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[CNS] [Team Maya Nikeisha] Leadership for Kel Rasha Event


Maya Nikeisha has gathered the support of the members found below. With the recent crime syndicates being expunged on Seng Karash, the remaining thugs, thieves and other criminals have flocked to Kel Rasha and are disturbing the elections with the distribution of false and incriminating evidence of both Mayoral candidates. It seems their main objective is to create chaos and confusion as they try to tighten their grip on the city in its weakened state. It is up to the team to control the situation, find information about the newly formed crime syndicate and to shut it’s operation down if possible. The general population should not be aware of the investigating team unless absolutely necessary, as the main goal is to provide Maya Nikeisha with the credit to dealing with this situation.

The Run-On will end at 23:59 GMT +1 on the 9th of October, 2016.

Malik Sadow
Locke Sonjie
Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind
Scarlet Agna


Maya Nikeisha was not happy. She had been the darling of the city for a long time and was sure that she would be a shoo-in to be elected Mayor of Kel Rasha, as her family was one of the first to settle Kel Rasha and she had good relations with both the general populace and the higher echelon.

Growing up on Aeotheran in Seng Karash, she was the eldest of seven daughters and had loving and caring parents. Her father made ends meet but started to do better after the birth of his third child when he became a smuggler.

She started her political career at the age of 18 after graduation. During this time, while working with the Dlarit Corporation, she found out about Clan Naga Sadow. After meeting with them, she swore that she would keep their secret in return for them helping her people.

It was at this point Maya’s rivals turned her father into the authorities, and he was convicted of smuggling cortosis. Maya was able to use her connections with Naga Sadow to make his execution happen off planet and in secret. Thus protecting her political career and her family from disgrace.

When the position for Mayor opened up, she decided that she would run for office. To her, this would be an easy election with all that she had done for the city. But, times change. First The Traveler showed up to run against her. Then, even though the acting mayor and the police had rounded up all the crime lords, there was a new crime syndicate making her life miserable as they spread lies and false accusations regarding her while she was campaigning. The only good thing was that it wasn’t just her they were targeting, they were also going after The Traveler. Feeling frustrated by all the dead ends that her security team was coming up against she decided to call on Clan Naga Sadow and ask for help.

Savant Darkblade, Quaestor from the house Shar Dakhan put in the request to his clan members. Several Sadowans decided to help out, including the Consul and Proconsul. But, like most groups, they had differences in opinion as to who the new mayor should be and ended up split into two groups. Each group working to help their candidate. Knowing that if they were to solve the problem they could give credit to their candidate and would help them win the election.

Lilith Alema’rha Verses-Stormwind was one of those who had answered Darkblade’s call. Lilith was a Gray Jedi who had risen to the rank of Mystic in the few short months she has been with the Clan. She had studied both candidates and had decided that Ms, Nikeisha was the one that should lead the city. Along with Lilith on what they were calling “Team Maya” was Malik Sadow, Locke Sonjie, Scarlet Agna, and Mactire

The Consular found her niche in the Shadow Academy and had earned several degrees. She could be frequently found at the Academy studying and as such, was very good at researching. So, it was decided that she was to start looking for leads by following the money, finding a paper trail. Whoever had organized the cartel had to have money. She spent her time combing bank records looking for anything out of the ordinary. After some time, she found some accounts hidden within the banking system. Taking all her information, she met with her team to show them the information that she had found on what could possibly lead to the ringleader of the new syndicate.


Locke Sonjie slowly made his way along the side of a busy street in Kel Rasha. Despite the fact that it was nearly the middle of the day and Orian Major shown brightly in the sky, he had a heavy cloak held up over his head. It obscured all of his features, including his hands, hiding even whether he was human or alien.

He hoped. The citizens of Kel Rasha knew Locke Sonjie, and they were not fond of him. He had been Consul when their city had been attacked by the Organization, and again when Plagueis struck at the Orian System. Both times, he had failed to protect the city while he focused on other interests. He had been weak and inexperienced then. Now times had changed. He had learned to be strong.

At the same time, he knew he had to be hard. If that required sacrificing a city for the greater benefit, he would do it.

Still, it would pain Locke to do such with Kel Rasha. It was his home city of sorts in the Orian System. When he had first joined Clan Naga Sadow, this had been the domain of House Ludo Kressh. It had since fallen and been replaced with Shar Dakhan, and the Dakhani had assumed control of the Kresshian territory. Locke had joined Shar Dakhan, and become Aedile. He had helped rule the world from this very city, in an office long sense forgotten before the modern House leadership had decided to consolidate their operations in the Lion’s Tooth.

So it was that Locke had come to Kel Rasha. He had the time to divert resources to this campaign, and he would do his best to prevent criminals from harming the citizens here, even if they hated him. They were his people, as much as any were - even those back on his home planet of Bakura.

There was also the Traveler, who had appeared to oppose Maya in the election. This Traveler was a mystery, and could have been almost anyone. Locke suspected an Inquisitorious agent, or someone working for the Dominion or what was left of the Organization. If they succeeded, they would be in a position to cause chaos.

Sanguinius, his Proconsul, and Darius, his Rollmaster, had sided with the Traveler. No doubt, they viewed that person as a better choice than a woman who had once worked with Dlarit. To them, Dlarit probably represented a corrupt and chaotic past to Naga Sadow. Locke could forgive them. They would not recognize the modus operandi of the Organization. It would be exactly like them to insert a mysterious individual into local affairs and to give that person or alien the support needed to become important enough to wield power against Naga Sadow right under their noses. He also wouldn’t put it past them to be behind the criminal attacks - even if some of those targeted the Traveler.

Still, his Proconsul and Rollmaster were the opposition here. Open combat would be fruitless and costly. Instead, each individual worked for their side from the shadows, in a sort of cold war play on a local scale.

After some time crossing through the streets, Locke found the sign he was looking for (an X shape over the old Dlarit emblem, ironically), and turned down a seemingly random alleyway. There, he used a data card to unlock a small doorway in the side of a building. It led down underground. When he rounded a corner, Locke was in the operations center of ‘Team Maya’.

It was several rooms, but the main one held banks of computer terminals and records, as well as a large table with a holo-display at it’s center.

Locke found Lilith and Malik looking at one of the computers, the Neti looking over the human’s shoulder.

“Have you found anything?” Locke asked.

Lilith was the first to reply. “There were some bank accounts hidden in city records. Someone worked very hard to keep them away from curious eyes. Our criminal friends might be planning something big.”

Locke nodded. “I agree. I just…‘spoke’ to one of their mid level bosses, and I got the feeling that the chaos they have caused until now was only a setup for something bigger, but I don’t know what.”

“We might have to take a closer look at those accounts and the businesses attached to them,” Malik said. “What do you think, Lilith?”


Lilith sat back in her chair and pondered the Neti’s question. The Consular had her suspicions as to what was going on, but had been keeping her ideas to herself. She hesitated, trying to put her thoughts together before she answered. She didn’t want to answer wrong, as she was speaking to a Son of Sadow and the Consul of her clan.

One of the reasons that she supported Maya for the next Mayor of Kel Rasha, besides the fact that she had proven trustworthy towards keeping the Clan secret from the populace, was the fact that The Traveler was just too mysterious for her tastes.

The Traveler wouldn’t let anyone see who he really was, he kept himself cloaked at all times, never showing his face. Lilith believed that you could see a person’s soul from their eyes and he never showed his. Also, he had arrived on a Naga Sadow transport to the planet. Since when did someone that wasn’t clan use our spacecraft? Furthermore it seemed to her that the criminal activity had picked up only after he had gotten here.

Lilith sighed as her thoughts went round and round, unsure if she should relay her suspicions to Locke and Malik.

“OK Lilith, I can tell that you have some ideas that you are not sure of,” said Locke. “No one is going to repeat what you say to anyone else, it will just be the three of us. Right, Malik?”

“Spit it out Lilith, right now we are just tossing ideas around. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. You can trust us to have your back with whatever comes and Locke is right, nothing goes further than this room,” confirmed Malik.

With another sigh, Lilith told them about her suspicions of The Traveler.

“I really think that he may be the reason for the unrest and that he is the real leader behind the new syndicate that has been causing all the issues. Yes, I know that some of this is targeted at him but it’s just too convenient in my mind. All was quiet until he showed up. I have a bad feeling about him. Why is he always cloaked? What is species is he? Not that that really matters. Where did he come from? Why did he come to Kel Rasha on a Clan transport? And, who arranged that transport? Are we being set up from within, or could it be the Dominion? Hell, I have even wondered if he was an Inquisitor of Grand Master Pravus trying to infiltrate Naga Sadow. Sending someone in like that would be the perfect way to find out things about our clan that we do not want him to know.” Lilith fired all this off and took a deep breath.

Locke smiled at her and said, “you are coming up with a lot of the same questions that I have. What about you Malik?”

“I think that we are all on the same page. I just wish the rest of the team would show up and let us know what they have found out,” the Adept responded. “Lilith, what do you think of Darkblade? You were his Blackguard for three months. Do you think that he could be a part of this?”

The Mystic was caught off guard by the question. “I’m not really to sure how to answer that question, Malik. Yes, I was his Blackguard,” Lilith Shrugged, “but I really didn’t spend a whole lot of time ’guarding’ him. I was always somewhere else. Most of my time was spent training for the position and then he sent me to Mygeeto to help with the combined mission that we did with Clan Plagueis . So, I really don’t know him all that well.”

“Fair enough. Why don’t you see if you can find out more about the businesses behind the bank accounts while Locke and I see if we can’t round up the rest of the team to see what they have come up with. When we get back, we’ll have a roundtable and see if we can’t solve this riddle to our satisfaction and put the rightful mayor on the the ruling seat of Kal Rasha.”