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DJB Wiki Questions and Answers


This thread is for members to ask the Wiki Staff questions regarding the wiki that can’t be asked using regular Talk pages. Feel free to ask anything relating to the wiki below, and a member of the staff will answer as soon as possible.


I’ll start with a couple of questions:

“I’m really really good at creating tables with HTML. Can I use HTML tables rather than, ergh, wiki tables?”

“I have a lot of cool fiction, can I just copy paste that to my wiki article?”

(Follow on from the second question since I already know the answer :stuck_out_tongue:)

“Okay, so 1. where should I put my fiction and 2. how should I link to and/or reference it?”

“Can I host my fiction somewhere else and use html to embed it in my article? It’s technically not ON the article…”


Technically, the wiki allows for HTML tables. However, as part of a past effort to give our wiki a set of standards similar to other major wikis, we ask that all tables use wiki syntax, rather than HTML. You’ll find that, for the vast majority of the code, the syntax is identical. If you prefer making tables in HTML, or even your entire wiki page, feel free to check out this cool converter – http://labs.seapine.com/htmltowiki.cgi as it converts HTML to mediawiki syntax.

The wiki is not a place for storing or displaying fiction. We, like Wookieepedia, have based our wiki on the ideas of the original, encyclopedia-focused Wiki. All articles are to be written in an objective, third-person point of view, describing events in a historical or biographical fashion. There should be no dialogue or internal monologue. I liken it to this: In fiction, you write a story about your character. On a wiki page, you make a record of the events that transpired in your fiction.

In the near-future, we’ll have more guidelines on what is and isn’t appropriate for various wiki articles.

a) As far as I know, the Brotherhood does not currently have a resource for members to upload and display their own fictions (or graphics or whatever). Your best bet is to create an account on a site that allows you to store and share documents (google docs, dropbox, etc) and then generate links from that to put in your article.

b) Although our wiki doesn’t currently have a sourcing and references help page (it will soon), feel free to use the Wookieepedia’s – http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Sourcing This covers how to be use references throughout your wiki page and gives you an idea of when and why you should use references. For a DB example, (and because it’s the only one I have on hand), check out https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Aidan_Kincaid If you edit the page, you’ll see how I’ve set up references and sources for quotes, and then added a heading to list them all at the bottom.

No. Same reasons as above. Fiction is still fiction, regardless of how you add it to the wiki.


‘What constitutes a “quality wiki article” and when is it considered “complete”, in regards to wiki based requirement for promotion to DJK/JK?’

Follow on, “who should I talk to about getting my article checked for quality and sign off for promotion?”
(I ask this one as I still get emails from people asking me to check their articles.)


Eh, Windos… this isn’t building a FAQ. Maybe let people with specific questions ask em?


Currently, there is no set standard regarding “quality” when it comes to the wiki-based promotion requirements. That is one of the things I plan to rectify with the MAA Staff. At the moment, quality is based on members following the basic Character Wiki template, including an opening summary, a history, and personal/DJB facts. They must also include one image (at least), have interwiki and Wookieepedia links, and not violate any of the common forms or practices for the wiki.

As I believe it currently states directly on the Prometheus list of requirements (though I don’t have access to them), members (or their leaders) are supposed to contact the Wiki Staff directly in regards to their wiki articles. If there are issues with the article, the Staff will usually list these in the discussion page.


Just asking these specific question as I get asked them regularly (despite not being Tribune for a few years now…), getting Shadow to answer them here means I can point people here in the future.

p.s. I promise the last lot of questions was the last from me unless I have a genuine question for myself.


When I log in, I sign in under my old name. How do I change that?


Shadow or some wiki staffers can rename your account in most cases (I can’t/couldn’t be renames because I had way too many edits to my name :stuck_out_tongue:).

I’ve renamed your account for you :smiley:


Quick question. I recently, as in a day ago, changed names and characters. My profile page still links to the old character. Do I need to make a new page for the new character or do I edit the old one to reflect the name /character change?


You have two main choices, you can either rename your current character page on the wiki (I’m not sure if you can do that yourself or if you’ll need a staffer to help), or if it’s more than just a name change create a new page for your new character. Once you’ve started your new page, put the old one in the Former Characters category.


I have the same basic question as TekkParsa above. I originally created my character 8 or 9 years ago, then about 6 years ago had to leave the DB. Now that I’m back, I’ve chosen a new name that better reflects my race, but I can not rename the page itself. The old page was name Bieten Macht Elols, and I would like for it to be titled Strask Rurra’bek. Any insight on how to complete this would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your time,

edit: Figured this out. If you select to move the page, you will be able to rename it without having to move the page


I know this a bit of a shot in the dark, but I just created my account today and have been reading around the site. As I have done so, I have noticed that there are other members who have actual avatars instead of the letter. I was wondering how I would change my avatar to a picture of my choice.


While that’s actually a question related to the Discourse system as opposed to the wiki, I’ll help anyway. :slight_smile: You want to go to your profile preferences and then you can change your Discourse avatar.