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[Firestorm] - Tarryyhn & Armad


As the time of our assault on the Dominion world of Agua’tah draws near, you and a partner - among other teams - have been assigned the task of destroying hydroponics facilities on the world’s surface. This will disrupt their food supply and distract them from our main assault.

However, we have a secondary objective, for your eyes only…

With the Grand Master’s recent campaign against undesirables and Jedi, the clan has suffered from the vocalness of Jedi sympathizers in our ranks and we now believe that the Inquisitorious has sent agents into our ranks in order to search for them. We cannot overstate the danger this puts Sadow in.

We suspect that your partner may be a Jedi sympathizer or loyal to the Inquisitorious. You are to discover the truth and confront them, if necessary.

This is a joint fiction competition. Members will sign up individually via the google form at this location and be paired randomly with another member. Each pairing will have their own Discourse thread made by one of the competition organizers. Each individual member must make at least two posts. Judging criteria will follow the Fiction Grading Rubric, but also take into consideration the flow of the story between posts. The rubric remains the same, but we will consider this factor when looking at realism and story.

Each pair will place together, so 1st place will be two members, 2nd place will be two members, etc.

Additional Rules:

  • Each post must contain a minimum of 250 words
  • No back to back posting by the same member

This competition will run for the entirety of the event, from March 10th-31st.

Good luck!


Hanger 2
Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser (MJHC) Retribution
Orion System

The hanger buzzed with activity as Warhost troops moved to their assigned transports, pilots made their way to their cockpits and the Force users of Clan Naga Sadow prepared themselves for the upcoming conflict. Tarryyhn was going over a final checklist handed to him by an aid when he raised an eyebrow as a discrepancy and barked at the man.

“Where’s this crate of ammunition? We are one short?” He growled under his breath and the aide took a step back muttering with fright. It was rare to find a man who understood Shyriiwook but Tasha had somehow managed it and assigned the aide to the Wookie to help him out.

“I’m not sure sir. Everything was accounted for at last check. I’ll try to find it before we disembark.” He scurried off leaving the Wookie standing there nonplussed. He had only made it halfway through the list and still had a while to go before finishing but there it went with his aide, who had now suddenly vanished around a stack of crates and out of sight.

A soft laugh reached his ears and he turned around to see a man standing before him. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail and though Tarryyhn had only seen him in passing he knew the man as Armad Werde. That was about all he knew. He was still learning the ropes and so many names and faces to remember was making Tarryyhn lose his place in attempting to organise everything else.

Armad extended a hand slowly and Tarryyhn took it with a nod. “Armad Werde, no need to introduce yourself I’m aware of who you are. The Wookie, the juggernaut. Heard your Tasha’s new project or something. Only rumours of course. Not that I believe rumours. Aedile of House Marka Ragnos eh? Well done be good to fight alongside you.”

Tarryyhn nodded a bit slower and withdrew his hand, politely. He didn’t know if the man understood Shyriiwook so decided to make it easier for the man sending his words straight into Armad’s head.

“A pleasure. What may I do for you Armad?” He watched as the Umbarran blinked a second then slowly smiled.

“Oh, nothing, nothing much. Just wanted to get to know you that’s all. See your thoughts on a few things and the like.” He shrugged slightly and pushed himself up onto one of the nearby crates. The label clearly red explosive and a couple of the nearby hanger workers looked over frowning but said nothing. “Heard there was a big ruckus with the Quaestor and just wanted to see your opinion on the matter, to stop rumours circulating she chose you as you carry the same ideals.”

The Wookie snorted and simply turned back to look for his aid. “My opinions are my own. Though if so curious, why not tell me your thoughts?” He managed to finish sending before his aide scurried back around the corner.

“There you are sir! Well, it seems the missing crate is simply over there.” He pointed towards a far wall. “If you’d like I can go get it for you…sir.” He looked curiously at Armad sitting upon the explosive crate. “Eh sir, you do realise that crate is packed full of things that explode yes?”


Looking down at the crate, Armad shrugged. “No worry of that happening here, is there, unless you were careless in the packing and handling of it? Armad questioned the worker, who looked surprised and worried at the same time. Laughing slightly and giving a calming gesture toward the worker, who had started stammering about his abilities and procedure. “Easy there, I’m not here to question your work.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, the worker looked to Tarryyhn for askance on what he should do, who grumbled something in Shyriiwook. The worker turned and scurried away, presumably to finish what tasks he was given. “Like I said before, my opinions are my own. How about you? What thoughts or opinions do you have on the rumors that you’ve alleged about the Quaestor?” Tarryyhn projected into his mind.

Hopping off the crate, Armad made a waving dismissive gesture, “Oh my opinions and thoughts are irrelevant.” He stated as he started to walk past the Wookie, heading towards a rack of weapons. “Like I said, I was just trying to get to know the new Aedile of my House is all.” Armad said while hefting a blaster rifle, turning it over as if inspecting it, then looking down the sights. “Beautiful weapon, is it not? A tool to destroy the enemies of our Clan, though it pales in comparison to the Force. Dark, Gray, ……Light.” Armad stated, sneering at the last part.

Tossing the rifle to a passing soldier, Armad took a step closer to the Wookie, watching for a reaction of some kind. “But we have a mission to prepare for, and the Dominion to destroy. Shall I leave you to prepare for the slaughter that you are no doubt going to bring to them?”


The Wookie laughed from deep inside. The throaty noise brought a curious look from Armad and a passing soldier. When he stopped he leant back against one of the larger crates and shrugged his huge shoulders.

“Slaughter? I do not slaughter. I am a Jedi, I will only kill if needed. It is not my way to bring needless death. I gave that up to protect friends.” He sent to the human’s mind. He could almost see the look of comprehension slip over the man’s face. Followed by a mild look of disgust.

“You follow the Quaestor in her madness then? Willing to doom us all? Traitorous filth!” He spat at the Wookie. Tarryyhn watched as Armad’s hand quivered inches from his lightsaber. The Wookie was curious to see if the man would draw on him here in public and who would win the fight if need be.

Luckily Armad saw the sense in his actions and managed to still his hand before bringing it back up to rest on his hip, leaning against a box. He spat before continuing to speak. “Why? Why would you damn yourself? This Clan could fall to the Grand Master should he see the rebellion not quelled and traitors running about? I will protect this Clan from that!”

“And I will protect this clan from the madness of one man willing to destroy everything for his own gain.” The Wookie responded without missing a beat. “I will fight for what is right to ensure another disaster like New Tython does not happen again.”

Armad struck his fist into a nearby crate in his annoyance. He moved away and then turned on his heel and came back right up to the Wookie a finger pointedly hovering a few inches away from the alien’s chest. “I get it. You’re an alien, an undesirable even without being a Jedi. I get that but this is madness. Embrace the Darkness and perhaps you can be spared in the Grand Masters new ideal Brotherhood.”

“No.” Was the simply reply. “I will not fall for my own safety, nor will I see anyone else fall for mine. I will happily help others find the light however as that is how it must be.” He turned from the human and began walking away to find his aide.

“Don’t turn your back on me.” Armad spat. He moved to block the Wookie’s progression and Tarry was sure it would come to blows soon but held his place. “I want to know why you care so much about this. There must be something?”

Tarryyhn growled and sighed. He ran his huge hand across his temple, his eye briefly checking the list of things still to be done on his datapad. He didn’t need to explain anything, he had already informed Armad of this but it might as well be done now.

“Because over one hundred and seventy years ago I was trained by the ex-herald, V’yr Vorsa. Content?” He looked at the Warrior, awaiting some kind of further response.


V’yr Vorsa.

The Jedi Herald of the Dark Brotherhood.

He had felt and relished in the knowledge that someone was getting tortured a while back, and he had learned later that it was the Neti, Vorsa, as the recipient.

So that is why he doesn’t or won’t waver. He’s remaining true to his former Masters’ ideals, even in the wake of the Grand Masters’ supposed torture of the Neti, and his subsequent attempt at eradicating Clan Odan Urr.

“Content? No. I’m not.” Armad responded. Taking a step back, he had a thoughtful look on his face as he pondered his next words. The Wookie stood where he was, randomly checking his datapad, as if he was wanting to really get on with his preparations. Tarryyhn didn’t respond, he had said all he had needed to say, and he was waiting to see if the Umbaran had anything else to say on the subject. Well, he did have a lot to say, but he knew that it would probably be a futile attempt.

“As much as I think you are making a disastrous lapse in judgement, I do understand your feelings in this matter.” Armad finally said, after a brief moment of thoughtful reflection. “Personally, I respect your decision, though do think that it is the wrong one. As a member of Our Clan and Aedile of my House, I hope…, no, I pray, that you don’t inadvertently bring the wrath of the Dark Council or the Grand Master down upon us.” The Warrior concluded.

Turning to walk away from the Wookie Jedi, Armad had taken a step and a half, when he turned around, grabbed his lightsaber off his belt, ignited and proceeded to attack the Mystic. Executing a flurry of quick jabs and strikes, which the large Wookie easily deflected. Armad suddenly broke off the fight by jumping back before the Tarryyhn could make any attacks himself, deactivated his lightsaber and secured it on his belt again.

“Because I’d hate to have to come back and finish this fight.” Armad stated as he turned and walked away from the Wookie.