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[DB Pilot] Contract 084: Egregious - Assassination, A-Class


Shadow Academy Halls,
Lyspair, Antei System

The Human waited patiently in a secluded hallway in the Shadow Academy. He was certain that the Knight known as Egregious would pass through this hallway at some point during the day. The Krath had been waiting for around an hour before the Faleen made his appearance. Mako smiled at the Knight then gently placed a datapad on the floor and pushed it gently towards the creature with the Force.

The Falleen looked questioningly at the Human the pheromones he released as speech falling on deaf ears. The Human knew better than to try to communicate with the Knight, so he simply pointed at the datapad and left when the Falleen had picked it up. To Egregious’ surprise the datapad activated on it’s own once he touched it.

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode Accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Egregious

Missions Detail:

Knight Egregious,

You have been selected from a group of your peers by the Antei Contract Bureau to handle a sensitive matter. To be specific this matter is of a classified nature. You are to travel to Kessel. Once there you are to track down a Kilvan Sentra. Our intelligence sources have informed us that Sentra has been spotted in the company of the certain One Sith supporters. You are to kill Kilvan Sentra in any manner you deem fit as long as it can not be linked back to the Brotherhood.

Good Hunting, Knight.

-Mako Henymory
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Kilvan Sentra is a known fighter and has adequate skills with a blade and blaster. You should take precautions accordingly.


Egregious quickly memorized the information on the data pad. The device shut down and was now getting very warm. He tossed it into the trash bin as he exited the academy, and the device started to smoke then popped with a micro explosion. He looked around and shrugged and entered his landspeeder.

He pointed the vehicle towards the spaceport and pulled out his comm unit. His apprentice answered on the first ring “ Yes my master.” Egregious clipped it to his collar as he navigated the travel lanes at a higher speed than normal and replied “ Drop what you’re doing and get the ship prepped for launch…. Make sure there is climbing gear and my combat suit. Also I need various spacer garbs all different, but all of them need to be up to my standards…. You know the usual… Light the engines and wait for my arrival… Oh and I almost forgot find Rex and have him waiting in the cargo hold for me”

“ It will be done… Is there going to be trouble?” the protector asked.

“No trouble just want to be prepared and get going “ he cut off the transmission and kept the vehicle speeding to his destination. Kessel of all the kriffing places to have to go he thought. A former prison turned slaver operation and recently acquired by none other Lando Calrissian, kessel was the last place he wanted to be.

He pulled the speeder into the space dock and hopped out. Egregious made haste to his ship. He strode up the ramp to the cockpit. Magik was in his copilots chair “ You are staying here and finishing your studies”

The younger human turned to him “ Master your not serious, I am coming with you”

The knight looked to him and pushed his words with the force “This is not a negotiation leave this ship now and await my return”

The human’s hand went to his forehead and he gave a nod “ Forgive me my master “ he bowed and moved out of his seat.

Egregious waved him off and spoke crisply “ and send in Cv-Rx on your way out”. His fingers typed in the route he wanted to take. He would take the ship out past the rim and then make his way back through Nar Shadaa. This would cover his back trial, if he needed to explain his voyage to any customs official.

Then he opened a compartment and pulled out a transponder from the few he had left. He pulled out his secure one and swapped it with a spice traders he constructed a while back ‘Star’s Chance’ was as good of a name as any and barely used.

The loyal droid entered the cockpit “ Boss the kid said you were in a foul mood what’s up “.

“ Activate secure protocols “ the knight spoke calmly. The droids photoreceptors dimmed and turned green in a thin line. He then spoke in a voice that was not normal much deeper and more mechanical “ Authorization code”.

“01zebd” the Falleen then emitted a particular scent that was part of the code.

“Authenticated” The droid was now in covert mode. It would compartmentalize all data from this point and once reverted it would be erased. This protected his personality matrix and made it so that the droid could still function in the more covert aspects that Egregious choose as employment at times.

“ Cv-Rx I need you to pull everything from the database on a one named ‘ Kilvan Sentra’. normal parameters; Species, known associates. His last known where abouts were in the kessel system so start with that.” The knight pulled the craft up and out into the atmosphere and cleared his take off with the tower.

There was a slight ding and the droid spoke in his low voice “ Link to the holonet established … running scan…”

Egregious cut him off “ Do it quietly and just upload the data to my display”

The information started scrolling up his display almost immediately. The ship turned to its vector and cleared the gravity well and he pulled the levers. Stars streaked, and he relaxed a bit as he read through the materials.

“ Is there any indication that he is force sensitive” he asked the droid.

“ Negative…. he was slave born on Kessel and was apparently freed by Han Solo during the atmosphere revolt back in the glory days of the empire.” The droid continued “ Then he made his mark as a thug and low life smuggler. However since Calrissian purchased the mines his life had taken a turn for the worst.” The droid cocked his head to the side “ It seems there were several large deposits to his personal accounts over the last few standard weeks.”

“ Okay interesting… Slice into his bank and trace the funds, and figure out a why we would be on Kessel. There is to be no link back to the brotherhood, so it has to be good.”

The droid tapped a few keys on his communication suite “ There seems to be a Pazaak tournament in the Casino in Kessandra, the entry fee is low enough only three thousand credits”

“Book it and book a room also… Take the helm I am going to my cabin to meditate… Also figure out how many One Sith are in the area… And the link between this Kilvan and the famous One Sith” he strode down the deck to his cabin and took a seat on the floor in front of the viewport.

He liked to meditate in hyperspace. It was calming. He let his emotions fade away as he tried to open his mind to the force. Letting go he let the force wash the darkness over him. He used his battle meditation techniques focus his mind.

It was not long or so he thought before the intercom beeped. He opened his eyes and pushed the switch with his mind “ Yes”

The droids voice filled his cabin “ I have the information on the accounts, seems like the credits link back to Koriban. Also there were a few discoveries of an old tomb. Guess who made the discovery.”

Egregious answered “ Kilvan Sentra”

Cv-Rx replied “ Yes. Reversion from Hyperspace in ten minutes.”

Egregious looked at his chrono and shrugged it had been ten hours since he came into his cabin. He stood and changed into his battle suit and pulled on robes of a spacer. Leaving the adornments simple. He packed extra clothes and tools into his secure travel bag. The center compartment was scan proof.

He stowed his lightsaber in his locker and took his blaster and clipped the holster to his belt. The battle suit was form fitting and light. It had plates that covered his vital organs, and had the ability to hold against a vacuum in space along with a helmet.

The helmet he left in his locker, as it was not going to go with his dress. He then added the rest of his kit to his wardrobe. Most was just for show but there were the normal adornments. He closed his locker and made his way to the cockpit.

The ship reverted from hyperspace closer to the maw. He wanted it to mask his entrance in the system. The excess radiation from the black holes of the maw would mask his entrance vector some what. The trick was to then to just blend in with the other freighter traffic.

“ Cv-Rx hail the orbital satellite and request our entry vector. “ the droid clipped a few keys and the comm officers voice came over the speakers.

“ Acknowledged Stars Chance and welcome to Kessel” the transmission terminated and he let the droid pilot the craft to the surface and dock in Kessandra’s main spaceport. He then turned to the droid “ You are to run recon, slice the data hub in the port and send me a report on the activity, look for the anomalies” he stood and made his way to the loading dock and exited the craft, his bag slung over his shoulder.

The spaceport was bustling and Egregious made his way to the casino to check in to the hotel. He wandered through the mix of beings that have arrived for the tournament. There was quite a mix. Egregious suppressed his force presence making it smaller than a pea mentally within him. He also emitted calming pheromones. People adverted their eyes when he walked past. Falleen were not a normal sight on Kessel he assumed.

He approached the droid at the desk and handed him a credi card and then made his way to his room. He felt something watching him. It was a slight nudge in the force.The knight then strode over to the registration table and showed a false identification. They gave him his table number and told him what time in the morrow the event began. He then boarded the lift and took it up to his floor and exited the lift and entered his room.

His comm beeped and he answered it “ Yes?”

Cv-Rx sounded hurried as he replied “ They are on the far side of the planet just over one of the larger mining complexes. It does not add up though, being so close to a mine and not been found. As for the One Sith there are three staying in the hotel.”

Egregious walked across the room to the view port and looked out over the barren landscape “ I know I felt someone in the lobby. How far is this tomb, and where is Kilvan now?”

The mechanical voice returned a reply “ He is not booked in the hotel. However there is a slum where a K. Sentra is reported in living. It should be a short walk to the southwest from your current location”

The Fallen smiled “ Sure walk. This is a good start but i want all information on the One sith and the connection, there is more here than just artifacts.”

“Yes sir “ and the droid ended the communication.

Egregious then pulled out of his his bag his micro binoculars. He stowed them in his pocket. Then he loaded his data pad with local maps and information. The local net provided him with an answer, across from where the slum was that K. Sentra lived was a cantina. He figured he could use a drink and set out to find one.

He walked to the cantina casually. Keeping his eyes open for anyone following him. He was still sure someone might of felt him in the lobby and wanted to make sure his cover was not blown.

He ducked into the cantina and took a seat at the end of the curved bar. The Barkeep came over to get his order and he waved his fingers in such a way and said “ you will describe to me the one called Kilvan Sentra”

The man’s eyes glazed over as he just blinked “ He is the one sitting over in the corner… Waiting for the dark types to come in…”

Egregious then looked at the man “ you will not remember me and be on your way… but not before filling a tankard with ale”

The barkeep turned and poured his ale and left it in front of him. Egregious then let his eyes casually wander to the reflection in the mirror and scanned the room to where the barkeep noted earlier and there he was.

He was an average being with a large blaster and knife on his hip. The first thought was to just roll a detonator under the table and be done with it. But this job required a little more tact. This is when two cloaked beings entered the bar and moved to the table.

They joined him at the table and he looked a little uneasy about it. This could work to his advantage. Thinking quickly he pumped the room full of fear pheromones. Enough to make anyone a little jumpy and it had a desired effect on the room.

The man in the center started to pale. The other two were now pointing their fingers at him. Egregious then opened himself to the force and pushed a thought of a double cross into the minds of the two cloaked figures and implanted the memory of being double crossed. The result was quick.

The figure to the right pulled out a shoto and stabbed him in the chest. Thick smoke started rolling out of his mouth as his organs boiled. Egregious threw down a credit chip, and followed the panicked crowd out of the cantina. He slowly walked back to his ship. He could now leave as his job was finished. He considered staying for the tournament but after retrieving this belongings from his room he decided to make an excuse and leave the system.


Contract: Completed
Grade - Needs Work
1 Point

This is actually a very clever story. I would have liked it a lot more if there weren’t a slew of technical issues that detracted from my enjoyment of your excellent finale/solution for taking out the target.

Syntax and grammar errors are sprinkled throughout:

the protector asked.

Ranks are always capitalized. Otherwise he is just someone protecting something. You do the same thing with Knight (referencing a Dark Jedi Knight) later on.

A general rule of thumb, also, for neat dialogue, is to use appropriate syntax. So:

His apprentice answered on the first ring.Yes, master?”

And: “No trouble, (comma) just want to be prepared and get going, (comma)” he said as he cut off the transmission and kept…

If you want to close off the dialogue and separate the action from it, you use a period instead.

Story wise, Egregious offloads almost every pertinent task to someone else. He also has 0 skills in mechanics or slicing, so I’m not sure how he was savvy enough to swap the transponder himself, let alone build an alias of one. If you had said he had someone else make it for him, or he paid money to do so, that’s one thing.

The real hero and protagonist of the story should be the droid. He literally does everything. I don’t think there is a single point where Egregious has an obstacle of his own to overcome as a protagonist.

Yea, I really cared more about the droid in this and felt bad that he had to do all the work. While i liked to resolution to killing the target, it kind of seems rushed.

A proof reader, in the future will knock out a lot of these smaller issues, but as a writer, I’d suggest looking at some of the other contracts that have gotten Excellent grades and fictions that Sarin should be putting up in the Novae-google drive.

Thank you for participating in the ACB Beta program!