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Exists of the Shadows and into the Light


Greetings fellow Sith, Jedi and all those between, I am Neckar Unrivaled, perhaps you do not know who I am. Which is fine, I was never one to lime in the light for too long, always a protector or destroyer from the inside, behind the shadows.

For those wondering, some history of why I am here, where I came from and who I am out of character so to speak.

I started roleplaying Star Wars back in 2002 on a few forms known as Darth Unrivaled, I was a Dark Lord of the Sith because everyone was back then. Nothing really stuck with me until 2005 when I joined a website called the Sith Empire, there is where I met a lot of people, one of them being Darth Rage or perhaps some of you now know him as Shadow Raziel or simple Raziel, I met a ton of people back then and many of which I still know on Facebook and such.

You name it, I was there, The Brotherhood of the Sith, the Sith Council, Shadow Brotherhood, Sith Master (my own website) and more. I was around and some of you even reading my name might remember me. I had created my own story so to speak called Unrivaled Wars and many of the events that happened, both out of character and in character took place in a storyline for that. Something I might share with everyone here someday.

For a long time since the last website, which oddly enough was Sith Masters, for me, I sort of disappeared. I’m sure there are some old timers here who might remember me but many new people who will not. I decided to come back but only in a limited fashion because life for me is a bit busy compared to how it was 10 years ago.

So here I am, if you have any questions you would like to ask me, I’d be welcome to answer them here. I shall be looking around seeing what this website is all about and hopefully I can make some new friends and maybe get some roleplaying going again Star Wars related.

Thank you and also thanks to Dek Ironius II who was the one who pulled me back from my travels in the galaxy searching for meaning.


Good to see you again my old friend! I too have been pulled from my slumber. Raziel is here as well.