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[Clan Tarentum - Team Familia Di Morti] [GJW XII Run-On]


This is the lead post for Team Familia Di Morti of Clan Tarentum.

Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn #14400 CS Snapshot

  • Aedile of House Mortis
  • Apprentice of Solas Night-Thorn

Hades #8596 CS Snapshot

  • Admiral of Tarentum’s Navy
  • Master to Solas Night-Thorn and Grandmaster to Tahiri and Blackhawk

Blackhawk #14299 CS Snapshot

  • Member of House Liath
  • Apprentice of Solas Night-Thorn

Solas Night-Thorn #13525 CS Snapshot

  • Member of House Mortis
  • Apprentice of Hades

Magik #14037 CS Snapshot

  • Member of House Mortis

Rules and Details:


Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn sat near one of the left side view ports of the Nihilus I, a Civilian Star Courier shuttle, seeing the outer edges of the city filter out into the desert that was known as the Badlands. Every bit of information she could get from the Inquisitorious and the clan reports was every bit beneficial. A wealth of information for sure, defense and weapons systems of the Collectives’ cities; where troops and armaments were; the Technocratic Guild in general, especially where it concerned the head of the organization, Guildmaster Daggo Mouk; and info on others within the guild. However, for this mission the main focus was that these were some of the people who were attacking the clans and wanted to get rid of all Force users. There was also the special extra benefit that they had something that could prove to be very helpful to Tarentum, and the Brotherhood in time.

It had been bit nerve wracking for her when they flew through the blockade, the code they had received worked, though there was still the matter of what awaited them on the planet of Nancora Prime. Since contacting the guild through a third party about their ‘unique’ cargo, they had gone through three different people in order to finally getting the privilege of this meeting on Nancora Prime. “A chance to buy such a unique and priceless relic, shouldn’t be done through third parties. I will sell only in person, and only with the people who wish to buy,” Hades had said, in the simplest of ways, to the people the guild had sent to negotiate a price.

As she watched the teeming Faron city fly by beneath her, Tahiri absent mindedly adjusted the necklace she was wearing. It wasn’t the normal necklace she usually wore, especially going into a battle. Instead it was a simple, but elegant, silver tiered necklace, bedecked with dark forest green gems accented along the edges with tiny clear gems. It had been a birthday gift from her Masters’ master, Hades. The necklace fit, not only with the part she now played in a larger picture of the current event now unfolding, but also with the colorful layer of cloth that concealed her assassin’s garment and weapons beneath.

Turning her gaze from the viewport, Tahiri surveyed the rest of the group with her. Her Master, Solas Night-Thorn, arms crossed over his chest lounged casually across from her, his pure white hair a stark contrast to his black attire. Solas looked to be at peace, though Tahiri knew the madness that dwelt within him, as evident by the grin on his face when she had gathered the group together. Beside her sat Hades, the Admiral of Tarentum’s Navy, tranquilly assessing the plan over and over in his head. Hopefully this plan goes flawless. If not, I’m glad we have backup, either way we’ll deal a good blow to these Collective scum who dared to take on the Brotherhood and Tarentum, she thought as she looked from one to the other, then back to the viewport, as the shuttle began to land in one of the many hangers of Faron city.

Once the shuttle landed, Hades stood up, stretching a little as he did and then turning to her held out his hand. “Shall we?” Hades asked with a confident smile.

Tahiri gazed up at him, returning the smile with a twinkle in her sulfuric eyes, replying, “Yes, we shall.” Taking his offered hand, she rose to her full height, a mere 5 ft. 3in. Solas looked over with the same piercing yellow sulfur eyes, and then straightened his jacket as he stood to escort them down the ramp. Standing together, both men towered a full foot and more above Tahiri, as though they were the towers and she the keep.

Before the shuttle’s durasteel ramp began to lower, Tahiri quickly and quietly asked, “Okay, so everyone knows their part of the plan, and the backup in case things go south fast, correct?” A quick nod from both men confirmed that each knew his part, and the backup plan. She wondered how the other half of the group was fairing.


Come on Blackhawk thought. It had been five days since he had “joined” the collective. The intense training regiment was designed for combat against Force users. It was lucky for Blackhawk and Magik that the collective had no Force user monitoring the academy.

Now, he was running an obstacle course. He had done this enough times in the previous days since his arrival that he had practically memorized the course. A quick hop to his left placed him out of the path of some flying debris, a vault over a short barrier allowed him to duck out of blaster fire, and the man with a vibrosword received an uppercut to the chin almost as soon as he had revealed himself.

“Very good Kcalb” the instructor praised,using the fake identity that Blackhawk had given during recruitment. If anyone were to check, they would find a disgruntled former soldier of the Iron Legion,who had been issued several reprimands and command disciplines for mild infractions before abandoning his post for a different life.

“Thank you, sir,” the Clawdite responded. This kind of banter had become commonplace in his life as a collective soldier. He and Magik had successfully infiltrated the Collective and were now getting their attention through the higher than average success they were having. Hopefully, their mission would soon be complete,and the Collective’s tomes of knowledge would be crippled. If all went well, the knowledge of Darth Plagueis would be theirs. But first, someone needed to get access to the artifacts.
Soon he thought. Either he or Magik would get access eventually.


“Training as Collective recruits went well, Blackhawk,” Magik was anxious as the two Tarenti had now been put in charge of monitoring the control room on The Badlands, Nancora Prime. During training they managed to climb the ranks and were now trusted officers within The Collective. As they were being escorted through camp to the command room by guards, their comms were silent and turned off. Not far from where they had been training was the central command room, the entrance was guarded day and night by The Collective. Orders were to stand guard the entrance, exactly what they wanted.

As they approach the heavily guarded central command room, the two Tarenti paused, at that moment the escorts relieved the command room guards of their duties. Blackhawk and Magik were now standing guard in front of the central control room. Armed with blaster rifles, Blackhawk and Magik were ordered, not to leave their post. The Collective had no idea who the two Tarenti really were, now acting as ranking guards in the Technocratic Guild of The Collective. As they awaited comms from the others, they were greeted many times by Collective personnel. With lots of foot traffic, Magik wondered when they would get their chance.

It was a surprise, The Collective had placed their trust in the two Tarenti, now well trained guards. Magik stood no more than five yards from Blackhawk, as they monitored the control room, side by side. As they watched the entrance, high ranking Collective officers were now coming and going as they pleased. “Blackhawk, we are to stand guard here until we get the signal on our comms from the others,” Magik assured Blackhawk, as they awaited orders.