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Contract 060: Mandeo Pyxis - Assassination, A-Class


You receive a datapad

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Missions Detail:
Mandeo Pyxis,

Liam speaks highly of your growing skills. For this reason, he has granted me leave to pass this contract your way.

Trevor Zyx is a former member of Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He bounced from Clan to House, but never settled, until he decided to leave altogether. He had been quiet until recently. One of our agents dug up some distributing information, however. During his short stints around the Brotherhood, Zyx was able to learn more than a few of secrets, and witnessed a meeting between Quaestor Liam and Grand Master Muz Ashen. He has started talking about how the Brotherhood is weak for allowing those that follow light join their cause.

Talk is dangerous. Our first attempt was to bribe him silent, but he simply took the money and went dark. We’ve been tracking him ever since, but only recently did our intelligence isolate his location to Nar Shada. Whispers have been spreading that the Brotherhood is weak, and the Jedi Order is corrupt. This is not a benefit to either Odan Urr, or the Brotherhood.

As such, Trevor needs to be silenced. His life is an ongoing threat to safety of our Brotherhood.

It should also be noted that our intelligence was able to track him based off an analysis of multiple reports form the local authorities. The reports have common theme: sexual assault. All the victims were women of above average weight, and with dark hair and blue eyes. All the victims report hazy memories of their incident, but each described Trevor clearly. Before leaving the Brotherhood, Trevor was known for his talent with Mind Trick’s.

The Bureau leaves this mission in your hands.

Good Luck,
-Marick Arconae

Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brothrehood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

This target must be silenced for the good of the Brotherhood – Dark and Light alike. Dispose of Trevor however you see fit with your morals, but know that the galaxy is sometimes a better place without certain beings.

Attached File: Dossier_Trevor Zyx

Description: Human Male. 30. Dark of hair, green eyes. Tall and lean.
Rank: Rogue Jedi Hunter
Notable Skills: +2 Blasters, +3 Lightsaber (Shi Cho), +1 Might, +1 Athletics, +1 Intellect
Notable Powers: +3 Mind Trick, +1 Amplification, +2 Precognition


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ This contract has timed-out. Should you wish for your contract to be reactivated, please contact the ACB Staff with your stated request.