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[Code: Dread] Epic Rap Battles of the DJB MASTER Wrathus VS APPRENTICE Tahiri


Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae: Team Half-Cyborg.
Wrathus: Team Fancy Hat


  1. 2 posts minimum per rapper.
  2. 8-32 lines per post (rap verses), with an alternating rhyme scheme (inner rhyming in lines can also be added).
  3. The rap must target the “weaknesses” of the opposing rapper, as well as elevate the “strengths” of the posting rapper.
  4. Rapping must be PG-13 appropriate and Star Wars-appropriate. Hitting below the belt may happen, but don’t hit too hard.

Posts MAY NOT be edited after the next person posts. This way, lines cannot be added or removed to throw off the other person’s writing. Editing posts after your partner posts will result in disqualification.

Grading will be based on originality of the “disses,” accuracy to the characters, creativity of the rhyme scheme, and humor. Bonus points will be added if your partner and you provide a royalty-free beat that you followed in your writing for the judges to listen to.

Dark Beat


Oh shit, here we go again
The next round in a fight that’ll never end
I stomped you out in our last match up
Now you’re trying your hardest to step up

That’s right, don’t matter if you’re EQ3
You still have to step up to me
Trying to look me in the eye, in the face
Stack up all you accomplishments and you still only come up to my waist

Now let’s talk about the facts, the truth, the reality
You wouldn’t even be in the Brotherhood if it weren’t for me
Or let’s talk about how you weren’t’ my only student
Between you and your sibling students I don’t know which one of you blew it

I fought traitors, liars, the Dark Council, my own mind
There are some days I wish I could’ve left you behind
So here’s the mic, give you a chance to show off
Too bad you’re nothing but an edgy Ahsoka ripoff


Alright Master, you say I have to step up
There isn’t anyone who can compare for your backup
Out of all your appentices so far
I’m the only you can count on almighty czar

Little did I know how much you were truly crazy
In some way I would say quite lazy
So agressive in your pursut of power and yet it feels lank
Cause I’m the one who surpassed you rank

I may be the nicest Sith around
But I’ve fought and killed, however, my mind is still sound
And as for position, you never made it past Battleteam leader until now
I’ve held Aedile twice and am your Quaester, for now

I may be short, but I think you’ve been in clouds for far too long
So why don’t you be a sport, and get along
Wouldn’t hurt you to make some friends
Look through a different pair of lens

Killing your daughter certainly isn’t great
I definitely wouldn’t want to be your mate
You really think your the only one with a heartache
You’re not the first or last, it’s certainly not an outbreak


Alright you best back the fuck up and shut the fuck up
Before I reach down there and smack a bitch up
Oh look the little girl lost her family, so sad
Bitch please, I’ve lost every family I’ve ever had

And yeah you outranked me, good for you
But that’s only cuz, unlike you, I had real life things to do
You’ve held a lot of positions it’s true
But I count zero apprentices, who’s gonna follow after you?

You’re the only one I count on? If that’s true then I’m in real trouble
Better call in that disappointment you call a brother, I’ll make this ass whooping a double
After 28 years you’re still a nice little girl, kept your mind on track
I’ve been around for twice that and you’d be a cynic too if you had this many knives in your back

Yeah I killed my daughter, just like I should ‘ve killed you
You’re Sith, Dark Side through and through, but blackhawk didn’t disappoint me as much as you
I’m a walking, talking, ticking time bomb
Now run on home before I leave you looking worse than that Akul did your mom