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Team Members
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Kelly looked at the team assignment she’d been given. It was certainly an interesting bunch. “Abadeer, Tra’an, Furios, Azmodius and TuQ’uan,” she read the names aloud, though there was nobody to hear her. It would be an interesting matter logistically, as each of them had at least the use of a ship, whether through their position or private ownership. It was interesting that Abadeer’s name was at the top of the list but the rest didn’t follow any particular order. It appeared he had been given command of the group, no doubt due to his loyalty to Selika and position as Proconsul.

Kelly was disappointed, to say the least, she had told Selika about the artefacts of Darth Plagueis being held by The Collective and she wasn’t put in charge of recovering them? Well, the scrolls didn’t have to make it back to the clan. If she was lucky and nobody else knew what they were looking for, she would be able to take them for herself. Now she just had to find the rest of “Abadeer’s team.”

Azmodius saw his datapad light up with a message. * Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to function as part of a strike team of six Plagueians to recover artefacts said to have belonged to Darth Plagueis the Wise. This message will self-destruct in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,just kidding. Also by should you choose to accept it, I mean you have to, the Dread Lord said so.,* it was from Kelly, his Quaestor. Azmodius had done a good job of countering her selfish impulses during his time as Aedile and if he had to guess that was the main reason he’d been conscripted into this strike team. Another message flashed up. * Oh, by the way, you’ll be flying with me, meet me in the hangar when you’re ready, boy.* Azmodius respected Kelly, she had earned it, but it appeared the respect wasn’t mutual. Shaking his head in disgust, the Arkanian began making his way to the hangar bay. As he walked, he wondered who else would be on the strike team.

“Can the Taskmaster please report to the hangar bay, the Left Wing of Dread requires your presence immediately.” The announcement rang. TuQ’uan had little prior contact with Kelly, except that one time he was on a job and she came to stop him. * Still, what could she want me for now? We’re at war so I’m guessing it’s something pretty serious.* The Kel Dor took stock of the items he had with him. Once he had accounted for everything, he set off in the direction of the hangar. As he walked, TuQ’uan saw technicians working on various parts of the ship, they were preparing for something. Along with the message TuQ’uan figured it was some kind of assault. He hoped the cost wouldn’t be too high and that the mission would be successful. After all, he didn’t get paid for failed jobs.

Abadeer strolled towards the hangar, this was his first major operation since the conflict with the Geonosians, he had been captured then. This time, he was surrounded by strength that was largely equal to or greater than his own. The Infiltrator was the exception, but he had a particular set of skills that would come in handy. The haughty Sith wasn’t too fond of bringing him along, but Selika had told him it was important. Abadeer was to lead the team, though Kelly had been contacting the other members of the team as if she were in charge. Taasii would have to show his authority early on, he couldn’t have everyone trying to be the leader, that was his job. He found himself approaching the hangar from the west. The journey was largely uninteresting, then the Proconsul found Furios Morega, another member of his team. He gestured for the Epicanthix to walk with him. They talked about a great many things. Most notably, they discussed their mutual distrust of Kelly. Abadeer confided that was the major reason, but not the only reason, Furios was put in the group. The pair continued on their way to the hangar deep in conversation.

Tra’an Reith was different to the other members of the strike team he’d found himself on. But that was a good thing. Towering over the rest of them, the Kaleesh was supposed to be the heavy of the group. It wasn’t like the summit members couldn’t handle themselves in their own right, but as a di Plagia Tra’an had proved he could do so consistently. He didn’t plan on travelling with the rest of the group, he had his personal ship in the hangar, ready to go. He was more an exile from the summit these days, which made his inclusion a bit of an oddity. But he planned to just get on with it. He would likely find at least one of them to be more tolerable than others. TuQ’uan was then newest of them all, potentially the best bet. Through his mask, the Kaleesh looked out on the Ascendancy’s interior. He had just received a message to head to the hangar to meet up with the rest of the team. So that’s where he planned to go. He was used to the looks he’d got, being so tall and wearing his di Plagia signet ring made him quite noticeable, even among the visually different ranks of Plagueis. As he entered the hangar, having not been far from it when he’d received the call, he saw Kelly stood all by herself as the personnel of the Ascendant Fleet were working industriously to get everything ready.

Kelly looked out into the depths of space, the darkness of space was soothing. She felt a strong, dark presence approaching, it was Tra’an. She slowly turned to face the towering di Plagia, who seemed reluctant to be there. More bodies filed in as preparations ramped up, they would be leaving soon but most of the team had not yet arrived.


“The Demon of Florrum,” he said softly. “It is hard to believe that one such as you could deserve such a name and yet, appearances are deceiving among those who follow the ways of the Force.” His mask hid whatever expression he was wearing, with only the yellow eyes peering forth to give any hint to what might lay beneath.

Kelly Mendes said nothing, choosing instead to stare at the Kaleesh, eyes tight and calculating as she looked him over. Standing taller than the average human, she was almost of equal stature to his own, though certainly not of bulk. He grinned, enjoying her display of defiance without hostility. Nodding to her, he stepped forward and to the side, turning around to await the arrival of their other party members.

They did not have to wait long, as Furios Morega and Abadeer turned the corner. Furios stalked towards them, his robes swaying to reveal the hilt of his lightsaber in its accustomed place on the left hip. He nodded to them both, and moved to stand beside Tra’an. Their history stretched back many years, and they possessed a shared respect for the time they’d spent serving this clan.

Abadeer glided forward, quiet and intense as he stood beside Kelly after exchange nods of respect with her and Tra’an. Proud and regal in his robes, the Proconsul embodied his office, a symbol of authority in the Clan. With his impressive montrails, the Togruta was an impressive and imposing figure.

“… no I’m serious!” Azmodious’ voice could be heard from the corridor over the sounds in the hangar. The booming voice and raucous laughter enough to make all action come to a stop and turn to see who was so merry on the eve of battle. “The di Plagia are complete pricks. Utterly humorless and…” the next words died on his throat as he turned the corner with TuQ’uan and beheld the entire hangar bay looking at them as they entered. The Arkanian had the grace to blush, realizing that his indiscretion had been heard by some few hundred crew, and one of the aforementioned di Plagia himself, in the flesh.

Without further comment, they rushed over to stand before the others.

“Just because you’re not in the Circle anymore Azmodious, doesn’t mean I cannot task you with physical labor. If you survive this conflict, be assured that a reckoning will come for your words and disrespect,” Tra’an Reith said firmly. The hangar resumed normal operations, a couple of snickers being heard for the first minute or so.

“It seems we are assembled then. Has everyone read the briefing?” Tra’an inquired.


Tra’an’s soft yet imposing voice hung like a weight in TuQ’uan’s ears. He didn’t dare answer that question truthfully, not in his present company, and especially not after Azmodius had volunteered to make a fool of them both.

The Kel Dor couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread, being in such close proximity to such powerful Force users, the power of the Dark Side was near palpable. He only had the pleasure of meeting one member of this group before, and he didn’t have fond memories of that encounter. Finally snapping back to reality TuQ’uan simply nodded, he’d get caught up on the way there.

As if she could read his thoughts, Kelly turned her emerald gaze towards the Taskmaster.

“Would you care to summarize?” the icy cool tone held a hint of amusement.

“Well… I, uh, we…”

“You are not off to a good start, Varick. If we didn’t need you at full strength for this mission, I would teach you a well deserved lesson now,” Abadeer’s voice bellowed across the hanger, any remaining snickers died. “Azmodius, you, will be responsible for him.”

Without another word the Proconsul strode toward the awaiting transportation. The rest of the assembled team looked equally unamused with the mercenary.

One by one they filed past the stunned TuQ’uan without so much as a glance in his direction. Azmodius was the last to pass, he clapped the Taskmaster on the shoulder with much more force than the Kel Dor expected from his lithe body.

“Looks like you’re with me, sith spit, better keep up!” he laughed.

TuQ’uan turned to catch up to his new “friends”.


The team approached the di Plagia’s ship just as TuQ’uan had finished skimming the mission details. Azmodius took a moment to appreciate the aptly named Onyx for its impressive firepower and blacked out exterior before filing into the passenger hold with the rest of the strike team. The group stood motionless and quiet as the doors closed and the engine primed. The Arkanian glanced at each member as he took a spot next to his former master and pulled the flask from his holster, nudging Furios in an effort to break the tension. “Drink?” he softly spoke, letting the flask sway back and forth between his clawed fingers.

The towering Epicanthix raised a brow and reached for the drink. Taking a few sips of his pupil’s vodka, he let out a short breath before handing it back. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Abadeer’s voice contained the slightest hint of sarcasm as his eyes fixed on the Aedile.

“Well, yeah! I mean, why not?” Azmodius smiled as he turned towards the Togruta. “Can’t be too tense before a mission. Otherwise, mistakes are made, people get hurt, objectives failed. Right? Hey TuQ’uan, you seem like you could…” He paused mid speech as he turned to face the Taskmaster, having forgotten about the Kel Dor’s breath mask. “Uhhh…” Azmodius let out an awkward groan while Kelly snickered at her Aedile’s blunder.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m alright,” the taskmaster spoke, bracing his hand against a wall as the ship entered hyperspace.

“We should be exiting hyperspace just a few clicks outside the enemy’s scanners.” Tra’an called out from the cockpit as Abadeer stepped forward to address his team.


“Now that we all know the mission,” Abadeer glanced at the Taskmaster before continuing, “we don’t have long before we’ll come out of hyperspace and be among the enemy’s fleet. What we have going for us is that we aren’t the only ones. Preliminary intelligence suggests that all of the other clans will be sending teams to take possession of our artefacts. We cannot allow them to do so. While we don’t know exactly what we’re looking for, we should be able to feel the Dark Side radiating from it, even TuQ’uan. Unless you would like to share what you learned of them, Kelly?” The Dread Lord’s Wrath looked to the lone female on the ship. She had been the one to come forward with the information, but the general feeling was that she hadn’t told the whole truth. The rest of the strike team turned their eyes to the Human. Abadeer retook his seat preceding Kelly beginning to speak.

“No, I don’t believe there’s anything more you need to know. If I thought there was I’d have shared it already so you don’t get yourselves killed helping me take the artefacts for my- our clan.” Kelly almost blurted out the plan she’d been considering since gaining the information through her sources in the Inquisitorius. The scrolls would certainly allow her greater power, a power that could and probably would be misused if handed over to the Dread Lord. She could still feel the dagger-like eyes of her comrades piercing her skin. That minor slip, while caught, had still done some damage to how much the others were willing to trust her. Nervously looking around, Kelly scanned the ship for potential allies. Her Aedile had conflicting loyalties, so he wouldn’t work. Abadeer was loyal to Selika, removing him from the equation. Tra’an and TuQ’uan seemed to be the most likely collaborators. Of the two, Tra’an would be the most useful, but TuQ’uan the most likely to go along with it.


Tension filled the Onyx, TuQ’uan wasn’t sure if it was due more to the coming mission or the lack of trust evident within this group. He could really go for a taste of that drink Azmodius had offered him. Looking around the Kel Dor found it hard to read the room, without the Force that everyone here seemed to rely on so much he had no way to truly read his teammates intentions. So far the only thing that was clear was that he was among company he had better watch his back around, that and Kelly may be up to something, but as long as he still got paid, it didn’t bother him much.

Without warning the Onyx dropped out of hyperspace causing a minorly intoxicated Azmodius to sway just a bit.

“We’re here,” Tra’an informed the team, his yellow eyes scanning the Nancora system. A battle raged all around the planet itself, streams of red and green firing in both directions across the open space, accented with an explosion every now and then like an exclamation point on the chaos.

“Are you sure we can do this?” TuQ’uan inquired, a hint of trepidation sneaking into his voice.

Tra’an let out a growl at the idea of someone questioning his abilities.

“If you’re so worried, would you like to make yourself useful and take the weapon controls?”

Making his way towards the front of the ship as Tra’an made some, not entirely necessary, maneuvers TuQ’uan struggled to keep his balance. The taskmaster was having some serious problems staying out of trouble today. Kelly could be heard snickering as he passed by.

Tra’an leveled out the Onyx as TuQ’uan took the seat next to him at the weapons controls, hopefully he wouldn’t actually be needed here. The di Plagia began accelerating towards the ensuing battle pushing TuQ’uan back into his seat. As they sped across the battlefield Tra’an began dipping, diving and weaving more and more, keeping the Firespray class ship hidden in the chaos of the battle. TuQ’uan was going to avoid using the weapons as long as possible, no need to draw unwanted attention to themselves.

It was eerie how quiet a space battle could be when you were maintaining comm silence. The mercenary nearly jumped as an X-Wing shot straight up in front of them, narrowly avoiding a collision.

The ship’s moves were becoming more and more erratic, almost dizzying, but the Kel Dor seemed to be the only person to affected by the toned down inertial dampeners.

They were getting close, even from space the Badlands of Nancora were visible, somewhere down there was the artefact they were seeking. The rollercoaster ride had subsided, they were now headed straight at the planet and almost in the clear.

A flash of red passed by them just to the left, they had been spotted. The ship spun off to the left, narrowly avoiding the next set of shots as the pilot in pursuit adjusted their aim.

“Ready the concussion missiles,” Tra’an barked at the mercenary beside him.


“I said ready the concussion missiles, or are you deaf?!”

TuQ’uan did as he was told.

“Now wait for my mark,” the Kaleesh aimed them directly at an m50 cruiser up ahead beyond which lay their destination.

They were closing fast on the cruiser as the pilot in pursuit began landing their shots, the Onyx began to rock under the fire.

100 kilometres, 50, 20.


TuQ’uan released the conclusion missile behind them into a tractor beam of the m50 which Tra’an had skillfully avoided. Tra’an held the Onyx steady, the pilot attacking them opened fire not seeing the missile suspended between them, a red beam ripped through the missile causing an explosion to engulf the pursuer.

TuQ’uan let out a celebratory hiss, releasing a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

Having escaped their enemy attacker, Tra’an entered into Nancora’s atmosphere and aimed the Onyx for the Badlands. The friction of the atmosphere rocked the ship as they made their descension.

“They will be scrambling more fighters, get us out of the sky,” Abadeer’s commanding voice carried through the cabin.

Tra’an just responded by putting the Onyx into a deeper descent.

As the Badlands rushed up to meet them a squadron of starfighters could be seen just on the edge of the horizon.

The Kaleesh pilot scanned the area below for a suitable hiding place for the Onyx, only a few kilometres off their current trajectory was a spot that looked perfect, if not a little snug.

The Onyx changed direction slightly and transitioned to its landing configuration. With a thud, the Firespray class ship was firmly on the planet’s surface, the blacked out hull of the ship blending in with the wreckage of Nancora all around them.

Off in the distance the star fighters could be heard making their way towards the Plagueian team’s position.


The strike team unclipped their safety belts but were hesitant to disembark. The rapidly advancing squadron of patrol fighters would discover them if they were to leave the Onyx. This particular squadron had its weapons removed to allow for extra speed. Surveillance was its primary function, if there was a threat it would report and additional fighters would be dispatched. Kelly had seen it on her previous visits to Nancora, which is why she urged caution. After hearing the recon squadron zoom by overhead, the Plagueian strike team disembarked one by one.

Kelly stepped out last, looking around for anything to use as a reference point. She’d need some way to find her way back to the ship with the scrolls. Being at the back of the group also meant that she could avoid coming to harm should they be discovered before reaching the facility. Clambering out of the ruins, the Plagueians spotted a spire rising from deeper in the Badlands, only a few kilometres from their current location. Tra’an headed up the group as they set off towards the large building. The Badlands were the most inhospitable part of Nancora but the strike team soldiered on, they had to. There was no turning back now, to do so would be a sign of weakness, something none of the team believed they had in them.

Boots pounded the sand as the group attempted to get to the storage facility in as little time as possible. With sandstorms an ever-present threat, the less time spent outside the better. They were able to maintain a good pace, rotating who was at the lead of the group so nobody got too worn out. It wasn’t long before they reached the entrance to the facility. It was there TuQ’uan approached the door to see what kind of mechanism was keeping the door sealed.

Kelly was becoming impatient as the Kel Dor was taking his time, though the rest didn’t seem to mind. She almost threw lightning at him, but stopped herself, realising they’d be stuck outside if they didn’t get creative. The Human took to pacing for a few moments while the door opened. The group piled in and shut the door behind them.


They were inside, now the real work would begin. Abadeer took point for the search through the facility, using his connection to the Force to guide the team to the artefact that was oozing so much Dark Side power that even TuQ’uan could feel it hidden somewhere close by drawing him in.

They had encountered a surprisingly few amount Collective soldiers as they slowly made their through the facility, all of which they were able to easily able to avoid. Most of the team was able to use the Force to hide themselves from those they may encounter, the rest would need to utilize their stealth skills.

Abadeer had slowed their pace, they could all feel it, whatever it was exactly that they were sent to retrieve was just around the corner. Kelly pushed her way to the front of the group determined to be the first one to get their hands on the artefact. Furios reached out and put a hand on her shoulder to stop her, the human spun around, emerald eyes blazing, to see holding up a hand in caution. A lone guard stood between them and their goal, and this one they wouldn’t be able to sneak past. He nodded to Azmodius who pulled out a throwing dagger, took a breath, and stepped around the corner. Pulling the Force in around him, Azmodius took aim and threw the dagger, planting it firmly in the guard’s chest.

There was now only one door standing between the Plagueian team and their objective. It was TuQ’uan’s turn again. The mercenary removed the panel covering the door’s controls and plugged his datapad in. Slicing the system was exactly why he was brought along. With a click and a hiss they were in.

Kelly led the way in, eager to get her hands on scrolls that sat carefully on a table across the room. Whatever was on them was being carefully studied for exploitation.

“All this fuss over a few old pieces of paper?” the Taskmaster asked.