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COU-TAL Team Fiction - Talis DeMorte & Rian Taldrya



Talis DeMorte (#14096)
Rian Taldrya (#10701)


The floor underneath Rian’s boot shook as he rushed through the labyrinth-like corridors of the Solari. The battle to take a shipyard located on the planet Edrien raged on for several minutes now and the Taldrya was already late as he was supposed to go planetside and assist to take over the control of two Vindicator-class Star Destroyers currently constructed in the shipyard. But unfortunately the enemy defenses were much tighter than the Taldryan Intelligence has reported, resulting in the Solari taking several hits in the initial minutes of the attack that cut the power of the turbolifts, forcing him to take the long route to get to his transport.

Shit, this one was close, the ektrosian Quaestor thought as a blink later alerts started to wail through the corridors and red lights start to flash.

“This is Councilor Sorenn speaking,” came the voice of the Odanite Consul over the intercom. "enemy troops have boarded the fore starboard hangar. They are preventing our fighters from getting launched. Everyone in range is requested to assist our pilots to fight them back.

Looking at a nearby map, he saw that he was just a couple minutes away from the said hangar. “This is getting better and better, I really need to speak an earnest word with the director once this is over –” he said to himself, grabbing his comlink. “Justinios, change of plans, I gotta take care of a shortly risen interruption.”

“You want us to help you with that interruption?” sounded the voice of the Aleena through the device’s small speaker.

“No, you gotta take care that the mission go on as planned. If I can’t make it in time, I will meet you and the rest of the team planetside.”

Turning around a corner, Rian reached the door leading into the hangar with a member of Odan-Urr working the controls of door, one of the clan’s force users stating by his appearance.

“What’s going on?” The half-mirialan asked when he stood next to the other Jedi.

“They locked down the hangar from the inside, I am trying to override the security codes.”

“No time for that, we gotta have to use one of those.” Rian said pointing at the explosives secured onto the utility belt of the kneeling Miraluka.

“Haven’t thought of that” The Odanite said rising up again. “I’m Talis by the way.”

“Rian, but for once I would suggest delaying the pleasantries for later.”

“You are probably right.” Talis replied placing one of his Thermal Detonators against the door after he charged it. “We’d better take cover.”

Seconds later, the door atomized with an earsplitting sound, leaving smoke and debris in its wake. Together they rushed through the smoke, gap and the corpse of enemy trooper that were unfortunate enough to stand close enough to the doors to be blasted with them into the hangar raining down their blades immediately on the enemies still standing near the blasted hangar door.

But the moment of surprise didn’t last for long and inquisitorius boarding parties fell back to re-group. Dealing with group of Inquisitors near some fuel containers, Talis had his back to the shields protecting everyone inside the hangar from getting sucked into the vacuum of space when a tickle on his neck forced him to turn around. At the same time he heard Rian shouting. “Hold tight to something!” while grabbing a nearby ladder firmly.

One of the enemy Raider-class Corvettes was already dangerously close to the hangar shields and kept speeding towards them, angling only to maximize the damage it would do upon it crashing into the Solari’s side.

The impact shook the ground hard and part of the corvette burst through the shield and into the side of the hangar only to blast the hangar’s protective shield generators. The protective blue wall flickered and then vanished, replaced by the thundering sound of air being sucked out and a massive bulkhead crashing into the jammed up remains of the corvette.

“We have to get out of here!” Talis shouted over the still screaming air, already fighting against the maelstrom back to the hole they blasted into the hangar doors earlier.

“No, we won’t get out that way. In case of a sudden drop of atmosphere the ship’s internal sensors automatically shut down the entire section of the ship.”

“But how else could we escape?”

“There.” Rian pointed at the corvette’s bridge module. “There is an emergency air-lock on top of the bridge, we get in there and take one of its escape pods.”