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Contract: 053 - Kaayn Salis - RECON, B-Class


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Missions Detail:

As you are no doubt aware, Khar Delba was claimed for House Plagueis and the Brotherhood. However, time has stretched both forces thin, and some discomforting intelligence has made it’s way to the Antei Contract Bureau. According to our sources, the One Sith have put out contracts to various mercenary groups and are planning to re-take the planet. All other reasources are tied up in the post-Nicht Ka process, and we need someone to investigate and see if there is merit or concern to our intel.

Naga Sadow was on the front lines of the assault to claim the planet, so existing intellegence on the planet should be available.

Your mission is to gather information and report it back to the Bureau to decide the best course of action.

Good Luck,
-Marick Arconae

Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brothrehood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Do not engage the enemy. Your mission is soley an investigation, as we do not wish to tip off the One Sith that we are aware of their machinations.


Contract Status: Forfeit

~ This contract has been forfeited due to the requestee having failed to post and has a permanent score of negative two (-2) in the current standings.