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Copyright considerations for art/photos


Just a simple question, I haven’t been on a lot of fandom websites, but it seems like typically copyrights on images are generally ignored (esp using others images for character pics, etc). Is that how DJB operates as well?

I’m not meaning to start a flamewar, and obviously with the site having a lot of requirements for images, it’d be really really expensive to do everything “legit”, just want to double-check on this.



Fair use if your friend. We do not “ignore” copyright. There are also some folks in the community you may be able to ask to do some artwork. What did you have in mind that the question of copyright would come up?

We don’t nab someone character art from others for something like our wiki page, if that is what you mean. That is poor form, at the very least. The things that are seen are used under Fair use.

read up on fair use by clicking here

If I or anyone else can be of any further assistance, by all means post here again. I am not trying to be a wet blanket at all. Just trying to be helpful.


By the way, thanks for popping in here and checking on the ground rules. That is appreciated. Hope you enjoy your time here in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.



Fair use forevsies! but in all seriousness like Bentre said it’s probably easier to make or have someone make an image for you, My character image comes from a program that grants free use of anything you create in it and can be found at: http://www.heromachine.com/heromachine-3-lab/

It’s probably not the best but it’s free and easy to use once you get the hang of it. It’s also worth noting that if/when you come to creating your wiki page it’s probably better to upload the image beforehand though as long as it’s up on the wiki I don’t think it matters whether it goes up before or during the creation process.


@BentreStahoes Uh, well I just went through 6 character wiki pages at random, 5 of which had imagery used to depict their character that I know for a fact is not 100% original commissioned work to that user and I can trace back to it’s actual source, while the one other I couldn’t find the image anywhere else.

I mean, you do realize that a single good quality character image commission costs around $60 to $120, right? I know this because I have commissioned artwork in the past. Though in the particular case of DJB, there are tools to auto-generate images (cloak/lightsaber/etc), so the mandatory image requirement on the wiki is at least manageable, though I still don’t see any logical reason for it.

@KellyMendes awesome, thanks for the link!


I don’t think it has to be original, though that does help save some time, before I made my image I had one though I made sure it was labeled for reuse, not sure what other people use but on google images you can actually filter by usage rights.


@VioletCuscuta: I do realize commissions can be pricy.

points to his avatar

If you need more help finding acceptable images- ie if the resource Kelly gave is not to your liking- I am sure that either of us or a number of others I am sure would be willing to help you find an image falling under fair use or even public domain that may be more to your liking.

Also the image requirement to have an approved wiki page can be populated by things such as an image of your home planet, perhaps a picture of a family heirloom your character carries, a blaster that your character typically carries, ect. I mean, only one of the images on my wiki page is actually my character and that was a headshot that I had comissioned.

The others are things like Corellia, my Blackguard armor, the planet that I was found on before I was discovered by Kiriyu, ect…


I used the tool I linked to when making mine and if you tell me what you want I could see what I could do for you. I’m no art maestro or anything but I like helping people when I can so I’d be more than happy to do it for free.