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DJB and social media(s) question


As many of you are probably as heavily involved online as I am in some way I am wondering how you would handle this issue.

I am on Twitter, Farceblech, Ello, MySpace (yes still), Redditt and a few other things. Here’s the kicker I am on all of the as a different character, well, performer. All my log ins except for my master FB page is well established under a different name.

Should I use my Twitter handle for the DJB twitter posts? Should I make a specific DJB handle to do all my contacts through? I have already mad a new Gmail account to handle DJB stuff.

What did you do?


How you go about interacting with the DB online is really up to you and how comfortable you are in blending RL-you and DB-you. For the most part I’ve tended to keep the two separate, so I would have different twitter or facebook pages for my DB name, but I also know a lot of people also use their regular accounts to interact with the DB.

If you’re cool with people knowing or having access to your RL information, then use one account. However, if you’d prefer to keep that side of you a little more private, but still want to interact with the DB in other avenues, then go ahead and create a separate account for that.