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Clan/Character Development RO


Temple of Sorrow
Orian System

The cloaked figure walked down the familiar hallway toward the Library; attendants of the clan clearing a path as he moved with the predatory grace of a animal.

The halls of Naga Sadow, a voice whispered in his head with a grunt, how do I even know this place

Silence, he thought back at the voice of his head as his yellow eyes narrowed behind the smoked glass of his helm.

Manic laughter began to echo in his head as he stopped and pushed open the massive doors that lead into the Library. He stepped in and moved around the tables heading for the back of study area. He sat at an empty table at the center of the final row.

It had been a week since the end of their time on Korriban and it was time to get back to work. He still felt the drain of the last few years on his body. Constant war took a lot out of a being no matter how much they may enjoy the thrill of a kill. Maelous pushed the voice in his mind aside and tapped on the datapad in front of him and began to review recent reports. The clan needed to be to get back to matters at hand.

After a moment the Sith Warrior shook his armored head and looked out across the room before him; watching as others moved about and read off their own datapads, no doubt studying for their own trials.

He sighed softly to himself, What now he thought as the laughter filtered back into his mind.


Jade had sensed him coming in, their recent battles had forged some connection she had yet to be able to explain. Though if she was truthful, that had started long before the war. Pulling up the hood on her cloak, she blocked her face, her hand holding the fabric just right that she could peek around the side to watch him pick a table a little ways away from the rest of the crowd. She wondered what he could possibly be doing in the library. Her own books and data pad had needed dusting before she could read them.

Jade waited, grinning as he sat down. Maelous seemed preoccupied, or distracted, it was the perfect time to have some fun. Using the force she caused the data pad to fly out of his unsuspecting fingers and clatter across the table to the floor. She could swear she felt him scowl behind his helmet and look around the library, quickly, to catch whoever could be responsible.

Laughter rang through Maelous head, he guessed it was laughing at him for allowing the data pad to be so easy of a target. He stood up to get the pad but as he bent down it jerked away from him, as though someone had it on a string. He glanced around again then made a quick step to put his foot on it. Smiling, he looked, waiting, no daring it to move again. When it didn’t he bent down and sat back at his table. Laughter mocking him in the back of his mind.

Jade came out from behind a stack of random articles, taking the chance to move closer as he played fetch with his data pad. Laughing in her mind, trying hard not to out loud. “You know, those things cost the Clan money, you should really be more careful.”

Maelous was tempted to draw his saber at the sudden shock of a voice behind him, but as he turned Jade quickly came into view.


Orion System

Daedric sat in the barracks, replaying everything that went on over the past couple of weeks in his head. Things have changed and they would never be the same. He could still feel the Karth crawling through his head as they did in the catacombs under Korriban. How could he almost turn his back on those he was most loyal to? The though of such brought much despair to him. As Daedric sat there trying to make since of everything that happened, a chirp interrupted his thought path.


Daedric reached over and answered the holo-call.

“What is it my old friend?” Daedric asked as he turned to face his long standing friend.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you in the training field since we returned from Korriban.” Sebz questioned. The sincerity of the questioned weighted heavy on his tongue.

“My mind is troubled Sebz. Things happened on Korriban and I have been trying to make since of them.”

“What happened?” Sebz questioned.

“I’ll explain in person. Where are you?”

“I’m heading to get some food right now, so meet me in the the mess hall. We can discuss it there.” Daedric gave a slight nod as he ended the call and rose to his feet. With a slight sigh he adjusted his clothing and reached for his lightsaber. He looked at it for a moment, thoughts passed through his head and exited as quick as the came in. He clipped the saber on his hilt and head to meet a friend he held closest.


Sebz stood in a corner of the mess hall waiting for his comrade to show up. He had just finished his meal and was watching the other companies of the Orian authority eat up after several heavy training sessions.

These are good men, everyone here should be honored to fight along side each other.

Sebz’s thought lasted for a couple of seconds as he noticed his old friend, Daedric Turelles show up into the mess hall. Many members of the Besh Company stood up in a military parade rest as he passed by the table. He waved them to ease. The men relaxed and laughed with their old comrade, the dark side clearly something they never knew that one of their own could have possessed until now.

“Well look who it is, the Worm decided to pop his head up!” Sebz joined Daedric along side Besh Company. Daedric, long time no see."

“Why hello there Sebz.” The tone in Daedric’s voice slapped Sebz in the face. He had clearly gown closer to the Sith heritage of the dark side. He was no longer the peppy commander he had fought along side on Aeotheran. His eyes had absorbed the likes of yellow hue many of the fallen Dark Side warriors Naga Sadow had to offer, but this was different. He felt a struggle lingering in the air, all signs pointing back to Daedric.

“What’s up?” Sebz wanted to be cautious here. Even if he was still on good terms with Daedric he didn’t want to aggravate the much powerful warrior into using any tricks he had up his sleeve.

Daedric looked down then up, the dark side taking its toll on Daedric’s face and skin. “Can we move somewhere more secure, I need to tell you something.”

Sebz nodded and saluted Besh Company as him and Daedric exited the mess hall into the newly renovated training tower Sepros had to offer.


Training Tower
Orion System

As the duo walked into the training tower one could smell the stench of fresh blood that had been spilled during training. Sebz waited for Daedric to enter and the closed the doors behind them, securing them so no one else could enter. Daedric took a small stroll around the new training arena, reminiscing on the time he spent in here as a younger journeyman. Times have changed, he had grown stronger but yet weaker in the same since. He had finally embraced the Dark Side that now flowed through his veins, but something didn’t feel right. None of it did after the incident on Korriban. After a moment or two the silence was broken.

“What seems to bother you Daedric?” Sebz questioned as he strolled to the other side of the arena, opposite Daedric.

“You remember the matches we had against each other in here?” Daedric asked as he continued to survey the new renovations that had taken place.

“I do,” Sebz answered. Something about Daedric didn’t seem right. He was different, not the same man that he knew. Korriban can do that to a man, either destroy one or make them stronger.

“Those were the good days. The days of worrying about nothing but passing your trails. Now…now it’s all different.” Daedric turned to face Sebz. He placed the bottom on his left forearm on the hilt of his saber, resting it softly.

“Speak for your self my old friend, I have yet to pass mine.” Sebz stated with a slight chuckle, though his laughter was only met with a cold look from Daedric. “What has happened to you, Worm?” The hunter questioned.

“Korriban. Not really the planet, but this bitch Krath that decided it would be fun to play with my mind.” Daedric stated as he removed his arm from the hilt. “She thought it was fun to make me turn on my comrades, to try and betray the Iron Throne and those I hold closest to me. It made me question everything. How can I trust my self knowing such power is out there that can change it at a whim?” The Knight began to become angry.

“Daedric, you can’t let that shit question what you believe in. You were surrounded by Equities and Elders on that mission, all more powerful than you, ten fold.” The words that his friend spoke were knew to him. He never thought of it that way.

“Sebz, this is why I hold you as closest friend.” Daedric reached for the hilt of his saber, drawing it into his right hand. Sebz slowly reached for his, weary of what might to come.

“Honor me my friend. Let us return to days of old once more.” Daedric motioned as he lowered his saber to his right side and back behind him, igniting it. A smile crept along the face of the Jedi Hunter as he followed suit.

“Teach me what you have learned,” Sebz stated as he ignited his saber.


Training Tower
Orion System

Sebz rushed toward Daedric, about to perform one of the tricks his master had showen him. His ally took up a wide stance, enough room for Sebz to pss in between his legs. As he got into reach of Daedric’s lightsaber, he slid onto both knees, tossing his lightsaber up and over Daedric’s head. The Dark Jedi Knight tried to swing for Sebz’s head, but fell short as Sebz emerged from behind Daedric and grabbed his lightsaber, once again tossing it to his ally. This time Daedric was off balance but recovered quickly as he somersaulted in the air and deflected the oncoming attack.


Sebz could only imagine how much he was able to learn in his time on Korriban with all the Elders and Equites he was surrounded by. But, he couldn’t imagine all the suffering he had gone through. Sebz had read the report on Deadric’s mission. Things had gone way worse for them on Korriban then they did for Sebz and his team. Sebz couldn’t stop to wonder but couldn’t as Daedric bull rushed him, this time swiping low for Sebz’s legs in which he somehow always left undefended.

“Do you remember our time on Aeotheran, the mission on Seng Karash? That son of a bitch who we had to fight and gave me this scar. Snowman? I sure melted his ass.” Daedric looked with a snug grin on his face, the coldness was not only present in his voice, but also on his face.

“Yah, that fucker put me in a choke hold and nearly killed me. Plus you turned to the Sith after that. I’m surprised you’ve embraced it like this. I thought you still had some Krath in you?” said Sebz, wary to make his next move on his old ally.

The Dark Side pulsated more rapidly in Daedric now. Sebz could barely control what he was sensing when he heard these next few words. “Oh the Krath is still in me brother.”

All Sebz could do was watch in amazement as Daedric charged at him, the Dark Side an inferno within him.


Training Tower
Orion System

As Daedric rushed towards his old friend, Sebz moved into a defensive posture. Noticing the new posture of his opponent, the troubled Knight soared over him with boots high in the air, landing on a knee behind him. Sebz noticing what happened quickly turned on heel to face the now rising friend. Sebz lunged forward in a stabbing motion, blade being pushed aside as it met Daedric’s. Flurry after flurry the two skirmished. The sound of blades echoed throughout the tower as the two sparred. Daedric felt at ease during battle, a calming sense that he had known since his time in the Dlarit Armed Forces. Things were much simpler in those times. Clear objectives, paths predetermined. He was only to execute the orders of his superiors. Now, others call him Commander, a title that he had yet to come to fully embrace. He longed to return tot he legions of what is now known as the Warhost.

As Daedric’s thoughts drifted from the current battle at hand, he found him self at a disadvantage. Sebz had quickly gained the upper hand and forced Daedric into a strategic retreat. The two separate after another series of attack and defense played out.

“You fight well brother.” Daedric stated heavy panting evident in his words.

“Korriban has taught me a great deal.” Sebz replied. The two had history and in that history a brotherhood had been formed. A brotherhood that was not like that of the Brotherhood they both served in, but a brotherhood only family could share. Strange, even in times of great strife, Daedric felt calm during battle. Though with that Daedric could feel rising hatred inside. Not hatred of Sebz but hatred of his own thoughts. Such thoughts plunging him deeper and deeper into anger and hate, drawing him closer to the Dark Side than he ever felt before.

“You have changed Daedric and I fear not for the better.” Sebz stated as he extinguished his blade.

“Have you ever had a Krath inside of you? Penetrating your thoughts, twisting and bending them to their will?” Daedric replied, following the same and extinguishing his own blade. Both of them made their way to a table alongside the tower wall.

“No my friend, I haven’t. One could only imagine how it felt.” Sebz stated as he feel into the chair, relaxing from the skirmish that took place.

Daedric sat across from the skilled Hunter, placing his arms on the table in front of him. “It feels as if a scarab is crawling from front to back, moving thoughts around as it scurries about. On Korriban, in the tunnels below the raging battle, I felt such things. A pair of Krath formed my thoughts to their own will and tempted to turn my loyalties from that of Sadow to their own pathetic measure.” Daedric took pause and relaxed himself into the chair, his robes effortlessly falling to his side, revealing the battle marked partial Black Guard armor he still yet wore.

“You cannot let this rule your life Daedric. Grow strong and overcome it, learn ways to prevent such actions from taking hold of you.” Janren stated as he leaned forward, indicating that what he spoke was with the up-most sincerity.

“Such actions I plan to take.” Daedric stated as he motioned for the near by droid to fetch them some water.


Training Tower
Orian System

“As you wish, Master.” Macron bowed to the hologram and concealed his anger as it flickered out. His old Sith Master Vexatus had given him a task of sorts. Daedric Turelles had contacted Vexatus looking for a Sith Master. The rotten Falleen was not interested in training anyone else these days, and had passed the baton to his Sith Apprentice. It was just as well, as Macron had a strange sense of honor and loyalty quite unlike his evil Sith Master. In that regard he was much more like his Knighthood master, Manji Keibatsu Sadow.

The Alchemist grinned wickedly as he paced towards the turbolift. Twisting Dark Jedi into true servants of the Dark Side and Clan Naga Sadow was one of his favorite activities in life aside from torturing Gungans. Commander Turelles had fought well at Korriban and lived to tell the tale. He had potential. The madman would see that his potential in the Force was brought to it’s fullest expression- or kill him trying. Although he had seen seven of his students Knighted and trained others informally, he had killed just as many. The Sith shrugged and mumbled to himself. Aisha Qifaxa had been his greatest failure and one he meant not to repeat. Such was the way of the Sith.

Beings scuttled out of the Alchemist’s way as he strode purposefully down the hall. He had a nasty reputation as a cruel dude when crossed. Even so, the soldiers he encountered were treated with respect. They were the lifeblood of the Warhost, and the lunatic honored their service to the Clan in his own way. The Elder stopped in front of one of the dueling chambers and greeted the guard on duty. “Corporal, I am here to see Commander Turelles.”

“Yes sir, Marshal Commander. You are cleared for entry. Commander Turelles and Commander Janren are in there training, sir.”

“Excellent. No need to announce me- just open the door, Corporal.” The chamber door opened with a swish of pressure as the Juggernaut stepped in. “Knight Daedric Turelles, I am here on behalf of Darth Vexatus. You asked for a Sith to guide you, and you shall have one.”


Training Tower
Orian System

Daedric quickly feel to a knee at the site of the elder, a move that was followed by Sebz.

“Marshall Commander,” Daedric stated in a humble tone. He had not seen the Dark Adept since Korriban, and since then so much has changed.

“Rise,” Macron stated as he moved forward. “Darth Vexatus sent word to me that you were seeking a Sith Master, so he sent me.” Daedric rose as he listened to the words of the Son of Sadow, lingering on every syllable that crested his lips.

“Daedric, you sought after this?” Sebz questioned his long standing friend to where Macron couldn’t hear him. Daedric gave a slight nod to indicate that it was in fact true. “What have you do-” Sebz’s words were cut short by the raising hand of Daedric. At that singular moment, Sebz realized that he had changed. What ever happened on Korriban had nearly destroyed the man standing before him. His only hope was that the bond shared between them hadn’t been severed in the wake.

“You have changed my young Knight,” Macron began. “You dive deeper into things that you do not yet understand. Take my guidance and see the power you desire come to fruition.” Macron paused to take a sip of water that sat on the table before him. “If you agree to such terms, there will be no turning back unless you wish to be sent to the after-life.” The Alchemist turned to face Daedric.

“Marshall Commander,” Daedric began as he stepped forward. “I will follow your guidance so that my enemies will tremble by the mere mention of my name. Teach me the true ways of Sith, so that power and command may bear my mark.” He finished as he knelt before Sadow. He lowered his head, showing submission to the ways of his new Sith Master. Macron stood there and looked at the kneeling Knight. He studied him for a moment, checking to see if the man before him was going to be work this time.

“Accepted. We go to the Tomb of Orian where you will either Ascend or die trying.”


Training Tower
Orian System

Sebz watched as Daedric and the former Pro Consul moved out towards the turbo lift. He stood in shock as to the events that had just transcribed before his eyes.

The Krath was so strong with him, what really happened on Korriban?

Sebz thoughts were cut short as a training robot came up to Sebz, a blade held above its mechanical head. Sebz easily side stepped the robots attack and flung the robot using the Force into a pile of scrap of destroyed electronics.

Geez, they need to stop doing that before I disable every single one that comes out of the assembly line… If only I could

His thoughts were once again cut short by a lightsaber that swung for his life. He grabbed his saber and ignited it, stopping the blade inches from his face. The young Jedi Hunter stood appaled by the attack but was met face to face by his master.

“Why hello there master Cyrin.” Sebz started to push on the attacking lightsaber, slowly winning the saber lock held between him and his master.

“Janren, you’ve grown exponentially since Korriban, but not enough to beat me.” His master easily ended the saber lock and Force pushed Sebz into the pile of scrap where the previous robot lay. “You are almost ready to start the trails of knighthood. Stand up and defend yourself. We will start the trials if you can show that our training stints were not a waste of my time.”

“With pleasure master.” Sebz grinned as he leaped towards his master ready to duel once again.


Entrance Quonset Shelter
Former School of Learning Site
Tombs Of Urias Orian
Inos Moon 42
Orian System


The winds outside howled as the darkening moon entered it’s transit behind the gas giant Inos. The quonset hut’s duracrete doors closed slowly, shutting out the frigid air. Two figures stood in the departure hall shaking off ice crystals from heavy coats as they were hung from a peg on the wall. Crystals of rime-frost glittered on the armor underneath on one of the figures.

The outpost was small. In the old days, Teu Sadow had created an institute of learning here. The facility had fallen into disrepair during the chaos that had overtaken the system during the grinding wars of the Crusade. The School had been a model of the Clan’s training program, and many Dark Jedi had come here to learn and test themselves in the shadow of the Dark Side site’s eerie emanations.

Now, under the Orian Authority some portion of the School was being rebuilt. The garrison was small, and no Verpine were on station here. The insectile aliens simply did not care for the cold. A few heavily dressed troopers of the Warhost moved here and there, mostly engineers laying wires and doing construction work. One of the human officers turned and greeted the newcomers.

“Proconsul Sadow, Commander Turelles, welcome. I am Lieutenant Drass, commander of this makeshift facility. We were not informed we would be having guests. My apologies for the sparseness of the accommodations.”

“I am Proconsul no longer Lieutenant Drass,” replied the Sith Elder as he opened his helm and peered about. “You may call me Marshal Commander. We are here to continue the explorations below. We won’t be needing any accommodations."

"We will, however, be needing a fusion droid and spelunking supplies.” Daedric began checking his kit as he counted ration bars and water.

“Our supplies are limited and not of the most modern technology Commander Turelles, but I can get you what we have. We did gather some equipment from a pirate vessel we found crashed nearby.” The officer turned and gestured to two enlisted men. “I imagine it was a ship that was damaged by Commander Sonjie’s patrols.”

“Consul Sonjie now bears the name of Sadow,” chuckled the Alchemist.

Daedric spoke up. “He did an excellent job on crushing the last of the scum out here. And now, he is our leader. He’ll do a fine job I’m sure.”

“I’d be interested in a last hot meal and some tea, if you don’t mind. I’m curious to see how the area has fared since we were last here. Is the Tukata still here?” Macron said as he pored over the pile of supplies. Various parts and cables were packed into a rucksack and a small fusion droid hopped once as it was activated.

“It … is,” replied Drass as the three entered a smaller chamber of the shelter and sat down. An empty crate served as a makeshift table between them. “The Sith Hound keeps to itself near the entrance to the Tombs proper. I can’t tell whether it means to keep us out, or other things in. It doesn’t seem to require much in the way of foodstuffs, however and leaves us alone for the most part.” A small hotplate heated the ration stew, and he poured tea from a thermos.

“They don’t need to eat much, no. The theory is that somehow they can subsist on the energy of the Dark Side for long periods of time.” The Alchemist sipped his tea thoughtfully.

“Our trip to Korriban recently backs that theory up. Those Hissis had been there a long time…” Daedric looked lost in thought as the scenes from Korriban replayed in his mind. “This place has a similar feel.”

“If I had to guess, the Tukata serves both purposes as a gatekeeper.” The madman smiled grimly. “This time we intend to map and explore the Tombs and the mines below all the way to the end. If there is one. We’ll either come back enlightened, or die trying. It is the way of the Sith to seek such a challenge.”


Weeks ago
In a familiar place, while in an unfamiliar location

It was commonly known that the summit wouldn’t make deals with anyone over a captured ally, not even for a powerful one. Roxas would be left to his own devices while under the Organization’s care. The Horseman recognized the ship he was being held on, but couldn’t remember the name.

“I see you are awake.” A burly voice said from somewhere behind the Mandalorian, before continuing “Let’s get back to where we were before. Let’s see…I was asking where the Alchemist’s lab.”

Roxas interrupted " Oh yeah, I was telling you how it was up your ass. If you need help finding it, untie me and…"

The man pushed a button, sending electricity through the bindings and into the Mandalorian causing his body to jump and contort. He wouldn’t talk no matter how rough they were. The rougher they were with him the rougher he would be with them.

A small alien voice shouted “STOP! Need him alive we do!”

The alien came closer and continued “For the mistreatment, sorry I am. Find what we want another way, we will.”

The alien made a gesture with his hands and someone jabbed a needle into the Mandalorian’s neck.

“Talk you will.”

Roxas spit in his face “Unlikely.”

“Lead us, you will.”

The Horseman’s body stiffened quickly before his vision faded and all he could do was listen.

“To the Alchemy lab you will go. Data you will steal. All the data.”


Tombs of Urias Orian
Inos Moon 42
Orian System

As the two walked through the blistering cold, Master and Apprentice, Daedric couldn’t help but let his mind wonder. How could just a single Krath getting into his mind mess with him this bad. He was stronger than this but yet he couldn’t shake the images that were portrayed to him, the thoughts that were impregnated into his mind made him feel week. It was this that caused him to seek a Sith Master, one to train him to become stronger in the ways of the Sith. If he failed, it would prove that he was weak and had no rightful place in the galaxy.

“The entrance is upon us,” Macron said breaking the monologue of thoughts swelling through Daedric’s mind. The Knight peered forward, trying to gauge where the entrance was located as the snow like precipitation filled his visor.

“I’m not sur-” Daedric started.

“Use the Force to seek the entrance, Apprentice.” Macron stating through the distortion of his helmet as he interrupted Daedric. Daedric closed his eyes and peered out into the vastness of the Force seeking what was sought. There he said to himself as he could feel a strong pull to the North East. It was like a void, an emptiness that gave both fear and solace in it’s wake. Daedric took lead as he lead the two towards the entrance.

A foul smell began to infiltrate the air as they two grew closer to their destination.

“He’s here, Master Sadow.” Daedric stating as he opened his eyes. A pair of piercing red eyes began to show themselves through the blistering weather. A faint growl could be hear as the lonely eyes float toward them. Daedric peered into the eyes of the beast, keeping eye contact the entire time. He knew that he would not be able to tame such a beast, but he couldn’t break eye contact. As the animal grew closer it began to bear teeth, making its presence known to those who wished to seek the plunders of the Tomb. With eye contact still intact Daedric circled around the Tuk’ata, eventually walking backwards towards the Tomb that Macron had already reached. The Tuk’ata arched his back and extended it’s head upwards towards the stars and let a fearsome roar escape it’s vocal cords. A roar that even Urias Orian himself could hear it.

As the pair finally entered the Tomb of Urias Orian, the temperature become considerably more comfortable. Even enough for them to remove the thick outer coat layer they both wore.

“Which way should we go Master Sadow?” Daedric stated as he dropped the coat on the floor near a pile of rocks.

“You tell me,” Macron stated has he tossed his coat on top of Daedric’s.


Entry Halls
Tombs of Urias Orian
Inos Moon 42
Orian System

Although modern technology had been installed here near the entry the Tombs still made their ancient presence felt. Darting shadows seemed to flit at the edge of their vision. An oppressive sense of heaviness pervaded the air, and the entire place had a cold chill felt by those who could touch the Force. “This way,” replied Daedric as he pointed down the large main corridor. “I might as well get the tour while we’re here. First floor, rocks and carvings. Second floor, undead, traps, and death.”

The madman giggled and went along with the humor. Macron gestured to one of the side chambers as the pair walked by. “And over here, you can see the chamber where the former Tsainetomo found Curwen Sunei’s redoubt. Sai, or Shi Long as he is now known, was instrumental in dealing with the insane hermit. Next aisle, chips, dips, chains and whips.”

“Heh. What happened to that hermit Sunei anyhow?” asked Daedric. “The holos don’t have much about him. I know he was a former Imperial Shadow Guard but that’s all I could get other than a mention of him being here at one time.” The Knight peered into the gloom. “I’m guessing this is our bivouac spot.”

“We… I killed him,” muttered Macron. “And the Sword of Shar Dakhan almost killed me in return. I still hear his insidious whispers down here though…” The Alchemist shook his head. “Anyway. Yeah, this will be home base.” He clipped a lumen-lamp and some camp accessories into the fusion droid they had brought, and rolled out a bed-roll and prefab tent.

“Is this really a safe place to camp?” asked the Sith Knight as he unpacked his own gear. “Looks sketchy to me but at least we can see things coming hopefully. I suggest one of us keep watch while the other rests when the time comes.”

“Not really. There is no safe place down here. You’ll need to stay alert. However, most of the lesser dangers won’t come near the Tukata back there. The greater ones don’t come up this far and the traps are stationary.” Macron chuckled. “There’s the exception to every rule though. Lord Orian left a lot of nasty surprises in this place. Although a lot of the traps and critters in these upper levels have been… nullified, Things still wander around from time to time. Let’s do a bit of exploring though until we hit the rack.”

“I’m game. I get that.” Daedric checked his weaponry. “What sorts of things are found down here? Care to give me an overview? I mean, I’ve read the Clan holos but from what I hear you know this place better than anyone.”

“On the upper levels, there used to be a few undead, some old droids, and traps. Most of those we cleaned out when Maelous, Jade, and I came down here last year. In the middle layers, you run into the occasional Sith Undead and the rare Terentatek. There are more traps there as well, and the mind effects become stronger.”

“And in the deeper layers?” Daedric stopped to examine a thin glittering vein of brassy metal in the wall. “This looks a lot like bronzium. I also heard there are red adegans down here.”

“It probably is,” replied the Elder. “This was a mine originally even before Orian’s time. All the clean ore is played out though from what I’ve seen. Too risky and expensive to mine it when you can get the ores cheaper on Sepros. And below… I’ve seen the spoor of a Sith Wyrm but haven’t yet encountered it. Could be a Silan as well- I’m not quite sure. I also encountered an Undead that was inhabited by a Dark Side Shade. It even had an antique protosaber. I destroyed the crumbling corpse and recovered the red adegan gem from it’s weapon. Once I ground it down it made a fine focussing lens. I also found a few small red adegans deeper down last year in about the same spot.”

“Somehow I get the feeling that’s where we are headed,” Daedric stated plainly. “Lucky us. I’m not surprised.”


Ruins of the Cyrin Estate
Northern Hemisphere, Canti
Reena Province, Tapani Sector

It had been weeks since Korriban, since the shift of power felt throughout the Brotherhood. The clan had returned home to the Orian System, everyone back to their daily routines, everyone but Jeric. As Naga Sadow’s fleet was leaving Korriban the Sith Battlelord departed in his personal shuttle. Before leaving Jeric told his apprentice to train hard, to understand what he had felt on the tomb world of the sith. The former noble informed Sebz that he would return in three weeks and it would be then Jeric would judge the worthless of the young Jedi Hunter.

The renounced noble Lord sat inside his family’s old estate, ruins for the most part, destroyed during the Reena Civil War. Over the past couple of years Jeric had a section of the estate remodeled to including sleeping and training chambers, a small war room, a vault containing artifacts he had collected over many years, feeding accommodations and a room for hygiene. The exterior however remained untouched, a clock to hide its continued usage, to deter looters and other scum from going near the former palace of House Reena’s High Lord. Jeric stepped out of his makeshift war room after verifying all the traps where in place and the holonet cameras could see each one. He then made sure his compliment of eighteen sentinel droids were position within the ruins and in the woods surrounding the estate.

A few days later…

Training Tower
Sadow Palace Grounds
Sepros, Orian System

Jeric watch from the shadows, cloaked by the force, as his apprentice duel with Knight Turelles. Both had good form, Daedric shii-cho delivered powerful blows that were hard for Sebz to block the only thing the Jedi Hunter could rely on was his superior athletics. A few minutes passed before the Sith could sense the presence of Naga Sadow’s resident madman. Jeric watch as the Sith Adept entered the room and took a quick pause, looking in Jeric’s direction before speaking.

“Knight Daedric Turelles, I am here on behalf of Darth Vexatus. You asked for a Sith to guide you, and you shall have one.” Macron said with a stern voice.

After exchanging words Daedric and the Marshal Commander exited the room leaving Sebz alone, unknowingly with his master. After reducing a training robot to a pile of scrap the Sith Battelord stepped out of the shadows, activated the blood red blade of his lightsaber and swung for his apprentice’s life. The Jedi Hunter spun around to block the strike, stopping the attack inches from his face.

“Why hello there Maser Cyrin.” Sebz said as he started to push the interlock sabers away from his face.

"Janren, you’ve grown exponentially since Korriban, but not enough to beat me.” Jeric smirked as he easily pushed thru the saber lock, throwing Sebz off balance then force pushing him into the pile of scrap metal.

"You are almost ready to start the trails of knighthood. Stand up and defend yourself. We will start the trials if you can show that our training stints were not a waste of my time.”

"With pleasure master.”

The Jedi Hunter lunged towards his master. The two dueled, Jeric doing is best to use only the most basic strikes and block against his apprentice’s form zero. Sebz attempted to use his telekinetic power against his master but realize it was useless. Jeric either deflected it or gave his apprentice a little shock. After about thirty minutes Sebz fell to one knee and began wheezing.

“Are you quitting?” Jeric deactivated his saber.

“Never master, I am not use to you going above fifty precent.”

“Good, the fact you survive this long tells me you are ready for your trails. Come and find me on my home world, that will be your first test.” As the last word left Jeric’s mouth he slammed Sebz into one of the walls rendering the Hunter unconscious.


Unknown Planet

Dragoon sit at the back of the bar in the darkness. The planet was unknown to him. All that mattered was he was on a rescue mission not sanctioned by the brotherhood but as a personal conquest. He had to find his brother. The bar keep sent over another drink with a letter ~they’re here. Black coat and brown robe.~ Dragoon read the note and watched the twliek and human move to the bar.

After a few minutes the left and Dragoon followed. When they left the bar they headed down to the make shift space port. They were checking a few things as Dragoon silently snuck into a cargo hold and hid. ~hold on roxas im coming~ was the last thing he thought to himself as he fell asleep as the ship took off.


Camp Site
Tombs of Urias Orian
Inos Moon 42
Orian System

Even though Daedric had been in battles from the time his memory seemed to start, it was something very unnerving about this tomb. He could feel the raw Dark Side flowing around him, waiting for him to take down his guard so that it could devour his very spirit. But he knew better than that, he knew the he had to stay on alert as if he were back on the front of Tarthos battling the enemies of the Clan.

“As we venture deeper into the caverns I want you to ponder on the following words. To become a true Sith you must learn them, breathe them and live by them,” The Elder stated as he approached Daedric. “Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.” The Madman recited, a shutter came over him as if the Dark Side itself reached out in a warm embrace to cover every inch of him. A chill went down Daedric spine as his new Sith Master sent out ripples in the Force.

“As we continue you will learn exactly what each part of our Code means and how to use it. This is the only way for you to become a true Sith my Apprentice. Should you fail you will die.” He finished as he peered into the eyes of his new Apprentice. The two served together before, on Korriban, where everything went wrong for Daedric.

“I have not failed you yet my old Proconsul.” Daedric stated giving a slight bow. “I’m ready when ever you are, I’m eager to see this elusive Sith Wyrm. Just how big do you suppose those things can get?” Daedric questioned as they began to venture deeper into the tomb. Daedric soaking in every step of the way, looking at every carving as he passed.

“They can grow to be quite large, but we can talk more about that later. I’ve seen a change in you since we left Korriban.” Macron stated, Daedric only looked at him. “I remember what the Krath did to you that day in the catacombs. Does feel good does it? Having them swim around your head, mending your thoughts to their own pathetic intentions.”

Daedric stopped in front of a small statue of Urias Orian, “Mark my words, if I find another Krath who dares to cross my path I will devour them from within.” He stated with hatred swelling within him.

“Ha! That’s exactly what I’m talking about young-one. Use that hatred, use that anger and it will give you strength that you could not even begin to imagine!” Macron stated as he moved to the side of Daedric who was staring at the aged depiction of Urias Orian. “He knew how to use his passion to subjugate the Ombi many years ago.” He stated motioning at the statue.

Daedric twisted his head the right as a figure came into view. Swelled by anger and hatred for the Krath he drew his saber instantly igniting the crimson blade. His eyes peered at the figure, not knowing if it was a apparition or just some unlucky miner seeking quick riches. He didn’t care, the hatred inside of him kept him from caring. He threw his blade, propelling it with the Force through the crisp air. He drove the ignited blade into the chest of the figure all the way to the hilt. A foul growl filled the air as Daedric retrieved his blade and the figure fell to the floor.

“Well…I thought Jade killed all the undead when she came in here…” Macron stated with at slight chuckle.

Daedric looked over at his new Master, “Meh,” he said shrugging his shoulders.


Camp Site
Tombs of Urias Orian
Inos Moon 42
Orian System

“That was just a shambler. No big deal.” Macron kicked at the corpse, nudging it to roll over with his boot as he squatted down to look at the cadaver. “Looks like one of the construction team from the Dlarit corporation from some years back.” The Alchemist stood up after ripping the rotten name patch and dog tags off of the body. “Even the dead have a story to tell. I’ll see to it his family is notified. I’m sure they wonder why he never came back- not that this is an unusual occurrence. Heh. ” A quick keyed in command on his vambrace sent a relay to an ASP labor droid near the entrance. It would come and retrieve the corpse.

“I’m surprised,” commented Daedric. “Most Sith wouldn’t care.”

“Sith of old had honor. Vicious as they were, when one of their servants died in battle they honored him with the proper rites.” Macron frowned. “I guess in many ways I am more like the old Sith. When the Tombs were first opened, I was Consul at the time. He came here by my orders most likely.”

“This poor sap was not an enemy and died on a mission here, so he deserves a proper burial. I get it.” Daedric wiped a bit of goo off of his lightsaber hilt. “What now?”

The madman peered around. “The shaft down to the middle levels is about a half-klick down that tunnel. I doubt we’ll find much up here of interest, so let’s go that way.”

Their boots crunched on the gravel and grit that mixed with the ubiquitous dust on the floor of the tunnels. They walked for about a half hour with rows of catacombs passing them by, stacked high with old decaying bones. Carvings of Sith words and images of Urias Orian were frequent in the walls around them.

“I heard Lord Orian was exiled by Marka Ragnos. Is that true, I wonder?” Daedric stopped before one sealed-up catacomb. The Knight ran his hands over the rough concrete. “I wonder why some of them are sealed, and others not.”

“It’s hard to say about Orian really. He certainly was powerful. I doubt Ragnos exiled him though. Marka Ragnos would have just ended him instead. No, I think Orian came to this system seeking things… old things. And to be a big fish in a small pond.” The Elder looked at the concrete seal. His weird eyes traced the Sith writing incised into the rock. “Inside… Kissai…. forever. Hmm, it appears this was one of the lucky ones that got entombed alive. Orian was a human descendant of the Exiles and hated pure-blood Sith. I’m guessing our friend in there was a Sith priest, or priestess. Can you feel that?”

Daedric concentrated. He could feel a darkness within the sealed crypt. Something lingered there… something old, angry, and thirsting for energy. “I feel it. I have to know…. to test myself against that.” He drew his scarlet-bladed lightsaber and ignited it, beginning to cut into the stone plug.

Macron ignited his own orange blade with a nod of approval and joined him . “Yes. Let’s do some aggressive archaeology.”


Clan Instillation
Orian System

Aleho Ruoxf was dead.

It was a simple fact as Ashura Isradia pressed his hands against the cold metal table staring down at the lifeless body on it. He had studied the killing wound and he knew what had killed her just not whom? Her last letter to him had been a month ago, she had been excavating artefacts from an old ruin on Sepros.

The rage inside him pulsated out through the Force, as he surpassed the instant to kill everyone in the room, which would be a waste of decent morticians. Ashura wanted to find the person who killed Aleho, but then the rational side of him took over, the part of him that looked at the big picture. Aleho had been weak; she had not been strong enough to fight off her attacker. It was a damn shame as she held much potential.

“Oh well… Back to the drawing board.” Ashura muttered to himself.

The mortician that was attending to Aleho’s lifeless body turned to the Sith Warlord. “Sir, what do you want us to do with the body?” He looked nervous as the cold red eyes looked at him.

“Bury her. I’ll pay for it all. Nothing fancy, get a tombstone with just her name of it. I’m sure you can handle the rest.”

With that he turned and left without taking another look.

Orian System

Ashura planned to return to Tarthos, not to check out where Aleho had died, no he was not interested. He knew that even if he went and dug into whenever had happened to Aleho, that he found whoever had killed her, it would not bring her back to life. No. There was always the likely hook her killer wanted him to do that. Her death would have been a way for his enemies to bait him.

He would return to Tarthos and carry on as normal. Oh yes. This was the best course of action.


Present Day
The Mandalorian was held up by chains, both mentally and physically exhausted from the near constant torture and attempts to turn him. He snoozed while the small yoda like creature and a subordinate talked.

“Sir, the Sadowite has proven a real foe even off the battlefield. Luckily we have what we need and are back on schedule.”

“Good…” the green alien replied “come for him no one has. Release him we can.”

The human subordinate was astonished as he interjected “But, what about him leading them to us?!”

A dark smile crossed the miniscule creature’s face when he explained “Won’t happen, perfect my plan is.”

Once the orders were given subordinates unlocked the chains and suited the Mandalorian back into his armor and returned his weapons. They dragged him to an escape pod, tossing him in. An unnamed soldier looked to the small green alien as if asking if he was sure of his decision.

“Do it.” the green creature ordered.

With a push of a button, the pod was jettisoned from the ship and toward a nearby planet.

“Sir, I don’t understand…What is your plan?”

“Home he will go. Free he is. Work to do he has, for us. One of us he has become.”

As the Horseman awoke, he had no idea where he was; luckily he could since that Wrath was close. It wouldn’t be long before he was back in Sadowan space.


Antei System

“What have I gotten myself into?” Janos grumbled to him self. “This is more information than when I was with the Jedi. Arrgh, I have such a headache.” Rubbing his eyes he got up and wandered over to look out at the setting sun and rising moon. “What have I gotten myself into…”

A week prior Janos had been on a Dantooine quietly living as a police officer in a tiny settlement, never thinking he would be contacted in any way by the Empire or the Jedi. Until fate intervened.
A run in with a Dark Jedi at a local cantina and the discussions that followed eventually convinced him to continue his training that he abandoned so many years ago. Sometimes questioning the intelligence of the decision and wishing he was still with “Her”…even more how he was going to explain things to her when they met again. Thinking back to a time long ago he remembered meeting her as a Padawan and how they clicked and could always seem to work together in harmony. Almost to the point of causing individual saber play and testing to suffer. He remembered how the Jedi Masters that trained them had wanted to throw them out because of his love for her. They had fled before they could be disciplined or expelled. Firmly convinced their rules were foolish, that love, passion, lust can be part of a Jedi’s life.

Everything that has changed in the 20 some years since he last was some place with serious tech. Even something as simple as a data pad is now the size of a hand! It’s overwhelming at times.

Now reverently studying the history and lore of the Brotherhood and of his new clan, hoping eventually to gain the rank of Knight or maybe even higher. Studying what it means to be a member of an organization, the rules and responsibilities… Looking back at the table and the scattered scroll readers and all his hand written notes…Janos smiles and rubs his eyes…"(heavy sigh) What have I got myself into…"