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Hey everyone!

I looked around and there doesn’t seem to be a related topic that I can find on this so I’m hoping this is the right place to post this. I’ve been trying to post in run ons from my ipad and even home and library computers. Every time I go to format my post, so there are spaces between the paragraphs, my post gets stuck in a strange grey box, that makes the person have to scroll through it to read it on the run on it self. I thought it was only the ipad at first but its happening on other computer and not even my home one.

Could someone give me an idea of what might be going on, and/or how to fix this?



This symbol here adds those weird paragraphs your ipad adds:

Preformatted text.

One guess is that you may accidently slip over that button via ipad, since the buttons are pretty small… maybe?

A different guess would be a bug in the editing tool with iPad.

Maybe you could abuse this thread to test it a couple of times if you can reproduce the error and add your results here for the monkey coders from the DJB. :smile:

This is all help I can offer :-/


Let’s try this

Unknown location,
Orian System.

    Jade mentally groaned. Her mind flashing all kinds of images through her memory. Her body was sore, heavy, and felt stretched but she couldn't figure out why. She tried to breathe but pain shot through her so fast and hard she used the force to slow down her body's natural processes. What had happened? They were on a shuttle...chasing something...then blue lightning...she could still feel being tossed around the shuttle like a rag doll. She retreated further into her mind. They had to have crashed. The reason why she could remember later. Jade felt the cold darkness that had been growing inside of her start to swirl, it was almost as though it too were assessing the damage. She hated to admit it, but part of her believed whatever the darkness was, it was responsible for keeping her alive. It moved with her as she used the force to seek out her pain. Her left arm was broken, her shoulder dislocated, her left leg was broken in two places, but the most concerning was her spleen was bleeding and filling up her abdomens the blood. She could hear muffled voices in the distance and knew they were in trouble,but she had to conserve her energy and heal her body to the point she could fight back, before she could actually fight. She'd just have to hope in the meantime, playing dead, would work to her advantage to whomever was behind the murmured voices.
Lexic glanced at Jade, her motionless body made him wonder if she survived the crash, or if she had died refusing to give up Vexatus location. He couldn't feel her in the force, so he was sure she had already passed. "Like they would trust me to know Vexatus actual location." Ok bold faced lie, but he had to try it.
"I know it's been a while, but how stupid do you think I am?!"
Lexic couldn't help the slight smirk on his face as he thought about answering that. "About the same as a Nerf."
 Cethgus glared at him, making a fist he punched Lexic hard in his stomach knocking the wind out of him. He laughed as Lexic choked and coughed.
 Lexic had visions of the shuttle flash through his mind. The mask flying out of his hand as he choked and gasped for air. "That..the best...you...can...do?!" He wanted it to sound stronger than it was, but his lungs were damaged from the space fight for oxygen, and it was taking longer for him to recover from the punch.
  Jade felt the darkness swirl around her abdomen, an almost death like grip as it forced pressure to stop the bleeding and allow her to heal it. It would be a minor quick fix, but it would be enough to help get her back up on her feet for now. She moaned as the voices got louder and stronger. She craved to rest, but that wasn't an option. As the darkness creeped through her body, she opened her eyes, blinking at the light. Her head rolled as she looked around. *that explains the stretching feeling* she joked with herself, seeing the bonds holding her limbs out. 
 Cethgus took a step back from Lexic looked him up and down. "I just thought I'd start out easy on you, seeing how we are old friends and all." He chuckled.
 Jade groaned, spitting blood onto the ground. "Lexic, you need to get some new friends." Lexics head snapped to the hanging body of Jade. He had to make sure it wasn't a trick. Her purple eyes seemed darkened as she stared back at him.
 Cethgus grinned and signalled one of the men to go to her. "About time you joined us sweetheart, now the real fun can begin."
 Jade glared at him, if she had the strength to get out of the bonds she would pin him to the ground, rip out his heart and force his dying body to choke it down as she asked, 'whose the sweetheart now?!' She put the imagine in the back of her mind, it would have to happen another time. She could have sworn she heard a voice say it would be done. She shook her head. Her body still in pain, her abdomen, still filled with her blood, was heavy as she healed the more severe injuries to the best of her ability.
   Cethgus leaned in close to Lexic as he gained control of his breathing. He pointed behind him, making sure Lexic looked over Cethgus shoulder at Jade. "You see, she's a Sadow. She'll die if she believes whatever it is will protect her Clan, before she would talk." He grinned back at Lexic. "You however, I figure will squeal in no time."


It looks like you are starting your paragraphs with a bunch of spaces, which is Markdown syntax for “here be code”. This causes Discourse (and the ACC as well) to format the paragraph as a code snippet, which in turn causes the fixed-width font, changed line-wrap behaviour and the grey box. Could you try posting the same example, but without the spaces in front of the lines?


Ooooh a possible solution!! Awesome! Definitely…

Jades fingers slightly rubbed the hilt of her saber as she held it at the ready. It had been a long time since she had meet up with Shikyo. She knew following him had been risky, but if he led her closer to the shard she could worry about coming up with a distraction later. She looked at the saber in his hand. He had sided with Locke, a side she had nearly chosen as well. But now, here could be a powerful ally, one that could truly help their smaller numbers, should she be able to convince him to come to Vexatus side. “If your brother was swallowed by a rancor, would you follow him into the belly?” She smirked.

Shikyo glared at her. “I wouldn’t need to, the Rancor wouldn’t survive past the taste of his boot.”

Jade laughed and shifted her weight, her purple blade hissing to life. The glow casting shadows across her face and cloak. “Your off your rocker Shikyo.” She took a step back. She would be ready to fight him but it wouldn’t be her first choice.

“Not as much as you accepting Xanos or Sildrins mission of killing me.” His own saber flashed to life, the dark hiss almost demanding blood from the air itself.

“You’re paranoid! When have I ever been sent as an assassin to kill you or your family?”

“So the truth comes out. First me, then my brother.” Shikyo laughed. “I’m almost tempted to let you live, just to watch you try.”

Jade couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Having been nothing but loyal in the past…“You need to lay off the booze. I’m not here to kill you.”

“Then why were you trying to follow me?” He took a step towards her, surprised she stood her ground and didn’t move. He took another step just to see if she would be as strong in her resolve, but she stood still. Maybe she was telling the truth.

“Rumor has it you were hot on the trail of a shard. Figured I’d let you lead me to it.” She smirked.

Shikyo looked at her. It made sense, and she didn’t show typical signs of covering