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FAQ & Guidlines


Geetings, and welcome to the Arcona Contract Bureau.

First things first, let’s answer some basic FAQs.

Q: What in the name of Slice is the ACB?

A: The Antei Contract Bureau is a new initiative spawned from Arcona to help their Clan in a variety of mission-based tasks or “contracts”. These are a great way to add back story to your character and will help towards your activity in terms of promotions and such.

Q: Sounds pretty cool…what kind of contracts are their?

A: A contract can range from escorting a shipment or VIP to infiltrating an enemy base or extracting intel or information. For practical purposes, you will choose a TYPE and CLASS (Difficulty Level). For starters, you will have the following available to choose from:

==== TYPE =====
[SECURITY] – VIP/Cargo Escort, Bodyguard, and varying forms of protection.
[ASSASSINATION] – The elimination of a target individual or group ranging from political to personal.
[INFILTRATION] – Hacking, Stealing, or breaking into secured facilities and anything from retrieval or destruction of information/data.
[RECON] – Scouting/Research/Information gathering.
[UNDERCOVER] – Go low-key/undercover into a group or organization to destroy from the inside out.
[RECRUITING] – Bringing a target over to the Dark Side, to your cause, or to your unit.
[PILOTING] – Use your skills as a pilot to accomplish a task that needs taking.

You can pick missions types based on your Battleteam, but are welcome to explore other types. If you have any idea’s for other potential missions, please feel free to share.

=== CLASS ====
[A-Class]: – Beginner / Entry level missions difficulty; (NOV-JH)
[B-Class]: – Intermediate level missions difficulty (DJK-EQ2)
[C-Class] – Upper level missions difficulty (EQ3-4)
[S-Class] – Advanced/High Risk missions difficulty (ELD+)

You are welcome to request any class of contract regardless of rank, these are just recommended guidelines. If you are successful in tackling a higher-ranked missions than projected it will definitely be factored into the grading.

Each mission must be at least one page. There is no limit in terms of length.

Q: Wait, so how will it be graded?

A: Grading will be broken down into 5 categories.

[Incomplete] --The contract was failed to be completed on time. No credit is given.
[Needs Work] – The writer completed the contract, but shows that work is severely needed. The writer demonstrated a lack of control of the english language, had problems with tense, prose, and overall storytelling.
[Satisfactory] – A well written contract. Passable for a mid-level placement in a competition. The writer shows a safe command of the english language, crafted a story that was readable but not overly entertaining. Spelling and grammar errors scattered but easy to see. Basic plot structure is demonstrated.
[Excellent] – The writer demonstrates a strong command of the english language. Spelling and grammar issues are minor and far between. The story is enjoyable, there is signs of character development and properly used plot devices.
[Superior] – Reserved for writing that deserves to be published. Perfect command of syntax, grammar and spelling, combined with the ability to tell a truly riveting story. Expert command on plot devices, rich character development and interactions, flowing sentences that create an overall beautiful piece of story artwork.

Points System

Incomplete: -2
Needs Work: 1
Satisfactory: 2
Excellent: 3
Superior: 4

Contract Completion

It should be noted that you don’t always have to succeed in your mission. The key is, as always, good storytelling and technical writing. You want to entertain your reader, and build depth to your character. Introducing obstacles of your own, failure to complete the mission on the first try, second try, and then maybe even realizing the mission is not achievable, can all be organic if done properly. You could botch a mission at the last second, as long as the readers are engaged with your characters, stories, and the language you are using to convey them, it doesn’t matter if you fail in character.

So, in short, you can have your character fail at the mission, but still conceivably achieve a “Superior” grade…the same way you can complete your mission successfully and get a “Needs Work”

Currently, the ACB Guidelines for the ongoing Monthly Competitions can be found here: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/7826

All questions can be directed to: djbwally@gmail.com , wuntila@gmail.com , celevon.djb@gmail.com