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Elite: Dangerous (space sim)


Just curious to see if anyone else had, or planned on picking up, or was just interested in more info for Elite: Dangerous. Currently in late beta stage, and releases Dec. 16th (next week).


A basic rundown: Space sim with a handful of the “usual” activities. There’s PvP, PvE, Pirating, Trading/Hauling, Exploration…etc…etc.

If you’ve played EVE, you’ll be familiar with a few concepts, though you actually fly your ship (no double click, orbit stuff), and there aren’t any warp gates. You turn your ship towards where you want, and hit Warp or Cruise…warp if it’s really far, cruise for System travel. Speaking of, the distance is a 1:1 ratio so if something is 10 light years away, and you don’t use warp…yep, it’s gonna take you 100 years real time to get there lol (the 100 is off, but you get the point). Taken from their site “full–scale recreation of the real Milky Way galaxy’s 400 Billion star systems” When you see the map in the game…wow…

The flying isn’t an FPS/TPS like, quick style stuff - such as Star Conflict or the old Star Wars space sims. There’s thrust & momentum and such. Can’t just flip your ship around on a whim. You also don’t just hit DOCK…you contact the station and get permission, and manually dock unless you have a docking computer, but either way, your ship is going through the motion. They also don’t like it when you enter without permission…

One thing I’ve found to be nifty is the way they do the online/solo. You can choose to go Online All, so to say, and it’s basically everyone - with regards to how many players can be on your screen of course, gotta cull somewhere. Think of it as your Public mode.

Another option is Private Group - You will only encounter other ships that are apart of this group, and it’s not a rent a server kinda thing, you just make or join a group and have at it.

Last option is Solo - not to be confused with Offline, cause this is an totally Online game…no offline mode available. You’ll only encounter NPC’s.

On to the nifty part I mentioned…you can switch between any of these modes and keep the same save. Say some pirates are ruining your good time or you just want a safer haul away from players, flip to solo or private and do whatever you want. Flip back to public later if you want. Personally I’ll likely jump or start a group of a good handful of people as the pirate crap just bores me…unless I’m the one doing it to an NPC :wink:

You’re not “safe” though, npc’s will pop you out of cruise mode all the time and try to take your stuff.

Anyways, sorry for long read, just thought if I was starting a thread about a game, I’d go into some detail and not just post links and say hey - cool game, go check it.

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