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COU/TAL Team Fiction - Fire & Ice


[Desperate Measures] Coop Fiction

Authors -:
Edgar Drachen - #13831
Celevon Edraven Erinos - #12004


East Corridor
Unnamed Vindicator-class Star Destroyer, Edrien System
35 ABY; 1302 Hours, Local Time

The Quaestor and Aedile of House Hoth had been separated from the main force assigned to them for this particular mission. Aside from a few soldiers, Bellatrix Sa’ya and Jade Erinos, Edgar Drachen and Celevon Edraven Erinos had been alone until a detachment of enemy troops, led by a female Inquisitor arrived.

The Sephi Inquisitor activated a pair of identical amethyst lightsabers, a disturbing smile growing on her scarred visage. Drachen ignited a mismatched pair of amber and crimson lightsabers and met the Sith in battle, energy flaring as they exchanged blows, their forms almost blurring into flickering lights.

The Quaestor had given a small, amused quirk of the lips at his Aedile’s snarky comment of: “Sure boss, you take the lady while we handle the droids and troopers.”

Whilst the Gray Jedi leapt to and fro, sweeping his blades into unorthodox twirls and maneuvers, the Sephi responded in kind with her dual amethyst. When she turned to deflect a stray blaster bolt, distracted by the wider battle, Edgar lashed out with his amber lightsaber and cut straight through the hilt of the lightsaber in the Inquisitor’s right hand.

Blaster bolts and slugs ripped through the corridor in a chaotic field of deadly fire, many of the shots wide and missing their intended targets. In the maelstrom, it was unclear if this was due to inexperience or the shots themselves being deflected by a lightsaber blade; either possibility was equally likely.

Jade fell back to aid their Mundane counterparts when several Magnaguards stepped out of the group. Emerald and violet plasma erupted into existence as Celevon and Bellatrix ignited their own lightsabers. Whilst the Zeltron fought with a smooth elegance and poise, the half-Echani Aedile wielded his own lightsaber in a style most would recognize as one would a sword — not a traditional form of lightsaber combat.

In unison, the two of them sliced through the first in a well-practiced motion, the former Arconan dropping into a roll as his emerald blade seared through the waist. Bellatrix twirled her amethyst blade, removing the arms before she spun and swung wide, sending the droid’s head flying before it could even activate it’s electrostaff.

The two of them separated to take the remaining IG-100s, the Zeltron redirecting a blaster bolt before intercepting the crackling staff before it struck her skull.

Out of the corner of his eye as he bisected the last of the Magnaguards, the Onderonian spotted one of the enemy soldiers preparing to take a cheap shot at his Quaestor. Baring his teeth in a silent snarl, Celevon extended his cybernetic palm facing out and spun his hand in a half circle. The tendril of telekinetic energy responded to his wishes, snapping the neck of the enemy soldier and startling the comrades of said soldier as the body dropped between them.

One of the fellows of that soldier started firing blaster bolts into in the backs of their allies, a high-pitched cackle from Bellatrix telling the Assassin that the Zeltron had taken control of the body.

The exchange of ranged fire and blades halted as Edgar and the Inquisitor leapt away from each other, the Quaestor grabbing the redhead Mandalorian. A split-second later, the Force screamed a warning across Celevon’s senses.

The Assassin reacted quickly, deactivating his own lightsaber and reattaching it to his belt before he bodily lifted the unresponsive Zeltron. He dove into an adjacent room to the one Edgar and Jade moved into just as a starfighter ripped through the unfinished hull and into the corridor.


This Inquisitor is quick, Drachen mused to himself as he jumped and spun his blades in an attempt to find a opening in his opponent’s defenses. Their deadly dance was only interrupted by the occasional blaster bolt that needed to be redirected or by one of the combatants getting some distance between them that allow the rare break in their fast paced duel. During one such lull in the fighting, Edgar asked his skillful opponent “So tell me: where have the Inquisitors being hiding such a stunningly beautiful lady as yourself?”

Not letting her focus waver, her eyes narrowed as she leapt towards the Gray Jedi with another round of fast paced volleys that were being deflected just as fast as they came in. Meanwhile, Celevon and Bellatrix were engaged in a fierce battle with magnaguards on the other side of the main corridor. As Edgar was fighting a particularly skilled Sith, Celevon’s companion Jade was nearby taking out as many guards and droids as she could.

In what seemed like sheer, blind luck, the Sephi slipped and lost her balance giving the Hoth JTF Commander the opening he needed. Coming in hard with what he thought was a killing blow, Drachen tripped over a box and missed the Inquisitor’s frame but was able to cut her saber hilt in half.

Catching himself from his fall, the Quaestor held her at bay, his lightsaber’s amber hue highlighting the furious expression on her face. It was at this time that Edgar instincts and the pull of the Force made him look up. Without a second to spare, the Gray Jedi leapt forward, grabbing and spinning Jade around as she was trying to fend off some nearby droids. Quicking spotting and diving for a nearby doorway, they just barely made it across the threshold when there was a horrific explosion. The two of them were thrown hard against the opposite wall of the large storage room. The Hoth Commander hit a shelving rack and then the wall. Unfortunately for Jade, she was thrown straight into the shelves next to him, which knocked her unconscious.

The breached hull left the storage area and the corridor beyond to the mercy of rapid decompression. It was all Edgar could do to hang on for dear life, one hand latched onto the shelf whilst the other was wrapped around the ankle of the unconscious Mandalorian. Unable to reach the controls for the door himself, Drachen closed his eyes and focused on the Force, sending a piece of flying debris into the controls and the door slammed shut

With the pressure now equalized, both of them fell onto a pile of shelving units and trash that just moments before had been airborne. It took him a minute to relax and clear his head. Drachen became frantic as he realized that he was only able to secure one of his sabers and he needed to find the other one quickly. Igniting his lone saber, the crimson glow illuminated his immediate area. He desperately looked, but couldn’t find his lightsaber — the one he painstakingly constructed on Solyiat… the one with one of the last pieces of New Tython embedded into its hilt. His thoughts became more chaotic, not realizing he was now locked in a closet with the lights off and the Mandalorian woman in an unknown medical state.

He also forgot about the Inquisitor until she ignited the amber blade of his missing lightsaber. She stood there in the darkness staring at him with a smile. She must have been able to get into the room using the other door before he was able to close it. This is not what he needed, but she had his saber and that would just not do. His hand tightened around the hilt of the red lightsaber in his grasp “You have something that belongs to me my dear. And I will have it back.”

“Then come take it!” the Sephi spat back.

“You will not win my dear. Don’t you realize that I have the high ground?” Without even a second remark, the enraged Sephi leapt over the trash to reach the Gray Jedi. Just as he was about to meet her in combat, Drachen crumpled to the ground as his left foot sank into the pile of garbage.

The Hoth Commander rolled onto his back, desperately keeping her attacks at bay. Concentrating on the Force, Edgar threw the Inquisitor into the wall. With the moment to himself, he freed his leg and returned to his feet.

Across the room, both of the bruised and bloody combatants locked eyes The determination, hatred and tension in the room was so thick both could taste it. Edgar being forced to duel with just one lightsaber was something he had not done in such a long time that he knew he was at a disadvantage in this fight. As though in reaction to his thoughts of weakness, the Inquisitor leapt at the Gray Jedi—

Only to fall to the floor a meter away from Drachen, the forgotten Mandalorian having emptied her scattergun into the chest of the Inquisitor.

Di’kutse Jedi… maybe if you spent less time talking, she would have already been dead!” Jade commented sarcastically, returning the smoking weapon to the holster over her shoulder. “Now… if you don’t mind, my leg is broken and we need to get out of here.