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[Clan Tarentum - Team Atlatl]


Decoding Message….+++…# to House Liath @*…–from Clan Tarentum Summit

Team Atlatl Patch

Team Atlatl Deep Dive

Great Jedi War XII: Run On - The Lost Artifacts of Darth Plagueis the Wise

Datapad Information

Full Report
Orbital Defenses (Battle Group Orias)
Badlands of Nacora Prime

Mission: You are a member of an Elite Strike Force assembled by your Clan to infiltrate Nancora Prime, rendezvous in the Badlands, and assault the Technocratic Guild’s compound. Your mission will require you to overcome enemy combatants, fortress security measures, and infiltrate one of the most heavily guarded and secure vaults in the Outer Rim. You mission will be complete once you turn the artifacts over to the Dark Council, claim their for your own, or destroy them for the good of the Universe.

Alternate Dark Side Hook: Knowledge is power. The Dark Brotherhood is a series of stepping stones until one reaches ultimate power. Your Clan’s agents within the Inquisitorious have uncovered the Grand Master’s priority message to retrieve the lost scrolls of Darth Plagueis. This is your Clan’s chance to seize the opportunity to secure the scrolls for their own possession and gain dominance over your enemies within the Brotherhood. You are authorized to engage Dark Brotherhood or Odan-Urr forces who are also seeking the artifacts.


Corellian Corvette Agony 2, Yridia System

Noises were abound, and footsteps and voices were practically filling the space on the bridge and all the planning rooms. The clan was on high alert, and that included House Liath. Xolarin was hitching a ride with his commander aboard one of their corvette cruisers, as the two were on call from the clan summit with the rest of the clan. The Collective had made a move, and it was the Brotherhood’s turn.

The noises were cut out from most of Xolarin’s conscious frontal thinking as he soaked himself in meditation and the Force. Reaching out amongst the many tendrils his mind could touch, waiting for a response, looking for unforeseen answers to aid their efforts - Xolarin’s sensory capabilities were amazing sometimes, an ability for which he was always thankful.

And as if the noises could not grow louder, a light klaxon flickered on to alert the officers on the Agony 2. Xolarin’s eyes shot open and he looked up at Adrestia. “My lady.” He paused dramatically, as if he was surprised by his next words. “Dolash!”

Approaching Nancora Prime

Not long after their Mystic friend Dolash had reported in, the Tarentae were on course for Nacora. Commander Rax had assembled a team to provide reinforcements for Dolash and Commander Ranarr, who had both already infiltrated the Collective’s main planet. But as they quickly found out, things were not as easy as planned. The artifacts sought in the Badlands were a bit more protected than initially thought. Under heavy defenses and trapped to a degree, the two compatriots requested an exfiltration. But that was not in the cards.

“I’m sending my best,” Commander Rax said in his stern tone. “To assist the best. We are not going to pull out of this mess. We’re going to finish the mission and get the artifacts to Sith for his own pursuits.”

The others looked on - the newcomer seer Xolarin, the grey politician Adrestia, the hardened warrior Lucifer, and the ever-experienced Dashade Frosty - as the Commander made his final words clear to them.

“We will not fail!”

Xolarin looked at his companions as they all immediately turned to head for the hangar bay. They had work to do, and they knew exactly what that was. The Agony 2 would be arriving near Collective space soon and they would be on their way in a small shuttle to the Badlands on Nancora Prime.

Following Adrestia’s lead, the three prepared for battle. Much of their mission would be subterfuge, and some of it would be technical. But they would undoubtedly face combatants, and one could bet the Technocratic Guild were ready.


Badlands of Nancora Prime


Dolash scanned the horizon as he leaned against a rock formation twice his height. His face peeked past it, studying the environment for the solar terminator. Long cliffs and craters provided relief from the sun. Dolash and Ranarr had become familiar with all the spots for shelter already. This was not their only concern on this sithspit excuse for a planet. If the environment failed to off them, then it might at least whittle their strength for the Technocratic army.

“Ranarr,” Dolash’s raspy voice made him realize the inside of his mouth was as dry as the terrain of Nancora. He took another sip from his flask. The Correllian whiskey dampened his throat. The burn hit the spot. He capped the flask and cleared his throat, “Another storm.”

Dolash noticed Ranarr had already been preparing to move. The Twi’lek had developed great respect towards the Cathar, whose survival abilities were deadly sharp. He was great for this kind of work, his ability to blend into this monotone environment and navigate its deadly surface. The dust that was already floating in the air was getting thicker and more aggressive as the storm came closer. They had to stay close or risk losing each other for an indeterminable amount of time. Being separated from each other now would be a sentence akin to death.

They understood the drill by now. They attached their safety rope to their belts, providing a counterweight and a method for finding the other if a worst case scenario occurred. The air became harsher as it picked up sand and clay from the ground. The duo lifted their hoods as they rushed towards their cave. It was the perfect shelter in relation to its proximity to the Technocrat’s compound and the entrance elbowed allowing the Tarenti to surprise any trespassers.

The wind grew stronger as the rocks and sand whipped them harder and harder. Dolash grimaced, Did I miscalculate my timing? No… this storm’s stronger than the previous one and was moving faster than I had expected.

As they climbed onto the swoop and tried to start it, the engine sputtered. Ranarr revved it again, and again, and again, but the engine still would not turn over. Ranarr turned to Dolash, “You’re the mechanic — fix it!”

Dolash looked back at the thick dust wall and scanned the engine. The noise made him suspect a loose connection. With a quick adjustment he shouted, “Try it now!”

Dolash could not hear the engine start over the roaring of the winds. Ranarr motioned for the Mandalorian to board. As he did however, a strong gust of wind lurched him forward and fell short of the swoop bike as Ranarr throttled forward. The swoop bike dragged Dolash. He pressed the emergency release lever, and the taut rope slackened as he jumped up and ran towards a nearby crater. It wasn’t ideal protection for a storm but he would have to weather it. Ranarr was a survivor, Dolash wasn’t worried about him.

As Dolash laid flat within the crater, he checked himself for injury. Some bruises and blood, but nothing serious. Releasing the safety line before it shredded him against the abrasive surface was one of those ‘I can’t believe that worked’ moments. He was shaking just thinking about. The ground beneath him shifted.

“Uh oh.” He managed to choke out.

As the earth crashed in, the mauve Twi’lek flailed to recover but to no avail. He seemed to fall 20 feet at least. Falling on the sand reduced the severity of the impact but it still hurt. It was dark and dank in here but in the distance he could make out a light. He rose as he attempted to gain his bearing, looking up to see a small man-sized hole he had been unfortunate enough to fall through. His eyes scanned his surroundings as he scowled. Well, I guess I’ll go to the light.

Dolash slid down the mound of sand, granules spinning on top of one another propelling him forward. As he hit the stationary ground made of stone, he felt his momentum force him in a forward tumble. The sensation reminded him of the moving stairs he would ride as a child. Oh right, I need to report in to the Commander!

“Commander Ranarr,” Dolash waited for the other end of the line to open to no avail. He continued anyway, “I am underground, attempting to find a way out.”

Dolash proceeded towards the light, which he recognized as a tunnel as he approached closer. As he progressed further through the tunnel he continued to hail the Commander, “Ranarr, sir, come in.”

The commlink only crackled though as Dolash recalled Ranarr didn’t have a commlink.

“Kriffin’- ugh!” He hissed under his breath, taking interest in a sudden grunt further along in the tunnel. Last resort then. Dolash pressed his commlink, switching frequencies to HQ Command. “This is ManDo requesting immediate exfil. Target location is way too hot with tango Charlie’s and I am separated from the Commander without means of communication. Repeat, ManDo requesting immediate exfiltration.”

The commlink speaker crackled in response. “Farkin’ thing’s broken.”

The same grunt from earlier responded to Dolash’s voice. He wasn’t alone. Come on Commander, I’m up bantha poodoo creek. I need your help.


Nancora badlands

In the direction of the city

A sky-high, massive building was the only point of orientation they had in the badlands. Although Ranarr had gone through the intelligence reports of Nancora, as he always does before heading out, he couldn’t make up if it was Faron or Axio they were heading for. But either way, out of the badlands was the right direction.

The Cathar skilfully maneuvered the swoop bike through the rubble and remains of a once glorious civilization, eyes on target and still unknowing of the lost of his partner.

“We’re making good progress,” grinned Ranarr. “If we can keep this up we’ll be on location soon and finish the mission before the others arrive.” Commander Kul always focused on the mission, but blasting through the desert kind of set him in a more relaxed state.

“You know, this place kind of reminds me of home… or well, what was left of it after the Mandalorians came. Underneath this cool and hardened appearance lays more then you know Dolash,” sighed Ranarr while looking behind him. “Dolash!!! So much for the sentiment…”

Underneath the surface

Dark, damp, and slightly disturbing. Two directions to possibly take: deeper into the tunnel or towards the light and, definitely, the creature in between him and the exit. Decided to keep moving in the direction he’d already taken, with every step Dolash took he sensed, clearer and clearer, a dark presence.

In the direction of the city

Even without his companion, Commander Kul decided to keep going. “What’s that?” Ranarr looked up and noticed a ship. The Cathar swiftly steered his bike in between some ruins and hid. “I don’t want them to know I’m here.” As the ship moved closer Ranarr recognized the vessel and moved out of hiding. “Reinforcements have arrived!”


Badlands of Nancora Prime


Lucifer was meditating in the hold of his ship, Mors Deus, as the storm raged outside when he heard his commlink system crackle to life. “Co…and…er……Ra…nar…” His eyes opened as he recognized the voice of from transmission as Dolash. “Th…is…Ma…n…Do…exf…ill…tra…tion….” Lucifer could tell that Dolash needed back-up quickly as he swiftly stood up and moved into the pilot seat, switching on all controls necessary for takeoff as well as what he needed to pin point the general location of Dolash.

Mos Deus’s engines hummed softly before flaring to life. Lucifer activated and spoke into his commlink system as his ship lifted off and he began flying towards the last known location of Dolash. “Dolash, this is Lucifer. I am heading in your direction, please reply with possible pick-up location.”

In direction of Dolash

Lucifer glared out towards his viewport at the storm as it was making it hard to get a pin pointed location of Dolash. Flipping off the scanner, Lucifer closed his eyes and began to reach out with the Force in hope of feeling any presences nearby as well as his comrade. However, he did not expect the reason he would sense Dolash’s presence so quickly was due to the dark presence he felt.

Roughly 20 meters West of Dolash

Lucifer landed his ship, moving swiftly to the ramp and opening it as he used the Force to try and reach out to Dolash to let his comrade know he had arrived to back him up as well as extract him.


Unfamiliar City, Near Underground Entrance
Badlands of Nancora Prime

The Mors Deus was in a wait-state on the surface of Nancora. The onslaught of Brotherhood and Tarentum forces in the system allowed them to get down to the Badlands fairly easily. Lucifer’s piloting and their guidance and intelligence led them to where they needed.

Xolarin looked at Adrestia and then Frosty in turn, all three exchanging nods. As soon as the comm signals came in from their friends, the three would leave the ship near Ranarr and Lucifer would continue on to Dolash. It was not an even split, but it was the best plan.

Moments later

Xolarin gave another nod as Lucifer opened the hatch, letting the three out. The Fallen Knight had sensed no immediate danger where they were, and yet they would not be far from where they thought Ranarr had gone underground. Xolarin let his masters go first, but they all landed safely, with the Mors Deus scooting onward.

He glanced around, pulling his hood closer to his face to break some of the dusty wind. No wonder Ranarr went underground, thought Xolarin - it was miserable out here. But they had to proceed, at least to where Ranarr was. Xolarin pointed after pausing for a moment, deeply connected to the Force and to Nancora at this point. “Over there,” he said in his typical low, monotonic voice.

The three went up over one of the hills and found a gap in the ground, presumably where the Caithair had gone. Xolarin paused again and slowly nodded. “Yes.” And they could all sense it at this time - the inevitable presence of their beloved and respected Commander. Of course they also began to feel the dark presence like the men they came to aid.

Xolarin jumped down and looked around. While he had left his droid Dina behind on Eden, he did bring his goggles, which he slid on at this point to help his already-exception sensory abilities. “Creatures,” he said back over his shoulders, hearing his companions enter the pit as well.

It was at that moment that alarms went off in all of their heads. “Ranarr’s just over here,” said Adrestia.

“And we have multiples, I fear,” came the voice of Frosty.

Xolarin stopped and paused like always, closing his eyes, slowing his breathing, putting the apparent dangers out of the front of his mind, focusing on their mission. That was why they were there - to assist Ranarr and Dolash, and to get into the Technocratic Guild. The other two would recognize what was going on here, as Xolarin the Human Radar got to work. And what seemed like long moments only took a matter of seconds.

“We must move forward,” said the Knight finally. “Ranarr is there, but so is an entrance to something big, something we want.”

“So is the darkness,” remarked Adrestia, commander of their team and ultimately responsible for their safety and the mission as well.

Xolarin nodded, coming out of his focused meditation. “Aye,” he said simply, moving forward.


Unfamiliar City, Near Underground Entrance
Badlands of Nancora Prime
35 ABY

Frosty moved forward, somewhat dangerously down the rocky incline leading to the mouth of the cave. If you watched him closely he did stumble once or twice, resulting from the sheer speed with which the Dashade was making his way down the stone path. But his movements were practiced, confident and precise. Adrestia and Xolarin followed behind but were much more awkward and hap hazard. They stumbled more than they stepped but managed not to fall.

In turns one of the three would move forward, find cover and then they would take a defensive position so they could provide cover fire for their comrades. The next person moved forward in an identical manner, out in front of the first person and then they would do the same. The third person simply repeated this action again. It was the safest and most protected way to move, but it was also agonizingly slow. Were a professional soldier present they would probably know to refer to this method of travel as bounding overwatch but to Adrestia and Xolarin it was simply the least terrifying way to get to the cave.

Frosty was the first to reach the cave but stopped at the mouth. Instead of going into the cave or seeking cover as he had been doing up until this point, he spun around, brought his Bo-rifle into the ready position and starred into the open ground, clearly expecting danger. Adrestia and Xolarin noticed this and instead of continuing their previous leapfrogging pattern, both simultaneously broke into an all out run toward the relative safety of the cave.

The first shots were fired as Adrestia and Xolarin crossed through the mouth of the cave and inside. Forsty fired rounds that made the enemy slow their pursuit even as he ducked out of the way of a few of their shots/ He moved backwards, his rifle still pointing toward the enemy as he followed his House Summit into the cave. Adrestia and Xolarin still at a dead run and nearly collided with the man they had come to rescue.

“Wow, slow down” the overwhelmed Cathar said as the three came rushing into the cave”

“Find good solid cover and get ready to throw down. We have an unknown number of hostiles headed our way!” Adrestia ordered as she hit the hard ground with an oomph and pointed her DL-21 blaster pistol at the mouth of the cave. With her off hand she loosened and Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenade that was hanging on her belt, in anticipation of the fight ahead. .

“Just another day at the office” Xolarin smiled quipped as everyone found cover and moved into defensive positions. Ranarr merely grunted in response while Frosty looked at the new Aedile disapprovingly.


The Land Down Under
Badlands of Nancora Prime
35 ABY

The shadows are my allies and my mind is my weapon.
My mind is mine even deep in these mines.
I am deep within my enemy but do not fear failure.
Failure is my middle name.
Just kidding, it’s Djikstra.
Oh, he’s getting closer!

The sedentary Gray Jedi always ended up on tangents. In his defense, sitting in a corner and using the Force to hide was boring. He watched as the soldier stepped within the killzone. As he adjusted the bracer on his wrist, the illusion dissipated.

Wow, his armour is so cool looking!

Unfortunately, the shock of finding an assassin down here did not present the advantage Dolash had expected. He swung his fist underneath the chin, intending to penetrate the underweave of the armor there. The soldier was fast though. As the Liathan intended to strike the killing blow, Technocrates seemed opposed to the idea. The armor clad techno-warrior was big and knew how to take advantage of that. Too big to dodge the punch, but not too big to drop a shoulder and tackle the Twi’lek to the ground.

Dolash grunted, rolling behind a console that had been long since abandoned. Did I seriously underestimate this di’kut(1)? No wait, I’m the di’kut!

Frustrated, the Tarenti punched the console he had fallen behind. The cold metal was unrelenting to the punch.

That’s it!

Dolash extended his gloved hand, fingers extended out. Tracing an imaginary path, the Gray Jedi summoned the Force, lifting the console up and using it to slam into the techno-warrior. The console was large and heavy and pinned him against a wall but it did not disable him. Technocrates tried to wrap his arms around the console, attempting to remove it from himself but to no avail. Dolash used the force again and removed the console from the soldier who took the reprieve to reach for something on his belt. No such luck, however.

The aggressive force user launched the console again. It slammed back against the trooper with a resounding breaking sound. The force of it broke through the wall behind him and caused him to fall backwards upon the ground. Dolash released the heavy console and summoned the Force to launch into a hurdle. He landed upon his opponent without giving them any chance to regain composure. Using the built-in quick release, he slid his blade underneath their chin back towards the brain stem. He recognized the sudden slackening of defeat and sheathed the hidden blade.

Suddenly, Dolash felt a terrifying chill strike the center of his back. He felt his muscles clench as if every instinct was forced into high alert. “Greetings, little Liath soldier.”

A angry voice appeared from nowhere, startling the Mandalorian Gray Jedi and causing him to drop into fighting stance. Dolash turned, cautiously apprising the newcomer who had managed to sneak up on him. That was when he realized the owner of the voice probably wasn’t angry. It’s just how he happened to sound. “Oh, Master Frosty, when did you get here?”

The Dashade was naturally a dangerous opponent, and made even more powerful through the darkside. The Gray jedi had read the dossier on all of his more “sadistic” brethren and knew this one helped comprise the elites of Tarentum. Despite the Mandalorian’s obstinance, he valued self preservation too and chose his words carefully. None of that mattered though.

Frosty grunted and his head dropped in acknowledgement before returning to eye level. Dolash must have looked foolish with his mouth agape as the big, scary predator almost seemed to guffaw. With a practiced eye, the Reaver seemed to study Dolash. The awkward Twi’lek shut his mouth and tried to look tough. However, the big red guy seemed to see something, what it was, Dolash did not understand. “Interesting.”

Dolash stared, unsure how to respond. The Dashade spoke once more, “The others come. I go. Goodbye, little soldier.”

Just like that, Frosty left. His movements telegraphed what Dolash had already known, but seeing it cemented the concept. Frosty Romanae Tarentae is very dangerous. Suddenly, the sound of blaster fire down the hallway on the other side of the busted wall roused him from his revery. Dolash followed the sandstone corridor, looking for anything useful. He followed it to a small group of soldiers nestled behind cover and shooting. As Dolash surveyed the scene further, he recognized fellow Tarenti under duress by the shooters.

Four soldiers, all distracted. Dolash, approaching from behind. It was time to break the stalemate. The Guardian adherent reached for his blade, pressing the ignition switch which revealed a blade of pure azul. Rushing forward, he slashed his blade horizontally, cutting into both soldiers crouched behind a makeshift rampart.


The Twi’lek glanced towards the voice and waved. “Hey, long time no see!”

He did not know who had addressed him but assumed since they knew his name they were his allies from Tarentum. He couldn’t figure it out in time as the remaining soldiers realized they were being ambushed. One soldier adjusted his aim towards the new threat. As blaster fire rained down upon him, Dolash dropped behind the makeshift cover. With his loudest voice he shouted, “Uhhh, guys, any help here?”

At least now the soldiers were fully flanked in a tunnel with Dolash behind them and the main group in front of them. Dolash shouted again, “Let’s do something cool and take these guys out!”

di’kut - fool, idiot, useless individual


Unfamiliar City, Near Underground Entrance
Badlands of Nancora Prime

Lucifer glanced over his shoulder, slowing down his ship, as he watched, Xolarin, Adrestia and Frosty jump from his ship, once seeing they had landed safely, Lucifer hit the switch to close the ramp and sped off in the direction of Dolash.

Land Above Dolash
Badlands of Nancora Prime
35 ABY

Lucifer landed his ship on the ground, near the point he felt Dolash was. He switched off all the non-essential controls and grabbing his equipment, he moved out of the cockpit to the ramp and punched in a code only known to the members of the team for this assignment. The ship’s computer registered the code and lowered the ramp, which immediately closed upon Lucifer’s descent from the ship.

He stopped and closed his eyes as he reached out with the Force to give him a general direction of where to find Dolash. Following the pull of the Force, Lucifer moved in a Westward approach until he found an entrance into the underground systems.

Without hesitation Lucifer moved into the entrance at a slow and quiet pace, taking a Lightsaber into each hand as he reached out with the Force, calling to Dolash to inform him that Lucifer had arrived as backup.

Sensing several individuals scattered throughout the cave systems near him, Lucifer sensed the death of someone near him and immediately began to move in the direction that the sense of death was coming.


The Land Down Under
Badlands of Nancora Prime
35 ABY

Adrestia crouched behind cover, her ears ringing from the unexpectedly loud sounds of the blaster fire as it was unleashed. Unlike her Master, Etah, Adrestia had seen very little combat in her life. She felt like every movement she took, every millisecond that passed, was an eternity unto itself. Every loud blaster sound reverberated in her ears. She wanted to act but she felt paralyzed. She realized this feeling was fear and then her cheeks blushed in embarrassment, at the realization that she had succumbed to fear.

“What would Etah think?” she said to herself. “How would the lord of terror feel about my cowardice?” She wondered to herself.

“Courage is not a lack of fear, courage is action in the face of fear,” her master’s voice skipped across her mind as mere moments strung together, stretched infinitely.

She didn’t know to call the effects she was experiencing aural and visual occlusion. These were common in loud combat situations. She pointed her blaster pistol around the corner, toward the enemy as they entered the area. She let out several shots, none of which were aimed and none of which actually hit the enemy.

“Lay down a base of fire” Etah barked in the back of her head.

“Suppressive fire!” Adrestia yelled and continued pressing her trigger. Her pistol was modified with vents so that the pistol could fire more rapidly. But it also ate through ammunition quicker. The only drawback was eating through ammunition quicker. She dropped a spent gas canister from her DL-21, fit another one into her pistol and continued laying down a base of fire.


Underneath Technocratic Guild Compound
Badlands of Nancora Prime

“Supresive fire?” thought Xolarin. These were the last words that came out of his still-newish master before she darted off in the direction of the enemy. She was brave, but this was brazen and a bit careless. That said, it was necessary. They were now found, and klaxons would be sounding anytime now, and they needed to act fast. Her move was smart.

The Dark Jedi could not fire weapons well and thus he did what he could. With Ranarr taking the backup guarding the way out, and Dolash now finally caught up to the group, Xolarin had to get to work. Of course they could use Lucifer now as well - they just did not know he was right above them at this very moment.

The time had come and they needed to act, and Xolarin did just that. He ran out after Adrestia, igniting his lightsaber to try to poorly-block any blaster bolts and also protect himself in any melee situations. Hopefully it would not come to that. He closed his eyes a few steps, focusing on the events unfolding… or about to. He switched his path several times, sensing the blaster fire headed his way.

The fallen Jedi almost caught up to Adrestia and opened his eyes, planting his feet. “Heads up, Master,” he said, as she gave a quick nod, still firing her blaster. At a guess, she was running low on ammo and would need to use her lightsaber. Xolarin could help with that.

He breathed deeply, and then exhaled and extended hit left hand, both abruptly and with a barely-audible kiyup. What came from that was a broad swath of Force energy shooting out in an arc in front of he and Adrestia, knocking the front enemy over and a few others off balance. It was perfectly timed and focused in the direction they needed.

Xolarin grinned as he looked at his results, but he had no time to spare. He reached down and grabbed the Ion grenade on his belt, enabled it, and tossed it as far as he could. The Jedi did not have the best arm, but it got where it needed to. As the blast went off, a concussion of energy could be felt by anything electronic within a short range. The Technocratic guards and soldiers all managed to fumble a bit, their cybernetic implants and attachments, as well as their weapons, ceasing to work.

Xolarin squinted as he looked ahead. The turbolift was right before them, and the fallen soldiers made a near-clear path to it. The team still had work to do, but now they could get up to where the artifacts were.


The turbolift ride up was quiet, everyone filled with adrenaline induced anxiety, ready for whatever stood poised against their collective force. Dolash shifted his posture uncomfortably, the scavenged metal in the turbolift was cold to the touch. He still had no idea who the people in the turbolift were. Other than Ranarr, but then, did he really know him? Then, of course, there was the random lady who the former intelligence agent turned Mandalorian Tarenti discerned was Adrestia. Xolarin had been there at the mission briefing.

Then there was the hot one. Dolash eyed the Zeltron up and down. He had been the one who called out for the mauve Twi’lek’s attention earlier. The brazen Mandalorian, with a shit eating grin turned his entire attention to the Zeltron.

“Thanks for the save back there,” Dolash winked emphatically. The Inquisitor cloaked man merely grunted in response. Unabashed, Dolash continued, “Don’t talk much? That’s okay. That shows wisdom which comes from experience. I love experienced men.”

Dolash wasn’t sure but it almost looked like a smirk formed on the man’s face. Yeah… I am pretty funny. At the same time a barely audible groan was emitted but he wasn’t sure from who. Suddenly he heard Xolarin pipe up, “How much higher does this thing go?”

“Well, we were in some sort of underground basement.” Ranarr purred as Dolash pulled out some string.

Dolash waved the string in front of Ranarr, watching his face repress the urge to snatch it or probably just annoyance. “Aren’t all basements underground?”

Before anyone could respond to him, Dolash realized something about the Inquisitor garbed Zeltron. “If you have lightsabers, why didn’t you wield either of them earlier?”

Suddenly the turbolift lurched, its creaky door rose rather unceremoniously. Then another sound…

“Uh guys, I think we were expected…,” Dolash spoke sullenly.

“Take cover!” Adrestia dove for her corner, blaster poised to fire. The rest of the makeshift team of Tarenti followed her lead, Dolash scrambling to Lucifer’s corner. No blaster fire, grenades, nothing. Dolash could not sense anything either.

“We know your objective at this facility. We are currently transporting the artifacts to another off-site location. You have lost, and your strike team will be defeated unless you surrender.” Dolash peeked through the grate at the bottom of the turbolift, barely able to get a glance of the man speaking. He was flanked by a squad of Technocrat soldiers, each one as armed and lethal as the last. Dolash signaled Xolarin and then pointed towards his belt as he mouthed the word, grenade.

Xolarin nodded his approval. The Aedile glanced at each of his team in turn, assuring their confidence in the plan but each one appeared to acquiesce. If they were offloading the artifacts, time was of the essence. Xolarin acted with honed professionalism, releasing the grenade from his fanny pack, activating it and taking aim effortlessly before lobbing the electromagnetic pulse grenade. As the blast rocked the turbolift, they strike team launched out each taking their own target with lethal execution.

As the cyborgs were dispatched with ease, Dolash watched as the Devaronian cyborg’s arm dropped his blaster. Good, that was probably his strong hand.

Dolash quickly reached for his blaster, intending to shoot the horned, green skin enemy.

“Quick draw!” Dolash shouted with bravado as he watched his enemy use his other arm, the organic one, launch forward and disarm the blaster from Dolash’s hand. Not one to be easily taken aback, the Mandalorian Twi’lek sweeped his leg and struck the Devaronian in his own legs, forcing him to tumble down. With unparalleled speed, Dolash grabbed the falling Devaronian’s head and redirected it into his own knee. That should do it.

It didn’t, though. The cyborg grabbed and yanked Dolash down with him. Hard, too. Dolash felt the air forced out of him as he slammed the pock marked, scavenged metal floor. He heard someone shout, “Dolash, you alright?”

Summoning the force with all of his might he shouted, “Yeah, go on without me! The mission takes priority!”

Dolash tried kicking at the Devaronian, forcing him away from himself long enough to regain composure. “This guy can’t beat me, don’t worry!”

Too late, they had already departed without him and didn’t hear his reassurance anyway. They didn’t need him anyway. He was expendable and perhaps had harmed the clan’s cause more than not. He felt a massive blow on his chin, the strike of cold, hard metal. He felt something pop as his vision flared in and out. Tarentum was stronger now. They were a far cry from their glory days, but Dolash knew the truth. Right now, they had the potential to surpass even then. Another strike.

Dolash couldn’t force the enemy off of himself. The guillotine was impenetrable and Dolash felt himself losing consciousness. They would be alright without him. At least he had seen them before dying. Each one was a hero in his eyes. The pressure on his neck grew tighter and it felt like his head was going to explode. His vision flashed one more time. His last thought resonated repeatedly in his mind.

Tell… tell… tell uh… tell… tellum… telecommunication companies will ruin this galaxy. Kriffin’ technocrats.


Underneath Technocratic Guild Compound
Badlands of Nancora Prime

Lucifer could sense that Dolash needed help but he also knew that the mission took priority. Drawing upon the Force, Lucifer reached out to touch the mind of the Devaronian, causing it to feel the terror of its own fears welling up. In that moment of fear, the Devaronian loosened it’ grip enough for Dolash to regain his bearings and turn the tide of the fight on his enemy.

Sensing that Dolash was okay, Lucifer took a Lightsaber into each hand he ran ahead of the rest of the group well calling out to them. “I will open the path for you all, complete the mission!” Waiting to activate both Lightsabers until he came around the bend in the tunnel, Lucifer used the shock of two Lightsabers activating to cut down the first line of enemy soldiers before they even knew what had happened.

Once the first squad of enemy soldiers lay dead, deactivating his Lightsabers Lucifer continued pushing forward with the others until they reached a small underground hanger, unfortunately guarded by several more squads of soldiers. “It was a pleasure to serve next to you all, may the Force guide you well. I will hold them off well you use a speeder to reach the objective.

Knowing what he would do next would likely kill him, Lucifer let a calm voice whisper through his mind, “Remember who you are, my son…”, Once the whisper ended he reached deep within himself to call upon the Force to terrorize the minds of the soldiers before him, though it did not do much to slow them, it did enough. Activating both Lightsabers and letting his rage over take his senses, Lucifer began to cut into all who stood before him even as several blaster shots skimmed the side of his right leg and his ribs on the left side.

Xolarin jumped into the driver seat of the nearest speeder with the rest of the group in tow, starting it up and taking off to retrieve the Relics.

Hearing the hum of the speeders engines die away as it sped off, Lucifer gave into the Dark Side and giving a roar of a that would match that of a challenging beast, he fought until every last enemy was dead. Laying on his back, deactivated Lightsabers clutched in his hands, he lay bleeding from the multiple wounds from the fight. Sensing a presence loom over him, he only smiled as he blacked out, not knowing it was not an enemy standing to finish him off but Dolash.


Xolarin and Adrestia stood the ramp leading to the belly of the VT-49 that her Master Etah owned and her wife Themis piloted, as the Decimator ascended into the sky over Nancora Prime and away into space.

There were several tense moments in the mission, several twists and turns where nothing went right but in the end the Tarenti soldiers of House Liath delivered.

“Do you think they made it out,” Xolarin said shattering the heavy silence.

“There’s always a chance. Those kids are tough and resourceful,” Adrestia responded not really believing what she said.

“So we did abandon them there to die?” Xolarin asked the moral quandary apparent in the former Jedi’s voice.

“My master Etah was a soldier of the Empire. A Colonel, served from the time of the Clone Wars. He always says duty comes first. To us that means duty to our Clans. Dolash and Lucy knew what they were getting into,” Adrestia answered a little more confidently.

The computer blipped as Adrestia and Xolarin approached the bridge. “Call for you” Themis said impersonally.

“Put it on the view screen,” Adrestia requested.

Adrestia’s master Etah appeared. A pang of fear shot through her, that man could terrify her with a look.

“You appear to have lost something” Etah said gravely before a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He nodded toward two bacta tanks. Adrestia squinted, just barely making out the forms of Dolash and Lucifer. “You can retrieve these two from the flag ship,” Etah informed his apprentice before the monitor went dim.

“I guess they made it,” Xolarin said, looking more energetic than he did before.

“I guess they did,” Adrestia replied half grinning.