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[Forged Alliances] - Team 3


This is for the Plagueis-Tarentum competition Forged Alliances

This is for Team 3’s Run-on competition

Members are as follows:

- Brimstone aka Seabr’imsto’nedansr #8649 - Sith Battlemaster - Plagueis
- Taranae Rhode #13721 - Sith Warrior - Plagueis
- Caesar #10484 - Grey Jedi Savant - Tarentum
- Solas Night-Thorn #13525 - Sith Acolyte - Tarentum


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  • Any member posting twice in a row will disqualify his team from placing - but not participation credit (e.g. if an entire team is dead, Johnny McDarthman can post twice in a row to get his own participation at the end of the event).

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Competition ends November 16, 2015


Yridian System
ICMC Huntsman

“You have your orders Solas, you are to meet up with Plagueians and help them gather the Intel needed for their spooky visitors so that Bloodfyre knows who we are dealing with” spoke the vision of Farrin Xies, Clan Tarentum’s Consul, through the hologram. He was en route to a secret meeting with the Plagueis Consul.

“But why are we even helping them? Last I remember, their ilk of di Plagia was nearly what cost us this past war and now they control most of the Iron Throne” replied the Epicanthix male. He felt uneasy at the thought of an alliance with those that tried to destroy Tarentum.

“We are working with them is because they are in control, my friend. If we get out of their cross-hairs, they might allow us to rebuild without future retaliation from the other clans.”

Solas understood the meaning. Tarentum lost a lot and had become a Clan with no place to call home.

“Okay, Master. I will take the leader of the battle team Grey Wolves with me also.”

“May I ask why?” replied the Consul.

“He is young, but a Gray Jedi would give an advantage of not being tempted by the corruption of the Dark Side in case these ghosts are as powerful as the Plagueians describe. Caesar can handle his own. I’m sure of it.”

That was all Farrin had to say about it. “Oh, and one other thing, I have a special request from Oberst and Anshar for you.”


Taranae Rhode made her way as quickly as she could to her chambers. She understood the importance of the mission she was requested to undertake. Even though she had previously scheduled training for the journeymen in her battle team, Disciples of Dreypa, this was more important as it came from the Dread Lord himself, Teylas.

After gathering her lightsaber and her gear, she made her way to the nearest shuttle bay. The visitors from Tarentum would be there shortly and she wanted to make a good example. Upon entering the bay, she was able to visualize the surroundings and walked towards her transport. After some small talk with the crew, she boarded and headed to the back of the ship, into the secured chambers.

Keying in a security code, she transmitted her security clearance and a hologram flickered on, showing her old house Quaestor, Callus Bo’amar.

“How’s it going Tara?” replied her former leader.

“It is going fine. I am adjusting to the Ajunta Pall rules with no problem. Kinda miss being your Aedile though” she replied as she shuffled through paperwork.

“That’s good. I’ll get to the point. Brimstone will be joining you in this task.”

Crimson flushed her face as her anger nearly erupted. Using techniques she had been taught, she took control of her emotions. Her former Master’s name was all she needed to be angry. He betrayed her and nearly got her family killed for it. One sin that she would never forgive him.

“Can I ask what in kriffin hell does he need to be in this mission?” she retorted as her skin returned back to normalcy.

“It is because he is former Tarentum and with Ronovi deceased, is the only other person with inside knowledge of the Tarentum hierarchy and knows how to deal with them better” replied Callus calmly. “I want you to watch him and keep him in check though. He has tremendous hatred for his former Clan and I don’t want this to blow up in our faces, understand?”

“So I take it is that if he shows any vengeance, take him out?”

“Well, just keep him in check. You have a bond with him, whether you like it or not, so you can keep a close tab on him.”

Anchorage Space
GSP Nightmare

The crew waited about 2 parsecs from the Anchorage for the convoy from Tarentum to arrive. Battleteam Leader Taranae was looking at monitors and double checking that all systems were working properly. Her former Master, Seabr’imsto’nedansr stood off to the side, keeping quiet. Yet with him standing there in his white uniform like some officer, Taranae couldn’t help, but to resent the Chiss. He never spoke to her while on the shuttle to the Nightmare. Taranae mused to herself at the thought of the ship’s name. “Fitting name for what I am dealing with” she thought to herself as she tried to ignore him.

Moments later, sensor alarms rose as a shuttle entered from hyperspace in their general vicinity.

“Unidentified shuttle, state your name and transponder codes” spoke one of the crew monitoring the sensors.

A few moments passed when then transceiver chimed in. “This is the C-9979 landing craft Huntsman Mark II from Tarentum. Request permission to board” came the reply.

“Permission granted. Our Senior staff will meet you in the docking bay.”

“Roger. Out.”

GSP Nightmare
Docking Bay

Brimstone and Taranae were standing with armed escort waiting and watching as the Tarentum shuttle touched down. The Chiss cleared his throat as he straightened his uniform jacket and adjusted the hilt of one of his lightsabers on his belt. “You know, you are not an Admiral anymore Brim” spoke Taranae softly.

“I know, but impressions are what matter the most in this historic occasion, don’t you agree, Tara?”

“Just remember your role, Master” she retorted back with dripping sarcasm. “And it is Taranae. You lost that right to use my nickname.”

The shuttle’s landing platform opened and lowered to the deck of the docking bay. Out strode two robed figures as they made their way towards the group.

Brimstone took a step forward to the two. “Greetings. I am Seabr’imsto’nedansr.”

Solas looked at the Chiss. “Brimstone, right?”

“Yes, that’s the basic translation to my Cheuhn name.”

Solas glanced at Caesar and in a split second, with a cocked fist, punched lightning fast and hard into the Chiss’ jaw, catapulting him backwards and onto the ground. Brimstone rolled over to a kneel position and rubbed his jaw as he glared at the assailant.

“Oberst and Anshar say hello” smiled the Epicanthix.

“Oh, Master, I like him already” Taranae blurted out while laughing. Then she extended her hand. “Welcome aboard the Nightmare. This way please.”

The three walked passed the Chiss as he started to stand and try to control his emotions.

Lower Levels

Darkness and rot reeked the atmosphere. Drax sat in a slump upon a pile of carcasses. His shell of a body was covered with open gashes and sores that oozed. He was no longer in control of his person. The Ancient spirit that he ran into had taken over his mind and possessed him fully.

“I can sense that the Plagueians have returned and have brought reinforcements”

“Yes Master. They are here to find me I am sure.”

“This will work in our favor. They will come. I will then take over a better suited vessel to get me off this wretched star base.”

“But then what will you have of me after you leave?”

“I will end your suffering when I see fit to do so, understand?”

Drax’s body shook violently as electrical currents exploded out of more orifices. The Ancient spirit enjoyed the torturing of his current vessel.


The Grey Jedi looked down at Brimstone kneeling on the floor, nursing his jaw. Caesar gave Brimstone a hand to help the Sith up from the floor. He looked at Caesar and gave a nod, and the Grey Jedi lifted Brimstone up effortlessly.
The Grey gave a pat on the Sith’s back and said in a soft voice, so low and quiet it was a wonder that anyone had heard him,
“Forgive my young friend, he has a lot to learn.” Brimstone gave the grey Jedi a look and carried on walking beside Caesar.

“To the bridge.” Taranae said in a commanding voice and all three Jedi followed in humble silence.

After reaching the bridge, the three were pointed to the data centre of the ship, to see what if anything could be found of these Ghosts that were troubling the Consuls of Plagueis and Tarentum. As the data came streaming through, from what the four could see, there was nothing that was out of character. They were looking at the hologram evidence which the Consuls had given them. The picture was of a dark cave, but Caesar was not sure where the exact location was and what he was looking at. He could sense that something was not right with this picture and in a soft voice he said,
“Stop the image there. What can you all see?”

Brimstone, Taranae and Solas looked at each other and nodded. After a few quiet moments Solas said, “nothing?” in a puzzled voice.

“Look, can’t you see in the darkness of the cave three unidentified Jedi? Whether they are dark or Light, I can’t tell. It’s too dark, but look in the corner; can you see them?”

Taranae said “What Caesar? What can you sense?”

The Grey Jedi closed his eyes and reaching for the hologram, extended his senses.

“I sense, I sense,” he repeated twice and then released his grip on the power. He looked at the three Dark Jedi and asked for a seat, and as Solas reached for a chair, Caesar quickly slumped down into it and let out a loud sigh.
The Grey recovered quickly, and looked to the floor for some minutes before a voice called him which he could not make out at first, but recognising the voice, he looked up once again.

“Oh Brimstone it’s you.” The Grey Jedi said quietly in reply.
“I saw something that I have never seen before. its evil, it will kill at a moment’s notice, and you will not see it or sense it nearby you until it’s too late. It will be right behind you and then bang you are gone.”
Caesar continued in a quieter voice, ”The evil is flowing through these things like plasma within a Lightsaber. I don’t know what or even who they are.”


Taranae sighed and looked at Brimstone. He sensed her stare and looked over to her, puzzlement etched on his face as he tried to make sense of what just happened. Solas moved to Caesar and offered him a hand. Taking it, the Grey Jedi rose, unsteadily at first but soon regained his composure.

“I need to be somewhere I can concentrate without interference or distraction from outside influences.” he stated. “I will retire to my room. If i do not return within the hour, come and get me. The mental drain may be a little, shall we say, tiring for me?”

Solas nodded, as did Brimstone and Taranae. If he had been drained so much by such a short connection, they feared what could happen if he remained connected for a longer period of time. Solas guided Caesar to his quarters and returned shortly thereafter, shaking his head sadly.

“I hope he can do this,” he muttered, “as he seemed very weak as I sat him down.”

“We’ll get him a little sooner than he planned,” replied Taranae, almost as softly, as if she was already speaking of the dead in hushed tones, “we won’t let him suffer.”

Solari placed a friendly hand on her shoulder. “It’s good to see that Plagueis can at least show sympathy for ones who were once bitter rivals.” he said. “Maybe we were harsh to judge your Clan.”

As he walked away, Taranae glanced at Brimstone and grinned. He rolled his eyes at her and huffed angrily. Obviously his hatred of Tarentum was still at the forefront of his mind.

“Brim, get over yourself.” she chided. “We need to work together if we want this to go well. If we are at each other’s throats, our enemies will seize any opportunity while we are distracted by petty squabbles and we will not live to see the end of our task.”

He sighed and walked to a chair where he dropped into it and stared out through a porthole. As Taranae contemplated their next course of action, there came a muffled thump from the corridor leading to the rest quarters.

“Solas, Brim! Get in here now, I think it’s Caesar!” she hollered as she raced towards the door, thumbing the access panel. The door hissed open and she gasped as she beheld the sight before her. Solas and Brim skidded to a halt behind her and gaped. Taranae came to her senses and darted forward to where the prone form of Caesar lay. He was breathing but muttering as he exhaled.

“What? What was that?” Turning to the others, she asked, “Did you hear that? He’s saying something but I can hardly hear him.”

Solas pushed forwards past Taranae and checked his companion. He cocked his head and placed it near Caesar’s open mouth which quivered as he breathed.

“Six…”, he rasped.

“He’s saying a number,” said Solas as he glanced back up at the others, “he’s saying ‘six’.”

Taranae knelt and ran her hands over the grey. “In that case I believe I know where we need to be.” she said. The others looked at her, expressionless, as a soft glow emanated from around her and Caesar began to breathe a little more easily.

“And where might that be?” demanded Brimstone.

“He’s repeating the word ‘six’ over and over again. I think we need to head to the sixth planet in the system. Yridia VI.” she replied, as the jedi opened his eyes. She placed an arm behind him as the glow faded from around her, and she helped him sit against the bulkhead.

“Your apprentice is correct, Brimstone.” he whispered, his breath ragged. “We must travel to Yridia VI and we are expected now.”


Solas stood from his companion. “We may be expected, but I know a couple people who won’t be.” The white haired Sith turned and walked briskly back to the command center. After exchanging looks the two Plagueians quickly followed him after ordering someone to help Caesar back to his quarters.

Entering the command center, the pair found Solas furiously typing at the central terminal. Suddenly he shouted.

“Someone open a comm channel on frequency Echo One Six Six Papa. Clearance code Alpha dash One One Seven Delta.” Tara approached the Epicanthix.

“Solas, who in the hell are you contacting?”

The Sith smirked. “Our landing party.”

“But who is it?”

“My personal team.” At his words five beings flickered to life on the holo-display, four humanoids and one not so much. “Alright everyone, I guess some introductions are in order. First up these two behind me are Brimstone and Taranae, they are Plagueians. Now Brim, Tara, this is my team. Sei, Section, Cross, North and Fang.” The Acolyte pointed to each figure in turn. “Everyone will get better acquainted later but for now.” He turned back to the holo-display.

"Alright guys, I have your assignments. Section, Cross, Fang, I want you for to head to Yridia VI and secure us an LZ. Section you’re closest to the planet, so you’ll be the vanguard. Avoid open conflict but expect resistance, we don’t know what’s down there.

North, have the Leopard in the upper atmosphere, we’ll link up there.

Sei I want you here with me, I’m sending you our coordinates now. Get here ASAP. Everyone understand?"

All five figures nod and four dissappear. Sei and Solas share a silent look before she disappears as well.

Solas leaned over the terminal. “Alright then. At least now we won’t be going in completely blind.” The Acolyte began looking over the holo-map. “So what do we know about this Drax character?”

The other two Sith looked at each other before moving to stand across from Solas. When Brimstone spoke.

“Before we get to any of that, I have a question for you Solas.” The Acolyte nodded. “How old are you?”


“And how long have you been with the Brotherhood?”

“About three years since I graduated the academy.”

“How did you, in three years, become so proficient in military command?”

“Ah that. Well it didn’t happen in three years. I grew up on Sarkhai, I was groomed for command since I was six.”

“I see.” At that the Chiss seemed to get lost in thought.

Taranae shook her head before quickly typing on the terminal. “This is all the data that Plagueis has compiled on Drax.”

After skimming the information one thing stood out to Solas, Drax was a military man.

‘Hmm given his background why would he plunge headlong into the Anchorage with no backup? Something feels off, even if he went ahead of his allies they should have arrived by now. Plageuis has had that place under surveillance since he arrived. Yet no one has entered or left the compound.’ He voiced his thoughts to his allies. The trio began discussing theories for what might be going on down there. Forty-five minutes later Solas’ datapad beeped alerting them that it was time for them to check on Caesar.


After Solas alarm went off, Brimstone looked over at Taranae. “Why don’t you go check on Caesar while I and Solas discuss the next course of action we’re going to take.”

“Ok, what’s your game, Brim?” Taranae quizzed as she questioned his motives.

“From one military mind to another, I think we can come up with a well coordinated plan of infiltration that won’t jeopardize our team or anyone else, nothing else” he casually replied. “Besides, do you really want me to go talk to a youngling, since you know how well I deal with others, especially after the way I corrupted you?”

Taranae just glared at him. “That’s about the smartest thing you’ve said. Solas, watch your back on him. Don’t let his red eyes deceive you.” Solas just grinned and assured her nothing of the sort would happen.

After she left, Brimstone ordered the non-essential staff out of the room. Once they left, that was when Brimstone made his move.

“You know, and if this is a deception, that this could get you killed?”

Solas didn’t flinch. “And what do you mean by that?”

“Oh, don’t play me for the fool. A strike team with heavy armaments at your beck and call? Who set this up for you, Oberst or Anshar?”

The Epicanthix gave a slight smirk. “Actually, to be honest, They were with me before I joined the Brotherhood and was always part of my team, so to answer your question, neither of your former masters had anything to do with them.” As Solas turned to look at the monitors of the layout of Yridia VI, he continued, “But I’ll be honest, and I won’t say who gave the order, but I was told to take you out if you tried to exact your revenge upon anyone from Tarentum. You could say I am your babysitter to make sure you behave and are kept close watch on.”

Brimstone wasn’t surprised. He had a gut feeling that someone from his past would eventually catch up to him and had always prepared for the possible retaliation. “Well, as long as my Masters here order me to work with you, I won’t jeopardize our mission. But be forewarned, I see anything amiss that’s shown in any form, that my life, or my clan’s lives are in peril, I will retaliate with extreme prejudice.”

Solas turned his head towards him “I say we have an accord then?” They then both, grabbing each other’s by the upper wrist, shook in agreement.

Minutes passed and the doors opened up as Taranae and Caesar re-entered the command center. The Naboo noticed that no one else was around. “Did I miss something?” she said as she looked towards Brimstone’s direction.

Caesar spoke up. “I see you two had a heart to heart chat. Sorry Tara, but we had orders about your Master here.”

“What orders?” she exclaimed as she looked at him then back at the others.

“Look, my apprentice, We have cleared the air so nothing more needs to be said, right Solas?”


Moments later, sensor alarms chirped as a ship arrived in the sector. A medium sized vessel with no usual markings was displayed. “That would be Sei and our ride” chimed Solas.

“Well, then let’s get aboard so we can meet your second-in-command” replied the Chiss.

Aboard Leopard

All the parties had formal introductions and went to the main command center where Brimstone uploaded all the information on Drax and Yridia VI that he deemed necessary to the mission. Moments later, the other crew member’s of Solas contacted him that they had secured a landing zone approximately 500 meters from the supposed hidden libraries where they hoped to find the relics on Necromancy. After some prepping, the Leopard proceeded to head to the rendezvous.

Lower Levels

Drax sat on a pile of shredded uniforms as he ate the flesh off a freshly killed rodent. “So you think they will fall for it?” he said to the Ancient spirit that was in his head.

“After convincing the young Jedi where to head to, I have no doubts they will bring me back what I desire”

“Then what will be your plan to get off this base? I mean, who of the four are you going to take over?”

The Ancient just laughed in Drax’s head. “You should guess.”

Drax thought about it for a moment and started pondering. “Well, you have the young Jedi that was already easily manipulated. You have the female that is very strong willed and in excellent shape. You have the older Chiss who is full of hatred and dripping with egotistical notions of honor. Then finally, you have the white haired male who has much power and a militaristic mind.” He continued to ponder. “So which would it be, Master, that replaces me?”

The Ancient sent jolts of electricity through his prisoner’s body that shook him. “You already know the answer to the question you seek.” spoke the Ancient as Drax let out a whelp as the torture continued.


Aboard The Leopard

Caesar sat amongst the Dark Jedi aboard the Leopard, sipping his cup of Herbal Tea and was looking much better than he did before. While monitoring the control panel, he saw that the ship, was about to land on the planet Yridia VI.

The Dark Jedi and the Grey saw that the planet was a rocky and mountainous mess and the scanner picked up that caves were commonplace. Some underground creatures lived in the caves, and Caesar picked up from the scanner that some or most of these creatures could be very large and very dangerous at the same time.

The scanner picked up the meeting point where the group was going to meet Solas’ military crews. Caesar sensed the Planet was hot and in some places near the meeting point the planet was cold; very cold.

The place where they would all meet was a few clicks away from the main cave where Caesar sensed the Ghosts and the three unidentified Jedi The chill of thinking this sent a chill down Caesar’s back and he could no longer think about that place without the fear and the cold affecting him.

Brimstone, Taranae and Solas looked at Caesar for a quick moment in silence. After a while, Brimstone broke the silence and said,

“Grey, can you cope with the pressure you are going to be under whilst we are on Yridia VI? If not, I suggest you tell us now before mistakes are made and one of us die.”

Caesar replied “Have I let you down before, Dark One?”

Brimstone gave the Grey Jedi a hard, short stare and continued with watching the scanner on the control panel as all the other Grey and Dark Jedi were doing the same. Looking with interest, the Grey Jedi saw a large building and Solas’ crew’s ships were landing by it.

The Grey Jedi scrutinized the building closely, and remarked.“This seems to be a Temple; a Dark Jedi Temple. I fear the Temple has seen a lot of blood running down its walls and it’s not the blood of animals but of Dark and Light Jedi”.

The three Dark Jedi looked at Caesar. The Grey Jedi continued,

“We are all entering a place of death and torture; of a living and a dying hell.”

The Dark and Grey Jedi stood up and began to walk out of the Leopard As they did so, the sound of the steel doors began to open with a loud hiss and suddenly they heard a loud bang, as the doors dropped onto the hard earth.

As the Four walked down the gangplank, the fresh air hit them all of a sudden and it felt good against Caesar’s face. He inhaled a deep breath and let it out slowly, feeling refreshed afterwards.

A loud noise came from the inside of the Temple and sensing the noise, Caesar felt a big lump in his throat. Closing his eyes he felt for the Force.

“Someone is being killed!” Caesar screamed as he began to run towards the Temple at great speed, but he skidded to a halt at the entrance.


“It’s too late,” sighed Caesar as he gazed into the temple entrance. The building seemed to mock the group, its dark stone facade looming over them ominously, daring them to come further. “he’s dead already.”

The group was running a short distance behind him as he stopped and as they caught up, they heard his comments and saw his head bow in respect of the fallen. None of them knew who the person inside was and probably never would, but the show of respect had them all following suit. If what Caesar had described still lurked in the building, no-one should have to endure whatever tortures they would inflict on anyone they saw as enemies. Maybe they viewed all as enemies. Only time would tell if their group was considered a threat or not.

Marching forward, Solas passed the sombre looking grey and headed for the entrance. Whatever they were after lay inside and if they had to get past these abhorrences, so be it.

“Let’s get this over with,” he said to no-one in particular as Taranae, Brimstone and Caesar fell into line beside him. “If we have to get past these things, the sooner the better.”

“We have no idea what’s in there, Solas.” said Taranae as she glanced sidelong at him. “But if what Caesar said is true, I believe they are way too powerful for us, even if we all stand together against them.”

“That may be so, Taranae.” replied Brimstone. “But maybe the four of us can come up with a plan as to how to get their attention whilst at least one of us splits away and tries to locate the artifacts.”

Taranae looked back at her former master. Her eyes gave away her feelings on the matter and Brimstone stared back at her, daring her to defy him.

“And I presume you mean that you would look for it as we risk our lives to help you get all the credit?” she said with a cruel twist to her lips.

Brimstone shook his head and whispered so only she could hear, “No, young one. I just thought that with me being the senior between you and I, the best choice would be me. Secondly, I know that there is no love lost between Tarentum and I, so I’d rather make sure that in a fight involving members of that clan, I didn’t have to watch my back.”

Taranae could only nod in agreement to this.; she knew of his history with the clan and his masters and could only assume that even if it had been said that matters were settled, Tarentum could still have their own agenda regarding him.

As they passed underneath the arches of the temple, they all shivered. The Dark Side sang to them in this place. They felt the Force around them as it seemed to pulsate; dark energies swirled and ebbed through the building and it was all they could do not to flee in terror. The darkness enveloped them as they entered and Taranae unsheathed her lightsaber, thumbing the activation switch. It hissed to life and cast a red-hued glow around the chamber they were in, casting shadows around the walls that looked like monsters lying in wait to pounce on them at any moment. The shadows danced and faded in and out as the group passed rows of statues of long-dead Sith that lined the walls, warriors of past generations.

Caesar stopped again, frowning. With a look of pure concentration on his face he declared: “He’s that way.”
With a single finger, he pointed along the hallway to where it opened into another room, a slight glow emanating from the entrance to it.
“The man who died. His body awaits us in that chamber. I would suggest caution; if what attacked him still resides in there, we are in grave danger.” He said.

Solas drew his lightsaber and ignited it in one swift movement, its blade perfectly matching in colour that of Taranae’s weapon. Brimstone did the same with his purple blade, but unfastened the catches on his charric blasters as an afterthought. He nodded at Taranae who did the same with her Dual DL-44 blasters. If they were headed into danger it would be all the better to be fully ready and armed. Caesar looked tired. Whatever he was doing to sense these things was beginning to take its toll on him mentally. He drew his lightsaber and flicked it as his thumb caught the switch, its blue blade lighting his features and the scar on the left side of his face. Taranae glanced around at the group, all of them ready and willing to fight to the end. She gave a sidelong glance at Caesar and noting his scar, wondered if any of them were also going to receive mementos of this battle to match his own.

Warily stepping forward towards the glow in the room, Solas raised his weapon as the others followed slowly, their eyes darting around and examining every dark alcove for any threat. As they moved, Taranae motioned with her free hand to the left. They adjusted their course and approached the wall she indicated. They stopped a few feet short of the wall and their weapons lowered slowly as the scene before them shocked them to their core. Here was the man that Caesar had sensed dying. If this was what these things could do to a man, then they were all doomed.


Solas stepped forward into the room and grabbed his comm. “Team get in here.” As he reached the middle of the room he deactivated his lightsaber and closed his eyes. As they waited the other Force-wielders began to notice that the air around the white haired Sith had darkened and seemed to be warping inward towards him. Soon Sei and the rest of his team arrived.

“Solas, we’re here.”

At her words the man knelt and placed his left hand on the floor. “Good. I have been accepted.” Before any of the group could process what he had said they all noticed that his voice had dropped in pitch and become raspy. Taranae spoke.

“Solas, what do you mean you’ve been accepted?”

“Simple.” He turned back to the group. “The Watchers have accepted me as one of their own. Or at least they don’t see me as hostile.” He opened his eyes and all in attendance gasped. Gone were his clear ice-blue eyes, in their place sat two luminous sulphuric yellow orbs. At that moment everything became clear. His voice, his eyes, the air warping, it could only mean that while the rest of them had been trying to resist the dark energies that permeated the temple, Solas had embraced them and become immersed in the Dark Side of the Force.

“Solas stop speaking in riddles! What is going on?” Taranae was clearly becoming irritated. She looked to the other two for backup and both seemed to be understanding what the Sith was saying. Brim spoke up.

“Tara, of the four of us, you are to only one who has never been a member of Tarentum. So you have never made contact with the darkness of Necromancy.”

“True, and while the Watchers only answer to Masters Zero or Bloodfrye, Solas here is the leader of Tarentum’s newest Battleteam, a team dedicated to the rebirth of Necromancy.” Caesar chimed in.

“As so by embracing the darkness here, I have become attuned to the energies at work. But enough about that. From here out we will split into two teams. Team one will consist of Brim and Cross, their objective is to retrieve the relics. The rest of us will make up team two, our purpose is to protect team one and distract the Watchers inside the sanctum while team one carries out their mission. Those within the sanctum will be the ones who only answer to the masters and will attack us without question. Also Section, I’m assigning you to watch over Caesar. Of the four of us, he’s the most susceptible to the dark energies at work here. Caesar, if you feel yourself falling to the dark just say something to Section, he’ll get you out of here.” He looked at the group and it seemed that they all understood their roles. “Alright, if no one has any questions. Let’s go say hello to the remnants of the past.” With that he walked past the rest of the group and proceeded down the hall. After walking for some time, Solas stopped and turned into a dark alcove and placed his hand on the wall in front of him. After a moment an audible hiss came from within the alcove and then the back wall began to slide down into the floor. Stepping through, Solas ignited his lightsaber and bathed the passageway in red light.

“This should take us straight to the inner sanctum.” He then began to lead the group deeper into the temple. Taranae and Brim who were flanking the Sith were acutely aware of the fact, that the deeper they traveled, the more the air around Solas seemed to warp and become darker. The pair shared a look of concern but silently agreed to trust the Tarenti.

After walking for around 30 minutes a dim light appeared at the end of the passage. Once the group reached the edge of the light, Solas gave the signal to deactivate their sabers but keep them drawn. The passage eventually deposited them onto a stone ledge overlooking a large cavern.

Looking around, Tara was amazed at the sheer size of the cavern. The apex of the roof was easily 30 metres above them, and the floor of the cavern was a good 50 metres below. From what she could see they had entered the cavern on its right side. To their left appeared to be the cavern’s main entrance and across from them was a large metal gate set into the wall. Upon closer inspection she could see that the left half of the cavern floor was covered in rows of bookcases. The other half had tables scattered around a central dias. The entire floor was being patrolled by beings in black robes. Stepping back she spoke quietly.

“So what now?” Solas knelt by the edge before speaking.

“Tara, Fang, and myself will take point and get their attention. The rest of you will take the staircase over there.” He pointed to the right side of the platform. Taranae looked at him.

“If they’re taking the staircase, how are we going to get down there?”

“Simple, we jump.” Standing up he looked back at the group. “Let’s get this party started.” And with a devilish smile he rolled his shoulders and leapt off the platform. At the same moment, the large alien in armor known as Fang lumber forward and leapt off the platform. Shaking her head Taranae sighed and followed the two by leaping off the platform.

As he descended, Solas reignited his lightsaber before slamming into the ground releasing a force shockwave that blasted two of the robed figures into the wall behind him. Fang landed on top of the nearest bookcase and crushed it under his weight. Drawing his weapon off his back, he leveled it at the cases between him and Solas and fired the massive Heavy Anti-Matter Cannon vaporizing all the shelves. Tara on the other hand used the force to safely land and draw her lightsaber and one of her blasters. Seeing that they were under attack, the robed figures moved to attack the intruders.

As the remaining five members of the team rounded the final corner of the staircase they were immediately set upon by a group of five hooded figures. But to their surprise, their opponents went down without much of a fight. Looking around they noticed that the rest of the enemies went down in a similar fashion. As the two teams regrouped Solas knelt by one of the fallen and removed their hood.

“Something’s wrong here.”

“What do you mean?” Brimstone knelt next to him.

“None of these people are Watchers. Hell half of them aren’t even necromancers.” While they were talking Tara, Caesar, and Section walked up to the dias.

“Hey guys, come take a look at this.” Tara called out. Everyone then gathered around the pedestal on the dias. On it sat a stack of old paper tomes, scattered papers and a couple daggers. But the item that caught everyone’s attention was the Sith Holocron that was sitting in the middle of the pedestal. Reaching out Solas picked it up and the moment he did, everyone’s senses picked up on something.

“EVERYONE GET BACK!!” Solas suddenly shouted and Force pushed everyone off the dias. He attempted to move away but as he did a white lightsaber blade appeared from out of nowhere and slashed downward on a diagonal. Solas was sent tumbling to the ground and his lightsaber was sent skittering across the floor. He rolled up onto a knee clutching his left shoulder. Brim and Sei rushed to his side, and that’s when they realized that he wasn’t grabbing his shoulder, he was grabbing where his shoulder should be.

Looking up at the dias five hooded figures stepped out of nothing. However, unlike the others, these figure’s robes were far more ornate. Each figure then unleashed a white bladed lightsaber.

Ish’ka, it was a trap.” Solas swore under his breath. “Everyone, that’s them. Those are the Watchers.”


Upon the arrival of the five, Brimstone raised both hands and multiple streaks of blue lightning emerged from his outstretched fingers at the new enemies. They each quickly raised their white blades and caught the incoming attack from the Chiss. But instead of ceasing, Brimstone opened himself to the familiar, dark energies and upon feeling the sudden surge, it fed his hunger and he rained down even more torrents of arcing plasma.

Cross and Fang, witnessing the initial assault, opened fired into the Watchers. Taranae joined up with her former master by his side and unleashed her own assault of lightning. The Watchers tried to form an impenetrable barrier with their blades and were unable to move forward to the invading forces of their sanctuary.

Caesar, Sei, and others tended to Solas and shielded their eyes from the bright holocaust that the two Plagueians were unleashing. Despite the pain of being dismembered, Solas admired what he was witnessing. The sheer power the Plagueians was displaying, he found remarkable. He could sense they were actually enjoying themselves at the destruction they were bestowing. His pride then swelled upon seeing Cross and Fang stand their ground and not relenting their coordinated attack.

As they continued their attack, one of the Watchers started chanting and Brim recognized it immediately. Without stopping, he telepathically said one word to his former apprentice.


Taranae knew that word all too well from her hated master. A quick flashback sprang in her mind when she was on a mission with him and they created a k’otcucun’bsi or thunderstorm as translated from Cheuhn, her master’s language. She immediately changed tactics, stopping her lightning assault and started creating a telekinetic whirlwind around the five robed figures. Fang and Cross backed away slowly, while continuing the attack, as her storm gathered power and momentum. It swallowed in all the debris from the smashed bookshelves strewn across the cavern and her master’s channeled lightning, exploding the debris tornado into an inferno of intense heat and flames. This caught the five Watchers unprepared and immediately, they screamed in agony and dropped their guards as they were engulfed in the firestorm. There was no escape for them while being scorched and incinerated in front of everyone’s eyes. When it was all said and done, all that remained was the blackened, charred cremains of their skeletons. Even their lightsabers had melted into smoldering, liquid, metal goo.

Brimstone stood there, breathing hard and sweating profusely. Taranae placed a hand on his shoulder and said “feel better?” His smile was his only reply as he viewed his destruction.

Caesar cautiously walked over to the two, dumbfounded by what he just witnessed. “I’m so glad we are on the same team” he said nervously.

Taranae smiled. “Likewise” she replied. "How’s Solas? "

“I’ll survive, well, not as intact as I hoped for, but hey, I’ll become a cyber-sith now” he replied. This brought out a laugh from everyone, including Fang. Sei just rolled her eyes and scolded his remark with a stern “SOLAS!”

As they gathered their wits, and gathered Solas’ arm and lightsaber, Taranae saw that the holocron was shining brightly. “Well, will you look at this?” She exclaimed as she picked it up, “looks like its a real one.”

Brimstone walked over by her. “Our lightning must have struck it. Most holocrons are activated that way. It’s a security feature the Sith would use to keep them falling into Jedi hands, especially since they wouldn’t use our dark arts.”

“But will it hold the secrets we need to defeat the spirits on the Anchorage?” asked Caesar.

“I don’t know” was all that Brimstone could say.

“Perhaps I could answer your question, young one.”

Everyone spun around towards the unknown voice. Another Watcher emerged from a hidden passageway. Fang and Cross drew a bead on the robed figure. “Fang. Cross. Stand down” ordered Solas.

They lowered their weapons slowly as Fang uttered his disapproval. The robed figure raised his hands and pulled back his hood, revealing the red-skin of a familiar race.

“A True Sith?” spoke up Taranae.

“I thought they were extinct?” questioned Caesar.

“Our fires are small, but our flame still flicker, young one. My name is Ithicor and I’ll say, your power you’ve displayed was remarkable, even for a Sith.”

“Um, thanks, I guess” replied Brimstone.

“C’mon master. Now’s not the time for modesty” Taranae replied as she placed her hand on his shoulder. She then looked at the Watcher. She could sense no deception in the Force or evil intent towards them. “So, answer us then, what my young counterpart had asked?”

“In due time. We normally only talk to those we serve or interrogate.”

“Like the one up in the room, the one dismembered?” questioned the Gray Jedi.

The Watcher found amusement in Caesar’s question. “Sadly, he was a mundane thief, nothing to offer through the Force. But to answer your questions, I request one answered first.” He looked towards the Chiss way. "How did you know the means to defeat my elite? "

Brimstone didn’t hesitate as he sternly walked over to Ithicor, placing himself in the Watcher’s way in case he tried to attack. “History tends to repeat itself. I recognized the chant of a old necromancer spell that causes a soul’s mind to conjure their worst nightmares” spoke Brimstone, as he walked over by Fang. “And I sure didn’t want to find out this big guy’s worst nightmare and for it to be unleashed. Sorry big guy” finished Brim as he patted him on his shoulder armor. Fang grunted his approval.

Ithicor nearly laughed out loud. “Very good. Well, to answer your question, that holocron isn’t going to give you the knowledge you seek. I can. But my price is steep.”

Solas looked down at his left side, watching Sei bandage it up. “What’s the price?”

“It is simple. You must lose your hatred towards those who have, as your blue friend would admit to, desecrated your honor and garnered your hatred.”

Taranae looked straight at Brimstone. "That means you and your resentment to Tarentum, Master. "

The Watcher interrupted her. “And same for you, girly, to your Master. Each of you has hatred for someone or thing. Renounce this hatred, and I’ll help you and Bloodfyre-Tarentae.”

Caesar was quick to speak up before anyone else did. “If I may intercede, I have a suggestion.”

Everyone looked at the Gray Jedi and wondered what he was going to say next.


For Once Caesar looked at the group and began to speak with some confidence, he looked at Ithicor and then back again.

The Chiss spoke to the human in a loud voice “Veo cart her Hsepo”
(What are you up to Grey).

Caesar replied to Brimstone surprising the Chiss in his language,
“Cssuzah to ch’ap tercah bah csei s G’enraszah”
(Finding the middle ground with this Watcher).

The Dark Jedi looked at the Grey and give a nod, as did the rest of the group. The Grey looked at Ithicor and give him a look that would melt the ice on Hoth twice over and as he spoke, Caesar felt the Watcher trying to somehow, use the Force and get inside the human’s head.

Caesar spoke to Ithicor “ I know what you are trying to do, Watcher. Please stop playing games. I know that you can kill me at any moment; in fact all of us. So I’d like to make a deal with you. We will help you if you help us.”

The team looked at the Human as did Ithicor. Caesar stood for a moment in silence to wait for a reply from the Watcher.

“How did you know I needed help, human”.

“Well if you were not in some kind of trouble, you would have killed all of us by now. I am sensing that you are trapped here and want out of this cave of hell. am I right?” the Grey hissed.

The Watcher replied in a low voice, “Yes I am trapped here. I will show you to the artifacts and all you have to do is give me your friend’s arm. I need to taste flesh and bone and blood, from a being’s body part torn in battle, then I can leave here. You do that and the artifacts are yours.”

The human looked at the team and asked Solas, “Do you mind giving your arm up for this Watcher and helping us to move out of here?”

Solas replied, “Sure he can have my arm as long as he helps us first.”

The Watcher give all the Team a nod and said “I agree.”

The Grey looked back at the Team and calmly said, “Shall we go and get the mission done, and destroy the Ghost?”

Caesar walked with the Watcher whilst Brimstone, Solas and Taranae along with the rest of Solas’ Crew walked along using their lightsabers as a light, The Watcher walked in silence and confidence knowing that he had bargained with and received what he wanted from the team.

The cave looked dark and damp, but as they walked further into the cave for only a short distance, the Watcher stopped and pointed to the right of the human. Caesar looked and using his saber saw a chest. He bent down and reached for the lid and as he did so he felt a warmth from the chest.

As he opened it and the warmth subsided, a golden glow came from it. Brimstone and Caesar reached in and lifted up three golden artifacts. Solas and Taranae reached for the artifacts and placed them in black woolen bags carefully.

The Watcher looked at Solas and said “Now for your end of the bargain, if you would, please.”

Solas handed his arm to the Watcher in silence The Watchers’ hands reached for the arm and at the last moment shot forward, grabbing it quickly. He give Solas an approving look and with a loud hiss began to devour the arm, blood and muscle dripping down the Watchers face. The team heard bone crack with every mouthful he took.

“Arrr, that is better. I can now leave this place. I will guide you out of this place and you will not be harmed. Come walk with me.”

The team and the Watcher walked for what seemed like an age and finally reached the entrance of the temple and fresh air to continue their mission.


The bright light of the outside world stung their eyes and the team shielded their faces from the glaring sun. Ithicor grinned, a wide grimace that anyone nearby would have taken as a tell for an attack under normal circumstances, but his grin was marred due to the look of his features. The skin of his face seemed to crawl and looked ready to drop off the more it was scrutinized. Taranae saw his smile and looked away immediately, disgusted at the sight even though she herself had committed horrors upon others that seemed far worse than the watcher’s current look.

The team crossed the open ground to where the Leopard stood waiting, flanked by Solas’ men. They locked gazes with Ithicor who grinned at them in turn; that silent, gruesome grin of his, and they too averted their faces in disgust.

“It seems none of you like my presence.” joked the watcher, “I wonder why?”

“Trust me, Ithicor, we’re only doing this because we need your help. We have no choice.” replied Solas.

“No. No you don’t, do you?” he replied with a smirk. “But a deal is a deal and I will honour my debt to you.”

Without another word, but casting furtive looks at each other, the team ascended the ramp into the Leopard, followed closely by Ithicor as his flank was guarded by Solas’ men.

“I don’t see why you need your people to watch over me. I could destroy them all with merely a thought.” he quipped.

“I don’t suggest you try it.” came a voice behind him. He turned to see a number of weapons trained on his back as he was marched into the ship.

“Such hospitality!” he said. “I wonder if all your guests are treated this well?” As he turned back to face the front, he mentioned to Solas; “I don’t care for the attitude I am being shown by your men, Tarenti.”

“Don’t worry about them,” he replied. “That’s how they have been trained.”

Ithicor just nodded and continued up into the ship. As they entered, a loud hiss followed by a bang behind them signalled the ramp closing. They all clamoured into the briefing area as the ship rose from the ground, its trajectory taking it back into space and the direction of the Anchorage.

As the ship passed through the atmosphere of the planet and into the empty, cold blackness of space, Taranae spoke up.

“We need to contact our leaders and let them know what we’ve found in the temple.”

“True.” replied Caesar. “I should contact Bloodfyre and let him know that we have what is needed.” With that, he turned and headed off towards the holocom panel.

“Taranae, could you contact Teylas and let him know what we found?” asked Brimstone. “I have matters to discuss with our new-found friend here.” He motioned at Ithicor who smiled slightly, but was careful to conceal his ugly side for the benefit of all present.

“I’m on it.” Taranae replied as she headed to the cockpit. Turning to Ithicor, Brimstone asked;

“So how do you plan on defeating this ghost aboard our station?”

“Oh I have my ways, young one. That’s all you need to know. Do as I say and exactly when I say it and all will become clear. Have no fear, I will clear your beloved station of the threat.”

Ithicor sat back, ending the short conversation with Brimstone and the Chiss sighed. Information was not easy to glean from this enigma, it seemed.

“I’ve found it, Solas!” shouted one of the men from Solas’ group as he entered the room. “That old droid we had? Seems it still had one of its arms! Ok, now this may seem a little weird but-”

“Hold on,” said Solas. “What are you planning?”

“Well this could make a great temporary arm for you. I’m sure with the tools available to us on the Leopard I would be able to attach it and at least make it semi functional. You’d be able to grip weapons and fire blasters if the need became great enough to try.” He winked at Solas. “No harm in trying, eh?”

Solas glared at the man, then suddenly his shoulders slumped in resignation. “Fine.” he said. “But if this hurts, I swear I’ll tear you to pieces.” He grinned at the man who smiled back in a friendly manner.

“Trust me, you’ll be as good as new.”

In the comms room, Caesar stood in front of the holocommunicator and waited. He had sent a request to be heard by Bloodfyre and was getting edgy as he awaited a response. Suddenly the holo flickered to life in front of him to show a sombre-looking Bloodfyre-Tarentae gazing back at him.

“Caesar.” He said, a slight nod of his head showing his greeting. “What’s the situation?”

“We have found an artifact, Bloodfyre.” he replied. “It’s a very old Holocron that was entombed deeply inside a temple.”

“Was there any resistance?” Bloodfyre asked.

“Yes. There were a number of Watchers guarding the Holocron. We were ambushed by them. Luckily we all survived, thanks to a great show of strength and skill by the two Plagueians.”

A single raised eyebrow was the only reaction that Caesar received from Bloodfyre. “The Plagueians? What did you two do during all this?”

“We added our own powers to defeat the Watchers.” he replied. “But the main assault came from our allies. They are more capable than we give them credit for.”

“Understood. Bring the Holocron to us at the Anchorage. We will speak more upon your arrival.” replied the Tarenti leader. The communication ended abruptly, leaving Caesar in silence.

Taranae fared a little better in her meeting with Teylas.

“What have you found, Warrior?” he asked through the commlink.

“A Holocron, Dread Lord. It seems to have been hidden in a temple on the planet for aeons.”

“Hmm. It may be just the thing we need. Is everyone still alive?

“Yes. Solas lost his arm but everyone else is still in one piece. Should we return to the Anchorage with our find?” she replied.

“Bring it to us as soon as possible.” said Teylas. “This may bring an end to this charade once and for all.”

“Understood. We will make haste. Taranae out.”

The two allies met as they each left their respective communications, a nod signifying that their meetings had been successful. They walked together back to the briefing area and were shocked to see Solas flexing a somewhat new mechanical arm.

“Man, that feels good.” he commented. “You’re a darned genius with those tools.”

“I do my best.” his man smiled back at him. “Let’s just hope it works out for ya.”

“We have both talked with our leaders.” Taranae spoke into the room. “Teylas says we should bring the Holocron to the Anchorage as soon as is possible.”

“Bloodfyre agrees.” replied Caesar. “He thinks it might contain what we need.”

“It does.” said Ithicor. Everyone’s eyes turned on him. “It contains everything you need to end the ancient evil on your station. As soon as we get there, I will show you how.”


As the Leopard dropped out of hyperspace everyone was greeted by an interesting sight. With The Anchorage looming in the distance, the Plagueis fleet was out in numbers. Opposite them was a massive display of force as hundreds of starfighters were backed by two massive cruisers; the MJHC Corsair and the RSD Revenge.

“What the-? Was Plagueis not informed that Tarentum was coming?” Solas asked with a snarl. “Tara?”

Taranae scratched the back of her head. With a sigh Solas turned to the captain.

“North, this is gonna sound crazy, but I want you to put us right in the middle of that. Brim, Caesar, get on the comms and let the Masters know what’s going on.” Everyone nodded, Brimstone and Caesar headed for the comm center and the grizzled captain ordered the Leopard into position. Soon Brimstone and Caesar returned to inform everyone that leaders of both Clans agreed to meet aboard the Leopard.

Soon after, three groups of darksiders sat around a conference table. To say that the tension in the room was thick would be an understatement. On one side sat the summit of Clan Plagueis. Across from them sat Tarentum’s Proconsul and Rollmaster. At the head of the table sat the members of team 3.

With a sigh, Battlelord Teylas Ramar di Plagia broke the silence. “I understand that you Tarenti didn’t come here with hostilities in mind. But why would you send two of your key vessels on this kind of mission?”

“This is a complicated time for us. But we primarily sent them both because Frosty was stationed aboard the Revenge and I aboard the Corsair.” Replied Sith Bloodfrye-Tarentae. “But enough about that.” He then pulled out his comm and quickly informed the commanders of both Tarentum cruisers to recall their fighters. Once they received confirmation that the cruisers had retreated to an appropriate distance, Teylas gave the order for their ships to stand down. The moment he did the tension in the room dissipated significantly.

“Alright now that everyone is feeling better. We can get to the real reason we’re all here. Caesar if you would?” Solas gestured to the Grey Jedi. With a nod Caesar placed the holocron on the table. and with a wave of his hand, Ithicor unlocked the holocron and released the secrets hidden within the ancient relic. He then retired to the quarters he had been assigned, claiming he needed rest.

To everyone’s surprise the holocron revealed an incredibly detailed map of the Anchorage. It even covered areas of the station that hadn’t been occupied or even visited in millenia. As much as this revelation garnered their attention, one thing clearly stood out to them. There was an area of the station near the very bottom that was labeled as the ‘Vault of the Dead’.

“I don’t believe I need to state this, but I also think you all know where you need to go.” Teylas said looking around the table. The members of team 3 looked at each other and nodded.

“With your blessing Masters. We will proceed to this ‘Vault of the Dead’ and bring back Drax.” Solas spoke confidently. The four powerful darksiders looked across the table at each other and each gave a silent nod. “Very well if there is nothing else to be said. I don’t see any reason to stay sitting here.”

“Agreed. Go now in the name of the Brotherhood and the summits of Clan Tarentum and Plagueis. Bring that traitor to justice.” With a nod everyone rose to their feet and the leadership departed to their ships.
As he left Frosty Romanae Tarentae turned back and shared a look with his former apprentice, Brimstone. He then gave a quick nod before boarding his ship.

As team 3 began to head for the bridge Brim called out.

“Solas, Caesar, a word? Tara you go on ahead.” The redhead gave a disconcerned grunt before leaving the three.

“Sure what’s up?” Solas replied standing with Caesar.

“Look, I still harbor much resentment towards your clan. But you and Caesar here have earned my respect, that arm being a testament to that. I hope we can count on each other in future endeavours.”

Brimstone then stuck out his hand. Solas firmly grabbed hold and an honorable partnership was sealed.
“Brim, change happens. I know that we can count on you when the time comes.”

“My sentiments exactly.” Replied the Chiss as he moved to shake hands with Caesar. “Be sure to give Anshar and Oberst my regards.”

Solas laughed, knowing exactly what his meaning was. “I will. Guess it’s time to take this new arm for a test drive.”

In a few minutes the Leopard docked with The Anchorage well below the lowest occupied sectors. Inside the docking bay the four Force wielders were finishing outfitting themselves in protective gear. Taranae lamented.

“Ugh, why are we wearing these? They’ll restrict our mobility.”

“Tara, there are parts of the station that haven’t been touched for thousands of years. We don’t know if life support is even active this far down.” Brim retorted.

“That and we don’t know what might be waiting for us.” Solas chimed in as he prepared to seal his helmet. “That is why I’m having my team stay behind.”

“Why? don’t you think they can handle themselves?”

“Oh they can. But seeing as Drax is a former Sith Lord, and the fact that this station was built by the old Sith Empire, we have no idea what might be lurking around in there. and while my team are good, I’d rather not put them up against a Force wielder with nothing to lose.”

“Hmph.” Taranae sealed her helmet. “What about him?” She jabbed a thumb at Ithicor.

“Please young one. If something as trivial as the air could harm me, I wouldn’t be here today.” The Sith responded.

“Whatever. Let’s get on with it.” Once everyone’s suits were pressurized, Solas shut the inner airlock. With a nod to the team he opened the door connecting them to the station. It slid open with a hiss and for a moment time stood still as they waited for the sensors to finish analysing the air around them. Finally the system registered all-green and everyone released a sigh of relief. Once they had removed their protective gear they descended into the depths of the station.

##In the Vault of the Dead##

Xander Drax lounged upon a pile corpses. “They have arrived.”

“I know that you fool!” His body suddenly coursed with lightning. “It is time for us to begin.”

##In the halls of The Anchorage##

Five figures moved as a group through the dark halls. Four lightsaber blades lit their way. As they walked, each would sporadically hear their name whispered, or they would see a form in the distance beckoning them to follow. The deeper they traveled the more frequent these events became, and soon they arrived at what they believed to be the door of the Vault.

“I’ll take point.” Solas offered. Everyone nodded and they slowly opened the door. Solas stepped into the dark room. The moment everyone had stepped inside the door slammed shut behind the group and torches and braziers jumped to life around them filling the room with flickering light. In the center of the room sat a man who resembled more of a corpse than a man. As the man stood, Solas began to walk towards him.

However, when he did, he felt that his allies weren’t moving with him. Looking back he saw each of them entranced by something unseen. As he turned back he was struck by a sight he never thought possible.

Before him stood an image of his wife. At a loss for words he could only watch in awe as she walked towards him. Drawing close she placed her hands on his shoulders. As she did he felt a calming wave pass over him. She then began to pass her hands over his upper body.

Suddenly a bright red light erupted from his chest shattering the image. The light seemed to also snap the others out of their trances. Solas reached into his robes and drew out the pendant that his wife once wore. As he did, the light grew in intensity and soon it bathed the entire room. Everyone was pulled from their wonderings when the man behind Solas began to scream and writhe in pain. Solas then turned the pendant so it pointed directly at the shambling corpse. His screaming became louder and louder until his soul seemed to be ripped from his body which was sent flying.

“***ARRGH! What have you done?***” he screamed. “***No matter, he had served his purpose. As have you, by bringing me my new host!***” The spirit then rushed passed the darksiders and slammed into Ithicor’s body. The Sith began to laugh.

“Hahahaha! I’ve done it! I now possess the perfect body.”

The group looked on in awe. “Who are you?” Brim asked.

“Why my dear Seabr’imsto’nedansr. I am the architect of your destruction. I am the one who will bring an end to your pathetic brotherhood. I am Tel’Ratha, greatest of the Keepers and the one who will rule this universe, from now to the end of time. Now kneel before your new master.” When no one did he shouted “I Said Kneel!” He then used the Force to push them to their knees.


“What was that?”

“I said no…”


“I said no!” Solas suddenly shouted and ignited his lightsaber and charged the possessed Sith. Who called one of the dropped sabers to his hand and blocked the attack. “***How dare you use her form! She was my everything! My partner! My Wife! You will not twist her memory to suit your needs!***” The two began a vicious duel. As they fought throughout the room, slowly the Sith began to lose his hold on the others. First Taranae broke free and quickly joined in the fight. After her, Caesar was able to get to his feet and rushed to the door to see if they could open it. All throughout the fight the Sith taunted them.

“You sad little creatures. You’re like ants fighting a god. I have transcended death.”

As the fight raged on Brimstone slowly rose to feet just in time to see Taranae be flung across the room and be knocked out when she slammed into the wall.

“Do you not understand? You can’t defeat me!”

Brim rushed to his former apprentice. As he was checking on her, he heard Solas grunt. Looking up he saw his ally on his hands and knees with their enemy standing over him.

“It won’t matter how many times you stand up. How many times you fight back. I will never fall!” The Sith raised his saber to strike down the Tarenti.

Suddenly Solas’ arms stuck out to the sides and two red lightsabers sprung to life in his hands. and in one fluid motion he cut the Sith’s hand off, leapt over his opponent landing behind him, kicked his knees out from behind him, crossed his two sabers in front of his throat and decapitated the Sith.

“Get up from that!”