming patrol. He then ran back into position and pulled out his lightsaber, ready to ignite it.

“Whaas at about erh?” said one of the patrol men. As he moved closer to the strobing torch light.

“On yer guard, you knuckle heads!” exclaimed another, tightening the grip on his weapon.

Plaid stood, impatiently waiting for them to only come a few feet closer.

One of the patrol men bent down to pick up the strobing torch light, and turning it off. Then, he looked up in front of him. His night vision goggles worked exceptionally well in the darkness - in fact, they were standard issue for tunnel duty, the only bad thing about them being that they did not respond well with flashes of light. It would blinding to the sensors making it nearly impossible to see.

After several moments, the two-man patrol was able to regain their night vision just in time to see a Zabrak, standing right in front of them. His teeth were showing as his wry grin widened in pleasure.

With a crisp snap, and a short hiss, Plaid’s red-bladed lightsaber came to life. He yelled intensely, raising his arms wide and leaning forward like a screaming eagle at its prey. Zul and Constantine watched behind their cloaks as the two patrolmen stood in complete and utter fear.

Taking this as a queue, Zul drew out his two light sabers, Justice and Right Hand. With a snapping hiss, they too came to life. Green and Blue lights came out of thin air, only amplifying the terror the patrolmen already faced.

Joining in on the efforts Constantine ignited his saber with a crackling shutter, revealing his blue blade.

Sheer horror fell over the two guards. Neither spoke, only trembled at the site of glowing swords and a vicious Zabrak. The night vision gear blinded the patrol men, amplifying their horror. Ripping the goggles off of their heads, they came face to face with four lightsaber blades.

They never stood a chance. The last thing they heard was the cruel laughter of the Zabrak.

Plaid stood in amusement. “That was fun! Let’s keep moving.” He bent down, picking up his torch and the two goggles. “Zul, here are the goggles you asked for earlier; you want this one?” he asked Constantine.

“I’ll take it.” Plaid tossed the set to Constantine, and they continued.

The three came to junction. One tunnel left and the other right. Zul pulled out his pad, fiddled around for a little bit, and then pointed to the left. “That leads us to main hub.”

After what seemed like hours of walking, the group finally arrived at the hub. They could see lights on in the distance. Plaid and Constantine removed their goggles.

Zul concentrated on the voices, and looked around at the hub ahead. His eyes and ears zeroed in on the movement. He could see Junkers equipment in cages. He continued to look around, and he noticed the first objective. The lost scrolls of Darth Plagueis were setting on a nearby table. Zul continued to look around, seeing seven footsoldiers in total. He spotted some gnarly looking dog-like creatures and then something really caught his attention.

“It’s the Major!” Zul exclaimed. “I saw the Major. He was in shackles, chained to a chair and being interrogated by the Devaronian, Kerwin Drake.

Major Kharoc’s screams echoed the tunnel. A female’s laughter could be heard, the sick, twisted sound of satisfaction bouncing off the walls and through the hub.


Nancora Prime
Technocratic Guild Compound
The Hub

“We have the element of surprise,” whispered Plaid. “That’s our only real advantage right now. You can bet that there will be guards accompanying her. How are we going to approach this?”

“Guards?” replied Zul, scoffing. “That’s the least of our problems right now. Kerwin is known to keep an HK assassin unit with him. That is something to worry about. Millennia old droids with itchy trigger fingers. How he managed to get one is beyond me, but they’re extremely skilled in both combat and protocol and-”

Zul was interrupted by the sound of Major Kharoc’s scream piercing the air.

“We need to act,” interjected Constantine. “The longer we deliberate, the longer that our man suffers.”

“Now hold on a second,” replied Plaid. “We need to know what we’re up against before we act. Zul, what about that HK unit? I don’t see it. Maybe he left it at-”

“Interjection: freeze, meatbags.”

The voice came out of nowhere. It was automated, clear, and extremely well articulated. And, it was behind them.

The trio turned to see the very droid in question, standing tall, and holding a blaster which just so happened to be pointed directly at them.

“Statement: my master has ordered that you be captured,” said the droid. “Commentary: I would much rather murder you now. Resolution: I will bring you to my master alive, in the hopes that he will permit me to end your status as a living meatbag.”

“How do you intend to do that, rust bucket?” asked Plaid.

“Response: your mockery will only enrich the pleasure that I take in capturing you. This is how I intend to do that.”

Without another moment’s notice, the droid pressed a button on its wrist. All of the doors connecting the room were shut, and a strange type of gas began to feel the room. Taken by surprise and with no way to prepare, the three Arconans began to feel for their weapons, shuffling to a battle position. Before he could activate his weapon, Constantine began to feel dizzy. All was a blur; he quickly faded out of consciousness, and fell to the ground, his lightsaber detaching from his belt and hitting the ground with a “clang.”

Plaid managed to hold his own a bit longer. His face twisted into an expression of immense anger, and his red lightsaber pierced the air, which was quickly filling up with the gas. He looked at the HK droid, who, in response, turned to face him directly, taking a slight bend at the knees and pointing his blaster directly at the albino Zabrak. Plaid charged, letting out a ferocious yell. He was, however, unaware of the fact that the droid had its blaster set to stun. He was hit with one wave, which sent a rushing pulse of energy through his body, causing a twitch; the next one physically slowed him down, and the next two finally managed to bring him down. The journeyman fell with a thud, his lightsaber deactivating as it hit the cold flooring. The droid continued to shoot three or for more shots into the alien as he lay there, hoping to ensure control and suppress any possible surprises.

As the droid preoccupied itself with Plaid, Zul managed to position himself behind it. He jumped to tackle the droid, but the droid ducked, and the journeyman found himself on the floor. As he lay there, he felt two of the stun blasts hit him directly, and then another, incapacitating him.

“Statement: sleep well, meatbags.”

The team had spent all of the time leading up to this moment fighting and pushing hard for a victorious mission, and here they were, captured and incapacitated by an ancient droid. The trio thought that they had successfully infiltrated and made their way through the compound without bringing attention to themselves, but they failed to realize that this trap had been set in motion long before they made their way to the hub. The assassin droid had been shadowing them for quite a while. The Technocrats had become aware of intelligence stating that Brotherhood factions would be looking for the scrolls of Plagueis the Wise, and so they used the scrolls as bait, hoping to use the Arconans for ransom.

Now, Zul, Plaid, and Constantine would either have to sit in imprisonment, or fight their way out of a giant base behind enemy lines - but that is a story for another time. As of now, the mission was a failure.