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[Clan Naga Sadow - Team Venture]


Clan Naga Sadow Team Venture

Jurdan Krennel #13944
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Evelynn Wyrm #14344
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Drae’lath Rahath #15036

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Lion’s Tooth
Seng Karash, Aeotheran
35 ABY

Click, clack, click, clack

Aul’s boots echoed down the corridors of Shar Dakhan’s headquarters as he hurried to the courtyard-turned-open hangar. His datapad buzzed with alarms and updating reports, messages coming in faster than he could process them.

“Bentre’s going to kill me… “ Aul mulled to himself as he picked up the pace, his armorweave cloak silently whipping behind him. He bust through the door to the courtyard at a blistering pace and quickly closed the distance between the main building of the Lion’s Tooth and the extended boarding ramp to the Demolisher, Jurdan Krennel’s personal starship. Bentre stood at the top of the room watching as Aul approached.

“You’re late,” the Pronconsul said tersely.

“Very observant. You really think I could have patched in these reports in the time you gave me? You’re funnier than I thought,” Aul passive aggressively replied as he boarded the ship without looking at his superior.

“Someone’s moody,” Bentre said quietly under his breath, the boarding ramp retracting with a mechanical hum as he disappeared into the depths of the ship behind the Dakhani Quaestor.

Aul stomped into the passenger cabin of the Star Courier-class shuttle and threw himself into one of the few empty chairs left. Beside him sat his Aedile, Jurdan, the Battle Team Leader of the Disciples of Dakhan, Erik Cato, former Dakhani Quaestor Evelynn Wyrm, and Aul’s own apprentice, Drae’lath Rahath. The Sadowan Proconsul, Bentre Stahoes, stood at the entry to the compartment and looked at the assembled team. He straightened his posture and began his address:

“Okay, listen up. Times are tough right now, we’re at war. Things are changing more quickly than we can follow and our number one priority is the survival of the Clan and those under our stewardship. This team, among the most elite to join the ranks of Naga Sadow in the past few rotations, was assembled for a single purpose: to infiltrate the base of The Collective and strike at the heart of Rath Oligard’s movement. Crucial artifacts are housed in their central compound, we are to locate these powerful items and return them to Sang and the Dark Council. This mission is dangerous, and it’s possible some of us will not make it back. This is the way of the Force, and this is our Fate. Are there any questions?”

“Uh, yes,” came a reply from Jurdan, “why exactly are we using my ship? This wasn’t cheap, you know.”

A vein pulsed delicately on Bentre’s forehead. “Any other questions?”


A smirk grew on Jurdan’s face. He watched as his Proconsul squirmed from his comment about using his personal ship the Demolisher. His brother Delak had left it to him as part of his will if anything should happen to him. The Demolisher had seen him through many toils. The most recent of which was the battle to help Clan Scholae lay claim to a Venator Cruiser before they had abandoned his disabled ship in the midst of battle. It was then that Naga Sadow showed up and rescued him. This time Jurdan would fly into battle with a group of his closest Sadowan brothers, and he would win at any cost.

“Everyone check in for takeoff,” Jurdan called from the cockpit. “Make sure you secure all of our goodies back there in the hold.”

With the speed of a razor cat the ready signals came through. Last not least was Erik, the newly promoted Battle Team Leader of Disciples of Dakhan, he checked in giving the all clear signal that the cargo had been stowed properly.

“Jurdan Krennel to tower, ready for lift off.” He said in a clear militaristic voice.

“Demolisher this is tower. You have a go for lift off. The Dark Side be with you. Give those Collective nerfs hell for us,” the tower officer said as he saluted through the window toward the cockpit of the Sith Infiltrator. The ships repulsor engines kicked in and brought the ship into a hover one hundred meters above the ground. Jurdan flipped a few switches on his control board and switched from repulsors to the main engines. The engines revved up like a well-oiled machine and they were off into the dark and cold of space. The rose through the clouds in the stratosphere straight through to the ionosphere and then all sense of gravity left the little craft. Jurdan often liked to travel in zero gravity, it was a freeing experience. When the calls from his ship mates started coming in about free floating throughout the ship he realized that he had not yet turned the gravity plating back on. Before he was able to flip the switch to turn on his gravity generator he heard a call from Erik near the loading hatch. He was doing a check of the electronic locking system. He was swearing left and right about hitting his head on the durasteel bulkhead. Jurdan laughed a little with Bentre and Aul who were with him in the cockpit at that moment. With the flip of a switch gravity gradually returned to the ship as the plates normalized.

“Sorry about that gentleman, forgot to turn the plating back on before liftoff,” Jurdan said with another smile as wide as the old Corulagian mountain ranges that he traversed as a boy. How he missed his travels to those ranges.

“Jurdan,” Bentre called out from the back, “it is time to head to our target. Our enemies will be waiting for us. Let’s make it happen.”

Jurdan signaled his ready and activated the hyperdrive motivators. The ready light switched from red to green and he pulled the handle for hyperspace travel. The stars quickly faded to white lines in the dark followed quickly by the familiar and safe blue and white swirls of hyperspace. Their journey had begun. Next they would face one of their toughest challenges for this trek, breaching a planetary blockade.


Though he would never admit it, hyperdrive travel had always been unsettling for Bentre. He hated the dizzying blue-white swirling of hyperspace, the bucking of a ship upon reverting to real space, and that unavoidable feeling of helplessness as he was trapped in the cockpit. It was like awaiting one’s own death as he had to trust and depend on a flying hunk of metal and wire to keep him from joining the ranks of the dead.

He always lost track of time when he was onboard anything smaller than the Damnation, which further unsettled him. Left with no alternative, the Corellian grumbled to himself and tried to settle thoughts as he drew his cloak about himself. There would be enough to focus on in short order.

Nothing could prepare him for the scene that unfolded as the Demolisher finally returned to normal space with a shudder. In those first moments, he was able to note the presence of the Damnation already engaged in combat with a dreadnaught. The flash of an exploding vessel off of starboard of the Star Courier drew his gaze away from the Sadowan flagship. With a whoop, Jurdan pulled the modified shuttle in a barrel roll as he flew into the middle of the fray.

The shape of a Quadrijet bomber rose up to fill half of the transparisteel viewport. Jurdan tilted his head at the obstruction, his finger hovering over the trigger until he had lined up a shot. A quartet of blaster bolts lanced through space to strike the Collective bomber. “I am a leaf on the wind.” Jurdan intoned the words as he kicked the shuttle into a tight snap turn left. “Watch how I soar.”

Jurdan heard a shriek from the back of the Star Courier as he pulled the trigger. Two blaster cannon shots hit the Quadrijet squarely, causing the vessel to disappear in a flash of explosive energy. The Sith pilot turned his shuttle into another snap turn left in an attempt to escape incoming shrapnel.

“You have got to be kidding me!” The words turned into another shrill cry. Stahoes hated the fearful almost-whine of his voice. Drae’lath looked back at the Corellian Sith and gave a laugh. Bentre shook his head as he felt his stomach heave. Off to the right, movement drew the Battlelord’s attention. He saw that Erik was slowly entering the cockpit by crawling across the floor plates. The man looked like he was going to be sick.

“I am a leaf on the wind.” Jurdan spoke the words slowly, as though reciting a religious mantra. “Watch how I soar.” Cannon fire and explosions seemed to flash up from every direction as Jurdan maneuvered through the battle. Debris rattled the shuttle violently, but the Dakhani Aedile weaved through with ease. Everything looked like chaos to Bentre, who was grasping a handhold and his seat in a fruitless attempt to calm his turning stomach.

Desperate to distract himself from the determined, haphazard maneuvers of the ship spinning in the void of space, the Sadowan Proconsul looked to his comrades. Aul appeared to be checking over his equipment, too engrossed in the task to give heed to the battle unfolding around them. Though still markedly more jovial than Bentre, Drae’lath seemed to tense as he watched the flash of another ship exploding in the space outside.

“Watch it, Jurdan!” Rahath let out a growl. “Gods, we want to land the ship in one piece, don’t we?” Krennel did not answer the former soldier, still silently mouthing words to keep his concentration.

Evelynn sat with arms crossed over her chest, looking unsympathetic as she took stock of her fellow Sadowans. “We are still alive, aren’t we? He has kept us in one piece. Thanks your gods for that.” Her tone was irritated, giving a sarcastic jab with the last sentence.

The ship shuddered again, the movement causing the occupants to strain against their safety harnesses. A skittering noise, followed by a bang could be heard near the pilot’s seat. Erik lifted himself to a sitting position as he clutched the Aedile’s perch. He gave a sheepish grin that silently reassured his comrades that the action has been intentional.

Though he gave a nod and a grin he did not feel, the Corellian could not deny the momentary stab of alarm piercing through into the Force. “We are coming in hot.” Jurdan’s determined words oozed with barely-hidden pride. "It looks like the other Clans kept them busy long enough for us to pass through. You best hold tight back there. We will be hitting ground-side shortly.”

All eyes watched through the viewport as the ground below rushed up to meet them. The pilot’s recitation rose in volume as the distance closed. “I am a leaf,” he grunted, “on the wind. Watch. Me.” With another grunt, Jurdan pulled the ship up, causing dust to fly up from the sides of the ship with the sheer momentum. “Soar.” He spoke the last word with finality as he fired retro thrusters to slow the Demolisher.

Bentre swallowed the bile that threatened to empty his stomach. “O-okay, people-” he swallowed in an unsuccessful attempt to calm his nerves. “This is the moment o-of truth.” His words grew stronger as his anger eclipsed his nervousness. “Let’s show the karking Collective why they were foolish to attack the Disciples of Sadow.”


Listening to the proconsul’s words, the Dakhani battle team leader braced himself in his seat and exhaled deeply. His wide eyes frantically darted around to try and follow the remaining objects and explosions that obstructed their path. Not being in control was unsettling to Erik Cato but he did his best to trust the pilot’s instincts. The strange repetitive mantra was getting on the knight’s nerves but he had no desire to break Jurdan’s concentration at such a critical time. Whatever he was doing seemed to be keeping them alive so far.

The young warrior battled with several doubts clouding his mind. This sudden strike into the heart of the Technocratic Guild was an extremely dangerous and messy affair but his recent rise to leadership had secured his spot on the mission. There was nothing he could do now except to serve his clan well and try to survive the encounter.

Blue flashes darted from the Nancora Prime’s surface, cutting sky and space to greet the various engaged fleets above. Erik’s jaw dropped as a distant allied cruiser took a direct hit. The lights winked out, making it difficult to see from within the crowded cockpit. The capital ship’s weaponry ceased to fire shortly after. Critical systems were failing. There was little hope for the vessel with multiple quadrijets and frigates looming nearby. They lost sight of the defenseless hulk upon reaching the dusty atmosphere, abandoning it to its inevitable fate.

“Planetary ion cannons!” He shouted through gritted teeth. Their new enemies had laid a vicious trap for the fleet and the only way to ensure success would be by cutting the organisation off at the head. Anything else would was a lesser priority for the time being.

“Almost there. I’m going to hug the surface until I can find a quiet spot to land.” Jurdan announced emphatically.

Demolisher cruised several hundred meters above ground, dodging rocky outcrops, old ruins and abandoned junk piles on the way to the badlands. The harsh wasteland was as still as a grave in opposition to the active sky above. After fifteen minutes of cruising along the rock formations started to dwindle. They encountered a vast desert stretching out before them. In the far distance there was a small blot shifting in the heat of the bright, red sun.

“Is that it?” asked Drae’lath observantly.

Aul Celsus pointed to the small silhouette and nodded. “That should be it. This is as good a place as any to park.”

Extending the landing gear, the ship slowly descended onto a relatively flat part of land. The soft landing kicked up a cloud of dust around the vessel. The hum of the engines died down to leave behind a restless silence. Without further discussion the crew crammed into the small lift and descended into the bowels of the ship.

The ready room was dimly lit but not vacant. Erik opened two storage bay enclosures to reveal a pair of droids he had secured there earlier. A bulky imperial droid and an HK assassin model stood separately with ominous, glowing red eyes. The robotic killers sounded off their current conditions in basic and binary simultaneously.

Satisfied with their functionality, the knight opened the rest of the enclosures and gathered his personal gear. He fastened into a full set of republic commando armor complete with a helmet. It was painted in a desert camouflage pattern. Looking down, he tested the cooling modifications built into the chest plate to ensure they were still working. The apparatus would make enduring the elements much easier during the assault until they could gain access to the enemy fortress. A grey armorweave cloak draped around him as an added layer of protection.

Opening a slender trunk, Erik’s moody face shifted to a sinister grin. He lifted his scattergun from the container and ensured that it was fully loaded with armour penetrating rounds before slinging it across his back. Technology be damned when facing this kind of stopping power, he thought to himself.

An emergency case containing a breath mask was mounted on a nearby wall, causing Erik to contemplate its usefulness in an emergency. He opened the transparent case and took the item from its cradle, hiding it beneath his cloak.

The Dakhani battle leader finished arming himself with some extra ammunition, a few grenades, a sharp stiletto, a knuckleblade glove and his dark steel lightsaber. The blade of light was a symbol of his true strength but he always carried other redundancies when facing a new threat.

Satisfied with his choice of equipment, he turned and made his way to the cargo bay to lower the boarding ramp.


Name: Rahath, Drae’lath
Location: Planet: Classified
System: Classified
Date: 19 ABY

To my dearest Katrea.

It is with a heavy heart that I must write to you in such a manner.

We’ve been given our orders and are set to deploy soon. Please know that I am safe from all harm. Know that you will always be in my heart, keeping me sound. Know that you will always be my shining beacon, leading me out from the darkness and into your warmest embraces. I hope that you too are safe, and that you will be until my return. Every second away from you is an eternity’s passing of pain. Although there are times where I feel like I’m losing my grip, as the darker thoughts of my past haunt me to do more, please know that it is your angelic voice, your beautiful face, and your warm smile that has always kept me centred. That the very same has kept me from falling.

My training has been going well. I can not say anymore, but I can say this. My squad had never been so on edge before. We’re doing double training sets and tensions are high. They feel like something big is going to happen. I feel this, too. I don’t know why, but I feel like I must say this. If I don’t make it, always know that I will be with you always.

I can’t wait to see you again. To feel your skin upon mine. To smell the scent of Doreenian ambergris as it lingered in your hair. To trace my fingers across your body. To no longer feel anxiety, hate and anger, but to feel peace, love and happiness, instead. Such temptations, such rewards await for me, as do you. I wish not to relive the best moments I’ve had with you, but to make more. To find more reasons to love you, or to remind me of all that of the same.

Please. I know it is selfish to ask something like this. But if I could have anything that my heart would ever desire; it is that you keep an eternal vigil for my arrival. My Cyar’ika, my Runi.

With nothing but love for you,

A letter. From a soldier to the reason he stands. To the reason he fights. This was the letter that Drae’lath had sent to Katrea before he shipped out for Ryloth. It’s been 54 years since that time, and even now he still remembers it. What Evelynn had said rung in his ears in a distorted manner. “Thank your gods for that.” Thank them for what? The horrible piloting skills of a fellow clan-mate? The only thing Drae’lath is thankful for is Katrea. Remembering the letter dulled his face and pulled his mind back to a time he knew very well. He remembers his quarters with its mind numbing monotone colour. His time spent in that room was to such a point that he was able to memorize everything. How many steps it takes to get from the bed to the closet; what was in the closet. How many steps from the door to the bed, the bed to the desks. What was on the desks, and why.

A faint voice seemed to ring in Drae’lath’s ears. It was annoying, not because of the sound it made, but because he couldn’t make out what was being said. Again, the voice rings out. This time, it is more clear. The voice of a man. Then again. This time, Drae’lath seemed to be coming out of his trance. The room of his quarters seemed to fade away and morph into that of a freighter’s cargo hold.

“Drae’lath! HEY!” A hand reached out and gripped his shoulder. By instinct, Drae’lath met the hand with his. Drae’lath tilted his head to see the person who placed their hand upon him. It was Aul, Drae’lath’s master. “Are you alright? You were just staring at nowhere. Evelynn was going to hit you. Is everything alright?” “Uh, yeah. I mean yes, Master.”

Bentre swallowed the bile that threatened to empty his stomach. “O-okay, people-” he swallowed in an unsuccessful attempt to calm his nerves. “This is the moment o-of truth.” His words grew stronger as his anger eclipsed his nervousness. “Let’s show the karking Collective why they were foolish to attack the Disciples of Sadow.”

‘‘Alright, listen up! Eyes and ears on me. You’ve heard the Lord Procounsel. Soldiers of Sadow! Stand true, stand fast, and stand tall. The enemy that we will face, are all ready and willing to die for what they believe in. We are here to make sure that they do. We can never give them what they want. They want war, in return, we give them slaughter. They will not show fear, so we must show them death instead!’’ Drae’lath, fearful as he was, did so with clarity and without fail. ''This isn’t some little rebellion,’’ He continued. “This isn’t a few poorly trained civilians, with poorly maintained discipline, weapons and armour. This is war. Trust in your training, trust in those at your side, but more than that, trust in yourself, and you will make it home alive.”

After being told in the affirmative that they neared their destination, Drae’lath, along with everyone else, unlocked the security belts to their seats, rose up, and finally marched towards the ready room. Drae’lath went into another room and closed the door behind him. Unfazed by this, everyone made no mention of it and marched onwards towards the ready room. Drae’lath, after some time, exited the room and presented himself to all in a full suit of stormtrooper armour, covered by his robes, and wrapped by a simple grey cloak. Upon his armour, a holster and its blast pistol hanged on the left side of his belt. Strapped to his left cybernetic leg, was the stormtrooper armour for it and a vibroblade with its sheath. On his right forearm, palm side down, a lightsaber laid bound, blade emitter faced towards the ground. An E-11 blaster was slung over his arms. Drae’lath decided to bring his helmet and brought along a comlink headset with him.


The Badlands,
Nancora Prime,
Nancora System

Finally, Evelynn thought, eager to leave the ship. She was more and more unsure of why she had ever bothered saving that idiot Krennel from death. She highly doubted that anything they encountered on the surface of Nancora Prime could be as life-threatening as counting on someone else to get them there safely.

The Battlemaster was the first to step off the Demolisher. Wearing her usual attire, coupled with her armorweave cloak, she set foot on the deadlands. In front of her, barely visible from the months of storms piling up dirt on its walls, was what seemed to have been a private cottage with wooden support beams, reinforced with metal plates. Reaching out with the Force, she tried to sense any living presence in their vicinity. Nothing. As barren as the ground around them.

“Well, now that I got us here safely, I believe drinks are on you guys!” Jurdan said as he jumped off the landing pad. “Did you see that maneuver? Did you?

Anger started brewing inside Evelynn. Had she not been guilty of recruiting him to the Clan, she would have killed him on the spot.

“Alright, keep it in your pants,” Aul said as he joined them on the ground. “We’ve got other things to deal with. You can have your drink when we get back to Aeotheran.”

Shortly thereafter, the rest of the crew joined them, and - per Bentre’s instructions - they made their way across the dust, headed toward the only visible structure from their location that seemed about an hour away from their location. Evelynn took a glance at her companions. We really do look like a merry band of derelicts, don’t we? This should be fun.


The Badlands,
Nancora Prime,
Nancora System

As the motley crew of Sadowans made their way across the barren landscape of the Badlands the system’s star, Nancora Major, rose to its highest daytime peak. Jurdan let out an exhausted sigh.

“Can we not wait until nightfall? This is miserable,” the heavy armor-clad Marauder moaned. Sweat could be seen dripping from beneath the joints of his Imperial Royal Guard armor.

“Is this about those blasted drinks again?” Aul replied without turning from the head of the pack. His eyes were darting back and forth at the various decrepit structures they were snaking between, constantly gauging the safety of each passage and checking his datapad.

“…no. It’s just so hot,” Jurdan replied quietly. His long, draping cloak whipped behind him in the dry air blasting across the landscape.

“You’ll be fine, Jurdan. We could all use a nice sweat,” Bentre said jovially.

“Easy for you to say, look at that comfort-fitting gear,” Jurdan said with a look of jealousy. He readjusted his inner thigh armor.

“Ha!” chirped Evelynn from behind the pack. She looked at the Dakhani Aedile with a smirk, absentmindedly twirling her double shoto lightsabers.

“Well, we all know you don’t have a problem with comfort, Evelynn,” Jurdan quipped in response, looking the Sorcerer up and down. She replied with a silent wink.

The group had been walking for nearly thirty minutes, weaving in and out of rusted and sand-whipped skeletons of long-dead spaceships all along the way. Only halfway to their destination, the group trudged on. Suddenly, Drae’lath stopped.

“…uh, Drae?” Erik asked with a sideways glance.

“Shh, hold on,” Drae’lath responded tersely. He looked around with a confused look on his face. “I’ve heard this sound before…”

Aul’s datapad began to vibrate and beep. A stream of characters flew across the screen.

“Aul, what’s going on?” Bentre asked hurriedly.

“…oh my,” the scientist replied. “Now that’s a sandstorm.”

“Look at that!” Evelynn shouted, pointing at the horizon to the west. A wall of dust five kilometers high and at least three times as wide was quickly swallowing the horizon and all the intervening structures.

“Those winds are going way faster than these models predict, look at how they are toppling those shipwrecks,” Aul said with a tone of both amazement and terror. “We need shelter, now.


Bentre looked hard at Aul for barely a moment before glancing around their surroundings. “Well, I hate to point this out, but we don’t have many options.” The words seemed to hang in the air for a moment. The Proconsul’s mouth was turned up in the barest hint of a snarl as he looked back at the Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan. “Do you have a suggestion?”

“No time!” Drae’lath shouted before turning hard with a grunt back toward the east. He made a beeline for one of the larger rusted wrecks nearby. “Follow me!” There was a certainty to his tone that compelled the rest of the group to follow. The Acolyte made a swirling motion in the air with his finger as he ran.

“Are you sure that the winds won’t just shove that thing around?” Erik shouted out the question, easily keeping pace with the former soldier. The group of Sadowans easily reached the far side of the wreck together. Stahoes began to look over the shape of the wreckage with a worrying eye.

“If it gives us a better chance than standing out here-” Jurdan’s words trailed off, his tone hinting at an unasked question.

“Helpful suggestions only, please.” Evelynn snapped in interruption as she passed an observant eye over the corroded durasteel surface. The metal had been well-worn by both the wind and the elements. While she didn’t say any more out loud in that moment, several of the group could feel the tickle of uncertainty in the Force.

“Start digging.” Drae’lath, having dropped to his knees, pointed at the ground. "Dig closer to the ship. That should give us a better chance of not getting blasted as badly by the sand. " As though demonstrating, the Each of them giving a nod, Krennel and Cato did likewise, each digging alongside Rahath. Stahoes nodded approvingly, pulling his polarized goggles into place over his eyes before joining in on the task. “Before it hits, try to cover your face with something. Your back covering should work. You just want to make sure that you protect your eyes and keep your mouth covered.”

Aul scanned the surface of the ship for a few more moments even as the sound of the approaching sandstorm grew in volume. The older Rahath looked pointedly at the Force-sensitive doctor for the barest moment before returning to his digging. As though snapping out of a dream, Aul dropped down near his comrades. It appeared he had made a decision about something The risk of death and pure adrenaline had allowed the group to work quickly. The hole was makeshift, but it was better than nothing. Between it and the ship they might have a chance of survival.

A primal fear burned deep in Bentre’s gut. Most of the group had cloaks which offered them some small amount of protection. He watched as Jurdan sealed his armor’s helmet down and the rest hunkered down in anticipation of the storm. They did not have to wait long. Within moments, the storm raged around the group. The wind and sand rustled armor, cloak and any bits of exposed flesh alike. Unlike Krennel, those without the protection of sealed armor could only pull their covering tightly against the ferocity of the elements.

Drawing his own cloak over his head, Bentre pulled out both his datapad and the Inquisitorius Scanner he had earned what seemed like ages ago. The Sith Shadow switched the device to life sign detection, watching the display carefully. He didn’t expect much, but at least little things like this distracted from the larger threat imposed by the weather. To his surprise, the scanner was picking up something. It wasn’t too close to their position, but it did appear to be moving in rather quickly despite the peril caused by a sand storm.

As the winds began to calm, the cacophony of sand against sand was replaced with the mechanical hissing movements a number of the gathered were quite familiar with. Peeking through a hole in the makeshift bit of shelter against the storm. The form of a Collective Walker was approaching their position with surprising speed. It was followed by a second similar unit.

“Well, it looks like we have been discovered, somehow.” Bentre let out a low growl as he looked to Aul. “So it is your call, Quaestor Celsus. Do we stand and fight here?”

“That would seem an awfully foolish endeavor.” Aul’s tone was flat, without a hint of humor. “It looks like we might be without another choice though.”

Bentre felt a predatory smile tug at the corner of his mouse as he turned to look at the approaching scout walker. The Collective scout walkers would be upon them soon. The Sith had studied the data provided by the Inquisitorius on the enemy. This would be the first moment of truth. It would be a chance to see up close just how the strength of the Technocratic Guild could stand against the strength of Clan Naga Sadow.


Jurdan sat in his armor feeling like a sardine in a can during the storm. Then to hear the mechanical footsteps of doom approaching them was enough to make you want to dig a deeper hole in the sand. Everyone could see the enemy walkers approaching from the distance and the group waited for the call from the Quaestor. They were still some distance from the Collective base and they needed transport that was going to survive these storms. Then Jurdan saw it, a portable storm generator sat on top of each of the walkers. This is how they were moving around untouched. The Technocrats had devised a way to create storms and shield their walkers within a personal shield bubble. These walkers, even just one, would make the group’s progress towards the base an easier job. They could get into the base undetected and also have further protection from the storms.

“Aul!” Jurdan exclaimed, “Look at the backs of those things.” Aul looked and saw what the Battlemaster had been excited about.

“Alright group, we are going to capture one or both of these walkers. Let’s move it!” Aul ordered with the ferocity of a Gundark. Everyone moved into position with the weapons that they had brought with them and of course with the Force. They began looking for weak points to be able to access the walkers without crashing them or destroying them.

“They aren’t so big are they?” Erik said as he looked up at the hulking form of the walker.

“Yea Erik. You will be the first one to attempt a jump that high.” Krennel said with a chuckle. “Actually with all of us here that isn’t a bad idea. We can use the Force to throw you up there and try and get you inside.”

“Right it’s a plan then.” Aul said as they prepared to launch their comrade into the air.


As the group charged forward a duo of blasters shrieked out of the artificial storm’s chaos into the metal hull of the two machines. The bipeds pivoted around to face the new assailants.

Erik Cato’s muffled laughter could be heard from beneath his helmet as he spotted two sets of glowing red eyes. The HK assassin droid it’s and bulky imperial counterpart had finally caught up with the rest of the team in time for a much needed distraction. The walkers returned fire, ignoring the Sadowans for the time being.

“The walkers must have picked up their signal. That’s how they found us!“ Aul shouted against the noise of weather and battle.

Erik halted his sprint a few meters from the nearest walker and drew strength to his legs in preparation for a force jump.


Pushing off the ground, the warrior knight leaped upwards with lightsaber in hand. An invisible force sent him rushing higher, clearing the enemy’s vehicle. The force of the combined push proved a bit too powerful and he started to yell. The same invisible push that had sent him hurling suddenly halted him abruptly, forcing him down onto the metal roof of his intended target with the grace of a bantha on ice.

Shaking his head from the sudden impact, the battle leader proceeded to crawl over to a nearby hatch. It opened unexpectedly and a square-jawed soldier carrying a Rylothan blaster pistol moved to attack him. Erik reached out with the force to pull the soldier out of the hatch and off of the vehicle. The bald headed human fired uselessly into the air as he was sent flying with a single gesture.

Hearing a loud hiss, Erik’s attention was drawn to the second walker where Drae’lath had managed to gain access to the top in a similar fashion. His lightsaber was buried into the durasteel plating and quite possibly the occupants by the look on his face.

Having little time to speculate, the knight dove head-first down the hatch to the interior. The air was much cooler within the cramped space. The walker had modified to endure the hotter climate of Nancora.

Another bald-headed occupant turned from the driver’s seat, releasing the controls in a hurry to grab an E11 blaster rifle mounted to the wall. Too slow. With another gesture the force brought the rifle into Erik’s right hand and he leveled it on the technocratic soldier.

“Don’t move, scum.”

As Erik clipped his lightsaber to his belt and shifted the blaster to his favoured hand there was an audible crackle emanating from his wrist com. Jurdan’s familiar voice came streaming through to break the awkward silence.

“What’s the situation in there?”

Erik never took his eyes off of the pilot as he activated the device on his wrist. “Walker 1 has been liberated.”

“Walker 2 has been liberated” Replied Draelath.

“Form up against one of the rusted buildings so we can all climb in.” Ordered Jurdan.

The Dakhani battle leader motioned to the piloting controls with the blaster rifle as if to confirm the message. His captive nodded cautiously and assumed his position at the controls.

The two walkers lumbered over to a rusted metal wreck and soon the Sadowans were climbing up the broken structure and onto the two vehicles to take their place inside. Bentre and Evelyn joined Erik while the rest accompanied Drae’lath. There was no way for the droids would fit aboard with their numbers already exceeding the general capacity. Climbing wasn’t an option for them either. They would have to catch up. Again.

Although it was very cramped within the two legged structures the cooling systems were a welcomed surprise, especially to Jurdan. He collapsed comfortably into the pilot’s seat of the second walker, taking a moment to study the controls.

After a moment’s paused to get accustomed to their new surroundings, Erik switched on his communications device to reach the others.

“Well now what?”

“Same as before. Let’s get moving.” Aul responded.

The two walkers started to move side by side through the dust towards the distant stronghold. They now had both surprise and speed on their side.


The gargantuan machines lumbered onward, kept hidden by the grueling sandstorm. Each thundering step whispered as it was dull in sound compared to the raging storms that surrounds them. “Alright. Now what do we do with the prisoner?” Erik’s words seemed to have sparked a sinister feeling of curiosity in Drae’lath.

A prisoner! What fun. What knowledge he may have. Let’s pull it from him. Very slowly and very painfully. This is one of many dark thoughts and twisted whispers that seemed to flood into Drae’lath’s mind. An old spirit from Drae’lath’s darker days, Jithul Vesh, came out to play with the newest guest. Drae’lath began to bicker with this excited friend.

I agree, he replied, but now we must ask ourselves how.

RIP HIS MIND ASUNDER! Leave him as nothing but a shattered mess. Break his spine, hang him with his own innards and display his body as a trophy. To remind all as to what happens to those that oppose us! NO! Wait … Break not his spine, but his fingers. Each one, slowly, until he talks. As eager for blood and pain as she was, Vesh was not without a sound mind and reason. So, are we in agreement?

With a heavy sigh, a dark smile streaked across his face, all hidden by the hood of his grey cloak. Drae’lath’s voice came through Erik’s comlink. “Walker 1, this is Walker 2. I’m going over to you. Bentre, trade places with me.”

“What? Why?”

“We, I mean I, want to ask our friend a few questions.” Such as request gave Bentre and Erik a look of curiosity as to what was to be and why it came so hurryingly.

Soon, a loud boom was heard, startling its occupants. Drae’lath in his excitement, exited his walker and used the Force to propel himself over onto the other walker. Bentre flung himself over to the other walker and Drae’lath lowered himself through the hatch into the cockpit, landing in a kneeling position. “What are --” A chill seemed to run down Erik’s spine as Drae’lath, still kneeling, removed his helmet and slowly began to tilted his head, looking at the prisoner with eyes that no sane man could ever have. “I want to ask you some questions. What happens to you after will depend on how you respond.” He stood and approach the Collective mercenary and squatted in front.

The mercenary than spat into Drae’lath’s face. His actions had sealed the mercenary’s faith. “Torture me all you like. Your mind tricks and Force Skills are not going to work on me. Yeah, Oligard told us all about that. We were taught how to withstand it. Do your worst. You’ll never make me break.” He sat in defiance, awaiting his punishment. He held not the slightest hint of fear.

Drae’lath’s smile was gone. In its place was the look of anger. He then wiped the spit from his face before reaching up to grip mercenary’s arm tightly. Pulling the sleeve up to the elbow with his free hand and Drae’lath’s second arm placed just above the wrist, he placed the prisoner’s arm placed upon his bended knee. He looked at the mercenary. “In all my years, if there is one thing I’ve learned well it’s this. We don’t need some Force Skill to interrogate someone. We only need some force, and some skill.”

And with that last word, with the Force and the power of the spirit flowing through, Drae’lath, in one swift motion, broke the prisoner’s forearm. The sickening sound of breaking bone was soon followed by the most absolute ear-splitting and blood chilling wail of tormented suffering. Erik jumped in his seat and jerked his head to see what could have produced such sounds. The sight of the prisoner as he writhed and twisted with Drae’lath only looking with nothing but a smile on his face. This shocked him to his very core. He knew Drae’lath to be a good man, with a kind heart.

But this twisted thing that consumed his comrade’s image was something he never knew could exist. What Drae’lath then said will never be forgotten. “How many bones are in the Human Body?”
For every second’s passing, ten thousand dying screams wailed and echoed, scarring such feelings into the souls of all that could bear its sound, driving all that couldn’t endure into all forms of insanity. Not even the sounds of the sandstorms could dull the screams. And that is what the occupants of Walker 2 knew too well. Such sounds, such sights, these things and more will forever scar them. Who knew the body can be contorted in such a way?

No training, no Force skill, could ever prepare them for what they endured. When it was all over, the mercenary was still alive, writhing in agony that so much so, no description could ever be fitting. Drae’lath stood over him and took to his commlink. “Well. It looks like our friend was very willing to cooperate.” His tone showed no sign of exhaust, nor feeling.

“Well, what did he say?” Bentre spoke the words tentatively.

“We need to get to a safe area. Soon, I might add. It seems that the Collective likes to keep tabs on its patrols. We have about 45 minutes before they have to check in. “

“Wrong.” A mysterious voice shot through the soundboard from the Walker’s main console. “We heard everything. Every last sound, and mark my words, we will repay the favor tenfold.”

Drae’lath looked towards the prisoner. “Let me guess. A commlink built into his head with two way reception to replace his hearing system? Smart move.”

“Smart man. That isn’t going to keep us from --” The mysterious voice was interrupted by Evelynn, as she ordered to pilots of both walkers to proceed with all due haste, angered that the show had ended so early.


“Well, that happened.” The Sadowan Proconsul allowed the words to hang in the air for a moment before speaking again. “So, I guess the big question is what can we do with two walkers against the full force of the Collective?” Stahoes had taken a position on the ground, his legs folded below himself in a familiar pose used for meditation. His gaze bore into EIvelynn’s back as he considered the situation. He didn’t have to brush the woman in the Force to sense the tension coming off of her as she gripped the pilot’s seat. It was more than the clenched hand and her locked jaw that gave her agitation away. Wyrm’s back was nearly as straight as a measuring stick.

Unclipping the Inquisitorius-issued commlink which hung on his side and raising it to his face, Bentre spoke quietly. “This might be our last stand, here on Nancora.” His voice was devoid of emotion as the words bubbled up unbidden. He coughed twice before he continued. “Your job here is to keep that from happening. The Collective wants to wipe us out here, but we won’t let-”

A beeping noise from his walker’s console interrupted the Battlelord’s train of thought at that moment. Eyes widening, he released the transmitter switch of his commlink and allowed the device to drop to the floor as he pushed himself upward into a nervous and shaky standing position. He stepped forward to grip the side of the pilot’s seat opposite Evelynn, allowing his eyes to flit across the surface of the controls.

“Hey, what is going on?"

“We have sensor contacts incoming fast.”

With a growl, Bentre took a couple steps back before reaching down to scoop up his commlink from the floor plating. He tried to keep his voice steady as he spoke again. “Drae’lath, I am going to assume that you are picking up the same sort of signals that we are. I don’t suppose you are familiar with what I am looking at?”

There was a pause before the speaker popped and the former soldier spoke back. “They look to be some sort of a speeder configuration. Could be they took a civilian model and modified it to suit their needs.”

“Krif, their response was faster than I had predicted. What would you estimate to be their arrival time to first contact- if you had to guess?”

“At their rate of approach we might have sixty seconds, if that.” Drae’lath’s tone was flat and controlled, a sharp contrast to the rapidly beating heart which pounded in Bentre’s ears at that moment. “Looks like three hostiles to our two walkers.” If Rahath showed any fear in that moment, his voice betrayed none of it.

“Well, keep your weapons ready, we will do the same in this walker. Fire as soon as you see something enter your line of sight. We are going to-”

“Contact.” Aul’s voice cut Stahoes off abruptly.

“We don’t have enough time to discuss this.” Evelynn’s voice was harsh as she eyed the Corellian Sith in her walker. “Thank you for the pep talk, but we have people to kill. Step up or step down. Your choice.”

“We are turning our walker to engage.” Erik’s voice snapped over the comm. “Looks like some old T-47s. Should be easy enough to pick off.”

As the incoming signals bore down upon them, the Corellian Proconsul almost imagined the sound of an airspeeder’s engine. He had to bury his doubts and take the reins of this combat before things go ugly. Barring that, he could only hope that his comrade’s words would prove true.


This wasn’t going to work. Not only were they outnumbered, but the Collective forces were trained to use their vehicles correctly, while the Sadowans had practically no idea what they were doing.

“I know what to do,” she said, reaching toward the walker’s control panel and pushing a few buttons.

“What in the world are you-”

A sandstorm was starting. The same sandstorm that the group had endured just a few moments ago. Only this time, it was Evelynn that started it.

“I really hope you know what you’re doing. If you get me killed I swear I will end you,” Krennel said, a smirk on his face hiding his puzzled feelings.

She closed her eyes, reaching out with the Force and scanning the premises for lifeforms. It was one thing the Collective couldn’t comprehend; She didn’t need her eyes, the Force allowed her to see just as well with her mind. There they were, three pathetic, miserable creatures in their three little speeders, with absolutely no idea what they were doing or where they were going. She could sense their fear, as well as their confusion, as they aimlessly turned their heads left and right, trying to figure out what their next move should be. The Battlemaster soaked in their despair, strengthening her connection to the Force. She touched their minds ever so slightly, bending them to her will.

“Turn it off,” she said quietly, “and enjoy.”

The first explosion came from somewhere left of the walker. As the sandstorm dissipated around them, one of the airspeeders ran into a piece of wreckage. Seconds later, this time to the right, another one blew up as it hit one of the rusted buildings the Sadowans had used to enter their walkers. Finally, the last Collective survivor charged into the leg of the other walker, exploding in a burst of flames.

Bentre and Erik stood there, bedazzled at what had just happened. They both knew Evelynn was strong, but neither of them really saw too much of her in action. As she opened her eyes, both of them had a concerned look on their face.

“What?” she exhaled, trying to but failing to hide her satisfied grin. “You guys look like you’ve never seen a woman before.”


“Okay, folks, are we done with playtime?” Aul’s voice cut through the comm feed hurried, stressed and annoyed. “Double time these hunks of junk to the heart of these Collective farks. Our cover is clearly blown, keep the storm going and get us there. Clear?”

“Affirmative,” came the united response of the walkers’ temporary Sadowan pilots.

Creaks and grinding sounds began to rise from the rusted and worn legs of the walkers as their momentum rose to their maximum speed. The sandstorm continued to rage outside, whipping aside wreckage and carcasses of long-dead ships as the walkers hastily sped by.

“Look at these buckets of bolts go,” Evelynn noted with amused surprise, “go, baby, go!”

The Collective stronghold was quickly approaching. As the structure began to loom ever larger on the walker monitors the strike team started to assess their plan. The complex was heavily decorated in sensor and shield batteries, weapons installments and launch bays throughout.

“How in seven hells are we going to make it into that monster?” Erik’s voice buzzed over the comm channel.

“Maybe we can jump off of the walkers into that hangar bay over there, three clicks to the left,” Drae’lath suggested, leaning over Erik’s shoulder to point at the monitor screen.

“That’ll never work, they’ll pick us off as soon as we exit the cabin,” Bentre replied with frustration. His face scrunched into deep thought as he continued to consider the structure. He noticed the appearance of Collective militants scurrying within a wing of the complex five clicks to the right, looking like little insects relative to the gigantic stronghold. “There, coordinate seven point five-oh-three.”

“Excellent, Bentre. That’s it. Our steeds are going to deliver us right through the Collective’s front door. Erik, Jurdan, take us home,” Aul directed.

“Aye, aye, let’s do this!” Jurdan excitedly replied.


This is it.

Erik took a deep breath as he yanked the controls of Walker 1 toward their new objective. Both machines speedily raced across the windswept landscape toward the brooding monoliths. Having briefly observed their hostage at the controls the battle leader was relying purely on observation and assumption to carry him through this insane ordeal.

A choir of weaponry arose from the edges of the storm. A volley of bolts and rockets sailed past them, seeming to strike out in random patterns. Although the enemy couldn’t pinpoint their exact location they weren’t taking any chances. The ground shook as the first wave of rockets impacted the ground behind them, bringing up even more dirt and dust.

“Time for a reply!”

Erik fired his twin cannons into the chaos and dust. He could hear the companion walker following suit. Several explosions erupted in front of them as they started to cut a path through the barricades. The screams of the dying were drowned out by their furious approach. Passing the first set of barricades, the two vehicles were peppered by small arms fire.

They were a few hundred meters from their desired entrance when a giant metal blast door began to lower, obstructing their path inside. Erik picked up his pilfered blaster rifle and jammed it into dashboard in such a way the walker would continue to move forward.

Springing toward the exit, he shoved the other passengers toward the roof hatch, exiting the top of the vehicle last. The sounds of blasters and shouting grew louder.

The Sadowans leapt from their vehicles to seek shelter among the barricades and debris while the two walkers ran straight into the fortified blast door. Jurdan had made similar efforts to rig his machine and so the two raced together toward oblivion.

There was a great crash followed by two explosions as the storm generators overloaded. A shock wave of electricity spread from its epicenter. Several of the enemy soldiers and their droids were caught in its destructive path and fell into crumpled masses.

The storm slowly eased up and the hot red sun began to pierce into the giant cloud of settling dust. The assault team had all survived the breach and were already speeding through the aperture before they became sitting ducks. The battle leader ignited his lightsaber and moved in beside them in a defensive formation, deflecting several blaster shots along the way. Alarms wailed steadily as if the building itself was protesting their intrusion.

The team pushed their way down the first corridor, slaughtering all who stood into their path but as they pressed toward the center of the compound resistance grew heavier and heavier.


Jurdan and the rest of the group pushed forward into the enemy base. They were looking for the artifacts of Darth Plagueis the Wise. Jurdan began to stretch out with the Force trying to locate the items. He drew from deep down within himself and watched as tendrils of the Force felt around the base. He could sense a powerful dark side energy in a room not too far from their current position.

“Ben, Aul, the items we seek are a few rooms down the corridor,” Jurdan announced. “Let’s go get them huh?”

“Let’s do it everyone. Erik you and Evelynn protect our flank and exit here,” Aul commanded.

The two nodded as the rest of the group moved further into the base. They sliced down technocratic guild soldiers as they went. Jurdan began to project the image of bombs being thrown down the hallway and the men started running with fear. They could see the explosions and feel them going off as they ran. The group laughed as they continued to cut them down while they cowered in corners of the room.

Everyone ran into the fourth room down the hall and then they saw it, the artifacts of Darth Plagueis were no more than a giant obelisk. It looked to be over four thousand pounds. Jurdan and Bentre looked at themselves and then called into the hall for the others.

“Well shoot. I guess this is going to be harder than we thought,” Jurdan said with a chuckle.

“I dont know guys. Do we have any ideas here?” Aul asked.

“We could use the Force to lift it out of here,” said Erik.

Jurdan stretched out through the Force to locate the item but felt only an emptiness. Upon further inspection of the tower they realized there was a dead zone in the Force. There weren’t many objects known that could block the Force like this. It was an intriguing sensation.

“Well thats going to put a damper on our mission,” Bentre snarled.


Evelynn stood in the passageway looking at the grand obelisk in front of them. How could we be this dumb? Darth Plagueis the Wise? We accepted a mission in the middle of hostile territory looking for artifacts from a Sith Lord whose name is used to scare children?

Shrieks of alarms, accompanied by the sound of military boots hitting the ground, were filling her ears as Collective soldiers rushed toward them. Their only advantage now gone, the Battlemaster knew it was all over. They’d be captured for certain, if not immediately killed.

The group drew their weapons and stood in a defensive formation ready to meet their adversaries. The only person who was still petrified, staring at their failure, was the Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan.

“To hell with this, run,” Aul said, knowing full well they stood no chance without their connection to the Force.

And ran they did. In this situation rank, position or experience didn’t matter. The Proconsul, visibly agitated, led the group down the corridor they came through, only to run into a pair of Collective troopers who immediately pointed their weapons at them and started firing. The group found temporary cover in one of the rooms they were passing.

Erik closed the door and destroyed the panel while Drae’lath and Evelynn drilled their lightsabers into the outer wall and started disintegrating it, creating a hole big enough to fit through. One by one, the group evacuated the building. A sharp hiss signaled that the two troopers had managed to open the door behind them.

Evelynn - being the last to exit - looked at her clansmen, then back at the soldiers making their way toward them. They would never make it, and she had to do something about it.

“Go, I’ll be right behind you.”

Aul was the only one sober enough to acknowledge her. He paused for a second, observing the situation, then nodded and turned away to join his Clanmates. As they made their way into the nothingness of the Badlands, Evelynn leaned back against the wall, right next to their exit point and withdrew her blades. A few seconds later one of the two troopers that were tailing them ran out, closely followed by the other. As soon as the second one was out, Wyrm let out a scream of anger as she kicked him to the ground, reigniting her lightsabers and thrusting at the first soldier. The pair of them were dealt with in a matter of seconds.

Satisfied with her plan, she once again withdrew her sabers, clipped them to her belt, and looked in the direction of her party. Suddenly, she felt sharp pain consume her strength as a blaster bolt, coming from inside the building, hit her in the shoulder. She fell to her knees, looking at the two bodies sprawled beside her. This was it. End of the road. A few seconds later, another bolt connected with her, this time aimed at the temple of her head.

Her lifeless body hit the floor with a thud as the soldier that had ended her life stepped over her and continued his pursuit of the rest of the group.


“Go. I’ll be right behind you.” No … Not again. Those words, Drae’lath knew all too well. Gods guide you, Lady Evelynn. Then, Drae’lath felt her Force Presence dissipate. She was gone. Anger and fury began to swell once more in a feeling Drae’lath, like those words, knew very well. The day he first felt the power of the Dark Side within him. It was also the day his team died on Devaron. She’s dead and you can’t do anything about it. SHE’S DEAD AND IT’S MY FAULT! Drae’lath began to batter himself with such thoughts until Vesh spoke out to, try and console the soldier. Stop it. Now. Inflicting pain is my job. Continue those thoughts, and we’ll die like she did. Focus on getting your team out of here. You couldn’t save your team back then, but you saved those two girls. Remember Katrea and Dhiv?
For the first time in many years, she was kind. Yes. I remember. You’re right. We need to get out of here, now!

Drae’lath was now more focused on getting everyone out before they were doomed to suffer a fate similar to Evelynn.

The team ran across the desert hellscape. The building behind still blaring its sirens, now with Collective gunships heading towards them. Drae’lath running ahead of the team and taking point. “Blast it, Drae’lath! Don’t get too far ahead!” Screamed a furious Aul to his now gone apprentice. Screams of fury could be heard in the dunes ahead. The sounds of blasters firing were also emanating from the same direction. When they arrived, a trail of bodies littered the ground. Scorch marks and blaster bolts scarred the walls.

There should be heat coming from the bolts, but they’re cold. Someone was already here.

Drae’lath thought this was strange, but didn’t time to ponder .The team arrived and caught up to Drae’lath. “Let’s keep going. We need to hurry.” Bentre said, trying to get the team focused.


This feeling was in the minds of both Bentre and Aul. They could feel his pain. He barely knew Evelynn, and yet he mourns her loss as if they were close. Screaming was heard up ahead. “Guys, I got a reading! It’s the droids, they’re up ahead. We need to get them and get out.” Erik said. The team ventured on. They stopped to hear the sounds of screaming and blaster fire. They assumed the worst and hurried along.

Silence was heard soon after the echoes of battle had ceased. The team followed the bodies to find the two droids amidst a blood soaked area. “What happened here?” Erik asked.

“The droids. They ambushed these soldiers.” Drae’lath responded. The team looked ahead to see Evelynn’s HK droid still standing amongst the dead bodies.

“It took a few hits but it’s still good. Let’s go!” Krennel said, moving past the droids. The team, droids in tow, followed suit. The droids had informed them about a R-3 droid that came in with a ship to pick the team up. And so the team followed as the droids lead them to the ship. Four Collective gunships had arrived and began firing. Suddenly, Iron Legion starfighters had caught the gunships by surprise. They engaged and destroying them mid-air, shortly after.

“Valkyrie 03, this is Viper Actual, do you read? How copy?”

“Viper Actual, Valkyrie 03. Solid copy. Who told you where we were?” Drae’lath relished the sight and sound of friendly air support. “Some git named Sang. Told us you might need some help. We were told to provide escort.” Viper replied. Then two ships then appeared and descended. The Demolisher landed with the Iron Fleet escort and the Discovery circling above, providing cover. The team boarded and soon were escorted out into space, passing the debris that that formed a near-circular ring around the planet. “Thanks for the assist, Viper Actual. Valkyrie 03 out.” Drae’lath said with a exhausted breathe. The team took each their own seat, exhausted by today’s events.

“Well that was a waste of time” Aul uttered with a debilitated sigh.