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Communication in this galaxy


On another board, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Member Aurora “Aura” Ta’var said

“For example as a society, we generally gave up communicating over email for instant communication long ago and gave it another role, that of official business and spam collecting.”

Initially, I was going to give my thoughts on that on the same thread, but while I was doing my Tutorial, I realized that my thoughts would take the topic in a new direction and interrupt the flow of the conversation, so I decided to reply as the start of a new topic and have your thoughts on this matter:

Here is what I wanted to express, representing myself and my own opinion:

And I say, why not do it all, use Telegram (TG), email, instant messaging AND snail mail for sending messages and communication, instead of discarding all others in favor of one. I for one would LOVE to get a personal letter through snail mail from someone. It would make my day.

Now all I get is postcards and greeting cards for various occasions and business mail. Gone are the old days where the warmth of the format of a personal letter has not been replaced by the coldness of an email, which was replaced by the terseness of a convenient instant message. It lost its heart. It’s soul.


Love, always


I am all for using personal letters, but folks are a bit unwilling to give their physical addresses. Can’t exactly blame them there.

I will agree that emails are a bit more cold and clinical feeling as opposed to letters, but that is more of a consequence of a digital age. Long gone are the days the kids would go the library to take out a book to learn about a subject. Books have smell, feel, sound to them that surpasses what an ebook read or Kindle could offer them. Yet I would wager we have at least a whole generation that isn’t about to ‘look back’ at what they are losing.

I think this loss of heart and soul is simply the ennui that many of us feel after the years. People have grown distant from each other. Social media and the ubiquity of the internet, air pods, any number of things are to blame- if you want to look at it like that.

I don’t think that spreading all communication between things like instant messaging clients (Telegram, Discord, AIM, ect), emails, letters and phone calls will solve the problem. There has been in my experience a loss of the feeling of community that many used to have. Instead, it has been replaced with a fracturing where people draw lines and corral people that they know/love into categories.

As the lines that divide us have been dissolved, people have drawn up new lines.

I am sure that a lot of folks would disagree with me. Maybe I am too cynical. Maybe I am too tired. I think the world needs a bit more love and compassion (real compassion between people) than it needs more communication. If folks have no interest in talking to their neighbors (literal or figurative) that is more an issue of the heart that communication lines.

…sorry if I carried on a bit there. Figured I would give than an answer though, since you took the time to put up a message on our forums. I do hope your day has been going well.

also, have a postcard for bringing this message to our forums. If you really like it, you can buy one at the source:

Bentre Sadow


I appreciate your sentiments, Bentre. I do see a lot of kids perusing books at my local town library still. That art has not been lost completely.