Deathwatch: Chapter 1 [Fiction thread]

Deathwatch Administrative office

Why is there so much fracking paperwork!?

That was Appius’ first thought as he stared at the mountain of documents and shuddered at the effort it would take to get through the seemingly endless piles in front of him.

For a Clan and House that like to live by their own rules there seemed to be a whole lot of administration involved. Equipment, supplies, manpower, contracts, bounties, intelligence around Zsoldos, the House Wren headquarters and not to mention the who, what, when, why and how of everything Battleteam Deathwatch laid on his desk in front of him.

He sighed and tried to think of someone who could help him get through all of this mess. His first thought turned to Kano Tor Tydex. A fellow Mandalorian and expert Weapons Specialist. He had to wonder how he’d react to all this paperwork.

The Sorcerer glanced around the room. Brand new and decorated with red carpets and tapestries that presented the Deathwatch symbol in all its glory. The wooden walls were polished and glistened with a brilliant shine. The windows on either side of the room allowed the natural light of Zsoldos to shine and illuminate the room perfectly.

He would probably destroy the desk, the room and all this kark with it. Then walk away like nothing happened.

He chuckled to himself as the thought crossed his own mind briefly. Perhaps a little bit of Force Lightning couldn’t hurt? but then he dismissed it. Destroying part of his office probably wasn’t the most practical thing he could do right now. But was there anyone else?

His thoughts then turned to Hector Ricmore, a Zygerrian Ace pilot that often liked to document his adventures in a little notebook, datapad, terminal… basically, whatever he had access to. Maybe he could put those writing skills to use now? Appius shook his head.

No, Hector would likely document how his bantha fodder of a Battleteam Leader made him do paperwork as his first assignment…

Vizsla’s first knight placed his hands on the desk and attempted to surrender himself to the mundanity of the administration ahead of him.

It’s just paperwork, it’s just paperwork. He kept chanting to himself. Hoping for something to intervene.

His prayers were answered when a young man, wearing House Wren security uniform suddenly barged into the room.

“Sir, the Quaestor has ordered me to report to you. There’s been an attempt on his life and he demands that Deathwatch fix their protocols so this doesn’t happen again.”

Appius turned to the young man. His eyes filled with the brim determination.

“Tell the Quaestor I’ll get the Battleteam online immediately and deal with this at once.” He replied authoritatively as the young man bowed and left the room quickly as he could. Appius followed, secretly thanking the Living Force that he could leave the paperwork just a little bit longer.

House Wren Headquarters

By the Living Force, what the hell happened in here!?

The scene that greeted the Battleteam Leader just a few minutes later was certainly not what he was expecting. The walls were stained in a particular red liquid on each side of the room. Appius could only assume that it was blood as it trickled down in a collection of patterns onto the carpet below like a vast burgundy ocean. House Wren was using the building for administration purposes. Tables had splintered and broken apart in the carnage and valuable equipment that once was usable was now in several pieces. But what struck him the most were the small number of shrivelled and mutilated carcasses lying in the centre of the room, all of which appeared to have the emblem of the Collective engraved upon their chest plates.

Assassins? the Battleteam Leader thought to himself.

House Wren infantry forces scattered about, looking for signs of any lethal explosives that may still linger. The room had been declared safe to enter once again, but one could never be too careful.

In the centre of the room stood a half-Sephi male whom, whilst covered in black ash and smoke, seemed relatively unharmed in any way. Beside him were two individuals surveying the carnage. The first was the House Wren Aedile, Amira Lux, and the other was the Clan Vizsla Consul, Declan Roark.

“Are you absolutely certain, Mr Qurroc?”

“Yes, I am quite sure.” The half-Sephi responded, receiving a slight nod from the Consul.

“Very well, we will leave it in the hands of Wren and Deathwatch. Conduct your business as you see fit and ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Moments later the Vizsla Consul left the room and barely gave a glance to Appius as he barged past. Thus leaving only the Quaestor, Aedile and Battleteam Leader for House Wren remaining. They were accompanied with the myriad of personnel moving in and out and throughout the Yuanming hallways trying to bunker down on House security.

“I don’t think we need to tell you the seriousness of the situation, Mr Wight.” Rulvak stated, his ripped and tattered clothing did little to hide the trauma the man just went through. Yet despite this, he remained oddly calm, like it was an average day at the office for him.

“You were assigned as leader of Battleteam Deathwatch to protect House Wren, its members and its leadership. To act as a first response to threats and act on House Wren’s most vital of missions. Yet, here we are after an attempt on my life. Not a good start, is it?”

“We will find them, sir.” The Sorcerer responded, trying to display as much confidence as he could muster.

“Oh? And what will you do when you do find them?” Rulvak asked, his right eyebrow raised ever so slightly.

“Eliminate them.”

The room went silent for a brief moment as the two men simply locked eyes with each other until suddenly, much to Appius’ surprise, the Quaestor’s lips etched into a slight smile.

“Very well. You have control of everything you need. We expect nothing but the best results from you and Deathwatch.” He said as he stood to leave the room.

As she moved past him to follow Rulvak, the House Wren Aedile turned back to face Appius, her eyes seemingly able to meet his even through his T-shaped visor.

“Failure isn’t an option. Find them. Kill them. I’ve sent all the relevant information we’ve gathered here to your datapad.” That’s all she said as she tapped him on the shoulder reassuringly and left the room. The Battleteam Leader knelt down to inspect the corpses by his feet.

What a mess…

Organs spilled onto the floor, a collection of pink and red staining everything below and around it. Suddenly, loud footsteps entered the room from one of the House Wren company footsoldiers.

“Sir, Deathwatch is awaiting your orders. Rajhin in particular is getting impatient and Dral Falgorth keeps asking if he can blow something up…”

Appius stood and turned to face the young man.

“We need surveillance set up around this entire building. I want to know everything that happens here, if someone so much as blinks I want to know about it. The Quaestor needs to be monitored and protected against any further attacks. He doesn’t go anywhere without us knowing about it. We need complete access, no-one enters or leaves this planet without me knowing about it first.”

He glanced at the horror still lying at his feet.

“Get someone to clean this mess up. Deathwatch has a job to do. Oh and tell Dral and Rajhin they might get their chance sooner than they think.”

Appius stormed out of the room, ready to gather the Battleteam for their assignment.

“In fact, don’t bother. I’ll tell the Battleteam myself.”

Their mission. Discover who is trying to kill the Quaestor and destroy them.

After all, if it’s a fight they want, Battleteam Deathwatch was more than happy to oblige…

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