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[December Pilot] Contract 076: Nadrin Erinos Arconae - ASSASSINATION, S-Class


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x://_Identity Verified: Nadrin Erinos Arconae

Missions Detail:


Your uncle used to have a saying–”When we take a life, we take nothing of value.” That is why it is our responsibility, as Shadicar, to use our talents to do what is necessary for the good of Clan Arcona. It’s come time for you to earn your rightful place among our ranks.

Forty-Eight hours ago, our hold over Port Ol’val’s power structure was put in serious jeopardy.

A new ‘Blindman’ has made himself known to the Triumvirate divisions. Whoever this new “shadow man” is, he has been unearthing the seeds we sowed to conceal our presence on the Shadow Port. Word has gotten out that some of our activities should be considered more closely. There was almost another breach at Bulkhead, and one of the Casino’s we have a stake in had it’s deep vault emptied with the blame being pointed at Naruba Investments. These questions that seem small, however, can grow into thick vines of doubt.

The impostor has somehow managed to stay one step ahead of Oblivion agents, and we’ve seen our own tactics used against us. Our most recent raid on a tracked location of one of his holo-calls that tapped lead to two of our agents being charred beyond near recognition. Whoever he or she is somehow manages to always be one step ahead of us. This is unacceptable, and I will not see another ounce of Arconan life fall to this impostor.

As you can probably see, this is one of the most serious threats House Qel-Droma has ever faced. As you are also aware, House Qel-Droma has spent years building an empire around our ‘Blindman’, and our continued existence on the Shadow Port relies solely on our ability to not exist.

Your mission is simple. Hunt down this imposter ‘Blindman’, and remove him. The last lead we had on him came from a radio-broadcast from the Bessadi Entertainment district. Otherwise, you are on your own.

The Shadicar don’t have targets for a reason; they have deaders. Let this trial serve as your crucible. Eliminate your deader. Failure is not an option. You have at your disposal all of the resources of the Shadow Lord of Clan Arcona.

Shadows guide you,

-Marick Arconae
Shadow Lord


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ As the timeframe for completing this contract has elapsed, this mission has timed out. Please contact the ACB Staff for reactivation.