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[CNS]Incursion- Shar Dakhan Inter-BT event


Outpost Bravo, outside of Myrmidon, 22:15 local time

“They are getting more bold,” Rosie looked out beyond the city, her eyes catching movement in the trees. Her eyes glowed slightly in the moonlight as she watched. If she stopped to focus, she could feel them out there, but she couldn’t pin down their exact location. While they may have been moving fast, their anger made them luminous in the Force, akin to fireflies in the night.

“This is Lookout.” The Cathar spoke clearly but gently into her commlink. “Nothing major has changed. They are still maneuvering around the city, but there are no signs of immediate attack.”

“Understood,” the commlink crackled, “we will continue to prepare the welcoming party.”

Rosie glanced out at the woods once more before she spoke again, her words nearly a whisper. “I just hope you make it quick. I have a bad feeling about this.”

Back at Myrmidon city, 22:45 local time

Scarlet had received an urgent message from her old friend Bentre. For him to call her to Myrmidon, she had to wonder if everything was alright. She remembered his encounter with the Shard, her decision to allow him to have it, and how she had turned her back on Locke. That night was stuck in her head, seeming to replay on repeat every time that she had a quiet moment.

As the shuttle craft finally came to a halt, the Zeltron felt the shuttle settle below her. The doors opened, and she was greeted by the sight of a decidedly motley crew. Standing in the front was not Bentre, as she had expected. Instead, a Quarren was walking toward her, his hand extended in greetings.

“Welcome to Aeotheran, Scarlet.” An out-of-place metal was mounted in her greeter’s right eye. It was glowing green akin to a droid eye. It was a tad unsettling, not improved on by the oddly jagged little tendrils of scar tissue around it.

“What is going on here?” The lady Shadow tilted her head toward the odd sentient as she disembarked the shuttle, her Battleteam comrades in tow shortly behind her. “Bentre sent me a message to meet him here. It sounded very urgent. So where is he?”

“He has been very reclusive since Dentavii. I think he is still recovering from his injuries. He has been commanding the Battleteam through commlinks, communiques, and with myself standing in his stead.” The words were spoken with more than a bit of pride. It made the Gray Jedi BTL more than a little uneasy for some reason.

“So why,” Scarlet’s words came out slowly, “did Bentre want call us here?”

The intercom mounted over the door crackled for a moment, causing the Shadow jump a little. She turned back to nod at her Battleteam with a smile before darting her eyes to regard the device. “I think that this is a good time for me to speak for myself.” The voice of Bentre was more gravely and strained than Scarlet remembered. “At this moment, there are elements of the local populace who seem to have decided they do not like us being here anymore.” There was a muffled sound that the Zelosian could only imagine was a huff of amusement. “As you can imagine, this idea doesn’t particularly please me. My reason for calling you here is simple. I want to drive these upstarts back into their homes. By giving a show of strength I want to put them in their place. The hard part is I want to try this with as little bloodshed as possible. I can’t have any martyrs arising out of this.”

“We have had Rosie and others watching the woods for several days now.” Lexiconus spoke, with slight irritation in his voice. “So far we have not managed to locate the insurgents. They are purportedly led by a woman calling herself Chelidon. She had issued a brief vendetta: she wants the Battleteam to abandon the city. She claims this is their land, and we have no right to squat here.”

“This seems a little odd.” Scarlet muttered to herself.

“Yes, but that is why Maru, Vicious, and the rest of us,” Lexiconus motioned to each of the members in turn, “have been preparing to try and end this as quickly as possible. Simple and brutal victory will be the be-”

Suddenly, the Quarren’s commlink began to buzz. Without losing a beat, Qor thumbed the side of the device. The voice of the Cathar lookout came over with an electronic whine.

“Battleteam, this is Rosie. We have hostiles on the march! They are moving for the city!”

“Alright, folks! You heard the lady! Let’s drive these worms all the way back to the hole they came from.” The Quarren gave the most sinister approximation to a grin that Scarlet had ever seen. It chilled her slightly, she had to admit.

“To arms, Sapphire!” Scarlet motioned to her team. “Let’s defend the city!”

Welcome to Incursion brothers and sisters in arms! Your objectives in this RO are quite simple on their face.

1) Repel the first waves of attacks by the Forces of the mysterious “Chelidon” and her little rebellion. Try to hold yourselves back from wanton slaughter a bit, because Bentre would like to try and trace the rats back to their nest.

2) Once Chelidon and her forces are discovered, report back to city what you have found.

3) Retrieve one individual for “questioning.” More information is needed before the Battleteams can land the killing blow. The BTLs would like for us to put a healthy fear in their hearts, not make the roads run with their blood.

There will be one objective update on the 23rd, but otherwise Scarlet and I hope you will enjoy the Incursion event!



Outpost Bravo, outside of Myrmidon

As his vessel came in, the intercept coms were clear. “Transport Nachzerer here,” came the incoming report. “Adept Macron Sadow requesting landing clearance. I understand you have trouble. I can assist.”

The reply was statici-y. “Copy that!” came Scarlet’s reply as she worked her wrist comlink.She kept it short and quick. ‘These are the coordinates, Adept Sadow.”

“Landing now.” Macron kept it quick and easy. It seemed these days- hell, all of the days- this system was in turmoil. The system was always in turmoil. Truly, it made sense if one considered the history of the system. Sith Lord Orian had made his imprint here, and the turmoil that surrounded the system was predictable. Macron opened his eyes from the deep reverie as his shuttle landed. The young were the key. 'I’ve seen Orian’s imprint in the Tombs. We beat him- them- as the Shards were negated. The Tombs… that is the key."

As the Nachzerer landed, troops were on high guard in the bay. Many had fought beside the awful man that stepped out of his transport. Almost twenty years of Clan service spoke up. Macron had done his level best to save the life of every line soldier that he had encountered. Every-last-one. Of course, some of them were never the same again…… even so, they lived. They fed their families. Who lived, and prospered although so many saw their man or woman be destroyed in the conflicts that surrounded the system.

There was no need for an escort. “Scarlet, Bentre forgive me please. I see we have a problem here. I am here to help you as a Sith. Death will soon find the enemies of Clan Naga Sadow.”


Central Spaceport,
Myrmidon City.

As the commotion of the spaceport deafened those in near proximity, several of the Force Attuned members were busy at work. In a nearby Warhost speeder, the familiar Quarren sat at the co-pilot’s console and was busy studying away at the topographical maps for the nearby area. He wasn’t precisely an expert in flight, but as a Sith he knew flight was a comfortable asset to him and certainly a profitable one. Whilst nose deep in the maps, an armoured figure slowly approached from the side with his gaze firmly on the Sith. A rifle gripped tightly, the soldier approached from behind as progressively silent. Standing only a few feet away, the soldier then mounted his rifle on the speeder rack and sat at the chair beside the busy Quarren.

“What’s got your attention, squid?” His grungy voice was fitting to the veteran.

Lexiconus took a moment to lean back from the computer and sighed in stress, rubbing his leathery forehead and glanced at the soldier. “The blasted rebels have a base somewhere on the outside of Outpost Bravo, I will find it and I will bomb the living from it. Just need a decent pilot to do the flying.”

With a crude smirk on his face, the soldier pulled out a death-stick from his pouch, lit the end and inhaled the smoke deeply. Satisfied with the smokey taste of his favourite brand; Gyshal’s, the veteran turned in his seat and began the pre-flight checks for the speeder. “Say no more boss, just link me the co-ords and i’ll fly you out there. It’s time to start adding to the body count, and quickly.”

The Sith nodded back to his partner then strapped himself in and performed his own pre-flight check of the topographical map. He found lifesigns already approaching the outpost, and locked them in for his new pilot to attack. With a loud whoosh of air and the ignition of the engines behind their seats, the pilot casing was shut automatically and the speeder lifted from the ground.

“Alright, let’s go do some target practice.” The Quarren said through the radio system, as he chuckled sinisterly.


“This is Outpost Delta Three. Enemy insurgents have gathered north of rendevous Alpha Two. They seem to waiting for something.”

“Outpost Gamma Four here. We have infantry circling toward our position. They are bearing heavy weapons. Permission to engage?”

“This is Huntress Four, we have an eye on a demolitions team in the woods a click west of Gate 4. We will sweep in and capture on your mark.”

The comms crackled slightly as each transmission came through. Looking down at a datapad in front of him, the Human rotated the map displayed upon it. Tapping spots on the map, he placed markers where each of the various forces were currently positioned.

Everything is going according to plan.

“This is Stahoes to all allied loyalist forces. You immediate orders are to hold your position. Do not engage unless you are engaged. I repeat, do not engage the insurgents. The trap is set, and we need to be sure that the target takes the bait. Without Chelidon, this whole effort would be for nothing. We just need you to hold tight for a little longer.”

He cleared his throat. “As for Teams Devil’s Shroud and Sapphire Squadron, weapons free. This little farce is not working. If we have to create martyrs to drive the likes of Chelidon from their wretched little hiding places, so be it. Drive them out from before us.”

“For that matter,” Bentre chuckled, “make sure that nobody that is not on either Battleteam leaves or enters the city. I don’t care about whom or for what reason, but if anyone else approaches those gates, they are to be met with lethal force. I will be making my way out to meet Devil’s Shroud in the field shortly. These are your new orders: go ahead and have yourselves some fun kids. Just wait a moment so I can make a little announcement to the populace, and then you are free to go wild. I am sure that is no problem for the likes of yourself, Adept Sadow.”

Adjusting his commlink, Bentre flipped a switch on the side, and spoke briskly. “This is the commander of Devil’s Shroud, broadcasting on open channels. I am sure that many of you do not grasp the situation you find yourselves in. Today the so-called forces of a fool calling themselves Chelidon has chosen to try and drive myself and mine from the city of Myrmidon. Some other fools seem to have decided this was a good idea, and so they picked up weapons, and joined the first group of fools. Foolishness all around.” He let out a chuckle without breaking the transmission. “To all of you who have not made a decision on where you will stand, I will make this simple. You are either one of us, or one of them. Any forces who do not lay down their arms will be faced with very lethal consequences. This is the closest you will get to an act of mercy. I suggest you take it.”

They need to see the error of their ways. We need to ensure that in the future, they will not stand against the rightful inhabitants of this city.

Updated Objectives

1) Drive the Chelidon-loyalist forces from the city and surrounding areas

2) Try to drive out and remove Chelidon from the field. This target is capture- not kill.

(sorry for the slight delay. real life issues arose.)