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[DB Pilot] Contract 072: Lucyeth - Undercover, B-Class


Shadow Academy Halls,
Lyspair, Antei System

The Sith Warrior wondered why he had been called to the Shadow Academy as he walked through its walls. Turning around a corner he stopped just short of running into an albino human in a dark grey cloak.

“Sith Warrior Lucyeth, I have been expecting you,” the albino’s crimson eyes glared at Lucyeth causing him to feel uneasy. The Priest let the unease build to the brink before offering the Sith a simple datapad.

“What is this?” The blond haired man asked as he took the device from the porcelain man.

“Orders from higher, passcode is ‘Kriffin’,” With his task complete, the Assassin seemed to shimmer from existence, leaving the Sorcerer alone in the hallway.

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Lucyeth

Missions Detail:

Sith Warrior, Lucyeth,

You have been selected from a group of your peers by the Antei Contract Bureau to handle a sensitive matter. To be specific this matter is of a classified nature. It has come under suspicion that several illegal shipments of contraband have landed in Lyspair’s northern hemisphere in the eastern quadrant. You are to ascertain where these shipments are landing and who is behind them.

Good Hunting, Warrior.

-Sight Nortorshin
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Discover the individual or group of individuals behind these illegal shipments, become embedded with them and report when and where the next several shipments are to land so a Nephilim introduction team may intercept them. You are to return with your report once you have gathered this information.


Lucyeth looked at the plans that were set on the table in front of him. He was discussing the plans with the leader of group, Setal Naman. I have known Setal for months now ever since I joined his group of rebellious people who smuggle contraband into the city of Lyspair. The sith warrior had been assigned to infiltrate the group to get into the operations of the group for the good of the Brotherhood. Lucyeth has recently become close to Setal as his right hand man which has made is reporting to the Brotherhood more of a challenge to keep in contact with the Bureau. Setal and I are discussing the new shipment of contraband that is slated to arrive in a few days and various steps need to be taken to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Setal ran his fingers through his greasy black hair before he looked toward Lucyeth.

“Everything needs to be precise with no mistakes, I do not want the local authorities on us,” stated Setal toward Lucyeth. The sith warrior thought to himself if that meant something that Setal was trying to get from Lucyeth but he was sure it was a simple statement.

“I will have the team in place first thing in the morning to make the pickup,” replied Lucyeth looking at Setal with a straight face.

“You’re a good man and I know it will go according to plan. See you tomorrow,” stated Setal as he dismissed Lucyeth from the room.

Back at his apartment, he went to the holocommunicator on his desk to contact the Brotherhood about the drop. They needed to know about this particular shipment of contraband as Lucyeth knew it was the first phase of a grand scheme that Setal set up that he has yet to be informed about the details. It was crucial that a team would be ready to intercept the contraband and better figure out what Setal has planned for Lyspair. The sith warrior even wanted to know what the grand plan was for himself but if Setal will not tell him then maybe the intercepted contraband will shed light.

Lucyeth was on the roof of an abandoned building in uptown Lyspair. The sith warrior overlooked the trash compactor across the street where the contraband was intended to be thrown away any minute now. The commlink on his belt has received a message and Lucyeth took it out to see who would be interrupting at this time. 

“Change of plan, I need you to move five blocks up, the courier got shaken and changed the location,” stated Setal over the comm channel.

“Got it moving,” replied Lucyeth who was already on the move to the new location. Sithspit! Lucyeth realized that the brotherhood team will not know the new location and the contraband will be picked up before the team can analyze it. Lucyeth is unable to afford disclosing the new location with a possibility of revealing everything. The sith warrior will have to wait for the next contraband shipment and await Setal to tell him the plan. This is deeper than Lucyeth anticipated whatever is contained in the dropped shipment,


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ Despite having posted, the member’s time to complete their task has elapsed. Should the member wish reactivation, they should contact the ACB Staff.