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Episode VII Spoilers: What’s in a Name? - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Just in case we were starting to lose a little bit of momentum with the excitement that came with the release of the first theatrical trailer, JJ Abrams and his crew have decided to give us an early Sithmas present this year, with the release of a bunch of retro styled Trading Cards via Entertainment Weekly. What's the idea of these cards? Oh, nothing big... just a reveal of a bunch of the character names, including the man with the now infamous saber.

So, we have a collection of some pretty awesome trading cards featuring still from the trailer, but more importantly, we now have names. Is Rey going to end up being the daughter of Han and Leia as so many people have speculated? Is Kylo Ren our next Sith Lord wannabe? Is Poe Dameron nearly as badass as Wedge? Are X-Wings still the best ever and the reason why Star Wars is amazing? Who knows. But we certainly have more to talk about.

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Personally, I still can’t figure out how they missed the opportunity to name that droid F1-FA. Not a good plan Mr. Abrams. Not good at all.


Personally I’m a fan of P3-L3 for the droid.


If those cards are numbered, I assume we will slowly get to see more of them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Those X-wings better watch out for Nessy.


Wookieepedia works fast…


X-Wings rule all.


The only thing that got me when this came out was the reaction from some of the haters stating, “Disney has ruined my childhood.” Personally I like the new idea for it. Although X wings in open S-Foils flying across the water kind of got to me. However, there were ARC 170’s in open S-Foil position when on that one planet when they fired on Plo Kloom was it? When Order 66 when down. My first reaction of it was thinking it was possibly a well done fan made trailer. At least until then the theme play and we see the Millennium Falcon pull a major BA maneuver screaming upward to the sky, loop then dive almost diving into the dune before leveling out being chased by TIE Fighters. My thought was simple, “IT’S THE REAL STAR WARS TRAILER YES!!!” I am for one excited to have seen it. And with this on the trading cards gives it a greater appreciation for Star Wars as well. Hopefully the story is good.


Plot Twist: The black storm trooper is not actually a storm trooper. Just Finn in disguise.


He’s not a Storm Trooper, he’s a Soul Trooper. ;D


So Kylo Ren is the new Sith Lord???

Darth Ren, met your apprentice, Darth Stimpy

Now I know we’ve lost it


We have no idea if he’s a sith lord, a fallen jedi, a dark jedi, a fallen apprentice, or just some dude with a limp and a weird saber :stuck_out_tongue:


From the sounds of some of the speculation, the format is a homage to the Topps Star Wars cards from wayback times, which means there’s probably going to be a yellow, green and some other colour that I don’t remember border series of releases in the future.


Strictly speaking we don’t even know if Kylo is a dark sider (despite what common sense says.)