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Documented History of Hiset Tval


Documented History of Hiset Tval

Neophyte Hiset Tval (Jedi) / Battle Team Zirael of Clan Odan-Urr [SA: I]

Chapter 1: The Taste Of Freedom

Many people in the galaxy know of and fear the Trandoshan slavers, the outer-rim believes that if they keep their children out too late after the sun sets that they will be gathered up and taken by these slave trader. It is because of the Trandoshan’s infamy that not many people know of the wealthy trade of the reptilian species themselves. One Jedi was subjected to this terror long before he was ever inducted into the order, a young Trandoshan named Hiset Tval who showed a lot of potential wealth to the slavers.

A line of slaves kept passive by stun collars around their necks was standing on a stage as a crowded marketplace gathered before them to place bids and offers on the merchandise. One individual stood out in line with the mostly human and Twi’lek slaves up for auction. A Trandoshan who seemingly dwarfed the rest even in his youth. Already standing 1.7 meters tall, the young slave was gaunt from the small amount of food he has been given mixed with the tireless amount of work he’s had to do. Although many of the buyers wanted Twi’lek females to serve in their houses, clubs and cantinas when looking at male slaves to work as security or in mines all eyes were on the Trandoshan.

“How much for the Trandoshan?” queried a man wearing rather expensive, elegant grey robes adorned with yellow tassels on his shoulders. Upon first glance, the Trandoshan knew he was tied to some less than legal business with how he dressed on the world of Nar Shaddaa. This was a world of illegal actions and for you to dress that exquisitely you had to most likely be tied into illegal spice trading or something even worse.

“Ah yes, him…” said the slave trader, a rather rugged looking Rodian who served as the Majordomo to one of the Hutts ruling Nar Shaddaa on the Grand Hutt Council. “The Trandoshan is a fine specimen. Young and strong… will make you a lot of money no matter what you do with him. Put him to work in the mines or have him serve as security. He is loyal – born in captivity he has known nothing else. 30,000 credits…” a smirk ran across the face of the green skinned Rodian.

The Trandoshan knew better than to make any jeering or even react to the words of the Rodian. That would get him shocked. The Rodian never did lie, though. He was born in captivity, like most Trandoshan he was large and strong, and he has only lived for 17 Coruscant years. In fact, the Trandoshan was separated from his parents at birth. He never even knew his own real name, the only name he ever knew was the one assigned to him. Hiset Tval. The Rodian had said that he was assigned by his Hutt overlord to differentiate the slaves for easier service and sale, and that name sounded Trandoshan enough for him.

After a bit of haggling between both parties, the Rodian slaver finally agreed to sell Hiset to the undesirable buyer at an agreed upon cost of 23,500 credits. A young, strong slave could make his master double that and it was a good purchase on behalf of the buyer. “Here are the controls for his shock collar. Although you shouldn’t need it, he has not stepped out of line in over five years…”

Hiset was loaded onto a Sigma-class shuttle along with three other male slaves, two Humans and a Twi’lek. Their new owner approached the four slaves who were seated and restrained in the shuttle by two short Human guards who were covered in tattoos, clad in heavy silver armor, and armed with EE-4 blaster rifles.

Once the shuttle lifted off from Nar Shaddaa, the inside had gradually gotten darker every moment that passed. This was the first sign of darkness that Hiset and the other slaves had received since being transported to the Smuggler’s moon. The entire moon is almost one big city and it’s constantly bright from all of the fluorescent lights that make the signs of the tall buildings. The silent shuttle, with the exception of the low hum of the engines, was actually the most quiet experience that could be remembered by Hiset. For only a brief moment, Hiset believed he had found actual peace.

“Oi! What are you daydreaming about you Scales?” interjected one of the two guards. This specific guard had holstered his short blaster rifle in lieu of a datapad that controlled the shock collars. Mere seconds later Hiset was subjected to a short shock simply to remind him that he is a slave and the collar was still there.

~ An hour later~

The Sigma-class shuttle dropped out of Hyperspace only for Hiset’s eyes to come across a CR90 corvette out of the viewport who immediately turned for the shuttle’s direction. Running through the Trandoshan’s mind was nothing more than this being another transport to where he will be serving, but mere moments later the corvette had opened fire against the shuttle.

Shuttles aren’t fitted for combat, they’re designed to transport high-value targets over short distances. “Blasted! What is going on!” shouted the human who purchased Hiset who was now piloting the shuttle, “Who are you and why are you firing at us?” again shouted the man over a communications channel with the corvette. There was nothing but static as a reply. This was clearly a coordinated and purposeful attack. That corvette was waiting here for the shuttle and knew what they were transporting.

“Prepare for boarding!” shouted the pilot, “they’ve disabled our engines.” The two human guards drew their blasters and prepared for the blast doors to be forced open. No more than a few minutes later a large clanging of metal was heard as the corvette had locked onto the shuttle and docked with it. The blast doors were forced open and no more than seconds passed as blaster bolts were sent flying back and forth from the two ships. Eventually sheer numbers and superior weaponry dropped the two guards on the shuttle and men stormed the shuttle with all of their weapons pointed directly at the slaver.

Hiset disregarded the soldiers though because behind them entered a grey-haired man draped in long brown and cream robes and bits of what looked like, to Hiset, old Stormtrooper armor. Although Tval nor the other slaves knew who this man was, the slaver immediately did. He started to beg for forgiveness and apologizing repeatedly.

“Master Jedi! I am sorry, forgive me!” cried the slaver.

Only moments later the Jedi waved his hand before the slaver’s head and the slaver immediately dropped into the arms of the soldiers who were securing him. While being dragged away onto the corvette, he was disarmed and shackled with some restraints. The Jedi turned to the slaves onboard and beckoned for one of his soldiers to approach him.

“Release them and get them onboard the ship. We can’t leave them here. We will bring them with us back to New Tython.”

The soldier removed the restraining collars with the datapad that the guard had used earlier to shock the Trandoshan. The soldiers assisted the four slaves off of the bench that they had been locked into and started to usher them onto the corvette. The Jedi however stopped the Trandoshan for words alone on the shuttle.

“Do you speak basic?” asked the older human. The Jedi repeated the question in Hiset’s native language of Dosh.

Hiset, like most slaves, was reluctant to speak back to the Jedi. A slave was not entitled to a voice. Albeit, Tval did know basic and Dosh, also growing up on Nar Shaddaa he had a strong foundation of Huttese too.

“Y-yes.” replied the Trandoshan in a very quiet, soft manner. The Jedi could instantly tell that he was not used to speaking and not comfortable with it.

“What is your name?”

“H-Hiset Tv…al… The name my first master had given me. I have never known anything more.”

“Hiset, I am a Jedi Knight and a survivor of the Great Purge that killed so many of my Order. It was part of my duty to find people with dormant potential to wield the force as a Jedi. It is why I survived the purge, I had discovered an order of Force Sensitive known as the Acolytes of Odan-Urr, now known as Clan Odan-Urr, and I had survived with them. I sense that potential in you that I sensed in them and many other young, untrained Jedi in my youth. Do you mind if I run a few tests on you?”

“W…What tests?” Tval asked with actual fear on his face. Jedi in Hutt space where he had lived his entire life were a rare sight, rare enough that Hiset has never come across one.

The retired Jedi and member of Clan Odan-Urr had run tests on the young Trandoshan checking his midi-chlorian count and innate potential. Hiset proved himself to be a perfect match for the Clan’s recruitment and induction into the Jedi Order…