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[CNS] [Team Traveler] Leadership for Kel Rasha Event


The Traveler has gathered the support of the members found below. With the recent crime syndicates being expunged on Seng Karash, the remaining thugs, thieves and other criminals have flocked to Kel Rasha and are disturbing the elections with the distribution of false and incriminating evidence of both Mayoral candidates. It seems their main objective is to create chaos and confusion as they try to tighten their grip on the city in its weakened state. It is up to the team to control the situation, find information about the newly formed crime syndicate and to shut it’s operation down if possible. The general population should not be aware of the investigating team unless absolutely necessary, as the main goal is to provide Traveler with the credit to dealing with this situation.

The Run-On will end at 23:59 GMT +1 on the 9th of October, 2016.

Jades A Sadow
Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Aul Celsus
Aexod Burgoo
Darius Tu’kul


Seng Karash

The spaceport was emblazoned with posters shouting their allegiance to the mayoral candidates. Both of them seemed to have heavily invested in advertising their candidacy. Sanguinius had come to Aeotheran with Locke as an observer, keen to watch the public have their say. The fact that Darkblade had allowed a free election was interesting. The Clan allowed the Houses free reign over their domain. Despite this “free” election, Sanguinius still believed that Darkblade was up to something. The Jedi didn’t call Darkblade the Serpent for nothing.

The news that there were criminals attempting to subvert the election in their favour was too convenient. It was obvious to the Augur that there was more to this than met the eye. He eyed the group of Sadowans before him. Aul and Aexod were loyal to their Master, Darkblade. They were the reason Sang had chosen to support their efforts. If Darkblade was up to something, he would most likely utilise his students.

Jades, the half breed Daughter of Sadow, she was a free agent. Her loyalty to Naga Sadow was above her loyalty to herself. She could be trusted, despite her affinity to the Dark Side.

The wild card was Darius, the newly appointed Rollmaster. Sanguinius had harangued Locke after he had heard of the appointment. The vicious and callous Sith was not someone the Jedi could stand to live, yet the Battlemaster’s presence in the Summit served another purpose. A purpose that served Sanguinius’ greater mission. The Dark Council would look at Naga Sadow and see that darkness reigned there, while Sanguinius hid, a beacon of light within.

Aexod had briefed the two groups, his ties to Darkblade had given him power, a voice to use. The Loyalist did not have the power to utilise the Force, but he had influence and the training to fight and kill Force Users. The Warhost trained their soldiers well, demanding the best from them.

“You know the deal, lady and gents. We’re here to support our candidate, but also find out who is besmirching their name.” Aexod grinned, the Clawdite pilot gestured to posters around them. “As you know, we’re all supporters of The Traveler. He is the right guy to be Mayor of Seng Karash.”

Jades nodded in agreement, the hybrid spoke up, “That’s right, he has my vote.”

Darius grunted, a man of few words at the moment.

Aul watched the people around them, going about their lives, “So, how do we deal with these criminals?”

The others looked at him, silence answering him.


Seng Karesh

Jade looked around at everyone, her purple eyes shining with excitement and intent, like a predator stalking prey. She glanced at Sanguinius a bit longer, she could feel his eyes watching her, as though he trusted her, but only to a point. She grinned, the tips of her fangs just visible as her lip moved, she had heard good things, and suspicious things, no doubt so had he; it was going to be an interesting mission.

The others she hadn’t had the pleasure of hunting with before, of defending their house and Clan in a direct way, but she would expect nothing less than their best…or she would have something else to play cat and mouse with.

Jade nodded to Aul Celsus, Darius, and Axeod, leaning against the shuttle as their supplies were finishing loading. “You guys ready?”

Axeod shrugged, “ready, though not sure how much excitement there will be.”

Darius looked at him, “oh I’ll make sure there is excitement.”

Jade laughed, “I think you guys just might make this interesting after all.” She started walking up the ramp of the shuttle. When she didn’t hear any other boots on the metal she stopped half way, turning and placing her hand on her hip. "Well?..you all coming or do I have to do this myself?


Seng Karesh

“Well?” Jade asked again, her fingers now tapping at her hip in impatience.

Aul looked around at his comrades, confused for a moment as to the hesitation to board the shuttle. He figured the best course of action was to be the first to follow.

“Yeah, let’s do this,” Aul said enthusiastically, “but can we go over one more time what exactly we’re doing with this shuttle?” The rubber of his combat boots let out a soft clanking sound as he jogged up the ramp after the Krath Battlelord.

Jade cracked a small grin at the eager Mystic, eyeing him to try and get a sense of his personality. She’d heard of Aul but hadn’t cross paths with him much before. One of Darkblade’s “ducklings,” she remembered, but not much more than that.

“…sure. We need to set up a field headquarters and try and sift some information out of the population without making too many waves. If we keep travelling to and from any major Sadowan infrastructure it’ll be far too obvious and whatever nefarious activities casting doubt on Traveler will likely get hushed up long before we arrive. We need to move silently, and that means getting out there and staying out there until we know what we’re dealing with.”

Another set of boots hit the ramp and Aul felt a heavy clap on his shoulder. He turned to see Sanguinius’ familiar face as the Augur passed him on the way into the shuttle.

“Too many nights in the lab, Aul? Not like you to need much clarification, let’s get you some coffee before we let you turn that lightsaber on, eh?”

“Uh, yeah. That’s all it is, just long nights,” Aul replied quietly, shifting slightly from one foot to the other.

Another body moved up the ramp and passed him into the ship.

“I think Darkblade’s got him doing double duty washing laundry now that he’s back in Shar Dakhan,” Aexod snickered. Muffled laughs came from the group.

Aul smirked lightly, shook it off and headed up the ramp into the cabin of the ship. The crew was tightening down the last of the cargo and kits, some of them had already taken a seat.

“Ok, where to?”


Seng Karesh

Jade smiled as everyone boarded and took their seats. It was going to be an interesting trip.

The engines roared to life as the shuttle took off towards the city.

Seng Karesh

Jade looked at Aul and sang. “I’m going to get things stirred up at the local haunts, distract the locals from evening thinking about there being an investigation going on. You two start with this…” She handed Aul a data pat with a couple leads on it. She nodded towards Aexod, “Think I might take Aexod to start at a couple other bars, and we will meet up with you.”

Aexod wasn’t so sure he wanted to head off to basically start bar fights, but if the distraction helped to get their investigations off and running, he was game to start a few fights…maybe he would even make a bet on them.

Aul and Sang looked at each other, grabbing Darius and looking at the data pad. Aul watched Jade and Axeod leaving, wondering what it would look like to see the predatory woman starting a fight in a bar. He smirked, wondering how long she would play cat and mouse with them, until someone inevitably died. “Try not to get into too much trouble!” He laughed after them. Jade waved over her shoulder at him while Aexod gave a more crude gesture.

City bar
Seng Karesh

Jade thought about the question as she took a sip of the dark brown liquid. It burned as it slid down her throat, and smelled almost as bad as it tasted, but it warmed her from the inside. The bar wasn’t overly crowded, but each corner had someone talking about the mayoral race. Seemed you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing someone mention it, even if it was simply how they would change this slogan, or have different colours on posters. But the man to her side had come right out and asked her who she was planning to vote for. Not that she would be voting, she had already chosen her side, and was helping the Traveller to gain footing in the election.

But as the team started their investigation, she still wondered why had she backed the Traveller? Why not choose the likely local, who had gained hearts the moment she announced her running?

Jade licked her top lip slowly, swirling the foul liquid in its glass. At first she had chosen the Traveller due
to the way he had talked, like he had wisdom behind his words, a sense of purpose. Where Maya appeared more like a rebel, like the kind who would cry out for change, but really be looking to rekindle the past she had lost.

“Well, darl’n, who you gonna vote for?”

The bar tender glanced at her as a flash of black darkened her purple irises. Her hand was itching to ignite her sabre. The mans drinking slur sending annoying chills down her spine. But she couldn’t, she had to keep their involvement a secret as possible. “And who do you think I should vote for?” Jade grinned at the bartender who nodded at her, glad
there wasn’t going to be a fight in his bar, at least not yet.

The man finished his drink, putting the glass down on the counter with a loud clunk and pointing at it for a refill. “That pretty young thing, I plan on voting for her.”

Jade scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Why is that?”

“Cause she says she’s the voice of us people’s.” The man put a hand on his chest, as though he were the one that people would be voting for. Reminded her of a sporting event, or rancor fighting pit. Creatures cheering, and the ones who had been cheering the victor screaming louder as though they had won the game, or the fight, personally.

Jade muttered into her glass, “oh please.”

“Listen, see, that other guy, the the the…oh what’s his name? Meh it doesn’t matter. He is just in a cloak, hiding away. And you can tell it’s a dude, of some sort by the way he talks…” the man took another drink, finishing it off in one go then demanding another. “But that that Maya…hmmm…ug what is that other other other, you know, the guy in the hooded thing…what’s his name?”

“For the love of spice!” Jade couldn’t help it, the darkness slowly taking over inside of her took control. She spun around, her arm knocking the man back on his chair, causing him to fall backwards in it. Jumping up off her own chair she placed a foot square on his chest, causing the man to cough from having the wind knocked out of him. The bar went suddenly quiet around her. “The Traveller. The other candidate is the traveller!” She ground the toe of her boot into his chest. “And you wouldn’t know a good candidate if they kicked you in the ass.” A couple people started cheering, she guessed they were on the Travellers side. “You just care about how your mayor fits into tight clothing! Not about how they will change Kel Rasha, or make things better for those who fight to keep it a place people like you can live in!!” Jade grabbed her drink and tossed back the rest of the liquid. The heat from it drowning out the darkness that was possessing her.

Placing her glass on the counter she stepped up on the man with one foot and walked over him. People in the bar started to either cheer, or argue amongst their tables. She grinned as she left the bar, feeling the bartenders glare as she did. Her work there was done. She had made a point. Gotten the Travellers name on the lips of more residents. Though it was just a local bar, there was no doubt the talk would spread quickly.

But as she walked out the door, meeting Aexod on the walkway, the two heading out to meet up with Aul and Sang, she couldn’t help but wonder why she still was defending the Traveller. Perhaps it was the darkness in his mystery that called to her own darkness. Whatever it was, time would soon tell her if she had chosen right.