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[CSP] Words and War - Path of War


Path of War: You’ve arrived in enemy territory and you are swiftly met with the enemy defensive. There is only one course of action, and that is to fight. By whatever means, you and your team are to battle your way deeper into enemy territory and do as much damage as you can.

  • Minimum post length of 250 words.
  • No maximum post length.
  • Minimum of 2 posts/per team member
  • No posting twice in a row, one other member must post before you can post again.
  • Posts should be only continuation of the story, no OOC posts.
  • Posts may be edited by the poster only, and no edits on a post will be allowed once the next post is made in the thread.
  • Adherence to Character Sheet is a must, as such, a Snapshot should be created and linked in your first post. To create a snapshot, go to your Admin menu, select Possessions and Loadouts, then select Snapshots. Now you may create a snapshot for use in the run-on.