Elite Dangerous Tag

(Jurdan Krennel) #1

Who here is flying Elite Dangerous? Im trying to get names and numbers set up so we can possibly get something going for it being Tier 2 gaming. Please post and let me know

(Arthadonis Kalderis) #2

I’m flying around Eranin and the nearby systems. It would be great if/when they add guilds for us to make one.

(Marcus Kiriyu) #3

I’ve recently got back into it, once they add in the functionality yeah it’d be cool.

Look me up under the name CMDR Mystacx if you want. I’m in Cantjarisni.

(James Mc Garrett) #4

I also enjoy Elite Dangerous and I’m excited to try out the new Wing interface.

My ingame name is CMDR Rogueleeder, I’m just trying to kick my Sidewinder at present.

(Tisto Kingang) #5

CMDR Another_Weasley. Working for The Empire.