Discord Roleplay

Hello; I’m trying to gather a group of people whom maybe interested in starting a possible Discord Role Play group. This is an idea for possible and expansive growth for the DJB. So basically the idea so far is to gather a group of people whom maybe interested. If you guys are into it.

As it would allow our characters to have day to day interactions as well as interpersonal interactions that are not only just stuck in fiction. But instead of just writing stories about your character. Now you are your character with others whom want to join in.

Interested. Though worried about execution is all. Im in various RP guild discords for a particular game, a small amount do discord RP.

very intrested. think it would be great fun

sounds fun.

Sounds fun, im interested.

Ahh I like the idea! I am in sevral test groups such as this, and its all in the exuction. Most start out big then people aren’t active and then it is dead. I would gladly join to see how it goes.