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[Desperate Measures] Damsels in Distress


Team member dossier links:

Kasula: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/12049
Ysera: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/12049/character_sheet/2
F1-XR remains on the ship. Its combat abilities shouldn’t be used with our notice.
Tamashi: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/13529
Sa: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/10051
Ihi: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/3690
Ihi’s droid Karetao will tag along.
Seraphol: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/146


High Orbit over Planet Edrien
VCX-100 The Damsels’ Distress

While the Solari maintained orbit above Eriden, the Damsels’ Distress made for the anchorage - an undefended platform harbouring the two star destroyers indicated on the preliminary scans. However, the fact that this ‘scouting mission’ was, by all appearances, a blue milk run worried Ihi Ariki less than the conflicting reports. Victory-class. Old. Were these ships here to begin with? Or is the Sentinel Network compromised?

“Karetao,” he summoned the droid, a JN-66 model designed for strategic analysis. Floating through the hold on repulsorlifts, the droid quizzically focused the magnification of its photoreceptors on its master’s expressionless face.

“Master,” the droid acknowledged with an uplifting whistle, “I detect numerous munitions in the cargo hold. Military-grade. Black market origin is likely; are we certain that these two ‘racers’ are who they say they are?”

Ihi considered that thought earlier; he had seen the faint tracings of a black sun on the outer hull before takeoff and dismissed the relevance of that affiliation to the mission at hand. “It’s a matter of little concern. I’ll need you to maintain a strategic analysis of the nearest warship. Gather scans, data and communications on all frequencies - even the Sentinel Network’s.”

Carefully adjusting the wide brim of his hat to counteract the forces being exerted on the freighter, Daniel Stephens sat idly in one of cockpit’s second row of seats beside Tamashi, who chose to forego the bolted-down seat to his left in favour of his own hoverchair. It baffled him that the disabled Jedi wasn’t flung into the hall, considering how low the Daegella sisters preferred the inertial compensator and how his insides felt the need to sink ever further into his stomach.

“Are we crash-landing this bucket of bolts?” He outwardly mused, drawing a giggle from Kasula or Ysera - he couldn’t tell the difference. At least Sa Ool stands a chance if we overshoot the hangar and end up plastered to the side of the hull.

“We’ll dial it up before landing - “ one of the sisters began as the other finished, “after all, we wouldn’t want to make a mess.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” he retorted. Coming to a halt at these speeds would make paste of the entire crew, so long as the compensator remained dialed back to this extent.

“Ihi awaits us in the cargo hold,” Sa Ool called from the hall behind them, “I trust Stephens can get his legs back under him before approach?”

That comment drew a raised brow from Tamashi, who remained seated comfortably in his hoverchair. Trading concerned glances with Sa Ool, and then Seraphol, he watched the corner of the Human’s mouth curl into a knowing smirk before his companion stood unsteadily from the security his bolted-down chair provided. Resting a hand on its back for support, he cautiously made for the cargo hold.

Ysera glanced back at the remaining companion, “Somewhere to be?”

“I’ll join them in a moment,” Tamashi responded, “after all, who better to ask the Force for a safe landing?”