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[Clan Plagueis - DELTA FORCE]


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Dacien Victae di Plagia #7388 CS Snapshot
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Brimstone aka Seabr’imsto’nedansr #8649 CS Snapshot
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Dacien Victae di Plagia sat in a large briefing room aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Ascendancy, flagship of Clan Plagueis. The dimly-lit room was empty except for Dacien and three others, arrayed around a conference table: Battlemaster Brimstone; Commander Gaius Julius Caesar; and, seated at the table’s head, Warlord Selika Roh di Plagia, Consul and Dread Lord of Clan Plagueis.

Dacien grimaced, an ache slowly building between his eyes. “How much longer must we wait?” he grumbled. “Surely he’s heard there’s a war going on.”

Selika looked at her fellow di Plagia with a wry grin. “I expect he’s ‘putting on his face,’ for lack of a better term.” A datapad on the table in front of the Consul began beeping with an urgent volume and frequency. She glanced down at it briefly, sighing wearily. “But you’re right, we’ve waited long enough.”

Selika flicked a switch in front of her, a holo-projector emerging from the center of the table and lighting up the room with a three dimensional representation of the planet Nancora. Another flicked switch and the image rotated, then zoomed in to the region of Nancora’s orbit currently occupied by the Plagueis fleet. The fidelity was low, but Dacien could make out the opposing formations of the Ascendant Fleet and a Collective battle group. The ships looked like nothing more than tiny blips of light passing flashes back and forth, the rhythm broken by an occasional explosion.

“As you can see, The Collective is fiercely contesting control of Nancora’s orbit. It’s like this around the entire planet; there is no easy way to the surface,” Selika began. She turned a dial, expanding the holoview. More tiny blips, more flashes, more explosions. “We’re as good as stuck here for now, doing our best to build a blockade and not be obliterated in the meantime. We haven’t had time or resources to mount any sort of land invasion, but that’s about to change. I just received word that some very valuable artifacts, allegedly belonging to Darth Plagueis himself, are now in the possession of the Technocratic Guild and are being held in the Badlands region of Nancora.”

Selika pressed a button and the image shifted to the planet’s surface. Desert and ruins. “The Grand Master would very much like to obtain these artifacts, as would the Odanite weaklings. The three of you, plus your shape-changing friend, will make sure both fail and return the artifacts to Clan Plagueis where they rightfully belong.”

Dacien nodded his assent, sparing looks at Brimstone and Gaius who seemed to agree with the Consul’s claim of ownership as well. “So let me guess: our team will slip past the enemy fleet, breach the Technocratic Guild’s compound, grab the artifacts, and return them to the fleet?” Dacien asked quietly. “Any chance of support from the Ascendant Legion?”

Selika smiled. “Yes, a chance. We’re going to throw an invasion at the Badlands and see what sticks. Any elements of the Legion that make it to the surface intact will be at your disposal.” She paused. “I assume you can find your own way down.”

It was Dacien’s turn to grin. “I have just the ship in mind.”

At that moment the conference room door opened, letting light pour into the darkened room. A large figure stood silhouetted in the doorway. “Dramatic, as always, Silent,” Dacien said with a grunt as he rose from his chair and started towards the door. “I’ll be on the Astraeus making some final preparations. Head there when you’re ready,” he said over his shoulder to Brimstone and Gaius. Dacien walked through the door and into the hall, clasping Silent’s shoulder with his hand in passing and turning the Battlelord to follow him. “Come on, old man, I’ll fill you in on the way.”


Gaius slammed the butt of his Oathbreaker on the ground as he stood at attention outside of the Astreaus, waiting patiently. Aside him, the Chiss known as Brimstone gazed into the ship with envy. Together, the two were selected as part of the lead attack team due to their unwavering dedication to Plagueis, but neither of them were stupid enough to believe they weren’t being sent to their death. From the intelligence briefings, they understood that Daggo Mouk took no shortcuts in fortifying his fortunes, especially those of such incredible value.

The sound of heavy boots stamping down filled the hallway as it became clear the time for preparations was over. Adept Victae approached with Silent not far behind. “Commander, good to see you brought your weapons this time. I assume you brought your pack filled with your tools, I sense you will be very useful in extracting information we will need.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Gaius responded calmly. Ever since his poisoning and subsequent return to Clan Plagueis, the old man had been deemed quite useful due to his keen ability to torture any living soul. The slaves of Plagueis stood as good training, but his skills were best put to the test of people who intended to hide something from the Dread Lord. Should he get the opportunity, he would not fail.

“My Lords, our intelligence warns us of a large portion of the Odanite fleet is preparing to drop and lead an all out assault on Nincora. Assuming this is true, we can be almost certain that they will take heavy damages, but they will open the opportunity for us to slip right by the fight. Of course the Legion will take heavy damages in the descent to the surface, but we expect sixty percent success on reaching the ground. Brim and Silent have direct secured Inquisitorious coms, thus I suggest that they each lead two squads once we reach the surface, with Adept Victae and myself attaching to a respective squad and cover the rear.” Gaius knew that in the field of battle, he would be useless, but could offer some suppressive fire to keep the enemy at bay before one of the Sith could make their way forward.

“Brim, are you up to the task, my Lord?”


“Brim, are you up to the task, my Lord?”

No sooner had those words left Caesar’s mouth that the Chiss felt the utter hatred of those that surrounded him from all the troops within earshot. Resentment. Contempt. Disgust. Hatred. The emotions of those around him resonated through the Force as they flooded like a tidal wave. Brimstone understood the emotional reactions coming from them. Years earlier, Brim was in charge of a command ship that was ambushed and destroyed while under his watch. He was one of a handful to survive. Thousands of soldiers and personnel died under his command. He was resented for not just that, but surviving.

Before he boarded what seemed a suicidal embarkment, he had to make sure everyone was on the same page.

“You there!” he exclaimed as he motioned to the sergeant nearby.

“Yes, my Lord?”

“Are you focused? Are you ready to die? Are you one hundred percent ready?”

The soldier was at a loss for words. He wasn’t ready. Especially for the rapid line of questions.

“Answer me, soldier. Are. You. Ready. To. Die?”

The soldier stammered his gaped mouth. Fear crept in his eyes. He couldn’t think straight.

Brimstone slowly eased the trooper. “I hope your answer is no. Because if it isn’t, then you are a weakness in this unit. I don’t need someone watching my six while preparing to sixty-six me, understand?” The trooper gulped in acknowledgement. “I know your kind resent me being alive after the little fiasco, but rest assure, I never forgotten their names, their screams, their extinguished flames. I carry their souls within me for eternity. They are the reason I fight. Because they can’t. Do we understand each other?”

The soldier snapped to attention, quickly raising his hand in a stiff salute. “Yes sir!”

In unison, thirty other troopers all followed the sergeant’s lead, coordinated by the same retort.

“Yes sir!”

Brimstone smiled. “Today men, we go into battle against the traitors of the Dark Throne. We all come back as heroes” the Chiss barked. “For Plagueis.”

In unison, they replied…

“For Plagueis!”

The Sith was proud of his men. He only had one thing left to say.

“From now on, our squad will be forever known as … Brimzilla. Because no force can match our monstrous hearts and courage.” Brimstone then snapped a salute and pivoted around to head towards the boarding ramp, his troops closely right behind him.


The high pitched mechanical laugh, filled the Hanger room and with it the eyes of thirty something species landed on the HK droid known as Fate. Some seemed surprised that the droid could even make a laugh or what the droid that sounded like a laugh. To Silent it seemed Brimstone turned to a shade of purple as his anger hit a new high directed at the Shi’ido, this of course now made the Battlelord join in with Fate.

“Really Silent?” Dacien asked

“What I knew it would be funny, Fate you can stop now. I mean really Brimzilla squad? Now I feel glad I added that to Fate, and I feel sorry for who every gets picked for that group.” Silent quipped

“At least I can still show up to a meeting on time, and with the Consul no less present, I do not know why they keep you around in the Clan when you cannot even respect it.” Brimstone retorted

“It amazes me you still have that kind of loyalty to the Clan, after the way everyone sees and treats you, but I guess blind loyalty is best for a Chiss. I on the other hand live for my own reasons, our Con my want those artifacts, but he will get them after we secure them, unless they fill my needs then who is to say what happened to them.” Silent smirked as he turned away from outraged Chiss.

Dacien quickly shot his hand up to silence Brimstones reply, knowing full well Silent was going to push everyone’s button before the mission was over, he allowed the Battlelord to continue up the ramp to the Astreaus before calling out to him.

“You know if it comes down to me and you fighting over the artifacts Silent, I will win that battle.” Dacien spoke

Looking over his shoulder and back at the Adept “I know from the many hours of our practice dueling, that nine times out of ten you will best me, that’s why I have Fate on my side.” Silent replied

The Adept smiled at Silent’s word play, and noted the droid as a problem he might have to deal with later if need be. Dacien called out to the rest of the Troops and fellow Sith in the hanger to finish their prep work and get on board.

Inside the Astreaus

“Fate, I need you to send out a delay message back to the Fearless, Blue will wonder where I am once she wakes up.” Silent said

“Statement: Of course, Master, though I do not know why we did not bring her along, she is well trained in Vapaad and would be useful for medical should it arrive.” Fate replied

“I may have trained her to be Sith, but one she is my daughter, two she is not fully The Brotherhood, and third if I die she will need to continue on.” Silent said

“Statement: Your statement only made one logical reason Master, her survival to continue on your legacy. If you are ready I will start recording your message Master.” Fate said

“Begin: To my Love, you will awake angry but as your father I had my reasons not to bring you, I am going after newly discovered artifacts of Darth Plagueis, they might finally be the missing key to my research, I will not risk your life if it turns out to be a dead end. If I do not make it back with in thirty days, then consider your father K.I.A. and begin Project Re: Birth everything will be set up to go. May the Force be with you Blue.” Silent said and gave a slight nod for Fate to send the message off, in forty-eight hours his daughter will awake and the message will be delivered

“Be ready Fate, if the artifact is there that we seek, we will have to fight more than the blockade off to escape.” Silent said

“Statement: I am always ready Master.” Fate replied


The Astraeus slipped quietly from the hangar of the ISD Ascendancy, its external lights disengaged and its non-critical systems shut off. Dacien sat alone in the dark cockpit, relying primarily on years of pilot training and familiarity with his Upsilon-class shuttle to guide his hands over the controls. He set the ship on a course away from the main body of the Ascendant Fleet, which was rapidly closing on the local Collective Battle Group. If all went according to plan, the fleet would blast a path through the enemy and then attempt to funnel an invasion force through that hole. The Astraeus would make its own way, running silently and hoping that the Collective forces didn’t look too hard in their general direction.

Dacien keyed the ship’s intercom: “We’re in position away from the fleet, awaiting the signal. Everyone and everything should be strapped in securely now. Once we get the signal, things will get a bit…bumpy.” Dacien cut off the intercom with a slight grin on his face, knowing that none of them would really be prepared for what was coming. He closed his eyes and waited.

Only a few minutes passed before the shuttle’s sensors starting spitting out alerts. The fleet had engaged the Collective Battle Group and the landing craft were deploying for their harrowing assault on the surface. That was the signal. Dacien turned a knob to the left of the control stick, spinning up the main thrusters for one powerful blast. Then he keyed the intercom again and gave a simple warning: “Nobody throws up on my ship. Hold on.” He disabled the intercom and instantly pushed the throttle to full power.

The Astraeus jolted forward from a floating stop to its top speed in a matter of heartbeats, pushing Dacien back into his seat and forcing the air from his lungs. His head pounded from the pressure, his vision grew faintly reddish. The shuttle rocketed along its course, aimed directly at the planet Nancora. Dacien kept the same vector for several seconds, before making a slight adjustment to ensure they would track close to their target landing site in the Badlands.

After just ten seconds of full-power, Dacien cut the main thrusters entirely, leaving only maneuvering thrusters and life support functional. Silence reigned as Nancora loomed ever-larger in his viewport. Dacien reached out with the Force to feel the contours of the battle raging nearby. He could sense that it remained a pitched contest, neither side having taken decisive advantage yet. Good, he thought, they’re too busy to pay us any attention.

Suddenly the door to the cockpit slid open and Gaius walked in, taking a seat in the co-pilot’s chair and securing his straps. Dacien stared at him, eyebrow raised in expectation – they had all been warned about entering the cockpit without his express permission. Gaius gave him an acknowledging nod and perfunctory fist-to-chest salute and then sighed. “They bicker like children even though one of them is as old as dirt.” He scrunched up his face and continued without a breath. “And Brimzilla? What does that even mean? Will that strike fear into the hearts of our enemies?” He glanced over at Dacien and saw the Adept’s smirk.

“I don’t know, it has a certain ring to it,” Dacien offered.

Gaius stared at him flatly, then shook his head and turned his attention to the viewport in front of them. “Look, all I’m saying is…” a deep sigh, another shake of the head, “in my day the Sith were fearsome. They all had scary names and terrifying faces. Now they’re blue and give their droids funny nicknames.” He glanced back at Dacien and added, warily, “Not that you aren’t terrifying, my lord. You’re quite intimidating.”

Dacien grunted, then smiled and said, “Prepare to be terrified.”

He jerked the control stick hard to the left, then began firing the maneuvering thrusters seemingly at random while moving the stick through complex emergency maneuvers. With the main thrusters off and all stabilizers disabled, the combined effect of the erratic piloting was to send the Astraeus into a violent tumbling spiral towards the surface. Within minutes, they had hit the upper atmosphere, the shuttle continuing to fall seemingly out of control as the air around them ignited into the fire of re-entry. Now ensconced in atmosphere, the ship’s chaotic descent made a thundering roar clearly audible inside.

Dacien glanced over at Gaius, who was white as a sheet but had managed to keep his lunch down despite the constant rolling freefall. “If you’re wondering,” Dacien shouted over the din of their re-entry, “we look like fast-moving debris. That’s how we can get past them unnoticed. We’ll just sort of fall to our dooms, except, hopefully, I can regain control at the last second.”

Gaius slowly turned, his hair whipping wildly about his face, and stared incredulously at the Adept. “Hopefully?”

“I’ve never tried this before.” He shrugged. “Should work, I have a good feeling about it.”

The shuttle grew increasingly hot as they fell, the molten plasma outside baking the ship without any active shields to protect it. Dacien, sweat streaming down his face, continued to pilot the shuttle in spasms of motion, doing his best to make random adjustments to throw off enemy sensors. Suddenly the plasma disappeared, the heat beginning to abate – though slowly, given the roasting heat of the local star – and the landscape of Nancora becoming visible ahead of them.

Dacien knew he had only a small window to arrest their fall. He waited until the Force screamed at him that it was time. In that instant, he reactivated all systems, and rapidly toggled the maneuvering thrusters in an alternating pattern that swiftly stabilized the ship into an upright position. They were still rapidly descending, however. Dacien shunted extra power from weapons into the attitude thrusters, and pulled back slightly on the stick to redirect some of the reactivated main thruster energy into reversing their downward momentum.

It was a painfully slow few seconds as the surface ripped towards them. A mere 100 meters above sand-blasted desert, the Astraeus finally reached equilibrium, its thrusters overcoming the force of gravity and holding that altitude. Dacien reduced their forward speed as well, so that they were essentially hovering, and quickly checked his sensors. They were only slightly off-target, having come down about half a klick from their designated landing site. Dacien released a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, and then gently set the shuttle down, its landing gear sinking slightly into the sand of the Badlands.

He looked over at Gaius, grinning, “Shall we?”