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Clan Naga Sadow - Team Raggamuffins


Clan Naga Sadow - Team Raggamuffins

Tasha’Vel Versea 14192 CS Snapshot
Katarina Sebree Sadow 9811 CS Snapshot
Mactire 14320 CS Snapshot
Varuk Kru 9056 CS Snapshot
Armad 13823 CS Snapshot

Mission: You are a member of an Elite Strike Force assembled by your Clan to infiltrate Nancora Prime, rendezvous in the Badlands, and assault the Technocratic Guild’s compound. Your mission will require you to overcome enemy combatants, fortress security measures, and infiltrate one of the most heavily guarded and secure vaults in the Outer Rim. You mission will be complete once you turn the artifacts over to the Dark Council, claim their for your own, or destroy them for the good of the Universe.

Knowledge is power. The Dark Brotherhood is a series of stepping stones until one reaches ultimate power. Your Clan’s agents within the Inquisitorious have uncovered the Grand Master’s priority message to retrieve the lost scrolls of Darth Plagueis. This is your Clan’s chance to seize the opportunity to security the scrolls for their own possession and gain dominance over your enemies within the Brotherhood. You are authorized to engage Dark Brotherhood or Odan-Urr forces who are also seeking the artifacts.


35 ABY
Onboard the RavenBlood Star
Nancora Orbit, Nancora Prime

Rolling her ship to the side, Tasha’Vel fired all four laser cannons at the nearest technocrat fighter in front of her, blowing it out of space. She had been summoned to take a couple of the NightHawk and fellow clan members to infiltrate Nancora and destroy the Collective’s reserves. First, she needed to get aboard the Shattered Legacy and meet with her fellow Clanmates. Bringing her craft up towards the hangar, She opened her comlink to the Shattered Legacy. “This is Tasha’Vel Versea of the NightHawk Battleteam, I am coming in hot, I need you to open the hangar now.”

“Opening now, you got two minutes to get in before it shuts.” Replied the Comms Officer.

“Understood, Tasha out.”

The hangar bay doors opened as Tasha rushed in pulling down the landing wheels of her T-70 Starfighter, RavenBlood Star. She landed the vehicle with a slight bump as it was rougher landing amidst conflict outside. The doors had already closed as she waited for the all clear. When she saw one of the officers coming out, she opened her hatch and stepped onto the platform they had brought to side of her ship.

“Welcome to the Shattered Legacy, what brings you here?”

“I must get to the communications room to send out a message to my team to rendezvous here. It is dangerous out there and we need to figure out a way we can break through this heavy fleet of ships trying to bar our way into the planet.”

“Right this way, Lady Versea.” Replied the officer as he led her from the platform towards the lower corridor. Soon they were past rooms and made their way into the elevator. She stood next to the redheaded Chiss officer as they took the elevator a few floors down before walking down another hallway into a small conference room.

“Thank you officer, I think I can take it from here.” The Twi’lek pulled the hood off her head as she turned on the holo comlink in the middle of the table. She punched in a few numbers and began her transmission.

“Varuk Kru, Armad, Mactire, and Katarina this is an urgent message. I need you all to come to the Shattered Legacy around Nancora’s orbit. There is a matter I need to discuss with you all privately. I will be in the conference room of Shattered Legacy. Please come ASAP. There is no more time to spare.”


35 ABY
Troop Transport ship
Nancora Orbit, Nancora Prime

Mactire sat on a rough seat towards the back of the ship. The troops on board were talking to each other. Most of the troops were greenhorns compared to him and a select few. Though this was his first Civil War, he wasn’t going to let that show. He looked down on his data pad again rereading the orders that had come arrived for him. He was to link up on the Shattered Legacy, and infiltrate an enemy base on Nancora.

Sirens blared as the lights shifted from a light color to a deep red. Some of the troops looked at each other while others stated to put on their helmets and gear up. The ones that were looking at each other showed hints of confusion and terror on their faces. Though deep down Mactire knew he was scared as well he tried not show it. Not after fighting some undead creatures.

“Look alive people seems we entered in the sector hot.” The pilot called shouted back towards everyone.

“Everyone strap in and stay put!” The squad leader shouted through his helmet, trying to take control of the situation

“Priority message for Mactire. Would you like it over the P.A. system sir?” The pilot shouted back while doing a heavy roll to avoid weapons fire from an enemy ship.

Slowly getting up, Mactire sighed heavily. “Who’s it from?” Probably it was Sang letting him know too late

“From Tasha’Vel sir. It’s marked urgent.” the pilot says with a hint of worry in his voice as a blaster shot hits the side of the ship, shaking it violently.

The Shadow slowly makes his way towards the cockpit. “Alright play the message, audio only.” he says calmly, and loud so that no one will worry. The fear that he can sense is slowly rising with each passing moment.

Tasha’Vel’s voice comes across the comms, with a hint of urgency and worry in her voice. “Varuk Kru, Armad, Mactire, and Katarina this is an urgent message. I need you all to come to the Shattered Legacy around Nancora’s orbit. There is a matter I need to discuss with you all privately. I will be in the conference room of Shattered Legacy. Please come ASAP. There is no more time to spare.”

Mactire looked at the pilot and smirked. “You got the flight path to the Shattered Legacy?”

The pilot looks up at the Shadow with a worried glance in his eyes. “Yes sir.”
“Good shoot them a message let them know we are coming in hot and heavy, and also tell them to have Tasha’Vel standing by for a special delivery” The Shadow says mockingly before returning to his seat.

An all comms response came back from the Shattered Legacy filled with static. “Message received, prepare for emergency entry with quick landing.”

“Hold onto something!” The pilot shouted as the approached the vessel.

Their landing was rough as they skidded across the landing bay, the bottom of their ship scraping against the metal, causing sparks to fly in every direction. As the bay shields quickly went up the pilots were counting their blessings, while opening up the hatch for everyone.

Several of the troops had thrown up in their helmets, as the Grey Jedi walked slowly down the ramp, his cloak flowing as if there was a wind around him. He looked around and quickly found someone in the hangar.

“Which way to the conference room? I’m expected by an angry Sith.” Mactire says in a jester’s tone.

“As soon as you explain to me what the hell you were thinking when you crashed that transport into MY ship!” an angry tone arose from behind the Shadow, sending a terrifying chill down his spine.

Slowly turning around to face the presence behind him, Mactire gulped loudly. As he completely turned around he say the furry in the figure behind him. It was his worst nightmare, Tasha’Vel was angry with him again.

“Well look on the bright side at least I wasn’t flying, and it wasn’t a holocam this time.” the Grey Jedi mutters nervously.

“Mactire, you and I are gonna have a long talk after this mission.” The Twi’lek shouts with an intense rage behind her voice.

“Great haven’t even started and already I’m in trouble what’s next more undead?” The Shadow muttered shaking his head.


The Shattered Legacy? Good ship, good crew. Armad had thought after he had received the message to come to the Strike Cruiser from Tasha’Vel.

He had been en route for the Harbinger to meet up with Kojiro and await the next phase of their attack on Nancora and The Collective. However with how urgent the message came across, he figured it would be better to meet Kojiro afterward.

The space between Armad’s arrival point and the Shattered Legacy was alight with turbolaser and laser cannon fire with the occasional streak of either a proton torpedo or a concussion missile. Explosions. Lots of explosions, starfighters either taking damage or being destroyed, and larger vessels taking hull damage where shields had failed.

Throttling his G9 Rigger up to full, Armad set a weaving course towards the Shattered Legacy. After barely avoiding a couple of direct turbolaser shots, a proton torpedo that was not directly fired at his ship and multiple laser blasts, Armad finally made it to within a kilometer of his destination.

Armad watched as a troop transport made a skidding landing into the hangar. Knowing that could severely damage his ship, he sent a quick message to the Shattered Legacy’s dock master on how to best maneuver his ship into the docking bay. With less than half a kilometer from the capital ship, Armad cut his thrusters to zero, shifted shields to full aft,fired the maneuvering thrusters at a quarter of a kilometer to turn the ship one hundred and eighty degrees, shifted the shields full front, and let inertia take him into hangar’s shield.

Just as the aft of Armad’s ship was about to collide, the dockmaster lowered the shields until the nose of his ship crossed past the shield line. As soon as the dock master exclaimed that he was lowering the shields, Armad slammed the thrusters to full to arrest his momentum. Landing after that was uneventful, until he descended the ramp.

“Welcome to the Legacy!” Tasha grinned as she walked up. “Interesting maneuver, I’ll keep that in mind for later.”

Armad gave a nodding acknowledgement to the leader of the Night Hawks, “Had to do something that didn’t damage my ship too much.”

Tasha smirked at that comment, “Come along, we’ve got some planning to do.” She said as she gestured for Armad and Mactire to follow her to their conference room.


Shattered Legacy
Nancora Orbit

Tasha looked about the conference room at her fellow comrades. Armad sitting to the left and Mactire glancing at a datapad. The others had a rough bit getting to the ship with all the fighting around them, but they managed to arrive. That was the easy part.The next bit would be trying to get to the surface and striking out. There were already many soldiers who died in this war and many more were yet to come. She knew that even now there would be a chance that she or her crew may not come back. It was a heavy thought in her mind, but yet she had to help stop the collective As she looked at the faces of her crew, they seemed eager to hear why she had called them. Standing up from her chair, the green eyed Twi’lek let her lekku fall behind her as she looked at each member she summoned. Clearing her throat, she spoke with authority but gently.

“I know getting here wasn’t easy ladies and gentlemen, but that was the easy part. This next task is going to be rather challenging. The reason I have summoned you all here is because we need to form a strike group to reach the surface and take out one of the collective’s strongholds. Due to the battle raging in the skies right now, getting there isn’t going to come easy. We need to punch through and get to the surface as quickly and without damage as much as possible. What I’m asking you all to do could potentially kill you and if you want to decline, then you may go. If not, then I need some ideas. How are we going to punch through their fleet?”


Shattered Legacy
Nancora Orbit

“So thats our plan? Just punch through and see what happens? Are you insane?” Armad shouted while all he, Mactire and Tashavel walked towards the hanger.

“No that’s not the full plan weren’t you paying any attention? We send our fighters out to do cover fire while we drop down in an escape pod while launching a few others as well. Thus giving them multiple targets.” Mactire stated while taking the next left down the corridor towards the escape pods.

“Oh so much better? This will never work. It’s a stupid, stupid plan.” Armad muttered

Tashavel just smiled while walking with them, listening to the conversation. She was enjoying the conflict between them, but appeared focused on something else.

As they reached their destination Mactire felt a small shiver down his spine. To the Shadow this gave cause for concern to the mission about to unfold, but he gave little in the way of showing. To him this could have been nothing more than the chill of battle ahead.

Armad was still complaining as he checked his blaster. “You know what would work better than this plan? Hmm? A giant metal Rancor.”

Tashavel sighed and shook her head while checking her weaponry while sitting down in the escape pod. “Shut up Armad, it’s the only plan we got at the moment. Besides if it doesn’t work we’ll just blame Mactire.” she said with a hint of acid in her voice. Clearly she was still upset about her ship being damaged and her speeder having to be placed in a different escape pod.

Mactire shrugged and went to the front of the pod. When he told the captain of the ship his plan, he had laughed telling him the plan would fail. All Mactire told him was that the Force was them and so was luck. Upon that two coordinates were given to him. One to an area a few kilometers away from the Technocratic Guild’s compound. The other was dead center of the compound. The plan was to have Tashavel’s speeder drop there while they snuck in from a different point.

“Alright. Good luck on your mission and may the Force be with you.” The captain said over a comm link.

With that final message the escape pod was jettisoned and launched towards the planet’s surface.

Roughly 20 minutes later the departure from the Shattered Legacy is when the chaos ensnared them. The trip down had be rough with stray blaster bolts hitting them, knocking them purely off course.
The landing itself had been rough, as if they crashed through a wall or the side of a mountain.

As the rear hatch opened up did the trio realize the magnitude of their problems.

“Mactire…… WHAT did you get us into?!” Tashavel hissed with acid and rage.

“Well you wanted us to surprise them and well now we did. Lets call this plan B?” Mactire joked as he looked around the them seeing a few people with blasters drawn while creatures from Morriband slowly made their way towards the Sadowans.

“How about plan D. For dead?” qubed Armad his voice with a hint of terror.

Mactire and Tasha drew their sabers basking in the hues of the blue and red. While Armad drew his blaster.

“Let’s go!” Shouted the Shadow charging towards the enemy.


Tasha eyes darted back and forth. She saw several soldiers approaching the escape pod. Various weapons were raised at the team.

If we survive this, Mactire is going to catch it from me. In that moment the Twi’lek regretted taking the man’s advice. Her eyes filled with rages as she readied herself for the coming onslaught. There was really little time to give thought. All was instinct in that moment. She was as a lioness, prepared to defend her ilk to the last breath.

Several shots began to be fired in her direction. As she charged, she began ducking and weaving to avoid the fiery attacks. Two blaster bolts grazed a cheek as she continued to step forward.

Leaping at the nearest of the soldiers, she began to wickedly carve into the man with unbridled fury. The men could barely react as the crazy-eyed woman bared her sharp teeth and released a wild scream. With one dispatched, Tasha’Vel closed the gap to the next. The man recovered from his shock, firing off once with a shot that barely grazed the Sith’s shoulder. The man fell easily to the burn of fiery red energy blade. His screams were like music to the now blood-thirsty carnivore.

Rarely had anyone seen the full rage of the Battle team Leader so kindled. As she turned she saw the third man drawing a bead on her. With a snarl the woman threw out a hand, with fingers splayed. She pushed out in the Force, sending the man toppling.

In that moment, Mactire and the others struck, making short work of the Collective soldier. Somewhat drained but no less angry, Tasha’Vel Versea looked around herself, eager to find another soldier to tear asunder.

“It was about time you all showed up.”


Mactire smiled looking at the carnage that Tashavel had caused.

“Well you do short work of people when pissed you know that?” the Shadow laughed while looking down the corridor.

“Shut it Mactire. When we get back you’re gonna have to answer to the council about this.” The Twi’lek mumbled. She was drained from all the Force that she used.

Mactire stepped forward and kept his eyes focused on the corridor.

“Armad, get her out of here now. Complete the mission.” The Human stated while swinging his lightsaber to the reverse grip style.

Armad looked confuse, but his eyes widened as a Collective soldier came charging towards them with a blade drawn.

As the Collective soldier got closer, Mactire could sense a slight presence of Force training from it. The soldier was in armor that looked like it was from the time of the Clone Wars, but it was all black.

As the threat came closer, the Shadow slammed his right hand onto the ground while channeling the Force, to create a shockwave to knock is opponent off balance. The soldier seemed to sense this and lept into the air, swinging towards Mactire.

The Human spang back, while twisting, swinging his saber towards the enemy in front of him. Their sabers clashed and caused sparks. Mactire slightly leaped into the air, while doing a spinning kick. The enemy ducked and rolled backwards.

Great this guy is gonna be a pain. He as a vibroblade sword and can read my every movements, the Shadow thought.

As the enemy came closer Mactire closed his eyes, listening to the rhythm of the soldiers steps. It sounded as if the attacker was favoring their right side. Upon learning this, as the enemy sprang towards Mactire.

The Shadows eyes snapped open, turning to the left, he did a side step backwards, while spinning his saber and slicing the enemy in twine.

Mactire panted heavily as more of these types of Collective soldiers came running down the hall.

“Who’s next?” Mactire grunted standing his ground for the battle ahead.

Armad and Tashavel had escaped while the Human was fighting.