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Contract 033: Turel Sorenn - Undercover, B-Class


Turel was sitting on the bed in his temporary quarters when a soft knock sounded at the door. When the Jedi answered, he was surprised to find a young beautiful woman in semi-tight clothing. After a moment he recognized the raven-haired Mandalorian.

“Lilly, what are you doing here?” He asked as he saw the Fade in a new light.

“Master Nortorshin is expecting you in the mess hall.” Once she had finished speaking the Fade walked away.

Several minutes later, Turel sat down across the table from Sight and his Fade. The albino took in the Jedi and sighed.

“I have something that will interest you Turel. However since this is outside your jurisdiction I am sending Lilly with you. This is unnegotiable, though if any harm comes to her you will have to answer to me,” the former lightsider spoke in a hushed but stern tone, his eyes seeming to bore into Turel’s very soul. The older Human looked back into the cold murderous eyes of the Krath before him, and a smile crossed the Guardian’s face as he nodded.

“Very well. What is this matter?” Turel inquired. Sight passed a small datapad across the table to the Jedi, whom in turn picked it up.

Power on
Opening Files
Decrypting Files
Open Data File

Greetings Turel, after the success and shared intelligence from your last mission the DIA has authorized me to use you as a shadow asset. As your handler I will need to keep track of you on your first few missions, however I am a busy man and since our arrangement does not officially exist I am sending my Fade, Lilly, with you. Keep her safe and she will watch your back, cross her and she has been instructed to kill you, and don’t doubt that it is within her capabilities.

As for your mission, there has been reports of banned items being snuck into Arcona territory as well as other Houses and Clans territory. These items have been smuggled in on Shadow Academy shuttles. We want you to look into this, once you find the culprits blend in with them and take their operation down. We expect that there may be several low level Force users assisting them. Take care of yourself and good luck.


Close Data File
Power down


Current Grade: Pending (-2)
Contract Status: Reactivated