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[Firestorm] - Tasha’Vel Versea & Aul Celsus


As the time of our assault on the Dominion world of Agua’tah draws near, you and a partner - among other teams - have been assigned the task of destroying hydroponics facilities on the world’s surface. This will disrupt their food supply and distract them from our main assault.

However, we have a secondary objective, for your eyes only…

With the Grand Master’s recent campaign against undesirables and Jedi, the clan has suffered from the vocalness of Jedi sympathizers in our ranks and we now believe that the Inquisitorious has sent agents into our ranks in order to search for them. We cannot overstate the danger this puts Sadow in.

We suspect that your partner may be a Jedi sympathizer or loyal to the Inquisitorious. You are to discover the truth and confront them, if necessary.

This is a joint fiction competition. Members will sign up individually via the google form at this location and be paired randomly with another member. Each pairing will have their own Discourse thread made by one of the competition organizers. Each individual member must make at least two posts. Judging criteria will follow the Fiction Grading Rubric, but also take into consideration the flow of the story between posts. The rubric remains the same, but we will consider this factor when looking at realism and story.

Each pair will place together, so 1st place will be two members, 2nd place will be two members, etc.

Additional Rules:

  • Each post must contain a minimum of 250 words
  • No back to back posting by the same member

This competition will run for the entirety of the event, from March 10th-31st.

Good luck!


Agua’tah System
Surface of Agua’tah

It was going to be a formidable task that had to be accomplished, but Tasha’Vel was prepared. She had been sent to the planet’s surface to seek out and destroy the hydroponics farm, however she wasn’t alone. Accompanying her on this journey was acolyte Aul Celsus. She had seen this human a couple times whenever she had gone to discuss things with House Shar Dakhan, but hadn’t actually spent a lot of time with him. He seemed very intrigued with the planet and was eager to start. Despite his jedi appearance, she knew he was being trained by Darkblade.“That Anzat still rubs me wrong.”

She studied Aul a bit, keeping in mind that he could possibly be working alongside the inquisitorius. “I will have to watch this one.” As they began scouting the terrain, Aul glanced at the Quaestor and spoke. “Isn’t this place just beautiful?” When they first got into the atmosphere, Tasha had noticed that most of the planet seemed to be covered in water with a few islands. As they reached the surface on one of these islands, she had noticed a volcano in the distance. Looking up towards the sky, Tasha could see the gorgeous blue sky spotted with some enormous puffy clouds drifting by. The sunlight itself was casting warm rays onto the pair as they tried to scan the surroundings for any nearby people. The planet was very tropical in nature and Tasha was really enjoying the heat. “It’s almost like we could be on vacation.”

After several moments of basking in the sun a bit, Tasha turned to the human. “So how goes the scans? Did we pick up anything?”

“I am having some difficulty tracking anything Tasha, it appears that something is messing up our scanner.” Aul frowned a bit as he began to fiddle with the device. “Something seems to be jamming the device.”

“Well could be a number of things, worse one is someone is close by and jamming it with a signal, the environment could be messing with it, or it could be you just broke it.” She mused as the acolyte shot her a glare and scoffed a bit. “I take good care of my equipment, I have you know. I’m a researcher.”

“Hey,I was just kidding about the breaking it, anyhow if we can’t get any thermal scans then we are going to have to just scout the place without it. Not to worry though, I can protect you if things get violent.”


Agua’tah System
Surface of Agua’tah

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Aul replied. He was happy to be paired with an experienced fighter, because practice in the training hall and life-and-death combat were two entirely different beasts. He didn’t have to have a lot of experience to know that out here, death was a real possibility.

The human turned back to the scanner, determined to make it work.

Tasha looked around at the clearing they were in. They stood in a clearing at the center of a dense tropical forest. In one direction, through about ten meters of light tree coverage, was a beach. White breakers crashing off shore every few seconds muffled the sounds of their conversation to anyone out of a short earshot. In the other direction was a dense forest. Though they landed in broad daylight, the thick canopy above let in only a few small beams of light.

“Stupid piece of junk, I knew I shouldn’t have let Darkblade borrow it,” Aul cursed to himself quietly as he threw the scanner back into his pack. Standing up, he looked around and took in the beauty of the landscape, finally allowing it to calm his nerves. He breathed in the clean, unpolluted air and wondered what sort of interesting lifeforms had sprung up on this nutrient-rich planet. Aul made a mental note to return here, during a more peaceful time, to take a solo scientific retreat and collect some samples.

“Hey, wake up,” the sapphire-skinned Twi’lek snapped at the daydreaming human. Tasha shook her head with a small smile and continued, “There will be time for study later. We have a mission. Check your pack and weapons and help me assess our perimeter.”

Aul Celsus checked that he had his medical and portable science supplies, datapad and explosive charges. His vibroblade was over his right shoulder and lightsaber clipped on the left side of his belt. His DC-17 blaster was holstered on his right. Aul stood and covered his head with his dark gray cloak, shading his eyes from the sunlight to get a clearer view of his surroundings. Crouching low, he quickly and silently made his way to the other side of the clearing about fifteen meters distance away. The tall, lush grass covered much of his body, ending at his shoulders.

When he reached the other end of the mostly round clearing, Aul and Tasha were positioned as if at opposite points of a circle. When Aul let out a small chirp, imitating a bird, Tasha chirped twice back and the teammates walked carefully and observantly around the clearing in a clock-wise direction. Every few feet they placed a holocam that logged positions back to Aul’s datapad. The recordings would provide notice if their ship was approached in their absence, and would allow them to establish a secure base of operations as they prepared for their approach of the hydroponics facility. When they had reached their initial positions, they waited a moment. Aul chirped three times to denote no disturbance of their sensors and the two Sadowans made their way back to the center of the clearing.

“Good, at least we’re alone for now,” Tasha said with a look of determination.

Aul was, for some reason, at ease with Tasha leading the way. He wasn’t interested in the recent politics of who is, or isn’t, an “undesireable” in the Brotherhood, because the Force that bound them all was so much greater. But, nonetheless, he was a member of a society that cared about such things, and so he had learned to watch his back. He couldn’t shake the feeling of mistrust around the Naga Sadow complex before they embarked on this mission. But now, with only nature and Tasha around, he felt safe; not because she wasn’t skeptical of his loyalties – that was clear – but because he could sense no malice towards him or towards the living, in general. He found that a Sith, a true seeker of power and supremacy, absolutely radiated negativity that often overwhelmed Aul’s presence. When Darkblade allowed himself to fully reveal his Dark Jedi tendencies, Aul found it difficult to be around. With Tasha, he felt calm and focus.

“Hey, Tasha, just so you kn-”

Before Aul could finish his sentence, a massive explosion shook the island. Aul quickly calculated where the location took place and determined it was about 500 meters to the north of their location.

“No time, let’s go,” Tasha commanded and rushed into the forest.


Agua’tah System
Agua’tah Surface

The researcher was finding it difficult to keep up as Tasha blazed through the forest. Upon hearing the explosion, Tasha began to follow the sound, relying more on the force and natural instinct to guide her. She stopped a moment to let Aul catch his breath.

“Not used to covering a distance in a short time are you, Aul?”

After taking in a large breath, he answered. “Most of my time has been devoted to studies and reading. This would be one of my first real missions involving fieldwork.”

“Well you might need to get a short break and get ready soon. There are no breaks during battle. You just have to go in and hope you come out alive.” Brushing back her tattooed lekku, Tasha watched her surroundings carefully. They were still under the cover of some nearby trees and tall grass. The forest itself for the moment seemed very calm and soothing, save for the noise of the explosions still happening.

A soft pine and sandalwood smell filled her nostrils as she continued to survey the area. Glancing down, she noticed there were some random footprints that trailed off closer towards the explosions. “Be on guard Aul, we might not be alone for very long.”

He nodded as he began to check his instruments. “She is quite a character, very strong and independent. I wonder though what she is truly like when she doesn’t have to fear dying.” He pondered these thoughts as he worked on the scanner. The blasted thing was still jammed.

Meanwhile, Tasha had pulled Vishra’Reyal out, her grandfather’s blade was always a comfort to see in war times. Whirling it a few times in her hands, she continued to keep watch for any signs of movement. As she walked around the small rest spot, she kept having a weird sensation like something was watching, but she couldn’t see anything. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Just as she turned, a random blaster shot fired out. Due to her quick reflexes, she moved out of the way and turned towards the shot. A Clawdite uncloaked and began to run.

“Dammit, Aul we got company and they plan on telling their friends about us. We need to take him out!”


Agua’tah System
Surface of Agua’tah

“On it!”

Without a moment of hesitation, Aul grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it with a hiss. The light blue blade reflected off the dark pupils gazing out from under Aul’s hood. He locked his eyes on the back of the Clawdite’s head and tried to solidify a sense of their movements. Calling on the Force emanating from the life forms around him, he felt the pure energy pulsing in his muscles. The Hunter took off at a sprint.

“Whoa, that’s unexpected. He’s got some tricks up his sleeves,” the Mystic muttered under her breath before running after him. Despite his speed, Tasha caught up to the young Gray Jedi with ease. “Be careful with this Clawdite; they’re a tricky species, so expect the unexpected.”

Aul nodded in reply, the tree trunks blinking between them as they chased after the surprisingly swift Clawdite. Aul slashed some branches from his path to keep up with Tasha, who was deftly navigating the forest as if a path had been prepared. Just as they began to edge up on the fleeing assassin Aul felt subtle disturbance in the back of his mind.


A split second later a massive explosion tore apart the trees on the trajectory they just abandoned. The two Sadowans were tossed nearly a hundred meters in opposite directions, splintering tree trunks as their bodies flew like ragdolls through the forest. When they finally landed a broad cloud of smoke had filled the forest and began to spread, blocking the sunlight.

“Frak, my lightsaber,” Aul cursed as he realized his weapon was blown from his hands in the blast. He unsheathed his vibroblade and ducked low among the vegetation of the forest, concealing himself as best he could in the smoke. He began to make his way towards the center of the blast, hoping quietly to himself that Tasha was doing the same. He would search for his lightsaber on the way, but would return later if the search turned out to be fruitless. After all, it was a generic armory sword that he could replace; though he’s sure Darkblade would have a few choice words for him when he had to explain himself. The most important thing in this moment was to regroup with Tasha.

“Ugh, that’s going to leave a mark,” Tasha said to herself as she rose to her feet and brushed off debris from the blast. She ignited her lightsaber and tried to use the red blade to illuminate a field in front of her. She wasn’t sure where the young human ended up and could only hope he had survived. She couldn’t sense him with the Force, but she knew that he had some skill in concealing himself and couldn’t rely on searching for a connection in such a dangerous situation.

Remembering her training from the Academy on combat readiness, she made her way towards the center of the blast, keeping herself ready for anything unexpected. A few steps into her return trip she could make out Aul’s light blue blade a few tens of meters ahead.

“Hey, that was some blast, huh?” Tasha called out the to Hunter.

“That pile of poodoo, I’m going to tear his face off!” came the response from beneath the human’s hood.