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Fiction Update: A Positive Lead?


Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle Tseb’si’tsaerb III

“So what makes you think THIS system will be any different to the other dozen we’ve looked at just this week?” Kooki sighed.

“The probe sent to this system never reported back. That means it was either faulty, or somebody’s already here,” Andrelious explained.

Since the attack on Karufr, Clan Taldryan, along with any surviving civilians, had been living aboard their ships. Assistance from elsewhere, including the so-called Lotus, had given the Clan a few smaller capital ships, but the wish to find a more permanent home was growing by the day.

Although they had sent out a large number of probes, Taldryan were just not getting any luck. The vast majority of star systems lacked any kind of habitable planets, whilst some didn’t have any at all. Other systems turned out to be too close to the territory of the larger galactic governments.

Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj, as part of his duties as the Clan’s Rollmaster, was instructed to follow up on anything that Rhylance found interesting. A probe that had vanished in a supposedly remote system was definitely worth investigating.

The Tseb’si’tsaerb III lurched slightly as it came out of hyperspace.

“Tarjump done!” Poppy and Etty cooed in unison. Kooki smiled warmly at her daughters.

Andrelious carefully studied the sensor readouts.

“Looks like we’ve found an inhabited system! Detecting lots of comms traffic around a gas giant,” the Rollmaster said without looking up.

“Unknown ship, this is the frigate Laantis. Please identify yourself immediately,” a voice ordered. Kooki recognised the accent and turned up her nose in disgust.

“They sound like Imperials to me!” she snarled.

“There’s three Nebulon-B class ships in position around the gas giant. That’s not much of a fleet, but they may well have more ships elsewhere. We’d best return to the fleet and let Rhylance know what we’ve found,” Andrelious explained.

One of the cockpit’s warning systems started to flash red and beep loudly.

“Right. We need to get out of here NOW!” Kooki demanded.

Sure enough, a pair of TIE Interceptors were rapidly approaching the shuttle.

Andrelious punched some coordinates into the navicomp.

“You keep us level! I’ll get rid of those Interceptors!” he cried out, sprinting to the rear turret.

Quickly sitting in the gunner’s chair, Andrelious guided the turret towards the nearer of the two TIEs. He watched as they approached.

Strange. I’d have thought Imperials would fly with a little more discipline. They’re barely even in a proper formation!

Firing the turret, the Rollmaster smirked as the laser fire hit its target, destroying the Interceptor. On seeing its companion’s demise, the second TIE turned and fled.

“They didn’t put up much of a fight,” Kooki observed as Andrelious returned to the cockpit.

“I agree. The rear turret seemed to surprise them,” the Rollmaster added.

The navicomp beeped to indicate that a hyperjump was ready.

“Let’s get this data back to the fleet. This has been the best lead we’ve had!” Kooki ordered.