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[DB Pilot] Contract 064: Rhiann Baenre - Infiltration, B-Class


Posted on behalf of Marick

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x://_Identity Verified: Rhiann Baenre

Missions Detail:


We have a unique contract that we believe is tailored to your particular set of skills.

Melrose Industries is one of the largest manufacturers in the Galaxy when it comes to blaster parts components. Most key in on the main designers and distributors like BlasTech and, without realizing that they all receive their components for construction from the same company. In truth, Melrose is the more valuable as a company, and they have little to no competition in their field.

Our intelligence reports that one of Syn Torin’s (the head engineer of the One Sith) top slicers has been contracted by the company to test their security from local access points around their main facility on Corellia. In return, Melrose Industries has agreed to enter into a lucrative shipping deal that would effectively decrease the bulk-purchasing of Blaster’s for the One Sith, while increasing . They have no competition in the manufacturing front and we are confident they can easily strong-arm Merr Sonn and BlasTech into following their lead.

Needless to say, this cannot happen. We need you to head to Corellia and thwart the One Sith slicer’s attempts, preventing that deal from being struck, as the repercussions could cripple the Brotherhoods military strength going forward. Alternatively, it would be invaluable to have that contract working in our favor, so if you can out-slice the Torin’s agent, the Brotherhood would be in your debt.

A transport has been readied for your earliest convenience, and I’ve instructed one of my agents to provide you with whatever tools you need to accomplish this task.

Good luck.

-Marick Arconae
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Contract Status: Defaulted

~ This contract has defaulted due to a lack of a post. Please contact the ACB Staff for reactivation.