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[Code: Dread] Epic Rap Battles of the DJB: Ronovi Tavisaen vs. TuQ’uan Varick (Sample Rap Battle)


This is the sample rap battle for the upcoming Plagueis major event, Code: Dread.


Ronovi Tavisaen - Team Half-Cyborg
TuQ’uan Varick - Team Fancy Hat


  • 2 posts minimum per rapper.
  • 8-32 lines per post (rap verses), with an alternating rhyme scheme (inner rhyming in lines can also be added).
  • The rap must target the “weaknesses” of the opposing rapper, as well as elevate the “strengths” of the posting rapper.
  • Rapping must be PG-13 appropriate and Star Wars-appropriate. Hitting below the belt may happen, but don’t hit too hard.
  • Posts MAY NOT be edited after the next person posts. This way, lines cannot be added or removed to throw off the other person’s writing. Editing posts after your partner posts will result in disqualification.

Grading will be based on originality of the “disses,” accuracy to the characters, creativity of the rhyme scheme, and humor. Bonus points will be added if your partner and you provide a royalty-free beat that you followed in your writing for the judges to listen to.

Royalty-Free Beat for Rap







Well, then, so it’s finally come down to this:
An Amazon against a midget with a hat fetish
I mean, look, I respect your wide-brimmed aesthetic,
but to call it a personality trait is just pathetic!

Call me Ronnie all you want, but I’ll hit the Hulk switch
I am almost seven feet of pure juggernaut, bitch!
Seventh Hero, Fifth Hero, Second Hero, wars be damned
I’ll obliterate you like Pravus did my first clan!

You were besties with Laren, and I miss him, too,
but you brown-nosed so hard, his skin was no longer blue
Yeah, a Circle is round and should have no end,
but after your brief tenure, that team’s last will was penned!

You’re a non-Force user, and some folks are getting antsy:
The second-in-line’s a scrawny pistol whipping pansy?
The only time you got a shot was when I was out of breath
Without me, you’d be as broken as your Canadian internet!


Ronovi, my dear, you claim to be the Dread Lord?
Two months working with you, and all I can say is I’m bored
You think power and recognition is what you deserve,
but let’s see you try not to rely on Whyren’s Reserve

I lied, cheated, stole, and broke the rules to get here
Just look out for the strings, ‘cause I’m the frakking puppeteer
I’m busting my ass and working non-stop
You’re not lord on your own merit - you just slept to the top

I’m mean, I’m obscene
You’re just a machine
Survival at any cost
Just how many times have you lost?

No need for the Force to cut you down to size
Acting like your tough, but we all know it’s a disguise
You better watch who you step to, I’ll put you in your place
This ain’t the first time you won’t be leaving in one piece.


Now, low blows are easy and appealing,
but before you even showed up, I was breaking glass ceilings
First lady Headmaster, Consul of two clans
Got the brawn, brain, and chest to rival any other man

You want to talk about jobs? Let’s take a stroll down your list:
Overseer, Quaestor, Wrath, all of them huge hits
You showed off and won hearts, made it look like a breeze,
but who hired you for those? Oh, right! It was me!

And I may be a lush, but I can still do some thrashing
Your master couldn’t handle three Sandy Siths without crashing!
Call me out on cybernetics? Man, you’re quite the instigator,
when you’re the guy who can’t survive without your precious respirator!

‘Cause I’m a monster, a maniac, and an intellectual,
and not only that - I’m quite the sultry homosexual
So rip up my résumé, hit all my sore spots
‘cause in the end, once you’re done, I’m still your boss


Quality over quantity, that’s what I say
First Headmaster to almost blow up the SA!
Every position you’ve held, you’ve left in total tatters
Everywhere I look, I can see all of your haters

I keep it clean, play it straight, got no need to reprimand
Let’s just take a quick moment and see exactly where you stand
There are more black marks on your record than space between stars
Justicar even wanted to put you behind bars

There’s a clan I won’t name, with whom you used to be clicking
Now they want nothing to do with you: That’s not bi-winning!
I’m done playing with you, so let’s call it a wrap
Now, why don’t you go and take another four year long nap?






That was the sample rap battle. Looking forward to seeing all of yours during the Code: Dread competition!