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[Code:Dread] Scudi vs Fenrir Rap Battle


Scudi Ferria: Team Half-Cyborg
Fenrir: Team Fancy Hat


  • 2 posts minimum per rapper.

  • 8-32 lines per post (rap verses), with an alternating rhyme scheme (inner rhyming in lines can also be added).

  • The rap must target the “weaknesses” of the opposing rapper, as well as elevate the “strengths” of the posting rapper.

  • Rapping must be PG-13 appropriate and Star Wars-appropriate. Hitting below the belt may happen, but don’t hit too hard.

  • Posts MAY NOT be edited after the next person posts. This way, lines cannot be added or removed to throw off the other person’s writing. Editing posts after your partner posts will result in disqualification.

Grading will be based on originality of the “disses,” accuracy to the characters, creativity of the rhyme scheme, and humor. Bonus points will be added if your partner and you provide a royalty-free beat that you followed in your writing for the judges to listen to.


They tell me you’re supposed to be a big, bad lupine,
But I’m no little red riding hood.
If you try to hunt me the results won’t be sublime
In fact, it might leave you questioning your manhood.

With words, I’m a savant,
To be stood here catching this beating you must be a sycophant.
If you think I’m done you haven’t seen the end of this roast,
By the time I’m done with you, you’ll look like you’ve seen a ghost.

You’re big and mean, is that really it?
If so, I’ve seen scarier fighting in the Sand Pit.
On Aliso you’re not special, just another brute,
But I’m your boss, so go ahead and salute.


They say you love a Backseat Serenade,
And that your BF’s the Bastion Bot.
Let this lupine give you a song that’ll have you unmade,
And soon your dreams shall be the elusive gold pot.

I’'m the big bad wolf and I can tear you limb from limb
I can grid your bones under my jaws
But you won’t be much than toothpick, you’re too frail and slim
Boss or not, you’ll live longer if away from Fenrir’s paws


You say Bastion’s my boyfriend and I consider him a friend. It’s true.
He may be a droid, but he’s way more of a man than you.
He’ll keep me safe when I can’t count on loyalty,
So pretty much anytime I’m around someone like you with an attitude that’s faulty.

But what about you? What can you do?
Well when it comes to navigating,
I dare not give a dishonest review,
You’re as good as Zuser is at participating.

You can use the Force, that field of energy,
Yet if I look at you I don’t find you worthy.
Magical powers make you better than me?
Well, actually…
In this battle of wits I’ll beat you so badly,
You’ll forget I’m a woman and call me your daddy.

You have all the charisma of a black hole and from me that’s saying something,
No wonder you wander around all lonely,
All you’ll do to me is keep on looking.
You tried to battle me with words but you’re just a phony.

And thus comes to an end does this verbal trashin’,
The feeling it gives me is one of mild satisfaction,
If I was being cliche, I’d drop the mic right now,
But that is something I just won’t allow.


I’d say “I’m your Tarzan and you’re my Jane”
But on second thoughts, your just a stalk of thin sugar cane.
You like bots when you should have men?
Gosh lady, that sounds like someone’s got a damaged brain.
Fenrir is a hulking beast, not man,
Now you can finally scram off to your tin can.

Fenrir can track, stalk and hunt,
So run along as fast as you can, little runt.
Though you were there at the Principiate diplomacy meeting,
My master almost got an unprotected beating.

What need has Fenrir for charisma?
Besides, you ain’t no diva.
I own any room I stride into, spreading terror,
But you and your bot, damm you’re queer!
Wandering lonely? Well duh, thats what a Lone Wolf does,
Now take that into your mindless analysis.

Fenrir’s bark is worse than his bite,
But you? Up there, you ain’t quite right.
I’d right now drop a pipe bomb,
But you may already be fainting from this verbal firebomb.