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[December Pilot] Contract 078: Rod - Assassination, A-Class


ACB Office
Arcona Citadel

Sight sat at his desk smoking one of Celevon’s cigarettes as Lilly glared disapprovingly at the Krath and Obelisk. Across the desk from the Priest sat Qel-Droma’s Aedile, Turel Sorenn. The Aedile watched the Fade carefully as he tried to figure her out. This was the first time that the Templar had seen the young woman look at her master with anything but a creepy stalkerish devotion, and it was freaking him out a bit if he was to be honest with himself.

“So what-” Turel was cut short as the Fade sent a death glare his way.

“Turel, you have to tell Celevon to stop giving Sight those horrible things!” The Mandalorian half plead half ordered the Aedile.

“I don-” The Templar was cut short once more as Sight retorted.

“Lilly, I’ve had a stressful week this is keeping me from spilling any Journeyman blood. Speaking of which,” the Rollmaster turned to look at Sorenn, “If your apprentice doesn’t show up soon, I’m going to take him aboard the Nighthawk and then jettison him out the core chamber into a blackhole.”

“Is everything okay between your three? You all seem tense,” Turel spoke slowly as he looked to each of the three in turn.

A knock sounded on the door, giving a welcome relief to the tension in the room.

“Enter!” Sight barked out.

The door slide open and Rod stepped into the room.

“You asked for me Sir?” The Protector inquired as he braced himself for being moved around the room again through the Force.

“I have an assignment for you, take your Master here with you. If he doesn’t get some exercise soon he’s going to start getting fat,” the Krath spoke with authority, pointing to Turel’s stomach toward the end. The Rollmaster tossed the Journeyman a datapad and waved a hand indicating the two were free to leave.

“The ladies of Port Ol’val haven’t complained yet,” Turel retorted, rubbing his stomach in a sarcastically sensual manner as he left with his Apprentice.

Power on
Loading Files
Decrypting Files
Opening Sound File

Protector, the DIA and the office of the Shadow Lord request that you travel Almania. Once there you are to track down a military officer by the name of Darlene Rodell. DIA operatives have gained valuable intelligence that Darlene has been attempting to research the Shadow Clan. You are to kill this woman in any means you see fit as long as it is unable to be tied back to the Shadow Clan. Good hunting Protector.

Close Sound File
Open Dossier File: Darlene Rodell

Name: Darlene Rodell
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Distinguishing marks: Auburn Hair and silver eyes
Affiliation: Galactic Alliance Military Intelligence
Classification: Kill on sight
Notable Skills: Darlene is a seasoned military officer who has several combat tours under her belt. Known to favor extreme long range, utilizing sniper rifles or extreme close quarters using twin stiletto knives.
Intel: Darlene is known to hang around a cantina by the name of Nicolai’s own.

Close Dossier File:Darlene Rodell
Close All Files
Power Off

Turel turned to Rod as they walked down the hallway out of the building. “Look, this is your mission. I’m just tagging along to observe and provide backup if needed.”


Arcona Citadel

Rod almost dropped the datapad as he walked out of office. First came confusion, then understanding, and then rage.

Sight knows, he thought, that son of a bantha has to know.

“Everything alright?” Turel asked.

Rod realized that he had been standing outside the door staring at the datapad long enough for it to seem strange.

“Of course master, everything’s fine.” The protector replied.

“Ok then, where are we headed?” The Templar asked.

“Home.” Rod replied.

Solo’s Dream

The cargo bay of the small freighter was dusty, and smelled like a mix of booze and spice. Rod shifted uncomfortably, he would much prefer to be in the cockpit. Turel on the other hand seemed perfectly content sitting in the drug and alcohol ridden cargo bay.

“I still don’t understand why we couldn’t just take a pair of X-Wings.” The Protector whined, “You are the Aedile after all, I’m sure you could have ‘found’ some for us.”

“True, I probably could have. But I’m fairly certain that datapad Sight gave you said this mission was not to be traced back to the shadow clan. I’d say flying shadow clan ships into the system would make us
fairly traceable.” His master replied.

“Ok fine,” The protector replied “But I’m damn sure we can afford a better charter than this. That nerf-herder of a pilot is going to make barf if he doesn’t learn to fly right.”

“I like it, this ship is nice and cozy.”

“You call being surrounded by spice and booze ‘cozy’? Oh, right, Nar Shadda.”

The Protector had almost forgotten that his master was a native of the smuggler’s moon, and this dingy blockade runner probably felt a bit like home.

“So, when are you going to tell me what upset you so much about that datapad?” The Templar finally asked.

“It’s not-,” The Protector started to lie, but a cocked eyebrow from his master told him he wouldn’t fall for it.

“It’s my sister.” Rod said after a short pause. “Sight is sending me to kill my sister.”

“Hmm,” Turel paused “you two close?”

“We were,” Rod answered, slightly taken aback by his master’s detachment from the situation “She pretty much raised me until I joined the Army. Dad was a bit of a drinker, and mom just hid in her room to avoid the beatings, so he ended up taking it out on me and her. She always got the worst of it though, I think sometimes she would goad him on just so he wouldn’t have as much energy left to beat me.”

“Why’d you lose contact?” The Templar asked.

“Well, she joined up as soon as she was old enough. She said she would come back and take me away but that never happened. Six years passed and finally I was old enough, so off I went. I haven’t heard from her since I enlisted, I guess she just didn’t know how to reach me after I left Almania.”

“I see,” His master replied calmly “So, are you going to kill her?”

“Of course I am.” Rod replied, wishing his thoughts were as sure as his voice.


Rod was glad the streets were so crowded, he forgot how cold his homeworld was and had not dressed accordingly, but the body heat kept it bearable. The Protector had also forgotten just how impoverished his planet was, you couldn’t take more than two steps without being asked for some spare credits.

Turel had stayed back at the docks to allow his apprentice to deal with his sister alone. He did however verify that his apprentice had his communicator just in case he needed some assistance.

The young journeyman turned a corner and saw what he was looking for, Nicolai’s Own, his sister’s bar. He approached the place slowly, not sure what to expect inside. He took a deep breath and stepped in.

The place was dimly lit, and the smoke was so thick he almost wished he had a breathe mask. He was surprised at how crowded the place was.

I guess poor people have more of a reason to drink than anyone else, he thought to himself.

The Protector approached the bartender, who finished pouring a glass of Juma Juice for a Twi’lek and turned to the young Human.

“What can I get for you son?” The old human asked.

“I’m looking for Darlene,” Rod answered “is she around?”

“Yeah, her office is in the back, right next to the

Rod made his way to the back of the bar, pausing in front of the door. His hand slid down to the blaster holster on his thigh, and he stepped through the doorway.

His sister was sitting at the desk, her silver eyes scanning a datapad in her hand. She didn’t even look up when Rod walked in, and upon seeing her his hand came right off the grip of his DL-18.

“If you’re here to complain about-“ his sister looked up, and immediately recognized her younger sibling “Nicki?! Is that you?”

“It’s me sis,” The Protector replied “and it’s Rod now, I haven’t gone by Nicki since I was ten.”

Darlene shot out of her chair and ran across the room to embrace her brother. Rod was caught off guard, he honestly couldn’t remember the last time someone had hugged him.

“Where the hell have you been?” She asked “I lost track of you after you were discharged from the hospital on Coruscant. I wanted to come visit, but my commander wouldn’t let me go until that whole Killik situation was cleared up, and by then you were long gone.”

“I had a rough time after Tenupe.” Rod answered “After I got discharged I kind of just floated around a bit, I didn’t stay anywhere for very long.”

“Why didn’t you just come home? I came here as soon as they would let me, I’m the Mortex Sector’s chief analyst now, so I can work from right here on Almania. I would have found you eventually if you came back.”

“Yeah, I didn’t really want to be found.” The younger Human answered, looking down at his boots.

“Oh, I think I know what this is about.” His sister replied “Take a seat bro.” She said as she pulled the chair in front of her desk out.

Rod sat down, the chair was comfortable, very plush. His sister walked around and returned to her seat.

“Look, I read the report on Tenupe.” She started “I know what happened with Cass, I know what he did for you, and you should know that it wasn’t your fault.”

“What the hell would you know about that ma’am.” Rod shot back “When was the last time you set foot on a battle field?”

“Hey, don’t get smart with me kid.” Her motherly instincts kicked in “You weren’t the only one who lost someone they cared about in the war, regardless of whether or not I was on the front lines, I know what it’s
like to lose a friend. And trust me, hopping around from planet to planet drinking your sorrows away is no way to live your life.”

“Yeah, I realized that.” The Protector replied “You don’t have to worry about me, I got my act together, I’m somewhat settled down now.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” His sister replied “You’re in the Dajorra system right? On Selen?” His sister smirked at the look of surprise on her brother’s face. “I’m an Intelligence officer, you think I can’t find my kid brother if I want too? So what’s this ‘Shadow Clan’ business, you join some kind of weird fraternity?”

Sithspit, Rod thought, she was just looking for me, that’s why she came up on the DIA radar.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a fraternity, look I really can’t talk about it, the more you know the worse off you are.”

His sister cocked an eyebrow, a look she had given her brother many times before in their younger years.

“Explain.” She said authoritively.

Rod looked down at his boots again, contemplating his next move. He knew what he had to do, and this talking was only going to make it harder. He slowly started to slide his hand towards his blaster. Before he knew it, his sister had hers pointed right in his face.

“You care to explain why you were about to draw on me?” She asked, her tone had changed from motherly to hostile in a heartbeat.

“The people I work for don’t take kindly to intelligence officers digging through their records. They sent me here to take care of the problem.”

“They what?” She exclaimed “What the hell kind of people do you work for? Who sends a brother out on a mission to kill his own sister?”

“Dark Jedi do.” The Journeyman said flatly.

The look in his sister’s silver eyes was one of confusion.

“Dark Jedi, you mean, wait… what?”

“Yes, I mean I’m studying the Force, the ‘bad’ side of the force.” Rod replied.

His sister paused for a second, then lowered her weapon and burst out laughing.

“Good one bro.” She said wiping a tear from her eye “So seriously, what are you doing on Selen.”

The expression on Rod’s face didn’t flinch. She quickly realized he wasn’t kidding.

“You’re serious?” She asked “You’re seriously working with Dark Jedi? Do you not remember where you come from? What Kueller did to this planet?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten.” Rod replied “Have you forgotten how weak the Jedi are? You were at Tenupe weren’t you? We could have destroyed the Killiks, they would have paid for everything, and then Skywalker talked the GADF out of it.”

“We still WON the war kid, who cares if we slaughtered them or not?”

“I care!” Rod yelled furiously “Every one of those ugly bugs should be dead, they never should have been allowed to leave Tenupe.”

“You can’t blame an entire species for Cassius’ death Nicolai.” His sister responded “And last time I checked, it was a Chiss grenade that killed him.”

“We never would have been on that planet if it wasn’t for those frakking bugs.” The Protector spit back, clearly set in his decision.

“Fine, you don’t like the Jedi.” His sister continued “That still doesn’t justify joining the Sith!

Rod sighed to himself, it didn’t seem like he was going to be able to make her understand. It was time to do what he came here to do. With an inhuman speed, he drew his blaster and rose it up to eye level. His sister dove out of her chair just as the shot left his barrel. Before he knew it she was out a back door and off into the streets.

Shutta, he thought, guess I’m not the only one in the family with some force assisted instincts.

Rod took off out the door in pursuit of his sister. He turned the first corner just in time to see her making a right on the next block. The Protector took off in a dead sprint, he couldn’t let her get out of his sight. Just as he made the right his sister took a left, she was fast. She obviously hadn’t slacked off on her physical training regimen at her new post.

Just before Rod took the hard left into the next alley something told him stop, he halted and skid a few feet, stopping just inches short of the blaster shot that flew in front of his face. He quickly got back behind the cover of the corner. His sister was set up with her rifle on the far side of the alleyway. He remembered from the dossier that Sight gave him that she was a good shot, and he didn’t plan on testing the DIA’s intel.

He needed a plan and he needed one quick. The longer he stayed behind the corner the longer his sister had to make an escape. Suddenly the Protector felt a buzzing at his hip. His comm was going off.

“Everything ok out there?” His master’s voice came through “People are freaking out over here, something about shots being fired in the street.”

“Nothing to worry about master, I’ve got it under control.” Rod replied, panting. He needed to quit smoking, he could hardly catch his breath.

Ok, he thought, if I can just get her to miss the first shot I can close the gap.

The Protector took a second to gather himself, then dashed out into the alleyway. Just as Darlene was about to pull the trigger, her scope filled with a bright white flash and the shot went wide. Before she knew it, her brother was on top of her, throwing his elbow into her chest. She fell on her back and immediately went for the twin knives on her calves, but it was already too late, her brother had her mounted, his blade now ignited and hovering just over her neck.

“Don’t make a move sis, it’ll be your last.” He said, smirking at the fact that he had outsmarted his cunning sibling.

“Nicki, please, don’t do this.” She begged “This isn’t you and you know it.”

When their eyes met, Rod was shocked. His sister’s eyes were filled with something he had never seen in the silver wells before, fear. All the beatings she took as a child, all the hard times they had been through, he had never once seen fear in her eyes.

Before he knew what he was doing, Rod disengaged his saber and rolled over on to his back, tears filling his eyes. His sister slowly stood up, confused and relieved.

“Guess you’re not so ‘Dark’ after all huh kid?” She laughed, relieved that her brother had had a change of heart.

“Shutup” Rod replied, wiping the tears from his eyes as he stood up. “This is a problem now.”

“Why’s that?” She asked.

“I have orders to kill you, and it would be too obvious if I said you got away.” He replied “They need to think you’re dead, or else I will be.”

His sister smirked, “How many times do I have to tell you kid, I’m an Intelligence officer, I know clandestine operations. If you need dead, I can be dead.”

Rod smiled, he had forgotten just how amazing his sister was.

“Go to Kessel.” He said “It’s not far from the Dajorra system, and I’ll be able to find you once it’s safe.”

His sister smiled, then reached around her neck and unclasped her small star necklace.

“Take this.” She said “Tell them you got it off my dead body, there’s some of my blood on it from when you shoved that elbow into my chest. That should be all the proof they need. I’ll be on Kessel keeping a low profile. If you’re ever looking for me just use ‘Nicki’ as your name on the manifest, I’ll know it’s you.”

His sister hugged him one more time after he put the necklace on.

“I’m glad you had a change of heart kid, don’t let those Dark Jedi fool you, you’re a good guy.”

Rod wiped the tears from his eyes as his sister strode away, and before he knew it she was gone in the crowd. He stood there alone for a few seconds before his communicator buzzed.

“How’s it going Soldier?” Turel asked “I’m getting a little cold, I’d like to be back romanticizing the ladies of Port Ol’val fairly soon.”

“It’s done.” Rod replied “I’m enroute now, could you tell that nerf herder to get the ship ready? I’d like to be off this cesspool as soon as possible.”

ACB Office
Arcona Citadel

The door to the ACB office swung open violently as the Protector hurried in with his report, his master toe in heel. Rod shot Sight an angry glance before turning towards the desk to drop the datapad. As he placed it on the desk, he spotted Celevon’s pack of cigarettes. He promptly picked it up, took one out, and lit it as the three Equites watched open-mouthed. He then turned and abruptly left the room, all three of his seniors still staring blankly. As the door closed, Sight and Celevon turned their eyes towards Turel for answers.

“He uh….” The Templar stammered “he had a long day.”


Grade: Excellent (+3)

I’m leaving out comments I’ve made in previous contracts. See the bottom for the summary.

“Of course master, everything’s fine.” The protector replied.

Early on, you have a tendency to have Protector lower-case. Everyone makes mistakes, so no worries. Just keep in mind to get more proofreaders or look it over before posting.

Rod shifted uncomfortably, he would much prefer to be in the cockpit.

This is an example of where you would use a semi-colon in place of the comma. It’s not an error, since everyone has issues with this part.

“True, I probably could have. But I’m fairly certain that datapad Sight gave you said this mission was not to be traced back to the shadow clan. I’d say flying shadow clan ships into the system would make us fairly traceable.” His master replied.

For future reference, Shadow Clan should be capitalized. Also, see my comments on your previous contracts for commas with dialogue of this manner.

“You call being surrounded by spice and booze ‘cozy’? Oh, right, Nar Shadda.”

I almost missed this one. Nar Shaddaa has the extra ‘a’ at the end.

The Protector had almost forgotten that his master was a native of the smuggler’s moon, and this dingy blockade runner probably felt a bit like home.

Smuggler’s Moon should be capitalized, since you’re referring to the planet.

“What the hell would you know about that ma’am.” Rod shot back “When was the last time you set foot on a battle field?”


“I’m an Intelligence officer, you think I can’t find my kid brother if I want too?-


“Explain.” She said authoritively.


“Good one bro.” She said wiping a tear from her eye “So seriously, what are you doing on Selen.”

Second part of her dialogue is phrased like a question

“We never would have been on that planet if it wasn’t for those frakking bugs.” The Protector spit back, clearly set in his decision.


This contract is easily of the same quality as your previous two. However, this one was far longer due to the emotional aspect of Sight frakking with the character’s head. This is actually a pretty common test in-character. And whether the character is a true NPC or one based upon someone from real life, it’s still emotional.

From a realism standpoint and the overall story, it was very well done. Even despite the more frequent errors shown above, it’s still of a damn near perfect quality. Keep up the good work, Rod. :slight_smile: